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Carly Barton - What's Your Why?

Cannabis Health

*This episode contains some strong language from the beginning*Welcome back to the second season of the Cannabis Health podcast - What's Your Why?Medical cannabis experts and advocates, Hannah Deacon and Professor Mike Barnes, sit down with some of those at the forefront of cannabis to find out why it matters to themJoin Hannah and Mike as they discover how cannabis has changed their guest’s lives, what makes them tick, why they do what they do and what they think needs to improve for patients.Forget graphs and commercial outlooks and expect open, honest conversations with those at the heart of the issue.---Carly Barton is one of the most prominent medical cannabis activists in the UK.  She was the first person in the UK to receive a prescription privately since the law change in 2018 and has since worked tirelessly with government organisations in order to progress NHS prescriptions. A former lecturer in the Arts, she has exhibited work at the Tate and the Saatchi gallery. After having to give up her role due to health problems, she discovered medical cannabis was not only an appropriate, but more effective substitute for opioids to treat her fibromyalgia and post-stroke neuropathy.In 2020 she launched Cancard, a collaborate project that has seen her connect high level police forces, doctors, patients and MPs on a scheme that reduces the fear 1.1 million cannabis consumers have around interference from the police.Carly talks to Mike and Hannah about the impact of having a life-changing health scare in her early 20s, overcoming her own stigma about cannabis and why she's determined to improve things for other patients in the UK.---Hannah helped change the law in 2018 after her successful campaign to enable her epileptic son Alfie Dingley to be legally prescribed cannabis medicines. She continues to help other families access medical cannabis in the UK.  Hannah is also a director of the Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society and Maple Tree Consultants. Mike obtained the first medical cannabis license in the UK for Alfie. He has been involved in the efforts to assist many others and is founder of the Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society along with Maple Tree Consultants. Edited by Sarah SinclairArtwork by Sophie Dinsdale


15 Oct 2021

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#31 - What is Cancard? - Carly Barton from Cancard

Smells Like Business

On this episode Tom is having a chat with Carly Barton, the creator and driving force behind Cancard. The purpose of Cancard is to help medical cannabis users in the UK to have a validated indication for the police. Cancard is a photo ID card that has its own verification system allowing police officers to act with trust, discretion and compassion.Carly was the first person in the UK to be prescribed medical cannabis. After experiencing, first hand, the problems with getting a medical prescription for cannabis, she decided to create Cancard. With the help of doctors and senior representatives of the UK police, Candard is now used by thousands of patients self-medicating with weed.Carly also shares her own story of using the plant as a medicine, what more the UK government should be doing to move cannabis legislation forward, and what the future looks like for Cancard.Other topics discussed:Who is eligible for Cancard?How to get a Cancard?Who can access medical cannabis in the UK?Why is the Who is the team behind Cancard?How to approach the law enforcement and medical practitioners about cannabis?Why is medical cannabis not accessible through the NHS?How peaceful activism can open the door to dialogueHow drinking tea can solve everythingLinks:CanCard - https://www.cancard.co.ukFacebook - https://www.facebook.com/cancardofficial/LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/company/cancard/Instagram - @cancard_uk


28 May 2021

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When To Harvest a Cannabis Plant, What is Cancard with Carly Barton, Cannabis Podcast, Ep #13

High on Home Grown, The Cannabis Podcast

Knowing when to harvesting a cannabis plant, can make the difference between good weed, and top shelf cannabis. It is an important step that must be done at the right time to get the best quality buds. The panel discuss their harvesting techniques in this episode of our cannabis podcast.   For this weeks interview we speak with Carly Barton from Cancard, a medical cannabis movement in the UK. She tells us why she started the Cancard movement, what it is, and how you can get involved if you want to.  Cancard Website We also keep you up to date with this weeks cannabis news from around the world, and tell you about a new strain in strain of the week. 

2hr 17mins

29 Sep 2020

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Carly Barton - optimist, fighter and chronic pain patient

Cannabis Voices

Who better to be the first guest on Cannabis Voices than Carly Barton, the first adult patient to get a prescription for medical cannabis in the UK since its legalisation in 2018?Carly had a stroke at the age of 24, leaving her with debilitating chronic pain, which even the strongest opiates couldn't manage. After six years of existing with very little quality of life, she tried some homegrown cannabis given to her by a friend."I felt like something was missing... like I'd lost something. And that's the only feeling I equate it to is when, you know, when you've had your phone and then you've lost your phone or whatever and you sort of lost looking for it frantically. And then I realised that the lack of whatever it was, was pain."In this episode, Carly shares her views on the current UK two tier system for accessing medical cannabis and explains why she has set up her own initiative, Carly's Amnesty, to protect patients from prosecution who choose to grown their own medicine. She reveals how in her view, decriminalisation of cannabis is the only way patients will have full access to the plant in the manner they desire and the launch of her new project PlantEd Collective. Carly's Amnesty: https://www.carlysamnesty.org/PlantEd Collective: https://plantedcollective.co.uk/Support the show (https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/marybiles71)


7 Apr 2020

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EPISODE #56 Cannabis and Patient Advocacy with Carly Barton, Medical Cannabis Campaigner

The Cannabis Conversation | Medical Cannabis | CBD | Hemp

What initiatives are helping to increase patient access to medical cannabis in the UK?This week we’re delighted to be joined by Carly Barton, leading medical cannabis campaigner at the forefront of patient advocacy in the UK. Together, we discuss cannabis for pain management, potential changes to cannabis law in the UK, and the issues faced when trying to access medical cannabis.Episode SummaryCarly started using cannabis for pain following a stroke when she was 24 years old. Following the stroke, she was diagnosed with damage to her central nervous system, meaning she was in constant pain.Carly was also diagnosed with Fibromyalgia which was caused partly due to her damaged nervous system post-stroke. Fibromyalgia is a long term condition which causes widespread pain across the body and is seen as a neurological condition whereby the central nervous system is damaged and misfiring pain signals. Fibromyalgia-related pain can often cause somebody to ache all over or feel tender. Those suffering can also experience twitching muscles, still joints, and deep stabbing pains. Carly spent years trying to manage her pain through prescription medicines which included opiates (co-codamol), benzodiazepines and even transdermal fentanyl, which is deadlier than heroin when misused. Her pain was not managed with prescription drugs so she started looking for other options, including cannabis which she was hesitant to use to start with.Carly was so desperate to relieve her pain that she reluctantly smoked a joint after being left some cannabis by a friend. When she smoked, she immediately felt the absence of pain, so started consuming it in novel ways to try and find the best fit for her. Carly then became involved with The United Patients Alliance and other campaign groups.At the moment, Carly is working on a few projects including a female-led collective which will build awareness and education, alongside reducing stigma around the female use of cannabis. She is also running Carly’s Amnesty, which is a campaign calling for patients to register to grow their own cannabis without fear of prosecution from police. The campaign has already seen hundreds of chronically ill people across the country write to their local Police and Crime Commissioner, calling for respect and amnesty for individual’s consumption of cannabis for medicinal purposes. It was started after Carly was unable to sustain the monthly cost of her private medical cannabis prescription (£1500 per month).Carly’s amnesty rejects a system where chronically ill people are criminalised for treating themselves with a medicine that they legally qualify for simply because they cannot buy exemption.  Carly highlights that there are many inconsistencies within the UK regarding punishments for the possession of cannabis, each police force across the UK seems to be taking a different stance on this. This is therefore unfair to those who are policing, those who are possessing and those who are prosecuting.For Carly, CBD isn’t enough to control her pain and spasticity, she prefers consuming high THC strains and has found these control her symptoms better. Luckily, Carly didn’t face any stigma or opposition when telling her family about her cannabis use, although her partner did struggle with the presence of the media/having a public profile. ResourcesJoin Carly on Twitter: https://twitter.com/carlyjbarton?lang=enJoin Carly on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/carly-barton-11a098181Carly’s Amnesty Organisation: https://www.carlysamnesty.org/United Patients Alliance: https://www.upalliance.org/


1 Apr 2020

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FTH030 - Carly Barton

Form The Head Podcast

Artist, teacher, dj and producer Carly Barton stops in to get real about piano, the ups and downs of creativity, and the inspiration of video games.  == >intro:  Carly Barton -  Dub Substitution (2018) - Dub Beet >outro: Carly Barton -  Interludes (2019) - Mold ==   https://carlybarton.bandcamp.com

1hr 46mins

26 Aug 2019

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#15 - Carly Barton & I discuss the madness of medical cannabis! (Part 2 of 2)

Positive Vibes with Orson Boon

The second part to my conversation with Carly as we go deep into mental health and continue - please check out our sponsors kanaco.co.uk, who are a leading London based CBD retailer and follow me on IG: @orsonboon

1hr 33mins

18 Jun 2019

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#14 - Carly Barton & I discuss the madness of medical cannabis! (Part 1 of 2)

Positive Vibes with Orson Boon

Carly and I have an in-depth chat about medical cannabis in the UK, after she was the first person in the UK to be legally prescribed cannabis once it was made legal last November. We also discuss mental health issues and my journey with psychedelic plant medicines - its 3 hours long, so ENJOY! Please check out our sponsor Kanaco.co.uk, a UK leading CBD brand based in London. Follow me on IG: @orsonboon 

1hr 39mins

18 Jun 2019