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Kettlebell sport with World Record Holder & Champion Valerie Pawlowski

LIFTED Podcast

An energetic powerhouse episode with episode guest Valerie Pawlowski. We delve into kettlebell sport and Valerie's background with the sport, the birth of the vintage strength games and her program launch of Macefit Warrior Woman. To connect with Valerie: https://www.instagram.com/valpaw/?hl=en https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=valerie%20pawlowski To join the vintage strength games: https://vintagestrengthtraining.com/event/vintage-strength-games-miami/

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14 Jul 2020

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Ep.30 Valerie Pawlowski aka @valpaw

Steel Mace Nation

Valerie Pawlowski is a World Champion Kettlebell Sport 5 time gold medlist and a USA Team Master of Sport Coach.She is also one of the founders of The Vintage Strength Games the burgeoning competition of mace swings and club swings using the infamous Adex Mace and Clubs.Thanks to Adexclub.com for sponsoring the podcast! Purchase your Adex mace or club and use the discount code SMN19 to get your 10% off !Big thanks goes out to Frank Dimeo of Macefit.com for also sponsoring the podcast!If you are looking for a great way to get your pre-workout minus all the liquid and the bloat look no further than ongoenergy.com and use the discount code STEELMACE25Please write a review of this podcast and SHARE SHARE SHARE it with everyone you can ! As always thank you for being a part of this podcast !

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2 Dec 2019

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The Rediscovery of Lost Physical Culture with Valerie Pawlowski

Steel Mace Warrior Podcast

Meet Valerie Pawloski, world champion in Kettlebell Sport & Team USA 3-Time Gold medalist. We talk about her story, the rediscovery of many lost fitness modalities, mace safety and strength training from a super woman's perspective. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/appSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/steelmacewarrior/support


27 Sep 2018

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LT 083 | Valerie Pawlowski - Becoming a World Champion

LEO Training: Strength & Conditioning | Endurance | Health | Performance | Injury Prevention | Joe DeLeo

LT 083 | Valerie Pawlowski - Becoming a World Champion My guest this week for Episode 083 of the LEO Training Podcast is Kettlebell Sport World Champion, Valerie Pawlowski. This is a fantastic interview chronicling her journey between both hardstyle and girevoy sport and her path to eventually becoming a gold medalist on the world's stage. Valerie Pawlowski earned her B.A. degree in Communications from William Paterson University, Paterson. Valerie is a NESTA Certified Adventure Boot Camp Instructor. She is certified as a Medical Exercise Specialist by AAHFP, and as a Personal Trainer through ACE and AFAA. Valerie is also a Nutrition Specialist with Lifestyle Management Associates and Certified in Pilates and Flexibility Training. With more than 18 years of experience and expertise, presently the Owner of The Body Barn, Co Owner of Punch Kettlebell Gym, Far Hills and Art Of Strength Training Center, Warren Valerie is dedicated to inspiring others to pursue and achieve their goals for a more healthy and improved lifestyle. Additionally, Valerie is personally involved in many diverse activities ranging from Triathlons, Adventure Racing and Mountain Biking to placing first in 1998 in the New Jersey Natural Bodybuilding Championship. These achievements not only satisfy her drive for success but also serve as an example for others to “believe it and achieve it”. Helping others to build confidence in their own abilities, and exceeding their own expectations is her ultimate goal! Interview Topics: Intro/Background Hardstyle and GS - Pavel Tsatsouline and Valery Fedorenko Anthony DiLugio The youth movement in kettlebells Paving a path to kettlebells being in the Olympics and much more! Show Notes: Valerie Pawlowski NJ Bootcamp

1hr 21mins

8 Aug 2017

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075: The Millionaire Blueprint Mindset and Valerie Pawlowski

LIVETHEFUEL - Health, Business, Lifestyle

Returning Kettlebell Champion and Millionaire Blueprint Mindset Co-Host:In this episode, we catch back up since our attendance at the Millionaire Blueprint event that Valerie and I both attended in New Jersey last month. We had actually recorded live at the event over lunch, however, the audio was lost. Today's show, we're taking the time to reminisce and review our thoughts and lessons learned only a few weeks later.On This Episode You Will Hear:[spp-timestamp time="02:35"] Components to help change your mind.[spp-timestamp time="03:15"] Feeling I'm the Kettlebell Champion of the world![spp-timestamp time="06:05"] Fight or Flight.[spp-timestamp time="06:36"] Getting yourself to mind-body state.[spp-timestamp time="08:00"] Top 3 teachings from Jeffery Combs that are easy to implement...[spp-timestamp time="08:13"] 1. Mental: You wouldn't let people walk into your house and throw garbage on your living room floor. Why do you constantly allow them to throw it into your brain via the news, television, press, etc.[spp-timestamp time="09:00"] 2. Fitness: You can't go after something hating it. You can't go after something with a fight over your workouts.[spp-timestamp time="09:37"] 3. Mental: Where your head is at, your body will go with it.[spp-timestamp time="10:25"] Now I let people fight their own battles.[spp-timestamp time="11:15"] Everyone sees Valerie and says she has chronic enthusiasm.[spp-timestamp time="12:45"] Part of the Millionaire Blueprint mindset: don't "fix people". Rather Be It, so other people See It, and know that it is evident and achievable is how she lives.Don't Fix People, Rather Be It, So Other People See It ~ Valeria Pawlowski[spp-timestamp time="14:10"] We've got to program ourselves, I can't program you.[spp-timestamp time="17:40"] Age is only a number.[spp-timestamp time="18:12"] Knowledge, Experience, Wisdom[spp-timestamp time="19:50"] You can't live with fear.[spp-timestamp time="21:00"] Notes from Dr. Joe Dispenza:- When your life is working, you're never thinking about the past.- Stress is your body not in a place of good homeostasis.- People live 70% of their life on the fuel and energy generated from stress.- How can you want when you are already feeling whole. When you feel whole, that's when the magic happens.[spp-timestamp time="22:00"] It's about being in the moment, living in the moment.[spp-timestamp time="23:00"] More notes from Dr. Joe: Stop telling people stories of the past, start telling people visions and stories of your future.- The biggest loser is you if you stop believing in your future.[spp-timestamp time="24:00"] Valerie reminds us of the power of visualization, to run your movie in your head. What's put into your mind before your head hits the pillow is what's going to manifest.[spp-timestamp time="25:00"] Joe's definition of genius: Be comfortable and be okay with it.Definition of Genius: Be comfortable and okay with it. ~ Dr. Joe Dispenza[spp-timestamp time="25:13"] Aristotle quote: in the soul is wisdom.[spp-timestamp time="25:25"] With quantum law, your life changes.[spp-timestamp time="26:45"] Kettlebell Sport USA.[spp-timestamp time="27:25"] Kettlebell's are for everyone. She just judged a 6-year-old girl at a competition. Autumn has been competing since age 4![spp-timestamp time="28:45"] Final Words[spp-tweet tweet="I can't program you, you need to be accountable too! @valpaw @LIVETHEFUEL "] Links and Resources:American Kettlebell AllianceValerie PawlowskiGolden Mastermind with Jeffery CombsPeople Mentioned:Jeffery CombsDr. Joe DispenzaFinal Words:Where there's a will, there's a way.Believe it, achieve it.Get yourself in the mindset of what you already know you can be!Action Steps:Please Submit an iTunes Show Rating & Review, we need more reviews to increase our ranking and appearance. We love 5 Stars!Join THE FUEL TANK our community on Facebook! – “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” ~ Quote by Jim RohnBe sure to check out our Resources and a reminder to “Keep Living The Fired Up Epic Life everyone!” #livethefuel


15 May 2017