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35 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Samin Nosrat. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Samin Nosrat, often where they are interviewed.

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35 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Samin Nosrat. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Samin Nosrat, often where they are interviewed.

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Samin Nosrat

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Jun 15 2020 · 1hr 33mins
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Chef Samin Nosrat on home cooking in trying times

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We can't stop thinking about food: how to cook it, where to buy it, how many meals are too many meals and why everyone's making bread. This week, Lilah talks to Samin Nosrat, of bestselling cookbook and Netflix hit Salt Fat Acid Heat, about tips for cooking in a pandemic, the meaning of comfort food, her next cookbook — and the long-term effects of coronavirus on the restaurant industry.

We’d love to hear what you're turning to these days. What are you watching, reading, listening to...or cooking? Let us know at, or record a short voice note on your phone and send it to You can also tweet us at @FTCultureCall. Stay safe, and stay in touch.

Links from the episode

–It's your last chance to tell us what you think of the podcast (and be entered to win a pair of Bose wireless headphones!):

–Christine and the Queens EP La Vita Nuova:

–Samin's new podcast, Home Cooking

–Samin's foccacia recipe:

–Kenji Lopez's guide on food safety and coronavirus, recommended by Samin:

–Sarah O'Connor's FT column on essential workers: "The people we need the most are often the ones we value the least." (free to read):

–FT piece on China retailers facing a hard truth: if you reopen, they won't come (paywall):

–The FT Bunker Food series (paywall):

–Every day, the FT makes a selection of our coronavirus coverage free to read. You can find it all here:

–Lilah's interview with Mission Chinese chef Danny Bowien:

–Pedro Almodóvar’s lockdown diary: (in English) and (in Spanish)

–The two guides Lilah depends on for making sourdough bread:

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Apr 16 2020 · 58mins
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Cooking as an Act of Love | Samin Nosrat [Best Of]

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For Samin Nosrat, cooking is love. A way to gather, delight and savor time with those you love. Maybe, at this time that finds more of us home and cooking, it can become the same for you.

Samin's New York Times bestselling book, Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat, received the James Beard award and her Netflix series of the same name is a stunning exploration of food, culture, travel, and life. Called “the next Julia Child” by NPR’s All Things Considered, Samin has been cooking professionally since 2000, when she first stumbled into the kitchen at the legendary Chez Panisse restaurant in Berkeley, California.

In this Best of episode, we explore Samin's journey, growing up the child of first-generation immigrant parents in southern California and feeling like the outsider. We dive into her lifelong love of writing and books, her experience with anxiety and depression and work to be present and joyful in her life. And, we track her "strange left turn" into the world of food and, now, with the massive success of her book and Netflix series, how she's navigating the pace, exposure and opportunities coming her way.

You can find Samin Nosrat at: Website | Instagram

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Apr 07 2020 · 1hr 23mins
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705: Samin Nosrat Answers Your Cooking Questions

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Samin Nosrat (Salt Fat Acid Heat) joins Francis Lam to answer some of your self-isolation cooking questions.

Apr 03 2020 · 49mins
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Samin Nosrat on the Joy of Home Cooking

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We sat down with Samin Nosrat just after the premiere of her Netflix show, Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat, to talk about how she managed to transform a cookbook into a piece of television in such a short amount of time, how growing up eating Iranian food informed her own cooking, and why, in her opinion, a PB&J counts as a legitimate dinner option. Most importantly, though, she explains why she chose to eschew restaurants in favor of focusing on home cooks and artisans—the majority of whom are women—on the show.

This week's episode is a rerun from December 2018. We'll be back with new episodes (recorded from home) next week.

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Mar 31 2020 · 27mins
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Award-winning Chefs Samin Nosrat and Dominique Crenn on the Future of Food Systems

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What is the latest thinking around our food systems and how they impact society? Award-winning chefs Dominique Crenn and Samin Nosrat joined AgFunder’s Head of Media and Research, Louisa Burwood-Taylor, to discuss the ways our food systems can be made more sustainable and equitable. Captured live, on-stage during Dreamforce ‘19.

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Feb 06 2020 · 53mins
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Samin Nosrat & Wendy MacNaughton

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Samin & Wendy are the author and the illustrator of the award-winning cookbook Salt Fat Acid Heat. Their partnership began with an email that Samin sent to Wendy, out of the blue. Six years later, the book was published, and became a #1 New York Times Bestseller, and a hit show on Netflix. The two of them are already working on their next book. But like with any great recipe, their partnership isn’t just about the ingredients; it's about finding the right balance between them. 

Learn more about their book at, and follow them on Instagram at @ciaosamin and @wendymac.

Feb 05 2020 · 20mins
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Replay: The Joy of Cooking with Samin Nosrat

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This is a replay of an episode that originally aired on January 10, 2019.

This week, Doree and Kate celebrate the 1st anniversary of the pod, discuss cooking as self-care, and share some favorite recipes. Plus Kate gives an update on her mission to get jacked, and Doree details how she’s getting organized before the baby comes.

Then they welcome Samin Nosrat, cook, teacher, NY Times columnist, bestselling author, and host of Netflix’s Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat. She talks about her journey from cooking apprentice to television show host, her kitchen must-haves, how she keeps things cozy at home, and the product she uses to combat thigh chafing.

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Dec 23 2019 · 1hr 20mins
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Ep. 86 Salt Fat Acid Heat by Samin Nosrat -- The Stacks Book Club (Hugh Garvey)

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We're taking on our first ever cookbook as part of The Stacks Book Club with the help of food writer and executive editor at Sunset Magazine, Hugh Garvey. As we gear up for the holiday season we are diving into Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat by Samin Nosrat, and breaking down the key elements of cooking. We talk about freeing ourselves from recipes, cooking anxiety, and the communal act of sharing a meal. Hugh then challenges Traci to use what she's learned to build a salad. Its a delicious episode!
There are no spoilers in this episdoe.

You can find links to everything we discuss on today's show on The Stacks' Website:

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Connect with Hugh: Instagram

Nov 20 2019 · 1hr 2mins
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S5, Ep6 How to Fail: Samin Nosrat

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Oh, Samin Nosrat! Where do I start? With her ebullient personality and wildly infectious laugh? With her four-part Netflix show, Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat where she travels the world eating freshly baked focaccia and Japanese seaweed? Or with the award-winning, bestselling cookbook of the same name, that revolutionised the way we thought about food?

I don't know where to start. So let me just tell you that she is one of the bubbliest, most open and generous interviewees I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. She joins me to talks about growing up in San Diego, the child of Iranian parents, who was 'the only brown kid' in her school, and what this sense of outsidership taught her. She talks about overnight fame, and the weirdness that comes with that, as well as failing to write, what happens when your business fails and the one memorable time she burned the sauce for a dinner she was cooking for Hillary Clinton. Oh, and the story of how she got the description of osmosis wrong in the science part of Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat and was berated by critics. Also the way she talks about cassoulet will probably leave you feeling very hungry.

Thank you so much Samin for coming on my podcast!


Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat by Samin Nosrat is published by Canongate and is available to order here


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Jul 31 2019 · 53mins