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How to renew your surge capacity with Tara Haelle

The Big Self Podcast

Whatever it is you’re doing to cope with the constant new normal of these uncertain times as we barrel into the holiday season, we are glad you are here! Joining us today is Tara Haelle. Tara is a regular Forbes contributor and the core topic leader in medical studies for the Association of Health Care Journalists. As a freelance science and health reporter and parenting blogger, her pieces frequently appear in NPR, Scientific American, Slate, Politico, HealthDay, Everyday Health, and Consumer Reports. Tara is author of The Informed Parent: A Science-Based Resource for Your Child’s First Four Years, coauthored with Emily Willingham. In another life, she was also a world traveler — backpacking, hiking, train-hopping and motorbiking through more than 40 countries on six continents while eating strange insects, climbing ancient ruins and swimming with sharks — before she became a mom. It was also pre-pandemic, and our interest in this interview is discussing what research is telling her about how we can cope in a crisis that just keeps going on and on.https://medium.com/@tarahaellehttps://www.tarahaelle.net/Time Stamps:2:35 We open up the discussion talking about the pandemic and Tara shares her story about her personal emotional crash5:43  Tara discusses surge capacity and how the pandemic created a situation for us where we have exceeded that capacity 7:20 Shelley talks about chronic stress syndrome and the feelings of tired and wired8:25 We discuss why this time has been especially hard for high performers 11:00 Tara shares how accepting our current reality and accepting what that means are the keys to managing this pandemic 14:40 Tara explains the concept of ambiguous loss as it relates to the pandemic 17.40 We discuss parenting in the pandemic 24:16 We talk about screen time and how it relates to anxiety before and during the pandemic 30:12 Tara shares creative suggestions, practices and routines that she recommends to take care of ourselves through the pandemic and building up your resilience bank account Leave us a review and subscribe on Apple iTunes.Subscribe on Spotify.Find us at the Big Self Community on Facebook.


8 Nov 2020

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Tara Haelle on How To Alleviate Feelings of Depletion and Cope With The Pandemic

Career Cloud Radio - Job Search Advice & Tactics

“Assume for now that this will be the status quo for another year” - Tara Haelle (@TaraHaelle) Freelance journalist, Tara Haelle has been published in just about every major media outlet. Her specialties include vaccines, pediatric and maternal health, parenting, public health, mental health, medical research, and the social sciences. She has authored two books, The Informed Parent and Vaccination Investigation (linked below), and even given a Ted Talk. Almost every episode on Career Cloud Radio leaves you with practical advice on how to successfully gain employment. But if you’re too tired, or you can’t focus enough to execute the strategies you’ve learned, what good is the advice? If you’re searching for a job, you’re either out of work, or not happy where you are currently. Many people are experiencing the same dilemmas and frustrations. So if you take away nothing else from this episode, know that you’re not alone. The bad news is that, whether you like it or not, the constant thoughts, fears, and doubts associated with gaining employment will stack the deck against you over time. They crop up, and slow you down. Sprinkle in a global pandemic, and you’ve got a horrendous period in history that is exponentially worse for job seekers.  The good news is that there are ways to cope, which is precisely why we wanted to have Tara on the show. Her background aligns perfectly for this topic and if you listen, you will leave with a much better understanding of what you’re experiencing and what you can do to feel better.  The first six minutes of this episode are a preface by Justin reflecting on how your well being is being affected by the pandemic and an introduction to Tara’s article which this recording focuses on: Your ‘Surge Capacity’ Is Depleted - It’s Why You Feel Awful.


2 Nov 2020

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Tara Haelle (Season 1 Episode 32)

Champions of Risk

Hey Type A, high achievers! Get ready to learn new coping tools for enduring stress on today’s episode. Tara Haelle is the author of the article“Your Surge Capacity is Depleted - It’s Why You Feel Awful”. She is a science and health journalist who sought out to understand why she coped with COVID, remote learning, social unrest, isolation for the first several months…and then crashed. Turns out there many reasons why so many of us have yo-yo’d between fine and down the last six months…and there are ways revamp, rebound and feel revitalized once again.www.michaelwkithcart.com/podcastShow notes:“Your Surge Capacity is Depleted - It’s Why You Feel Awful”Tara Haelle on Twitter @tarahaelle


7 Oct 2020

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Talking All About Surge Capacity, Resilience Banks, and Vaccines with Science and Medicine Journalist, Tara Haelle

We Should Talk About That

There is A LOT to unpack in this episode with Tara Haelle, a science and health journalist whose article "Your 'Surge Capacity' is Depleted-It's Why You Feel Awful" hit our radar in August as something we should definitely talk about.  We revisit familiar themes of toxic positivity, embracing the suck, and being OK with NOT being OK as well as learn new terminology like "surge capacity", "resilience banks", and "ambiguous loss".Tara has also spent over a decade writing and reporting on vaccines for over a decade, so we dive right into the current status of the many COVID-19 vaccine developments.  She shares with us and our community her knowledge on the REAL timeline for a COVID vaccine and breaks down for us laymen how exactly to find information we can trust.  It's a pretty packed episode-one that we think you are going to need to listen to with a pen and paper, and probably more than once!Tara Haelle is a freelance science and health journalist who has specialized in writing about vaccines, pediatrics, infectious disease, women’s health, mental health and medical research for the past decade. She is a Forbes contributor whose work also appears in NPR, the New York Times, Scientific American, O Magazine, Elemental, Self Magazine, HuffPost, and Medscape. She wrote the book Vaccination Investigation: The Science and History of Vaccines, and cowrote The Informed Parent: A Science-Based Guide to the First Four Years, with science journalist Emily Willingham. She has also authored a dozen children’s science books and given a TEDx talk about why parents fear vaccines.https://elemental.medium.com/your-surge-capacity-is-depleted-it-s-why-you-feel-awful-de285d542f4chttps://elemental.medium.com/enough-with-the-hand-wringing-over-covid-19-vaccine-hesitancy-ef0bed6cd0fchttps://www.nytimes.com/2017/12/12/smarter-living/why-you-need-the-flu-shot-every-year.htmlhttps://elemental.medium.com/50-experts-to-trust-in-a-pandemic-fe58932950e7https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ggtkzkoI3eM&authuser=0Support the show (http://www.paypal.com)


5 Oct 2020

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Tara Haelle -- Why You Feel So Awfully Awful Right Now

Zestful Aging

Tara Haelle is a science and health journalist, and the author of the article “Your Surge Capacity is Depleted--It’s Why You Feel Awful”, which went viral. I shared her article with many of my clients and in my monthly newsletter “THE ZEST”. At six months in, many of us might feel as though we should be used to this “new normal,” but that’s not how it actually works. Tara talks about what we learned from the three experts she interviewed for the article about surge capacity, ambiguous loss, and a resilience bank account. Tara Haelle has been writing about infectious disease, medical research, and mental health for a decade. Here’s the address to her viral article: https://elemental.medium.com/your-surge-capacity-is-depleted-it-s-why-you-feel-awful-de285d542f4cFind out more about Tara at @TaraHaelle, @Forbes, and check out her book ”The Informed Parent”.Find out more about the Zestful Aging Podcast at ZestfulAging.com.


3 Oct 2020

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S2 Ep6 - COVID-19 & Parenting w/ Tara Haelle

A. Swift Moment

S2 Ep6 - COVID-19 & Parenting w/ Tara Haelle by Ariel Swift & Caity Mehl


15 Mar 2020