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HTC, VR, & the Future of the Internet – with HTC Product Executive & Race Capital Partner Phil Chen

The Harbinger - China Tech & VC Podcast

Today we’re recording at the KKBOX studio in Taiwan, big thanks to the Firstory team for setting this up. We have joining us Phil Chen, founding partner of Race Capital and product executive at HTC, whom I can only describe as a basketball loving, deep tech investing, future building nerd of a modern Renaissance man. While at HTC, Phil led product management for the first ever Android phone, founded Vive VR, and launched the world’s first blockchain phone (HTC Exodus). At the same time, Phil ran HTC’s corporate development efforts, where he invested in KKBOX and SoundHound, and also led HTC’s acquisition of Beats Electronics, which was eventually acquired by Apple. As a VC and advisor at Horizon Ventures (Li Ka-Shing’s venture fund), Phil managed their deep tech investments, where he served as a board director for over fifteen companies globally including Improbable, Soul Machines, Kneron, Scopely, Sentient, Fano Labs, Amper and 88Rising. On today’s podcast, Phil shares the insider scoop on HTC’s incredible rise and eventual decline that hasn’t been heard before, including an early opportunity to invest in Xiaomi when it was worth only $150m. Phil describes his investments in VR, especially as it pertains to health and how VR hacks the visual cortex to reduce pain, improve mental wellness, etc. Phil speaks to the potential of a blockchain powered future, as well the opportunity for Taiwanese start-ups to build world-class companies, especially as so many successful entrepreneurs return from Silicon Valley during the COVID era. Lots to cover on today’s podcast, enjoy!Link to write-up: https://www.theharbingerchina.com/blog/phil-chen-htc-vr-blockchain-1

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18 Feb 2021

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Episode 23 - Covid's Impact on Restaurants and Bars with Phil Chen

Lost and Refound

COVID19 has impacted every person around the world. As 2020 came to an end, it was very clear this pandemic will continue into 2021. This week we invited Phil Chen, owner of Alchemist Bar & Lounge, and Woodbury Bar & Gastropub in San Francisco, to chat with us on how this pandemic has impacted his businesses, and what changes he is hoping to see this year. To order cocktails from Alchemist Bar & Lounge or Woodbury Bar & Gastropub during the pandemic: https://www.sfcocktails.com/ To learn more about Alchemist Bar & Lounge, follow them on: Instagram: @alchemistbarsf https://www.instagram.com/alchemistbarsf/ Facebook: Alchemist Bar & Lounge https://www.facebook.com/AlchemistBarSF/ Twitter: @Alchemist https://twitter.com/alchemistbarsf Website: https://alchemistsf.com/ To learn more about Woodbury Bar & Gastropub, follow them on: Instagram: @woodburysf https://www.instagram.com/woodburysf/ Facebook: Woodbury Bar https://www.facebook.com/woodburysf Website: https://woodburysf.com/--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/appSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/lostandrefound/support


11 Jan 2021

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Phil Chen, Beloit College – Political Representation

The Academic Minute

When will the diversity of political leaders catch up with the rest of the country? Phil Chen, assistant professor of political science at Beloit College, explains why representation matters. Philip Chen is assistant professor of Political Science at Beloit College. Philip’s work has appeared in numerous journals in political science and psychology, including Political Behavior, American Politics Research, Personality and Individual Differences, and Political Research Quarterly. His work concerns the role of social identity in U.S. politics through the lens of political psychology, with a particular focus on how political communication alters the effects of race and gender on political behavior and public opinion. Philip is a frequent guest on Wisconsin Public Radio and Minnesota Public Radio. Prior to entering academia, he worked for the Minnesota State Legislature. He teaches courses on U.S. politics, race and ethnicity, political psychology, and research methodology. Political Representation https://academicminute.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/11-02-20-Beloit-Political-Representation.mp3 The demographics of the United States are changing rapidly. While whites made up nearly ninety percent of the population in the 1950s, they make up only about sixty percent today. In spite of these demographic trends, political representation remains predominantly white and male. While Congress is more diverse than at any point in history, only twenty-two percent of our members of Congress are racial or ethnic minorities. Even more striking, women make up only twenty-four percent of Congress. Descriptive representation, that is, seeing people who share your identities in politics, is an incredibly powerful force, driving the legitimacy of our political institutions. Increasing the diversity of our representatives helps increase political trust, especially among citizens who have traditionally been excluded from politics. Yet women, along with racial and ethnic minorities, face unique challenges when seeking political power. My research demonstrates that racial, ethnic, and gender identities play a critical role in how people participate in American politics. Specifically, I study how the identities of political leaders affects support for politicians, the decisions they make, and the institutions they represent. I consistently find that women and people of color are disadvantaged in politics. Negative racial attitudes and sexism decrease support for the specific politicians, but these beliefs also affect support for decisions made by federal judges, perceptions of judicial bias, trust in our political institutions, and even compliance with COVID-19 public health measures. As our country continues to become more diverse, we must consider how our own beliefs affect our understanding and support for our politicians and institutions.


2 Nov 2020

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Interview - HTC - The Exodus 1s with Phil Chen

Crypto News Weekly

I remember buying my first android phone back in 2010, that phone was the HTC desire. Now nearly 10 years later, they released a phone focussed on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency lovers like me with the Exodus 1s. I talk with Phil Chen about their Zion wallet, and why it’s very different from a software wallet. We talk about social recovery and running a full node on your phone. The HTC Exodus 1s: https://www.htcexodus.com/eu/cryptophone/exodus1s/


13 Dec 2019

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Phil Chen, General Partner at Proof of Capital: How HTC Is Driving Massive Crypto Adoption

The Pomp Podcast

Phil Chen is a General Partner at Proof of Capital, and the Decentralized Chief Officer at the HTC Exodus. In this conversation, Phil and Anthony Pompliano discuss hardware wallets, what they built with the HTC Exodus, why certain features were included, how big companies can drive innovation, and what Phil is excited about moving forward in the cryptocurrency industry.BLOCKFI-----BlockFi allows you to keep your crypto, put it up as collateral, and receive a USD loan funded directly to your bank account. They do loans ranging from $2,000 to $10,000,000, and they're perfect for helping you reach your financial goals of all sizes.Visit BlockFi.com/Pomp to learn more about putting your crypto to work without having to sell it.CRYPTO.COM-----Crypto.com is a pioneering payment and cryptocurrency platform that seeks to accelerate the world's transition to cryptocurrency. With the vision of "cryptocurrency in every wallet", the Crypto.com App offers a full range of financial products with competitive pricing, well designed UX and high security. It is the best place to buy, sell and pay with crypto.COINMINE-----The Coinmine One is like an Xbox that turns your electricity into Bitcoin. You just plug it in, connect to wifi, and tap on the crypto you want. It’s so easy anyone can do it. Everything is controlled from the Coinmine mobile app and the Coinmine keeps getting better with over the air updates that add new coins, features and services to your Coinmine. Visit coinmine.com/pomp to get a Coinmine and earn crypto for powering a new world.


24 Oct 2019

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53 - Phil Chen on Technology


Phil Chen, decentralized chief officer at HTC, explores the intersections of theology and emerging digital technology—covering topics like cryptocurrency, virtual reality, and data privacy. For more resources for a deeply formed spiritual life, visit Fuller.edu/Studio.


24 Sep 2019

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EP.35 從智慧手機到區塊鏈手機 — 專訪 HTC 區塊鏈長陳信生(Phil Chen)


★ 區塊勢:https://blocktrend.substack.com ★ 小額贊助 podcast 節目製作:bit.ly/382kzTH 去年 HTC 曾發表過全球第一支區塊鏈手機 EXODUS 1,今年他們即將發表第二支區塊鏈手機 EXODUS 1s。這集 Podcast 我邀請 HTC 的區塊鏈長陳信生(Phil Chen)聊聊這支還沒公開發表的新手機,但沒想到光是聊手機的典範轉移就已經錄了一個小時。 因此,這集是在沒有事先披露 EXODUS 1s 新功能的情況下,聽 Phil 聊聊 HTC 在區塊鏈生態系中的定位,以及為什麼他認為區塊鏈手機(crypto phone)是智慧型手機的未來。 Phil 在 2007 年加入 HTC 之後,協助公司創造全球第一款 Android 手機。此外,他還創辦了 VIVE 虛擬實境頭盔品牌,至今仍然是業界的領頭羊。不僅如此,他前幾年離開 HTC 成立創投,去年又回到 HTC 負責區塊鏈手機。他有豐富的故事,也因此形塑了他獨道的眼光。與其看我介紹,不如直接聽他說吧。 這集 Podcast 討論: • 為什麼在區塊鏈(軟體)需要一支手機(硬體)? • Phil 認為未來的手機應該長成什麼樣子?有哪些功能? • HTC 在區塊鏈生態系扮演什麼角色? Powered by Firstory Hosting


28 Aug 2019

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#Ep. 34: What is a blockchain phone? A conversation with Phil Chen, HTC's Decentralised Chief Officer


In this episode, Ahmed speaks to Phil Chen, the Decentralised Chief Officer at HTC. Ahmed first questions Phil about what his title actually means and Phil drills down into the idea of leaderless leaders, and how every person becomes their own leader. Before talking about the Exodus phone, Phil delves into his entrepreneurial career, how he helped HTC become a global brand and how he got into the crypto space. The pair go on to discuss the Exodus phone, key management systems, how HTC's Blockchain phone is different to its competitors and the importance of shipping products first! We hope you enjoy!!! If you liked what you heard, please do leave us a review on Apple Podcasts and the other platforms. Don’t forget to support us by spreading the word!Special Guest: Phil Chen.


16 Apr 2019

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81. Phil Chen, bassist, on music and Jamaican culture

The Sifu Mimi Chan Show

Phil Chen is a well-known Jamaican bassist who now lives in Los Angeles. He was one of England’s most utilized session bassists during […] The post 81. Phil Chen, bassist, on music and Jamaican culture appeared first on Sifu Mimi Chan.

1hr 14mins

25 Sep 2018