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Spirituality Adventures- Calvin Arsenia - Part 2

Spirituality Adventures

I had the privilege of interviewing Calvin Arsenia, a Kansas City based musician, singer, songwriter, and performer. He also started a podcast in 2020 with his friend, Comedian Justin Randall. Calvin grew up in the church and was a worship leader in his early years. He is extraordinarily talented and unique. While he plays several instruments, his primary instrument is the harp. He has also spent time in classical vocal training. What’s amazing about Calvin is his ability to brilliantly embody multiple musical genres. His music videos are multilayered works of art and so are his performances. In my first interview with Calvin, we talk about his podcast, We Were Christian Kids. In this episode we talk about his musical career and he plays his song "Cantaloupe". Support this Podcast: therealfredherron.com/support Merch Now Available: thefrealfredherron.com/shop Become A Patron: https://patron.podbean.com/spiritualityadventures


28 Apr 2021

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Spirituality Adventures - Calvin Arsenia: Part 1

Spirituality Adventures

I had the privilege of interviewing Calvin Arsenia, a Kansas City based musician, singer, songwriter, and performer. He also started a podcast in 2020 with his friend, Comedian Justin Randall. Calvin grew up in the church and was a worship leader in his early years. He is extraordinarily talented and unique. While he plays several instruments, his primary instrument is the harp. He has also spent time in classical vocal training. What’s amazing about Calvin is his ability to brilliantly embody multiple musical genres. His music videos are multilayered works of art and so are his performances. In my first interview with Calvin, we talk about his podcast, We Were Christian Kids. He performs a classic hymn on the harp at the end of this episode. My second interview with Calvin will focus on his musical career. Support this Podcast:www.therealfredherron.com/support Merch Now Available:www.thefrealfredherron.com/shop Become A Patron:https://patron.podbean.com/spiritualityadventures


21 Apr 2021

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"God, I don't think you want me to hate myself. Because I don't think you hate me. " - with Calvin Arsenia


On this episode of Backsliders, we talk with our new friend, the singer, songwriter, harpist, musician, and performing artist Calvin Arsenia. Stay tuned to the end of the episode for a surprise performance by Calvin!  Calvin grew up in Olathe, Kansas, about twenty miles away from Kansas City. In terms of his religious background, he was someone who enjoyed “having a buffet of it all.” He dwelled in churches that mostly fall under the umbrella of Protestant, non-denominational churches, charismatic churches, The International House of Prayer, as well as more apologetics-based churches. He studied with 7th Day Adventists as well as the Messianic Jewish Temple as well. Calvin tells us about what he observed while growing up in the midwest as a sensitive and creative young boy, never the most masculine in his circles. He found that leading worship, and expressing himself through music, created a safe environment for him to be the creative, sensing person that he was, without those traits being seen as effeminate or wrong–like they commonly are in church/religion. Calvin also shares his experience of true devotion to God, and the traumatic complexities of being taught that “homosexuality” was a sin as a closeted young child who knew he was “different.” He absorbed the message that the only way to live a life that would honor God would be to become a worship pastor with a wife and kids, so that’s what he thought he would have to do.  When Calvin was on a mission and living abroad in Scotland in his early 20s, he began noticing that he was able to be very open and free with his new friends that he had made there–friends that were not with the church. He remembers vividly feeling their love for him and acceptance of him, without conditions of who he was “supposed” to be. This shocked him and moved him to his core. While on a prayer walk there in Scotland, he had a moment where he realized he could no longer keep hiding himself from the world. And that’s where the title of this episode comes in. Calvin had a conversation with his higher power, and decided not to hate himself anymore, because he didn’t think God hated him. He decided to believe that being his true self would set him free. Calvin speaks with us at length about the complicated process of leaving his faith community after that experience abroad, as he figured out how to find work outside of Christian spheres so he could fully live the life he knew was his, and the double life he had to lead for the years in between. Now, he’s not connected to any church or religion, but he believes in the metaphysical spiritual plane that is accessible to all of us as human and spiritual beings. He is a full-time artist and musician in Kansas City, he’s found a new family in the queer community, and he makes music so beautiful you’ll feel it in your soul. We hope you enjoy this conversation as much as we did. Be sure to listen to the end for a live performance by Calvin and his harp! [CONNECT WITH CALVIN] Instagram Website Cantaloupe - Album Twitter Podcast [NEW NEWS] If you enjoy this podcast and want to hang out with us a little more, we also have a web series titled Backsliders! This show was recently selected by the Tribeca Film Festival and the Tribeca Creators Market sponsored by HBO! Check out our new episode by clicking here. [OUR LINKS] Backsliders Instagram Bob Billiams Productions Instagram Facebook Twitter Keylee Instagram Micah Instagram [FREE WAYS TO SUPPORT BACKSLIDERS] Please consider these free things you can do to help our projects reach others! 1) Subscribe to this podcast! 2) Leave us a 5-star rating and a one-sentence review! 3) Share your favorite episode with your friends or in a group you're a part of! 4) Subscribe to our Youtube Channel and leave us a comment! Thank you so much for your support!  [WATCH OUR OTHER SHOWS] Backsliders the series Home the series Talk the series [CREDITS] Intro Music "7.2.19" by Chase Burnett Outro Music "Stay Mad" by Chase Burnett ft. Julia Nunes Title Animation/Poster art by Cody Walzel Special Thanks to Angie Charles [REACH OUT] We'd love to hear from you directly! Let's talk about what we were raised to believe, where we are now, and how that affects our relationships with others and ourselves! keylee@bbobbilliams.com micah@bobbilliams.com

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7 Apr 2021

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Tuesday, March 30 - "Sound District Presents: Calvin Arsenia LIVE From The Rino"

The KC Morning Show

Happy Tuesday from The KC Morning Show!On the show today, we look back at Calvin Arsenia's AMAZING live performance from this months 7 Days of St. Patricks virtual festival, presented by Sound District, The Pitch, Charlie Hustle, and The Rino. You can catch ALL 7 nights, featuring over 13 bands and comedians, at SummerofSoundKC.comIf you listen to only one thing today, make it this. Trust us. Always a good day to be a Kansas Citian.xoxo - @hartzell965 & @holeyhearts


30 Mar 2021

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08: Creating Cultural Capital in Any Community with Peregrine Honig & Calvin Arsenia


Today, we invite you to join us in entering the world of two authentic and uniquely creative individuals, Peregrine Honig and Calvin Arsenia.  Peregrine is an artist and curator, and she is known to many people in Kansas City as the Senior Artistic Director for the West 18th Street Fashion Show. She has a permanent collection in the Whitney Museum of Art, and you can also experience her art at the Chicago Art Institute, the New York public library, and Blue Gallery on the Boulevard. Calvin sings, and he plays the harp. He is a whole lot more than just a musician and a performance artist, and he has built a reputation for creating shows that are turning the art world on its head. Peregrine and Calvin make Kansas City the coolest place to live! Right now, they are shooting a film called Summer in Hindsight, which is to be presented by the Kansas City Film Society on October 16th, at the Boulevard Drive-in. They are joining us on the podcast today to talk about the West 18th Street Fashion Show and the movie that they’re making. They also discuss what they hope to achieve as artists, the real value of art, and what their art truly means to them. Creating in the COVID box For Calvin, creating in the COVID box is about perspective and pivoting. He has spent a lot of time during the pandemic studying his instruments, his voice, his family history, and the racial revolution that we are currently witnessing.   A time for introspection For Peregrine, this is the time for introspection, and going back in time to revisit the formal nature of what she makes because things are simplified. She has found that there are fewer distractions right now if you can put your phone down and more distractions if you see what’s going on politically. The 20th year of the West 18th Street Fashion Show This year is the 20th year of the West 18th Street Fashion Show, and Peregrine has a great board of intelligent and intuitive people, including Calvin.  Everything is amplified right now Art is everything! And everything is amplified right now, so Peregrine and Calvin are taking pride in giving people something to look forward to.  A different kind of impact We all know that money comes, and money goes. But the influencers of the world need to understand that cultural capital, emotional capital, and spiritual capital are just as important as money because they have a lasting impact.  Human connection Peregrine and Calvin are creating an experience for everyone to watch. And an opportunity for the participants to create an experience for people, to bring them together, and to remind them of the importance of the human connection.  Everything is global with the internet When you have the internet, everything you do is global. So Calvin and Peregrine have been able to be part of international conversations. That has helped them in creating work that lifts them and places them amongst their peers, who are people who are doing what they love to do in Hollywood, New York City, and Paris. Those people are not better than they are, so Peregrine and Calvin’s work should not be any less than theirs.  What they hope to accomplish Providing the worthy frame for the garments and the designers is what they hope to achieve with the fashion show and with their movie. COVID-safe, Mid-Western style This year, they have a product to offer, and the fact that it is starting in a legit drive-in could not be more Mid-Western. It will also be COVID-safe because there will be an empty parking spot between each car. Tickets The tickets are available from Eventbrite, and they range in price from free (if you get there early) up to $500. A different art experience With both Peregrine and Calvin’s art, you think you’re about to experience one thing, and then you find yourself experiencing something very different. The theme of accessibility   They created the West 18th Street Fashion Show with the idea of beautiful and necessary things being accessible to everyone, so they started it with accessibility as the theme. It’s not about the money Art is not all about money. It’s more about an exchange of energy. The movie Calvin is the main character in their movie. There are also two international musicians in it and eleven amazing designers. And they have the best makeup artists and hairdressers because nobody is having weddings or getting their hair done right now. The feelings of this time The movie talks directly about the feelings of this time, without using a lot of words. And Peregrine and Calvin hope to make it accessible all over the world. Risk They have taken a risk with the way they have gone about creating the movie, but it feels appropriate for where they are both at in their careers.  A better world Calvin and Peregrine are on a mission to make a better world. You can connect with them and support them by finding them by their names, Peregrine Honig and Calvin Arsenia, on social media. Links and resources: West 18th Street Fashion Show West 18th Street Fashion Show on Instagram West 18th Street Fashion Show on Facebook Connect with Seraphiend.com Follow Seraphiend on Instagram


7 Sep 2020

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Calvin Arsenia


Olathe, Kansas, native Calvin Arsenia has a world sound that guides you seamlessly through his stories with the sound of glitter. It’s easy to get trapped in the mindset of thinking about his use of the harp in his music, but there is much more. Listen to an in-depth conversation about Arsenia’s life, music, and ideas. See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.


24 Jan 2020

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Episode 55: THE LUCKY TACO at The Argosy Casino! ON LOCATION! (w/ April Roberson, Theo Bunch, Calvin Arsenia, and Chris Garibaldi)

Taco the Town

Things are Rockin' in Riverside, the Atlantic City of Kansas City! #ACofKC We're slinging dice and crushing tacos on this week's edition of T3! We're coming to you ON LOCATION from The ARGOSY CASINO and their taco-rrific Taco joint THE LUCKY TACO! We review their tasty tacos, margaritas, Salsa Bar and other delicious Mexican dishes! Joining us this week are Executive Producer CHRIS GARIBALDI and our special guests APRIL ROBERSON (Riverside Chamber of Commerce), THEO BUNCH (The Healthy Living Department, Cornerstones of Care) and Musician/Artist CALVIN ARSENIA! Theo and Calvin talk about their upcoming SAVOR THE SOUND Event! Dave reveals his hidden dream of living in a casino and eating room service tacos! We taco bout our best Gambling and Casino stories! Chris reveals he and Dave's new band PARTY TRAIN and THE SECRETS TO HAVING A GREAT PARTY!  In the TACO TICKER we talk about: TACO BUENO GOING BANKRUPT! And April reveals her love for taco Bueno and their Party Tacos! And a '70's Reunion Concert featuring a V.I.P. Taco Bar! In TOWN OF THE TACO we discuss: The Best Sandwich Spot in KC! KC BBQ! And what is the most underrated or hidden attraction in KC? And we ask the question: "ARE PEOPLE WHO DON'T LOVE TACOS PRESSURED INTO EATING TACOS ON TACO TUESDAY?! DO THEY HAVE TACO TUESDAY ANXIETY? And: SHOWER TACOS?! Are those a thing?" Put on your lucky Taco Pants 'cuz we're a Gamblin' and a Ramblin' on this week's T3!" 

1hr 22mins

28 Nov 2018

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From worship singer to worldwide alternative folk artist - my conversation with Calvin Arsenia

Behind The Mirror

I invite Calvin Arsenia, a classically trained vocalist, harpist and musician onto the show for an honest conversation about his journey of leaving the worship space and following his own path. Calvin's music has gained worldwide attention for his shows that tackle sexuality, religion and race in a stunningly unorthodox manner.  We discuss how he learned to believe he was enough while embracing his true self and how he created an authentic life and community. He talks candidly about the pain and frustration he encountered during his time in church, but equally the beauty and depth he continues to pull from his relationship with God and his spirituality. Show notes: Calvin Arsenia: www.calvinarsenia.com Anna's blog: www.justajesusfollower.com Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/annadimmel


18 Oct 2018

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30A Show Calvin Arsenia "Escape to Create"


We kick off 2018 with a HARP in the 30A Radio Airstream. Calvin Arsenia dropped by for a wonderful session and interview, previewing his show at The REP in Seaside, FL part of Escape to Create. Why he won't take his talents and busk, where did do his vocal training, and info on his very unique electric harp. DON'T miss the HIDDEN TRACK at the end of the podcast. www.30acottages.com


5 Jan 2018