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Helen Adeosun - Founder & CEO of CareAcademy on Creating & Scaling Impact Through Entrepreneurship

How She Leads

In this episode, we interview Helen Adeosun, Founder & CEO of CareAcademy. Helen has been listed as one of Fortune’s 2020 40 Under 40 in Health. She has worked with Teach for America, Boston Public Schools, and Pearson Education as well as a number of companies focused on caregiving issues. She holds a B.A. from the University of Notre Dame in Politics and Arabic Studies and an EdM. from Harvard University in Education Policy and Management. As a daughter of Nigerian immigrants to the US, Helen combined her family tradition of work in the healthcare industry with her own passion for education and established CareAcademy to provide professional training for home care workers. In our conversation together, Helen explores the journey she has traveled, including her constantly changing her roles and responsibilities as an entrepreneur and leader. Let’s hear more from Helen and her journey as an influential and impactful entrepreneur.


2 Feb 2022

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Solving workforce challenges with Helen Adeosun, CEO and President, Founder of CareAcademy

The Post-Acute POV

Introduction In this episode of the Post-Acute POV, our host, Navin Gupta, SVP of the home and hospice division at MatrixCare, is joined by Helen Adeosun, CEO and president, and founder of CareAcademy, to have a conversation on workforce challenges in home health and home care and how CareAcademy utilizes the combination of technology and education as a solution. Join Navin and Helen as they discuss the unique position home care is in, the importance of upskilling, and how education can help improve caregiver satisfaction. Listen to their discussion below. Topics discussed during today’s episode: [02:10 – 06:16]: Helen provides her origin story and how she infuses her passion for education into her work. [07:34 – 11:35]: Helen introduces CareAcademy and explains how the company assists caregivers to gain both hard and soft skills through online education. [13:20 – 19:21]: Home care is in a position to make a tremendous shift to accommodate the growing need of caring for higher-acuity clients, and upskilling and enhancing caregivers’ existing skills will assist in this shift. [20:34 – 25:21]: How people are the backbone of innovation and how continuing education assists in strengthening ideas. [27:16 – 30:09]: Ways to improve caregiver satisfaction, including an increased focus on education. Resources Learn more about MatrixCare at: https://www.matrixcare.com/ Find out more about CareAcademy: https://careacademy.com/ Read the transcript of today’s episode Listen to more episodes of the Post-Acute POV Disclaimer The content in this presentation or materials is for informational purposes only and is provided “as-is.” Information and views expressed herein may change without notice. We encourage you to seek, as appropriate, regulatory and legal advice on any of the matters covered in this presentation or materials. ©2021 by MatrixCare


27 Apr 2021

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Top Advice For Founders: Helen Adeosun

Founder Playlist

Helen Adeosun is CEO & Founder at CareAcademy. Listen to more at pillar.vc/playlist/

25 Feb 2021

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Episode 185: Helen Adeosun - CEO & Co-Founder, CareAcademy

The VentureFizz Podcast

CareAcademy recently announced its Series A round of funding, but I need to put this accomplishment into perspective. Raising capital is hard for any entrepreneur, but Helen had some extra obstacles in her way - a pandemic, she is a female founder, and a Black entrepreneur. The percentages for each independent scenario for raising capital are not favorable, never mind putting everything all together. No one could have predicted obstacles around a pandemic, but the other numbers around the other obstacles need to be improved, which I hope is finally starting to happen. But, as you’ll hear in this podcast interview, Helen is a resilient entrepreneur and her process of fundraising was incredibly thorough. It’s a process that all entrepreneurs need to pay attention to.CareAcademy is the leading home care & home health workforce empowerment platform, upskilling and preparing workers for the growing eldercare market and home care model.In this episode of our podcast, we cover:* The importance of storytelling and its impact on your company.* Helen’s background story as a multi-generational entrepreneur and experience in education.* A deep dive into CareAcademy and the opportunity ahead to transform the caregiver market.* How they were able to adapt & respond to Covid-19.* And so much more.If you like the show, please remember to subscribe and review us on iTunes, Soundcloud, Spotify, Stitcher, or Google Play.


27 Jul 2020

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Helen Adeosun Co-Founder of CareAcademy.com

The Founder's Mind

Helen is passionate about caregiving and the impact that the right caregiver can have on families. As an educator and workplace trainer, she has had a career in driving outcomes for adult learners and finding meaningful ways for them to engage in learning.In this episode of The Founder's Mind Helen & Adam dig into building a company, the unexpected turns that come with time, and the power of real hustle. They also briefly discuss the late Bernard Tyson and his impact on their perspectives and the broader community. MentionsBernard TysonRise of The RestLinksHelen's TwitterHelen's TEDx TalkCareAcademyMore from The Founder's MindTo learn more about Season 2 and our sponsor Upside Business Travel check out: https://upside.com/tfmTo become a funder of The Founder's Mind you can go here [we're using glow.fm a platform created by one of our guests, Amira!★ Support this podcast by donating ★


6 Feb 2020

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Mission & Values - S2E2. CareAcademy - Helen Adeosun

The Bootstrapped VC - A Backstage Capital Podcast

Helen Adeosun, Co-Founder and CEO of CareAcademy, shares the story behind the mission of a startup setting the standard in education for caregivers.Full show notes:http://backstagecapital.com/missionandvalues/s2e2/


11 Jun 2017

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S2E2. CareAcademy - Helen Adeosun

Mission & Values - A Backstage Capital Podcast

Helen Adeosun, Co-Founder and CEO of CareAcademy, shares the story behind the mission of a startup setting the standard in education for caregivers. A Backstage Capital podcast.


31 May 2017