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PFS Power Podcast - Episode 17 - Will Robins

PFS Power Podcast

PFS Power Podcast - Episode 17 - Will Robins by Personal Finance Society


29 Sep 2021

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The life of a fishing guide with Will Robins

The Fly Culture Podcast

This is the remarkable story of Will Robins who always knew he would work in fly fishing.Starting out commuting from Hull to London to work in Farlows at the age of 15 he has continued to be involved in the fly fishing industry.He now owns and runs his own saltwater guiding and outfitting service based in Mexico, a place he now calls home.I learn about his story and we talk about what it takes to become a fishing guide.This is an amazing story that you are sure to enjoy.

1hr 12mins

3 Mar 2021

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FFR080 - How To Manage Client Expectations In The Initial Stages With Will Robins

Funnel Fella Radio With Scott Dudley

In this episode I interview Will Robins, who is based in Arkansaw and is the President of two agencies, Sharpnd (www.sharpnd.com) and ContentHOW (www.Contenthow.com). During the interview we discuss the challenges of successfully managing client expectations early on in a project, and also getting the right balance of working ON your business, compared to working IN your business. www.FunnelFellaRadio.com


2 Nov 2020

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211. Will Robins - What a Tsunami Taught Him About Life and Golf

Nick Carrier's Best You Podcast

PGA Professional Coach since 2008, who has a unique coaching approach. The foundation of his approach is called "The Scoring Method" and it gets people to achieve results on the course they never thought possible. Back in 2004 he and his wife survived a deadly Tsunami in Thailand that killed over 250,000 people. __ Learn more about Will Robins! www.wrgolf.com _ In this episode, Learn about: 2:10 - 6:10: How he fell in love with golf at a young age 6:45 - 13:29: Should children specialize in one sport, or play a diversity of sports?  14:04 - 22:28: How a tsunami changed his life forever, and how he remained positive through surrender 23:05 - 29:48: His evolution from player to coach 30:14 - 38:35: The Scoring Method and how to unlock your potential 39:26 - 48:29: Coaching individuals, simplifying for success, and the importance of perception ___ Will's 3 things to get closer to his best self: Surrender Daily Stop Focusing on Myself Patience and Balance


5 Oct 2020

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EP 028: How to Get a $5,000 Raise (or more) in 2020 w/ Will Robins

Getting Better Now from the Golf Business Network with Dean Kandle, PGA

If you’re a typical Golf Professional that takes on a number of different roles and responsibilities, even if you love to teach, finding time to fit in golf lessons can be a challenge.  Do you come in early? Stay late? Sacrifice time you set aside for other tasks and say yes to the lesson request? It’s a conundrum that we often fall into.And for a lot of Golf Professionals, the opportunity to teach provides one of the few chances to significantly increase their income.  So we squeeze in lessons so we can make our members and customers happy, while telling ourselves “at least I’m making a few extra bucks”.  Then there’s the question of whether or not we’re helping our students actually lower their scores.  Does the traditional range session truly develop a better golfer? Or should we be out on the golf course, practicing in the field of play, coaching our players to get the ball in the hole in fewer strokes?Will Robins has the answers to these questions.For years now, Will has been producing results for players by taking them on the golf course, often in groups and teams, to show them how to shoot lower scores, instead of starting with mechanical fixes and technical training on the range.  His patented “Scoring Method” provides a foundation for his players to grab what amounts to “the low hanging fruit” by tracking simple stats and bringing their opportunities to light.  The results he’s produced, speak for themselves.Will is “Revolutionizing Golf Instruction” and it’s the mission behind his company RGX.  With RGX, Will guides golf coaches all over the world to discover their ability to produce impactful results for their players and their businesses.  Through RGX, there are Golf Professionals that have generated life changing improvements to their business, without standing on the lesson tee from sunup to sundown, day after day.  Will is producing solutions to two major issues for today’s Golf Professionals.  How do we help our players improve so that they play more golf and get value out of the time and money they spend at our facilities?  And personally, how do we make a positive impact on our income without committing to more time spent on the lesson tee?Will’s backstory is unlike any other.  As an aspiring Professional, ready for life on tour, his life changed in an instant as the devastating Indonesian Tsunami swept up his new wife and him on their honeymoon in 2004.  While he and his wife were lucky to survive the disaster that claimed over 200,000 lives, due to injury, Will’s tour aspirations eventually disappeared.  He wasn’t able to play to the level he once did, and began to give lessons as a way to stay around the game. However as Will has said, he doesn’t view this as a negative.  Instead, it created the opportunity for him to uncover his true purpose.  The purpose of improving the games of golfers young and old, while bettering the lives of Golf Professionals all over the world.  While Will’s personal story is inspiring, I hope that you find more motivation in this conversation.  It’s all about how to quickly and easily generate more income in 2020.  There’s the chance that this will be the start of the best season you’ve ever had in lesson income.  Just follow Will’s advice and I certainly think it can be.You can find out more about RGX and Will at www.robinsgx.com and at www.thescoringmethod.com.  


10 Dec 2019

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Level Up with Will Robins

Level Up Radio presented by CoachNow

Will Robins is a certified PGA professional who is helping revolutionize golf instruction worldwide by helping golf progessionals guarantee results with their plater. Robins owns and operates WRGolf Coaching based in Folsom, Calif. and is the CEO of Robins Golf Logistixs (RGX). He trains coaches on how to implement coaching programs that speed up results and guarantees results for their students while doubling their teaching/coaching revenue. In this episode, Will and Spencer dive into running a business, dealing with parents and so much more.

1hr 6mins

22 Oct 2019

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How NMA editor Will Robins became the client of a life planning firm

The Advice Show

In a podcast feast, NMA editor Will Robins reveals to George Kinder that he is undergoing life planning with a financial adviser.


1 May 2019

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Ep.8: Will Robins | Global SEO & branding expert.

Life Hacks for Entrepreneurs Podcast | Where entrepreneurs level-up in life, love, and business.

In this nugget packed episode global SEO and branding expert Will Robins breaks down how his company quadrupled their revenue in the past 12 months.


7 Jun 2018

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Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan 170 Will Robins Interview

Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan

This weeks on Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan 170 Will Robins PGA Pro joins us from the Will Robins Golf located at Empire Ranch Golf Club. Will has been teaching the game since 2008. Will is the creator of The Scoring Method™, the teaching system that is revolutionizing golf instruction worldwide. The Scoring Method™ system guarantees lower scores and more enjoyment from the game. Will also has worked with students of all level and he is here to talk about the Scoring method and golf instruction. This is a very informative episode your won't want to miss a single second.


5 Mar 2018

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Cheating Death with Tsunami Survivor and Founder of Will Robins Golf, Will Robins

The Secrets to Winning with Dr. Bhrett McCabe

“This is not how I die…” Will Robins and his wife, Amanda, were on their honeymoon sitting in the lobby of a hotel on the island of Ko Phi Phi Don discussing what they wanted to do that day, not knowing that in a few seconds they were going to be hit with a 75-mph tsunami towering over 30 feet high. Robins and his wife were convinced that this was it, these were the last moments of their life…until Will decided to fight. “…In my mind, I thought, “F**k that, I’m going to die fighting.” We are not promised tomorrow. Robins learned that anything can happen and as people start to observe more of the “what if’s” in life, we open ourselves up to the idea that our days are numbered and all we do is the best we can each day. “It’s only once you fully let go that you can actually make any change.” We are all deathly afraid of letting go and surrendering to our everyday circumstances because we enjoy being in control. Control is overrated. We live in a world where we are always seeking control and stability because we are most comfortable in a zone of predictability. However, it’s not until you reach a point of acceptance where you are truly willing to accept the outcome, no matter what it is, that you line yourself up to the path to success.  A good majority of people in this world have been told that their thoughts run their life, however, our thoughts don’t have any power behind them until we attach belief to them. Robins talks about some of the ways he teaches golf players to surrender by telling them to quit at the game entirely. “By saying “I’m going to quit,” shows the game means something to you.” Our thoughts create our emotion by attaching belief to them. In this episode: Robins talks about his near-death experience from surviving an earthquake tsunami in 2004 by the Indian Ocean McCabe and Robins discuss the psychology that goes into a near-death experience Robins explains his philosophy behind the “second ball golfer.” McCabe discusses some ideas pulled from the book “Performing Under Pressure”. McCabe discusses previous podcast guest, Timothy Alexander (LINK BELOW) and his outlook on life  http://themindside.libsyn.com/podcast/the-ultimate-comeback-with-uab-football-player-timothy-alexander Robins and McCabe discuss the path to establish a belief and the power it holds Download The Gameplan Infographic here! For more information on Will Robins and his teaching philosophies, visit: http://robinsgx.com We hope you enjoy this episode as much as we enjoyed recording it! For more information on The MindSide: Sports and Performance Psychology, please visit: www.themindside.com

1hr 8mins

7 Nov 2017