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Michael Hsu & Maija Kreishman - Michael Hsu Office of Architecture


Michael Hsu Office of Architecture principals, Michael Hsu and Maija Kreishman, join the podcast to discuss their approach to business development, the process of designing affordable housing for Habitat for Humanity, and how philanthropy enables new design opportunities.


19 Dec 2022

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OCC’s Michael Hsu on crypto policy: ‘We want to get it right’

Barefoot Innovation Podcast

My guest today is Michael Hsu, the Acting Comptroller of the Currency, and we are talking all things– and only things – crypto. Our conversation covers a lot of other ground:  the lack of interoperability among today’s stablecoins; whether and how stablecoin issuers should have bank charters; problems with blockchain technologies; the evolution of Central Bank Digital Currencies; the role of the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency; whether US regulation could undermine America’s international competitiveness; the unique challenges posed by regulating DAOs (since they are basically just a set of rules); potential lessons from the birth of the internet; and the blockchain “trilemma” cited by Vitalik Buterin forcing prioritized choices between decentralization, security and scalability. He also ponders the human factor, as people feel a sense of “community” in decentralized finance, while also embracing a world that promises to monetize, and transact around, nearly every aspect of their lives. 


27 Apr 2022

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Michael Hsu Office of Architecture: How To Grow From 17 To 71 In 7 Years (w/ Michael Hsu, Maija Kreishman)

Best Practice Fireside Chats

Growing a firm by a dozen employees each year can sound daunting. But the truth is that when you look at growth as a puzzle rooted in organizational structure, you can begin to make steady progress. Michael Hsu Office of Architecture did just that when the growth rate of Austin, Texas caused them to grow the firm from 21 to 78 people in just seven years. By doing things like doubling down on culture, working with diverse clients, and fostering employee growth, they have created a firm that is making an impressive mark. Interview Takeaways Grow with your city Hire for talent, not projects Retain your best clients Don’t cave to imposter syndrome Use metrics to select projects Cultivate self-awareness Find a financial consultant Recognize firm inflection points Should you hire a COO Employee growth isn’t one-size-fits-all Pick clients with the same goals Mitigate growing pains with organizational structure Show Links Check out Michael Hsu Office of Architecture Connect with Michael Hsu on LinkedIn Connect with Maija Kreishman on LinkedIn Connect with George Valdes on LinkedIn or Twitter Connect with Chris Morgan on LinkedIn Check out Monograph Follow Monograph on LinkedIn or Instagram Listen and read more about Monograph


27 Sep 2021

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Episode 128 with Michael Hsu

The Truths We Hide

"As an emotional trauma healer I help others heal anxiety, anger and depression from the ground up through healing the emotional traumas that take place in our homes such as intergenerational and childhood traumas. I have written two books about this and I have had my practice Heal From the Ground Up for 11 years. I am one of the highest-rated mental health professionals on Yelp in California." To learn more about Michael please refer to the May Podcast Guide at www.awildridecalledlife.com/podcast-guide --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/annette-whittenberger/message


18 May 2021

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Q1 20201 Review: COVID-19's Impact on the Built Environment with Michael Hsu

The BG Podcast

On today’s episode we speak with return guest, Austin-based Michael Hsu, Principal and Founder of Michael Hsu Office of Architecture (MOAH). He and Bingham Group CEO A.J. catch up from their June 2020 show, updating on impacts to the design/built environment sector through Q1 2021.ABOUT MICHAELMichael Hsu, AIA, IIDA is the founder and principal of Michael Hsu Office of Architecture. Following graduation from the University of Texas at Austin School of Architecture, Hsu worked at OMA in the Netherlands and in Dallas before returning to Austin where he has practiced since 1998. Hsu is currently the Past President of the AIA Austin chapter and a member of the University of Texas School of Architecture’s Advisory Council. RELATED EPISODES BG Podcast EP. 89 - COVID-19's Impact on the Built Environment with Michael Hsu (6.2.2020): https://www.bgmediagp.com/bgpodcast/episode89CONNECT WITH MICHAEL HSU OFFICE OF ARCHITECTUREInstagram -> @hsuofficeFacebook -> https://bit.ly/3n3kCrnCONTACT BINGHAM GROUPInterested in our services or have an episode suggestion? Email us at: info@binghamgp.comFollow us for weekly episode updates and more on:Facebook -> www.facebook.com/binghamgpABOUT THE BINGHAM GROUP, LLCThe Bingham Group, LLC is minority-owned full service lobbying firm representing and advising clients on government affairs, public affairs, and procurement matters in the Austin metro and throughout Central Texas.Site -> www.binghamgp.comInstagram -> www.instagram.com/binghamgroupLinkedIn -> www.linkedin.com/company/binghamgpTwitter -> twitter.com/binghamgpPART OFTHE BG MEDIA NETWORK -> www.bgmediagp.comAn Austin-based digital content network focused on emerging creators.From concept to execution, and on, we help you tell your story.


21 Apr 2021

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Discovering who's movie we're in - A Chat with Michael Hsu

The Road to Rediscovery

We're chatting with Michael Hsu, an Author and Coach who specializes in Intergenerational Trauma Healing.  In this episode, Michael shares the amazing work he's doing in helping others hone in on the root cause of their struggles. Michael is very transparent in explaining Intergenerational Trauma; by sharing his own struggle, upbringing, and family as an example. 

18 Mar 2021

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Eavesdrop Ep.3 Ft. Michael Hsu

How To Roundnet

Support the show (http://YouTube.com/howtoroundnet)


22 Feb 2021

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Michael Hsu- Recognizing Intergenerational Trauma

Open Up & Speak!

Micheal Hsu- Mental Health counselor http://www.healfromthegroundup.com/https://www.amazon.com/dp/1949593061/“ Whose Movie Are You In? Transform Your Intergenerational Trauma Into Your Source of Light"https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/heal-from-the-ground-up/id903703568https://www.instagram.com/healfromthegroundup/https://youtube.com/channel/UCUyr5LsHGH4yvfUCWZP-IKghttp://facebook.com/healfromthegroundup


21 Feb 2021

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How to Heal Your Anxiety, Anger, and Depression and Transform Your Relationships Interview With Michael Hsu

Manifest Your Dream Marriage

Today I have a special treat for you, Michael Hsu author of You are the F*cking Sh*****t: Heal Your Anxiety, Anger, and Depression From the Ground Up! Michael is We discuss healing generational trauma and The emotional strength F.I.S.T. process he developed to take back control of how you feel and think. We discuss healing and strengthening all of our relationships with our significant other, children, parents, and ourselves by guiding your inner child.  https://www.healfromthegroundup.com/ https://www.amazon.com/You-are-cking-Sh-Depression/dp/1949593029/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=you+are+the+fucking+shit&qid=1612346029&sr=8-1 www.danyelladamski.com/apply


4 Feb 2021

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Say Something #10|Michael Hsu

Say Something

這集很榮幸的邀請到Mike上Say Something Podcast 想先跟聽眾說,這集是雙語談話!因為我們兩個語言都不是很好,只好雙語互補,還請見諒。 這集我們分享了從大學畢業出社會碰到的挑戰和學習、談感情的基礎、跟老婆婚姻的經營和當爸爸後的變化,以及對於孩子的教育想法和經驗。 同時探討我們過去的成長過程,分析自己和過去不一樣的看觀、想法和心態上的改變 這次跟Mike聊的非常愉快,也收穫很多 自己聽完發現還有很多話題沒有延伸到 希望大家跟我一樣喜歡今天的內容,也可以在不同生活階段上得到啟發。 如果喜歡這集也希望繼續聽到Mike的想法,歡迎到IG @saysomething.podcast 在這集post上留言! 其中分享到的書: - 猶太人大智慧 by 馬飛編著 - Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willink - The 80/20 Principle by Richard Koch - The Hard thing about Hard things by Ben Horowitz - Tools of Titans by Tim Ferris Youtube: - Guided Wim Hof Method Breathing

1hr 47mins

4 Feb 2021