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Ep. 10: Joe Burrow's Injury Plus Which Rams Starters to Trust in Fantasy feat. Steve Rebeiro

The Operating Room

Host Kev Mahserejian (@RotoSurgeon) and fellow RotoBaller, Steve Rebeiro (@SteveRebeiro), break down Joe Burrow's injury and impact on the Bengals skill players for fantasy this year and next along with what they should do in the upcoming draft (2:09). Then, they get into their wheelhouse discussing which Rams, aside from Robert Woods and Cooper Kupp, you can trust in your weekly lineups for the rest of 2020 (19:20).


25 Nov 2020

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#233: Jingle Chubs feat. Steve Rebeiro pt.2


In this week’s follow up Chubstep Pat and Jrad are joined by TV, LA Rams and Chubstep expert Lil’ Stevie to discuss his top 10 shows of 2019, 3-1 and honorable mentions, the Chicago parking ticket system in a double ‘B!t$h What’, and follows up on past episodes including, ranch on pizza, and Steed’s social media engagement being better than Bieber


26 Dec 2019

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#232: Jingle Chubs feat. Mike James and Steve Rebeiro pt.1


In this week’s Chubstep Pat and Jrad are joined first by friend of the show Mike James to discuss NYE life hacks, phishing, the new James Bond, and listener emails including the limitation of Mystique’s abilities in relation to bowels. The guys continue with Lil’ Stevie to talk Pat’s new found love of TV, a NFL recap, and Stevie’s top 10 shows of 2019, 10-4, before the show cuts to all of Chubsteps original Christmas songs by The Bro’s and Juicy D/Happy Meal including: Deck the Halls, All I Want For Christmas Is You, Baby It’s Cold Outside, Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, Walking In a Winter Wonderland, White Christmas, and Last Christmas


19 Dec 2019

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#211: Lil Steppie feat. Steve Rebeiro


In this week’s Chubstep Steed and Jrad are joined by Lil’ Stevie. The three discuss, removing a Lil’ in your name, a way of advertising with the homeless, a slow time of the year with sports talk, bold predictions in the NBA, ‘Fargo’ in the ‘Billy Bob Movie Review’,  what other hosts would choose as their movie review actor, and clarification on if drinking wine removes a man card.


25 Jul 2019

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#183: Top Ten Chub feat. Steve Rebeiro


In this week’s Chubstep Pat, Steed and Jahred are joined by renaissance man Lil’ Stevie. The guys discuss Pat’s new apartment, Jahred taking a Zumba class as punishment, Zumba in a bagel shop, the biggest lies they heard as kids, a 13 bean soup in new segment ‘That’s enough Whole Foods’, the end of the Bears season, Rams football, the NFL playoffs, and Steve’s top ten television shows of the year


10 Jan 2019

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#133: Slaughter Rule Step feat. Steve Rebeiro


Pat and Jahred are joined by High School Football record holder and friend of the show Steve Rebeiro. The guys discuss Steve’s earlier NFL predictions, the LA Rams, the results of the Jimmy Butler trade, Steve’s TV shows to watch, ‘Law and Order: Criminal Intent’ in the ‘Jeff Goldblum Movie Review’,  basic cable crime shows, Steve setting an unbreakable record, a follow up on past Goldblum reviews, and non-sense sports scenes in movies. Pat and Jahred continue with dead musicians vault music, Hippo teeth auction in ‘Tanzania News’, Google Translate Lady rap song, and Goose Island in ‘Booze Newz’ Steve's Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8A8EgeHIM88 Google Rap: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yZTNe5-kr6Q


25 Jan 2018

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#112: Florida Chub feat. Steve Rebeiro


Pat and Jahred are back in person for the first time in 2 months on this week’s Chubstep. The guys are joined by Bold Predictions Podcast co-host and Ramstalk.net writer Steve Rebeiro. The three discuss bold predictions for the NFL, Mike Glennon’s looks, the LA Rams, Jay Cutler’s press conference, fantasy football busts, and the Bull’s offseason. Jahred and Pat talk paint scent additives, the new podcast booth, people with small feet, Jahred’s trip to Florida, saltwater fishing, lifeguards, Taylor Swift’s new song, listener emails including what mermaids/sirens eat, Facebook scams and Chick-fil-A in ‘B!7C# What’, ‘Tom Goes To The Mayor’ in the ‘Jeff Goldblum Movie Review’, and an anti-poacher murder in ‘Tanzania News’


31 Aug 2017

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#078: New Chub New Step feat. Steve Rebeiro


It’s a new year which means it’s a new Pat and Jahred but the guys are joined by an old special guest Steve Rebeiro of Ramstalk.net and the new re-vamped Tejas and Lil’ Stevie Show. The guys talk about the LA Rams season, better records vs better draft picks, the conclusion to the fantasy season, potential new coaches, the Chiefs winning the Super Bowl, the Chicago Bulls situation, Jean Reno vs Ser Davos, and their favorite TV shows of the year. Pat and Jahred discuss Last week’s lost episode, overrated New Years, lip-syncing, modern singers, tricking the elderly, the secret life of J. Edgar Hoover, poorly thought out commercials, Chubstep emails including New Year’s resolutions to each other, personal momentum, ‘Crank Yankers’ in the ‘Jeff Goldblum Movie Review’, Brendan Fraser comeback, selling alcohol in the aisles at grocery stores, and an electricity hike in ‘Tanzania News’. Check out Steve at ramstalk.net and https://www.mixcloud.com/TejasAndLilStevie/ Email the show at Chubstep.podcast@gmail.com


5 Jan 2017

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#073: Fantasy Punishment Step feat. Steve Rebeiro


Pat and Jahred are joined again by Ramstalk.net staff writer Steve Rebeiro. The guys get talk updates on the LA Rams, a corrupt Fantasy football Commissioner, Eric Dickerson on the sideline, Jared Goff’s start, the trap that is The Walking Dead, Cleveland karma, fantasy punishments, Jahred’s favorite and least favorite Brendan Fraser Movie. Then Pat and Jahred discuss their Thanksgiving miracles, how to cook a turkey faster, Atmosphere in concert, mismatched Christmas lights, Jerry Tillery in ‘B!7C# What’, concussions, listener email’s including what you don’t want for Christmas and how to love again, ‘The Prince of Egypt’ in the ‘Jeff Goldblum Movie Review’, suspending Anti-AIDS program in ‘Tanzania News’, and a legal battle over the end of a football game. Follow Steve @steverebeiro Email the show at Chubstep.podcast@gmail.com


1 Dec 2016

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#065: LA Rams Step feat. Steve Rebeiro


Pat and Jahred are joined by Steve Rebeiro of Ramstalk.net. The guys discuss bittersweet season endings, Cheetos chicken fries, Jahred’s trip to Ole Miss, Airbnb, the LA Rams season, fantasy football, clowns getting shot, national days, not so super adult stores, ‘Glory Daze’ in the ‘Brendan Fraser Movie Review’, traffic deaths in ‘Tanzania News’, Mean Girls in B&*%^ What, JFK’s inauguration speech. Email the show at Chubstep.podcast@gmail.com Check out Steve’s work at ramstalk.net


6 Oct 2016