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Live Your Best Heart Health Life With Tips From Dr. Chugh And Karen Vaughn

Inspire U: The Podcast

February is Heart Month. All month Karen Vaughn teamed up with Franciscan Health to give you heart tips to help you and your family live your BEST heart health life. Listen as she chats with Dr. Chugh from Franciscan Health Indianapolis on the importance of a heart scan, the signs men and women need to look out for, tips on how to live a heart-healthy life, and more. Click here to schedule your heart scan. https://www.franciscanhealth.org/screeningbundlesSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


24 Feb 2021

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US Veteran Karen Vaughn made Sunrider products her "Survival Food"

VitalSigns Podcast

Karen Vaughn is a retired US Air force veteran of 29 years. She loved flying and wanted to travel the world at the sametime so what better than to do that while serving our country. During her time within the US Air Force she managed to get a hold of Sunrider products that helped her through her years of service. She shared the Sunrider products and benefits with her fellow soldiers and was able to show that these products were able to help her physically and mentally while handling the stressful environment her work required. Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to our Youtube channelhttps://youtube.com/channel/UC0uac4XF...​FOLLOW US! 👇🏼Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/vitalsisgns...​Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/vitalsignspo...​Shop 🌱https://home.sunrider.com/vitalsigns​If you would like to support VitalSigns Podcast you can do so by clicking on our Paypal link https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/my/profile


22 Feb 2021

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Ep 14: Karen Vaughn On When You Find Your Greatest Purpose In Life

Discovering W.I.S.E. Podcast

Karen Vaughn is a Gold Star mother, author, veterans advocate, and national speaker. She emerged on the national stage after her son, Navy Seal Aaron Carson Vaughn, was killed in Afghanistan on August 6th, 2011. Since then his mother has been a powerful voice for those still fighting for freedom, and for a better, stronger, and more resilient America. Today you will learn what courage really means and why facing your fears is the only way you grow. Learn more about Karen here: https://officialkarenvaughn.com/ And keep up with my book release by visiting the official Discovering W.I.S.E. page: https://discoveringwise.com/


10 Oct 2020

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Peter Boettke and Karen Vaughn on Academic Entrepreneurship

Hayek Program Podcast

On this episode of the Hayek Program Podcast, Peter Boettke interviews Hayek Program Emeritus Distinguished Senior Fellow, Karen Vaughn, on academic entrepreneurship. Dr. Vaughn recounts her role in the early days of George Mason University's Economics Department and the creation of its PhD program in Economics. She also discusses James Buchanan’s move to Mason and the development and evolution of several professional organizations, including the History of Economics Society and the Southern Economic Association.CC Music: Twisterium

1hr 6mins

22 Apr 2020

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Peter Boettke and Karen Vaughn on Life as an Austrian Economist

Hayek Program Podcast

On this episode of the Hayek Program Podcast, Peter Boettke interviews Hayek Program Emeritus Distinguished Senior Fellow, Karen Vaughn, on her career as an Austrian economist. During the conversation she tells of how she became interested in Austrian economics, recounts her work on the socialist calculation debate, and proposes ways for contemporary and future Austrians to best explain the market process to those unfamiliar with it.CC Music: Twisterium


8 Apr 2020

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Jayme Lemke and Karen Vaughn on Women in Economics

Hayek Program Podcast

On this episode of the Hayek Program Podcast, Jayme Lemke sits down with Hayek Program Emeritus Distinguished Senior Fellow Karen Vaughn to discuss her career as a woman in the field of economics as both a professor and department chair at George Mason University. Dr. Vaughn recounts her experiences balancing the responsibilities of being both a scholar and a mother at a time when few women were involved in economics. Additionally, she details why a pro-market stance helps women, offers advice on how future generations can help women in economics, and discusses prioritizing quality over quantity in scholarly publications.CC Music: Twisterium


25 Mar 2020

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Karen Vaughn - 070219

The CL Bryant Show

Karen Vaughn - 070219 by The CL Bryant Show


2 Jul 2019

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Build The Wall | Guests: Tim Ballard & Karen Vaughn | 5/7/19

The Glenn Beck Program

Hour 1 It's really bad at the border. Mass rushes are coming, 1,000 a people a day are being taken into our American cities. The Lefts false sense of compassion and their long list of being on the wrong side of things ...Donald Trump will be re-elected in a 'landslide' 2020Hour 2 Sex Trafficking on the Southern Border with OUR's Tim Ballard. Children by the hundreds are being sexually abused at the border. Christian churches urgently  need our help ...A whole new world of 'corporate socialism' is coming. Big Tech is praying to be regulated as a 'utility' Hour 3 Heal the struggling and suffering hearts along our American borders ...Crisis of Heart please help today MercuryOne.org ...Gold Star Mom Karen Vaughn joins to discuss the Pro-Life Movement. MomsForAmerica.org ...What American Democrats really want is not being heard  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

2hr 1min

7 May 2019

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Best of the Program | Guests: Tim Ballard & Karen Vaughn | 5/7/19

The Glenn Beck Program

Best of the Program | 5/7- It's Really, Really Bad - h1- Donald Trump Will Be Re-Elected - h1- Christian Churches Urgency - (w/ Tim Ballard) -h2- Gold Star Mom's for America (w/ Karen Vaughn) -h3 Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


7 May 2019

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8/3/17 - If the Statue of Liberty could talk today... ( John Whitehead & Karen Vaughn Join Glenn)

The Glenn Beck Program

If the Statue of Liberty could talk what would she say today? ...Understanding the poem of Emma Lazarus ...Reporters are supposed to report, not argue ...John Whitehead from The Rutherford Institute discusses the latest on Amy's fight to get her kids back from the state of Oregon ...The case in Oregon marks a trend for governments taking kids from their families ...Taken away from parents because of bad breath? ...Amy's plight is your plight... Glenn explains the curious case of Imran Awan ...IS a huge blackmail scandal brewing in Congress? ...Parenting lessons from Karen Vaughn, the mother of an American hero ...Buy the book 'World Changer' and you will become a better parent ...A message to women raising boys: Allow your husbands to raise your son into a man.The Glenn Beck Program with Glenn Beck, Pat Gray, Stu Burguiere and Jeff Fisher, Weekdays 9a–12pm ET on TheBlaze Radio Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

1hr 53mins

3 Aug 2017