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115. Uncovering your Passion and Purpose with Emily Pereira

The Elevator

Emily Pereira is an embodiment of a liberated woman truly living in her purpose. Her light energy is so contagious, and we’re so happy she’s bringing her high-vibes to this community today!  Emily reflects on her incredible journey: from her glamorous yet unfulfilling life in Hollywood, to her break-up, breakdown, and subsequent breakthrough. All of which were stepping stones leading to her dream life as a writer, coach, and mother in Costa Rica. Plus, we talk about finding self-worth from within, being a single woman in your ’30s, and healing your body naturally and intuitively. If you feel juiced up and ready to treat your body like a temple after this episode, be sure to join our 528 Abundance Academy to participate in our upcoming detox workshops. We’ll be hosting a cleansing training on April 15th and a 5-day mind, body, and energy detox workshop on April 27th. It’s going to be a fantastic way to kick off the spring season! Check out: elevatetheglobe.com/528-academy for more details. We chat about…Her transformative rock-bottom and finding spirituality The purpose of desire and passionRemembering your worth as a (single) womanRestoring health in her body naturally Our upcoming 5-day mind, body, and energy detox workshop!To learn more, and for the complete show notes, visit: elevatetheglobe.comResources:Download the first 3 chapters of “The Quest: From The Hollywood Hills to the Amazon Jungle” for free: emilypereira.com/readWebsite: emilypereira.comInstagram: @emily_beginsStay tuned our mind, body, and energy detox workshopIridology healing with Dr. Robert Morse Join us for a FREE 40-day sacred ritual challenge! Simply order our book, “Good Morning Intentions," and enter your purchase code at elevatetheglobe.com/goodmorningintentions. You’ll get access to a bunch of exclusive motivation material to help you cultivate a personalized morning practice for manifesting your dreams this year!Turn your routine into a ritual with AIIR, the first crystal-infused hair care line! They’re cruelty-free, vegan, responsibly sourced, and free of all the toxins you find in traditional products (like gluten, parabens, and sulfate). We love how mindful they are with every aspect of their products, really empowering us to take advantage of holistic ingredients that have been around for centuries and really work. To shop their line of 10 (and counting!) crystal-infused haircare products, head to aiirprofessional.com and make sure to follow them on social at @aiirprofessional! Use code ELEVATE for 15% off all AIIR Professional products. The Elevator is a production of Crate Media

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30 Mar 2021

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#303 Emily Pereira - The Quest To Unlock Your Creative And Spiritual Passion

University of Adversity

Emily Pereira is an author, international retreat leader, and women’s coach, specializing in helping women call in heart-thumping-passionate-I-got-your-back-no-matter-what love. Her favorite moniker from her clients— is “Relationship Whisperer”. After 13 years of intensive and extensive spiritual training and exploration, she has amassed a treasure trove of astonishing wisdom and powerful practices and used these to heal her own love story, and transform her life. Over the years, she has helped hundreds of women do the same. After 32 years she finally discovered the storehouses of dormant creative passion that brought her to the magic inside her and led her to write, sing, play guitar, paint, and dance burlesque. Most people have no idea how connected the creative and the spiritual really are. Tapping into this dynamic duo can trigger a cascade of powerful changes so that you can transform past resentments into gratitude, and cultivate real confidence. IN THIS EPISODE, YOU WILL LEARN: [00:02:26] How Emily moved to Costa Rica [00:08:13] Adversity leads you to “the quest”[00:23:23] The quest is about what you get along the journey, not at the destination[00:27:08] Experiencing deep gratitude through the hardships of 2020[00:42:08] The right relationships will come alongside the journey of your healing🥇WHAT IS ONE LESSON THAT ADVERSITY HAS TAUGHT YOU?🥇Emily says, “You don’t have to worry as much about trusting “him” if you truly trust yourself.”Connect with Emily:Visit Emily’s websiteFollow Emily on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Check out Emily’s book - The QuestConnect with Lance: ● 📱 Connect with Lance on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. ● 📺 Subscribe to the University of Adversity Youtube Channel ● 📧 Email Lance at lance@universityofadversitypodcast.com📖 Pre-order Mastering Adversity Book hereAbout University of Adversity PodcastLearn how to shift your perspective on adversity by understanding that although adversity may feel like your worst enemy, it is actually your greatest ally. My mission is to connect with unique and inspiring individuals and showcase their journey and what they have gone through in order to become successful in their lives. Tune in twice a week with Lance Essihos for your gold-filled lesson of inspiration, resilience, and bravery. Don’t forget to subscribe!


22 Mar 2021

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Transform Your Life and Your Relationship with Emily Pereira | Relationships


We’re here today to bring you a really refreshing look at how to break out of stagnation in your life and how to get to a place where you’re both content and fulfilled with yourself and within your relationship. Joining us in this conversation is our incredible friend, Emily Pereira. Emily is an international retreat leader, yoga teacher, and women’s coach. By her clients, she is also known as the “relationship whisperer!” Over the years, Emily has amassed a treasure trove of astonishing wisdom and powerful practices that she has used to transform her life and hundreds of other women. Emily was so amazing in this episode (as she always is!) She not only shared her journey of how she got unstuck when she found herself stagnant but she shares how everyone else can do the same as well. She speaks about the portal that opens up in times of great contraction,  the importance of giving yourself permission, the magic that happens at the edge of your comfort zone, how to begin to live more in alignment with your truth, and how to bring freshness into your life when things feel stale. This conversation really inspired us and got us really thinking about where we want to both personally and within our coupleship. There’s always more work to be doing in creating the life of your dreams and Emily shares some of the incredible ways you can get started on this journey. IGNTD Specials: IGNTD Live Online Groups (Free for 14 Days) IGNTD Subscription ($43 per month & 30 days of Live Groups included) IGNTD “Once an Addict” Campaign Topics Discussed: [:35] About today’s episode with our amazing guest. [3:54] As always, be sure to share any aha moments you have with us and our guest, Emily Pereira, on any social media platform! [5:23] The conversation portion of the podcast with Emily Pereira! [5:55] Emily introduces herself and shares about what she is currently working on. [6:23] Emily walks us through this concept of “the search for ‘enough’” as well as her own personal journey in it. [13:56] Emily elaborates on the key lesson from her book, The Quest, and the portal that opens up in times of great contraction. [15:27] The importance of giving yourself permission and the magic that happens at the edge of our comfort zone. [16:58] Emily shares about the work she does with women in helping them to become more curious and open-minded and explore the things they thought may never be a part of their quest or journey. [21:52] The importance of reorienting your head to what you’re excited about and fulfilled in instead of looking for what is missing. [22:35] A powerful combo: gratitude plus adding the “why.” [23:21] Sophie and Emily discuss the importance of empowering couples and women through awareness and focusing on what’s working. [24:47] Key components of maintaining a healthy relationship through daily intentions and practices. [26:02] Sharing what we've been working through with our own couples therapist. [28:55] How Emily manifested living in Costa Rica, the wild adventure that led to her meeting her husband, and why the life she is currently living is in perfect alignment with the truth of who she is. [32:22] The challenges of perfectionism and the power of choice. [34:05] Emily shares one of the powerful techniques she uses with couples that helped strengthen their coupleship. [37:03] We all fall into patterns but it’s important to switch things up and bring in freshness. [38:54] Where you expand is where the light comes in! [39:36] Why shifting into positivity is a gamechanger for all aspects of your life. [41:53] What is the best advice Emily has ever received? [42:20] One of Emily’s proudest moments to-date. [43:26] What have been some of Emily’s hardest moments? [44:25] Some of Emily’s self-care rituals that keep her aligned. [48:03] What ignites Emily? [48:56] Thanking Emily for joining the podcast and sharing her wisdom. [49:54] Be sure to screenshot this podcast and share any of the aha moments you had during this episode by tagging us and Emily and sharing on social media! Mentioned in this Episode: Emily Pereira The Quest: From The Hollywood Hills to the Amazon Jungle, One Woman’s Search for Enough, by Emily Pereira Philosophie Superfoods Use code IGNTD to stock up on your favorites! Find out more about IGNTD: IGNTD.com IGNTD.libysn.com Subscribe to the Podcast iTunes, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify Follow us on Social Media! Facebook: IGNTD Instagram: @IGNTD.me Sophie’s Instagram: @Sophie.Jaffe Adi’s Instagram: @DrAdiJaffe If you enjoyed this podcast… Please let us know what you want to hear about! Tell us in the comments or send us an email at info@igntd.com. About Our Sponsor: Philosophie Superfoods The Philosophie offers cleanses and other nutritional products that are unlike any of the other supplements and detoxification programs on the market. Why? Because they actually nourish the body with whole, live, nutrient-rich foods. Each of the Philosophie superfoods and protein blends is vegan, raw, gluten-free, and has absolutely no filler ingredients. Use code IGNTD to stock up on your favorites this holiday season!


27 Jan 2021

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CC: The Quest for Love with Emily Pereira

Over It And On With It

Emily Pereira joins Christine to talk about getting over heartbreak, leaving a "safe/successful" life and finding love and happiness in unexpected places.   She is an international retreat leader, yoga teacher, and women’s coach specializing in helping women call in intimate, heart-thumping, passionate, I got-your-back-no-matter-what love. Her raw vulnerable storytelling laced with mind-blowing ahas about women’s empowerment have reached over 5 million people worldwide. She has written for some of the biggest media outlets of our generation and her first book, a memoir, The Quest: from the Hollywood Hills to the Amazon Jungle, one woman’s search for enough will be released Nov. 10th 2020.   She is also the host of "The Quest for Love Summit" - a 7-Day Virtual Experience curated to help you discover the secrets to wild attraction, cosmic connection and committed devotion.  You can join for free at: https://thequestforlovesummit.com/   Emily lives in Santa Teresa, a seaside village along Costa Rica’s Pacific coast, with her husband, Manex and two small children, Saïa Moon & Teotihuacán where together they founded the Sunrise Mountain Retreat and Wellness Center.


3 Oct 2020

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Emily Pereira: Crowdfunding your own book

Smart Women Publish

Emily Pereira is an International retreat leader, yoga teacher and coach, specialising in helping women call really aligned-love into their lives. She is also the author of the forthcoming book, ‘The Quest: from the Hollywood Hills to the Amazon Jungle, one woman’s search for enough’. After several years of unsuccessfully dealing with traditional book agents, Emily crowd-funded through the book platform, Publishizer, and scored a publishing deal as well. .


14 Apr 2020

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AF 135: Author, Love/Life Coach and Alpha Female Transformation Retreat Hostess Emily Pereira

The Alpha Female Podcast

Emily Pereira had a life that looked really good… on paper (this was before Instagram was a thing!) Continually ranked #1 at a top Fortune 100 company, living on the beach with her Myspace founder boyfriend, with a closet full of designer clothes she wore to endless parties events and vacations, she admits it still sounds good. But caught in an endless cycle of never enough, she was anything but genuinely happy. Just when she thought she’d be getting the ring, she found out her man was cheating on her and her whole life crumbled before her. Down to 93 pounds, needing pills to sleep and on the cliff’s edge of depression, a chance encounter with a powerful spiritual teacher with a knack for out-of-body adventures turned the breakdown into a spectacular breakthrough. And so began an unlikely journey to the far ends of the earth and deep within herself that showed her a unique way of being in the world that blows the roof off what we’ve been taught it means to be successful and happy. More than a decade later, Emily now helps other women discover the magic of their radiant selves, so they too can magnetize soul-affirming love into their lives. An international retreat leader, certified yoga teacher, Gateless trained writing teacher, and life coach specializing in helping women discover their inner brightness, Emily shares the same radical insights she used to transform her despair into her dream life. She’s also the author of the forthcoming inspirational memoir, The Beginner. She lives in Santa Teresa, a dusty little surf town along Pacific side of Costa Rica with her beloved Frenchman, Manex and their baby, Saïa Moon, enjoying joy and vitality she honestly didn’t know existed before (especially not at 40!). Together, they are building a spiritual retreat + wellness center nestled deep in the jungle. emilypereira.com/thealphafemale


10 Mar 2020

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How to Discover the Radiant Fertile Woman That Lives Deep Inside of You With Emily Pereira

Goddess Momma Fertility Podcast

I met Emily in 2013 and have been spiritually connected with her ever since. Following Emily's life journey has been a gift. The deep work she has done on herself is why I invited her on the show. I wanted y'all to hear from such a powerful beautiful source that such transformation is 100% possible with the right information and guidance. Not only does Emily share her journey to mommahood, but she shares her wisdom on healing your body through food, the importance of creativity, and the sacred land of her home in Santa Teresa, a seaside village along Costa Rica. Emily Pereira is an international retreat leader, certified yoga teacher, Gateless trained writing teacher, and relationship whisperer, specializing in helping women manifest their dream relationship. She's also the author of the forthcoming memoir, The Quest (out Nov 6th). She lives in the Santa Teresa, a seaside village along Costa Rica's Pacific coast with her beloved Frenchman, Mané (Pro-nounced, "MAN-A") and her 2.5 year old Saïa (Sigh-yah) Moon where they are building a retreat and wellness center in harmony with nature, for seekers on the precipice of spectacular transformation. She's thrilled to be welcoming a baby boy in May!  In this episode, - Summit Series  - Why Emily froze her eggs - How Emily cured her Candida - Healing through food  - Leading her signature Mermaid Sisterhood Retreats - Journey to life in Costa Rica - 80% fruit diet - Gateless Writing Method - The power of tapping into your creativity - Eliminating Toxins - Dr. Robert Morse - The power of intention - Emily's new book, "The Quest" Connect with Emily: emilybegins@gmail.com emilypereria.com @emilybegins ---- For a deeper connection to your body during your fertility journey, I am offering one-on-one online yoga sessions. These classes are more than just yoga. They are filled with personalized meditations, conscious breathing exercises, and coaching for YOU. If interested, I am offering free consultations. Contact me here to set up a 30 min call.  See you on the mat Goddess Momma... Click here to download my favorite fertility yoga poses!

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26 Feb 2020

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Season 2, Episode 4: Emily Pereira

Madly Forever

This week, we sit down with Emily Pereira, a woman who truly embodies life’s before and after moments. Her “after” moment consists of hosting international retreats as a certified yoga and writing teacher, while simultaneously growing her bustling career as a life and relationship coach. However, her “before” moment was another story... Lost and looking for answers, Emily’s story took a series of twists and turns, ultimately pushing her to align with her highest calling. Wherever you are on the life-change scale, this episode is peppered with nuggets of high genius to keep you falling Madly Forever in love with your life.

1hr 11mins

31 Oct 2019

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Finding the Magic and the Radiance Within Yourself with Emily Pereira

Women Worldwide with Deirdre Breakenridge

Emily Pereira was living the perfect life, but deep down she knew that something didn’t feel right. When her life and relationship came crashing down, she realized that perfection wasn’t the answer, it was the problem. She went on a quest to find her real life’s passion and through writing and creativity, she discovered her authentic self and true happiness. Emily is a life and love coach, author, creator, retreat leader, mother, and an advocate for finding creative passion within to live your true magical and radiant life. She lives in a magical world in Costa Rica with her partner and her daughter. She now allows her creativity to flow and helps other women do the same. You will laugh and be inspired with this wonderful conversation I have with Emily. Show Notes: [03:09] Emily is a mompreneur who holds retreats in Costa Rica. [03:23] About 10 years ago, Emily started wondering when she was going to do something that truly mattered to her. [05:12] She worked for a Fortune 500 company and lived on the beach with an original Internet  tycon Myspace founder. [05:53] She did more of what she knew. She worked more, shopped more, and escaped more. [07:02] Emily was working from a framework of external happiness and deep down inside she had a nagging feeling that this wasn't working for her. [08:02] Her boyfriend cheated on her, and she moved out of the beachfront property. She was full of pity and blame. [08:40] A beautiful new beginning can be disguise by a painful ending. She connected with a powerful spiritual teacher. [09:47] She discovered that her pain had more to do with the illusion she had bought into than what had actually happened with her breakup. She didn't have to be perfect. [10:42] All of our thoughts have an energy validation. [12:02] It's not about being perfect, it's about being authentic. [13:02] Creativity is a natural part of being human. [14:06] You don't have to be perfect to participate, you just have to give yourself permission to be a beginner. [14:48] She began tearing down illusions and taking radical personal responsibility. [15:56] When are you going to do something that matters to you? This question kept coming up. [16:37] She knew she needed to write her story. [17:10] She began writing a little before bed. The words flowed freely when she suspended judgement. [18:57] The floods of creativity burst forth from her, and she started doing all types of creative endeavors from painting to dance. [19:45] She discovered that creativity was connected to spirituality. [20:05] She felt connected to who she was and why she was here in those moments of inspiration. [22:16] Writing is a super powerful way to draw the authentic out of you. [22:57] She also suddenly felt a camaraderie with other women. She discovered her life's work was going to be helping other women see the truth and beauty of who they are. [25:14] For Emily, success is touching lives and moments of bliss. [26:51] Emily had an epiphany where she discovered her new version of her authentic self. [28:53] Radiance and consciousness is an everyday practice. [29:42] Every morning she writes down 10 things that she is grateful for. [31:11] Things change, and there are going to be challenges. [33:05] Time management can be a challenge for a busy mom. [34:19] Emily lives in Costa Rica with her daughter and life partner. [35:40] She works with women who want to attract love. [36:36] The nature, jungle, and life force of Costa Rica is amazing. As well as the fruits. They have a very International community. [38:20] There's absolutely nothing wrong with you, if you aren't happy. You just bought into an illusion. There is a wellspring of magic living inside you. Tap into your creative passion to fulfill who you really are. Permission. Passion. Purpose. Links and Resources: Emily Pereira Emily Pereira on Facebook Emily Pereira on Instagram @bethebeginner on Twitter Unstoppable Woman The Quest (Coming Soon)


10 May 2019

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Emily Pereira – Be the beginner

Speaking of Partnership: Personal Stories of the Power and Payoffs of Partnership

Emily Pereira is an international retreat leader, certified yoga teacher, Gateless trained writing teacher, and life coach specializing in helping women manifest their dream relationship. She\'s also the author of the forthcoming book, The Quest.Guiding Principle, Quote, or MantraI am personally responsible for creating every single thing in my life.That “Trip up” in PartnershipEmily was in a relationship in her early 20’s, when she was just out of college. It ended up being a 6 year long relationship. They lived together, their best friends married each other, and they planned their lives together. During that time they were getting into their professional lives. He was actually one of the founders of Myspace. That changed their lives quite a bit.Find out what happened next by listening to the show.Your Proudest Moment in PartnershipEmily’s proudest moment in partnership comes from her current relationship. They come from two very different worlds. One of Emily’s gifts is the ability to see someone else’s gifts, even when they can’t see it for themselves. He’s an amazing chef and started doing the food for the retreats Emily held.Find out what happens next by listening to the episode.Best Relationship Advice You’ve Ever ReceivedCreativity is an energy that is a natural part of being human, but you’re freezing yourself out of that creativity when you attempt to be perfect.Best Partnership ResourceUnstoppable Woman - Emily Pereira (Ebook)Interview Links -Her websiteInstagram


27 Feb 2019