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How to Avoid Spending More for Fewer Leads with Ronan Leonard

The Comeback Game

Most entrepreneurs fall to the idea of spending more on resources to get more leads. While the goal is to reach more people, throwing a bunch of content to every platform is useless when you don’t understand your market’s needs. Sticking to a single approach that resonates with only a few prospects can also lead to wasted money. In this week’s podcast episode, Ronan Leonard discusses efficient ways to target more leads without breaking the bank. He also offers some helpful tactics to measure results and the importance of interacting with the right customers. Tune in to this episode to help you get a high lead conversion rate for your business! About the Guest: Ronan Leonard is a community builder and the co-founder of a disruptive management consulting company that helps organizations get a three to seven times increase in engagement by identifying the unmet needs of their customers. Ronan has also started, scaled, and exited national events business, mentored start-ups, and become a leading expert in facilitating and teaching Napoleon Hill’s Mastermind philosophy. Resources: Visit the Comeback Game website (https://thegamechangers.global/the-comeback-game/) Join us on our Facebook Group -  Game Changing Entrepreneurs Visit Ronan’s website (https://www.trnsform.io/) Books mentioned in the episode: The Path to Freedom by Barry Williame Magliarditi (https://www.pathtofreedom.com.au/free-book-1) The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson (https://markmanson.net/books/subtle-art) You can also connect with us on Linkedin. Tune in and subscribe to The Comeback Game on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts. Thank you for tuning in!


3 Aug 2021

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Transforming your values & beliefs into KPI's - Ronan Leonard

Reimagining Healthcare

Ronan Leonard is the Founder of Eccountability, a mastermind mentoring, coaching & support programs helping entrepreneurs & founders of healthcare and healthtech organizations discover and align themselves, their business needs, and their world views around meaning and purpose. Ronan and Yianni discuss why values, ethos, and vision are the keys to forming an essential relationship with customers and team members. This episode gives a great overview of how innovative management consultancy, combined with AI, can help reimagine businesses and transform customers into advocates while adding a ton of value in the process. Key takeaways: There are pivotal moments where you bump up against a belief ... usually a limiting belief. Our beliefs define our results. Ronan works with organisations to figure out where the limiting beliefs and gaps are, and then helps the organization create the processes to get the results they want. Businesses, on their most fundamental levels, are getting a collection of people internally to solve a problem that someone has and are willing to pay for. The closer you align all those people together under one value, ethos or vision, the more the people work hard, exceed expectations, and believe in the company. To stay in business you have to have built up trust with your employees and your customers. The second you erode that trust, it's easy for customers to leave and for your best employees to quit. It's difficult to stay relevant to your market, especially for bigger companies who are generally slower to change. The more you can stay relevant to your customers, the more likely you are to have a great organisation. If you're just the cheapest price, it's a race to the bottom. You have to be really good at whatever you're doing because there's always some who will do a worse job at a cheaper price. The more you create a connectedness with your customers, the more you create value within an organisation. Resources and links: https://eccountability.io/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/ronan-leonard/ Connect: Listen to other episodes of Reimagining Healthcare Connect with Yianni Serpanos on LinkedIn Follow HealthTechX on LinkedIn Follow HealthTechX on Instagram Follow HealthTechX on Meetup See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


17 Aug 2020

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Shared Values and Creating Alignment Beyond Dollars with Ronan Leonard

The 10 Degree Shift

Ronan Leonard is an anti-careerist. He doesn't like settling for a job that compromises his values. From his story of working on a cruise ship that sank to his current reality as a leadership and education expert, Ronan has seen leadership done right and poorly. In this interview we delve into Ronan's work as a consultant where he focuses on proving how to increase engagement within businesses will drive greater accountability, trust, and growth. Connect and follow Ronan at https://www.linkedin.com/in/ronan-leonard/


27 Jul 2020

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The Power of Masterminds | Ronan Leonard | Episode 119

Peak Performance Leadership (Formerly Moving Forward Leadership)

Napoleon Hill wrote about the power of masterminds in his famous book “Think and Grow Rich.” The idea of a few people coming together to discuss their problems and find solutions has proven to be a power force. Yet so many leaders do not seek to utilize this incredible resource which leaves so much potential untapped. Ronan’s Return On Intellect™ framework shows business owners exactly how to package up and sell the most valuable part of their knowledge. Creating a whole new revenue stream. Ronan has helped 100’s of business owners increase profit and freedom by creating one-to-many programs known as Mastermind groups. Plus the additional hidden benefits of increasing both authority and impact, because they are serving groups of people. Topics During this interview, Ronan and I discuss the following topics: What a sinking ship taught him about leadershipWhat Masterminds areWhy leaders should join a mastermindHow to establish a mastermind What to look for if you are interested in joining a mastermind Guest Resources If you are interested in learning more about Ronan and his resources be sure to check out the following links: Trnsform.io websiteRonan’s websiteConnect with Ronan on LinkedInFollow Ronan on Twitter Moving Forward Leadership Resources Keep on top of Moving Forward Leadership with all the resources which I have established for you: POWER Goals Program – If you are ready to stop complaining and start achieving those goals which you have been trying to achieve for some time now. Then stop chasing your dreams and start achieving them through my very own POWER Goals program. Learn about picking the right goals, figuring out how to achieve them, getting on track with achieving them and most importantly how to get back on track when you fail… because you will. Learn more here! Moving Forward Leadership Resources – Check out the Moving Forward Leadership Resources section where I list every single resource mentioned on the show. As well, there are books which I have read, written or read personally and finally various types of services which I use and recommend. The 9 Foundations of Leadership – I’ve written this ebook for you all to get a base of your leadership skills. With this book, you will be able to begin to form your leadership style. For a small fee, you can get your journey started and get ahead of your peers! Just follow the link in the title, and your copy awaits you! Facebook Page – Check out updates from Moving Forward Leadership, as well when links and videos. Facebook Group – Come and let’s discuss leadership. I will swing by and answer any questions you have as well as provide advice and guidance for your situations. Twitter – Definitely subscribe here to find out when new episodes go live, or if I have a random idea to share with the world. Monthly Newsletter – Sign up for my newsletter and see what is happening in the background with me, read the most interesting articles in leadership, as well as get inside information from time-to-time on what I have upcoming! Email – Don’t hesitate to reach out to me with ideas, suggestions, comments or questions. I truly love hearing from you all! Where to Subscribe to Moving Forward Leadership Love the Moving Forward Leadership Podcast?  Then subscribe to your favourite device and app! As well, please leave me a review! These reviews mean more to me than you could ever imagine.


18 Jun 2020

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183: How to Leverage Your Business with Masterminds: Ronan Leonard

STaR Coach Show

Today’s show covers a topic relevant to all aspects of coaching. If you’ve wondered about expanding into mastermind groups, or thought about how that would work for your coaching business, then this is a show you can’t miss.Ronan Leonard co-founded Trnsform to solve the biggest problem in business, which is how to increase trust. He has pivoted to focus on mid-sized businesses, helping identify underperforming strategies or new growth ideas. He’ll share tips on leveraging your business through different services we offer. We’ll discuss the benefits of mastermind groups, in which you transition from one-on-one coaching to coaching larger groups of people. Ronan brings much knowledge and creativity to our conversation, so join us to learn more.Show Highlights:●    How Ronan became interested in masterminds after “stumbling around” in various professions●    How mastermind groups became Ronan’s sweet spot●    What a mastermind group is●    The most powerful aspect of a mastermind group●    How a mastermind differs from a course●    Important things to consider about a mastermind group●    Why it’s OK to have specific expectations of your mastermind●    How the accountability factor shows up in a mastermind●    The necessary mindset for a successful mastermind●    Why relationship building is the key●    Working on a mastermind group as part of our coaching service offerings●    What it means to leverage your business●    How we can get creative with our intellectual propertyResources:LinkedIn: Ronan LeonardWebsites:Ronan’s company websitecalendly.com/eccountability/return-on-intellect-discovery-call (Book a FREE strategy session)Twitter: Eccountability 


6 May 2020

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The Magic of the Mastermind with Ronan Leonard

The GEBJohnson Podcast

If you’ve ever suffered from imposter syndrome when it was time to make a career change, you need to listen to this episode. Our guest, Ronan Leonard is a leadership coach and consultant who has pivoted many times, but now has found his sweet spot helping entrepreneurs make more profit, not just revenue. Ronan explains why he believes growth is never linear and why you could be closer than you think to stepping into the career of your dreams. What does it take? Nurturing a growth mentality and the willingness to see an investment in relationships as capital.  Ronan’s expertise lies in helping you develop a mastermind that becomes a game-changer for your audience. We live in a world saturated with information and a mastermind helps narrow the focus and provides the much-needed context around a given topic. Ronan explains the difference between outcome and time based mastermind groups. We discuss the many ways to structure a mastermind but also why they provide accountability, perspective, and a means to help people get “unstuck” faster.  In this episode you’ll learn: Why we can never be reduced to a resume How hosting a mastermind group could boost your authority Why it’s up to you to take the next step in your career How to Connect with Ronan:  Website  Twitter LinkedIn


27 Apr 2020

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A Conversation with Ronan Leonard about Aspergers

Living With Asperger's Podcast

In my first episode I speak to Ronan Leonard from 'This Is Cork' about having Asperger's and what it means to have it.  


28 Mar 2020

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E312 - Ronan Leonard - How to launch your own Mastermind program

Hacks & Hobbies

In this episode, I get to speak with Ronan Leonard, he's a specialist in creating mastermind programs. Most self-employed professionals struggle to build their expertise and to sustain nimble revenue and have the impact their skills warrant. And what's really amazing about speaking with Ronan being as a specialist in creating mastermind programs. I've had this thought of creating my own mastermind program, or at least have a mastermind group called about three months ago and it's just been that it thought and I've contacted a few people like, Hey, how about this? I'm trying to start this, you know, business. I'm trying to start this video production company and star try this podcast. And I'm sure there are other people that are in the same boat.  Enjoy the episode! Our Guest Ronan Leonard LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/ronan-leonard Website: eccountability.io Twitter: Eccountability Hacks to take away How we can help other people that are that have those questions that we can answer as many as possible and, and give them some guidance. Most people don't know about financial responsibilities. How I got there very circuitous route around the world to find I get to where I'm much more aligned to my purpose. It's cheaper to be on cruise ships than to be in a retirement home. Believe that every experience that you have, you know, has a part in making the person who you are. Self-awareness is one of the greatest skills you need to have a small business owner. All of those things. That's where the really great businessmen and entrepreneurs come in because they know that they can't figure it all out themselves so they get the help that they need. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/hacksandhobbies/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/hacksandhobbies/support


19 Mar 2020

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Mastermind Groups for Business Growth w/ Ronan Leonard

Best Morning Routine, Ever!

Do you need to find the quickest, cheapest way to get the answers and advice you need? Find the freedom to work on your next great idea or growth strategy? Well, my friends so do i- That is why I had to bring on the next guess to show you and myself how the tool necessary to level-up. Ronan is the founder of Eccountability—a platform design to pair you with a mastermind group. Now, you have heard me talk about the importance of minding who is in your circle because if the people in your circle don’t inspire you then you are in a cage. Well, Ronan as an expert in is going to delve into this with us today. Today we discussed: 1. The importance of mastermind groups and 2. How one can get into one ---of course his 3. Your robust morning routine at the end Connect with Him Website: https://www.eccountability.io/welcome/


20 Feb 2020

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Content Marketing and Alignment for a Successful Business in the New Decade with Ronan Leonard

The Comeback Game

Content marketing has been a buzz word in recent times. But it’s a cliche for a reason. Content strategy can literally make your business relevant or not in the next decade to come. This Sunday, our podcast guest will dive deep with us on customer engagement pond and organic marketing and strategies that can build your clientele’s  “know-like-trust” factor. Ronan Leonard helps self-employed professionals who want to leverage their expertise, identify and then package up the most valuable part of their knowledge to create a whole new revenue stream. So buckle up and enjoy the ride! In this episode, you will learn: - How we grew The Comeback Game podcast to over 1.5 million downloads - Specific strategies to grow your business and your community - How to attract raving fans of your business through a solid content marketing


15 Feb 2020