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Did you know, over 33,000 Jews were murdered 80 yrs ago, within two days at Babi Yar, Ukraine? Alex Ryvchin (English)

SBS Hebrew - אס בי אס בעברית

 Alex Ryvchin spoke to Nitza Lowenstein to mark 80 years since the terrible massacre at Babi Yar, near Kiev Ukraine during WW2.Ryvchin is the Co-CEO of the Executive Council of Australian JewryOver just two days in 1941 more than 33,000 Jews were shot to death at Babi Yar.Alex Ryvchin grandparents’ home was nearby.Eighty year on, he will discuss his personal connection to the massacre and his reflections on its anniversary.Just to remind you that in 2014 a monument was erected in Waverley park, Bondi to the victims of Babi Yar. It was unveiled by former PM Malcolm Turnbull.


7 Oct 2021

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Interview with Alex Ryvchin

Talking Freely

Alex Ryvchin is an Australian author, advocate, media commentator and lawyer. He is currently the co-CEO of the Executive Council of Australian Jewry, and is the author of several books including the recent work Zionism: The Concise History.


17 Aug 2021

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Alex Ryvchin, Writer & Jewish Leader


From Zionist pioneer, Leon Pinsker, to the Father of Modern Zionism, Theodor Herzl, to the first President of Israel, Chaim Weizmann, the story of Zionism has been filled with controversy, misunderstanding, and astonishing feats. Author of Zionism: The Concise History, Alex Ryvchin sits down with host, Steven Shalowitz, to tell the story of Zionism and the impact it has on modern Jewish identity and to war and peace in the Middle East. 

1hr 9mins

15 Oct 2020

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A New Day Will Come, But A Pretty Special One Is Right Here I Alex Ryvchin

Kiddipedia Podcast

The art of storytelling has been around since time began. 
 As long as there have been people, there have been stories handed down from generation to generation as far back as Ancient Egyptian civilisations and even here in Australia with Aboriginal Art CAVE paintings that date back thousands of years. 
 Stories are part of every culture around the globe. 
 Without knowing it, we are surrounded by stories each and every day - that being through songs on the radio, movies, tv, podcasts... 
 When you think about it, a storyteller holds the key that connects straight to our emotions with the power to make an imprint on our hearts and minds. They have the ability to capture our imagination and transport us to another place, and what a gift that really is. 
 Today we are welcome a wonderful storyteller, Alex Ryvchin: a writer, public speaker and advocate. Alex writes for leading publications and speaks around the world on issues relating to foreign and national affairs, Religious conflict and is a regular commentator on TV and radio. He worked for a member of the state legislator as a researcher and speechwriter before practising law at 2 of the world’s largest law first in Sydney and then in London. He is the author of two books and now the children’s book 'A New Day'. 
 We ask Alex questions including: 
 Telling stories is a large part of what makes us as human beings connect to each other. What are your thoughts on this? 
 The power of storytelling, it’s far more than just reading words of a story out loud. An author has the ability to provide us with a lens for us to look through to see and feel what they want us to. It’s a pretty powerful thing don’t you think? 
 Why do you think storytelling is such an important part of our daily lives? In the past, you’ve written other novels on the topics of history and politics. How did you connect the two and come to write a children's book? 
 Can you tell us a little about the book, A New Day, what inspired you to write it? 
 The book to bring comfort, happiness and strength to families, why do you think that is so important at the moment? 
 What lessons do you hope children learn from the book? 
 What do you think children will remember from the COVID-19 era? 
 In the last few months, we have seen a massive shift across the world. We have seen our lives completely change. What message do you feel compelled to share with parents that can help them see with a positive perspective and not only that that but will assist them to thrive? 
 What change do you want to see in the world? 
 For Alex's full article please go to: 
 https://kiddipedia.com.au/a-new-day-will-come-but-a-pretty-special-one-is-right-here/ To purchase a copy of A New Day go to: https://www.alexryvchin.com/a-new-day https://www.bookdepository.com/New-Day-Alex-R…/9780646817149 A percentage of all proceeds from Australian sales will be donated to The Smith Family and to other charities helping vulnerable families for sales in other markets.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


1 Jun 2020

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Editor, "The Anti-Israel Agenda" - Alex Ryvchin


This week on IsraelCast, Steven is joined on the line by Alex Ryvchin from his home in Sydney, Australia. A lawyer by trade, Alex was born in Kiev in the former Soviet Union. As refusniks, he moved to Australia with his family in 1987. Alex is now the Director of Public Affairs for the Executive Council of Australian Jewry. He’s also a member of the Jewish Diplomatic Corps. His writings on the Arab-Israeli conflict and foreign affairs are featured in leading publications. Alex is the Editor of the recently released book: The Anti-Israel Agenda: Inside the Political War on the Jewish State published by Green Publishing House. In the conversation, Alex highlights how institutions of great influence -- including the United Nations, the campus, and the media -- are being turned against Israel to isolate and cripple the Jewish state.


13 Sep 2017

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Episode 39: Featuring Nachum Segal's interviews with Rabbi Meni Even-Israel, producer Daniel Finkelman on the film "Menashe" and author Alex Ryvchin

JM Rewind

15 Aug 2017

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Nachum Segal and Author Alex Ryvchin on "The Anti-Israel Agenda - Inside the Political War on the Jewish State"

JM in the AM Interviews

7 Aug 2017

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08.07.2017: Guest: Author Alex Ryvchin

JM in the AM

7 Aug 2017