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18 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Peter Barnes. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Peter Barnes, often where they are interviewed.

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18 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Peter Barnes. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Peter Barnes, often where they are interviewed.

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Peter Barnes On Grace, Covid & The Future of Church

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Today’s episode is the first ever interview on the Grace Revolution. Peter Barnes is an apostle and trailblazer of the grace message in South Africa. In 2014, a church was planted out of his ministry, called New Direction Grace Church where 14 Churches closed down and came together as one Church under grace.

Peter joins Vernel for an exciting and eye-opening conversation regarding:

  • The difference between PURE grace teaching & mixture. 
  • The dangers of trying to live under both covenants instead of only the new covenant. 
  • What changes have Covid created for the Church?
  • Tithing - Should we do it under grace?

Apostle Peter Barnes has a school to help establish you in the revelation of grace. Visit it here:www.GraceOnlineSchool.com

  GOT QUESTIONS? If you have any questions from today’s show, please let me know and I will answer them on a future episode. Just email us at TheGraceRevolutionPodcast@gmail.com    VERNEL SAMUEL

Vernel Samuel is a husband, father, author & senior leader of Hungry 4 God Church in Brooklyn NY. Visit the website to learn more about H4G Church www.H4Gchurch.com and subscribe to their YouTube channel for a weekly Worship Experience here: https://www.youtube.com/c/H4GChurchTV



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Oct 07 2020 · 1hr 2mins
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'School at home' vs. home-schooling. An observer's perspective, from learning innovator Peter Barnes.

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Peter Barnes is a learning innovator who has helped countless students with software-based approaches to learning difficulties. He's also a grandparent and had the chance to observe how the sudden change to schooling caused by COVID-19 has impacted the experiences of his grandchildren. What have we gained, lost and learned during this time? Peter provides a unique perspective.
Sep 27 2020 · 20mins

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Special Guests: Rodney Marsh & Peter Barnes, Was Pep To Blame for Lyon Defeat? & What Happens Next?

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Ian Cheeseman asks former Manchester City players Rodney Marsh & Peter Barnes to assess what went wrong against Lyon in the Champions League. They also discuss the future of Pep Guardiola, what nneds to happen if City are to have a better season next time around.
Forever Blue podcast regulars Harlan, Amy & Louisa also give their views.
Thanks to charleslouis.co.uk for their support
Aug 16 2020 · 1hr 1min
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37 – Peter Barnes | Photographer, Musician

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Peter Barnes is a touring music photographer based in Nebraska as well as lead guitarist for the post-hardcore band Been Better.
Apr 12 2020 · 50mins

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2 - Peter Barnes

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We talk to Peter Barnes, former president of Working Assets and author of "With Liberty and Dividends for All."
Aug 15 2019 · 1hr 1min
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101. Peter Barnes | Kamp Solutions

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Peter Barnes welcomes Jurriaan Kamp at his home in Point Reyes, CA to discuss Barnes’ perspective that we need to fix the flaws of capitalism to reverse global warming.

Aug 05 2019 · 27mins
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Learning innovator, Peter Barnes, on the evolution of educational neuroscience technology

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Peter Barnes is an ex-banker turned learning innovator, based in Sydney. About 20 years ago he decided to leave the banking world and explore the emerging field of educational neuroscience. It saw him navigate turbulent times when it came to delivering educational neuroscience software. But times have changed. The computers and science are both better, and making significant differences to the lives of students with learning difficulties. It’s a good example of how the struggle with technology sometimes really is worth it. I caught up with Peter in his home office, over a cup of tea at the kitchen table.
For more information on educational neuroscience, visit http://www.learnfasthq.com
This podcast is brought to you by Sentral. For more information on proved web-based school management solutions, visit http://www.sentral.com.au
Jun 09 2019 · 25mins
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Peter Barnes - Flunking Engineering School for Photography

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Peter Barnes is an incredibly talented photographer and videographer on tour with Zach's band Earth Groans. Zach and Peter talk about everything from the smelliness of tour life to the in's and out's of wedding photography and entrepreneurship. 

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May 01 2019 · 1hr 8mins
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Episode 63: Interview with Peter Barnes, author of Capitalism 3.0

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Peter Barnes is an innovative thinker and entrepreneur whose work has focused on fixing the deepest flaws of capitalism. He has written numerous books and articles, co-founded several socially responsible businesses, and started a retreat for progressive writers. His most recent books are With Liberty and Dividends for All and Capitalism 3.0: A Guide to Reclaiming the Commons. Peter lives in northern California with his wife, dogs and vegetable garden. In this wide-ranging and compelling interview, Peter discusses his work over recent decades, exploring the workings and evolution of capitalism, and looks to the future. Peter believes that capitalism started as a highly effective solution to the problems of scarcity, but has become the central problem of our day, highlighting how it has driven the environmental crises we are now facing. Peter emphasizes the importance of managing the commons, a central concern in his recent work, as well as the role of property rights, and identifies a number of innovative ideas which he believes will make capitalism work better at the same time as deal with the environmental crises we are now facing.

The post Episode 63: Interview with Peter Barnes, author of Capitalism 3.0 appeared first on The Sustainability Agenda.

Feb 07 2019 · 50mins
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Episode 5 Professor Peter Barnes, FRS - Respiratory researcher.

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Professor Peter Barnes is a rockstar in the world of respiratory research. In this episode Professor Barnes shares some insights into managing respiratory disease.
Dec 20 2017 · 24mins