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A Little Bit of Everything with Fabian Nicieza at New York Comic Con 2021

The Marvelists

This week on The Marvelists, we present some of the audio we recorded at New York Comic Con 2021! On this episode, we are joined with one of Deadpool’s dads and author, Fabian Nicieza. This off the cuff conversation covers all sorts of topic including the return to major conventions in a mid-COVID world, comics, and dealing with obnoxious fanboys.Be sure to check out Fabian’s book “Suburban Dicks” available now!Follow The Marvelists on social media: Facebook/Twitter/Instagram: @TheMarvelistsSubscribe to The Marvelists on YouTube:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGe72jbm8J5IXsINZvrJAhg Support the show on Patreon: http://www.Patreon.com/themarvelistsBuy our t-shirt:http://www.belowthecollar.com/themarvelists


23 Oct 2021

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Fabian Nicieza: Suburban Dicks, Deadpool, and Aliens

Nerd On! The Podcast

What do you get when a Marvel writer and editor writes a novel and talks about their favorite movie? NOT X-MEN ORIGINS! Today, the Nerds are joined by Fabian Nicieza to discuss his novel SUBURBAN DICKS. We talk about his career at marvel and the origins of the book, and then we discuss ALIENS and how he watched it in theaters. Find out what this author has to say on creativity on this episode of NERD ON! Get 20% OFF @manscaped + Free Shipping with promo code NERDON at MANSCAPED.com! Be sure to subscribe and follow the show for all future posts... Twitter - @nerdontv Facebook - @nerdontv Instagram - @nerdontv and on iTunes and YouTube BIG thank you to our wonderful partners! Check them out HERE Join The Nerd On! Nation powered by Patreon today to get exclusive content and much more! Donate to the show HERE via PayPal. Every little bit helps. Learn more about Nerd On! HERE

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19 Aug 2021

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All About Suburban Dicks with Fabian Nicieza

Undercover Capes Podcast Network

The Machine is back with another Outside the Panels (the Original at that!); this time around there are no panels at all as he talks with Deadpool creator Fabian Nicieza about his new prose book Suburban Dicks. This is a hot of the press interview as the book is OUT NOW! Its all going on, Outside the Panels! Follow Fabian on Twitter at @FabianNicieza and visit his website at fabiannicieza.com Thanks for watching! Make sure to Like/Share/Subscribe if you haven’t yet.https://www.youtube.com/c/comiccrusadersworld Download the Comic Crusaders Android App Today (iOS Coming soon) Follow: Host: Johnny “The Machine” Hughes – @johnnyhuges70 Main Site: https://www.comiccrusaders.com/​​​​ Sister Sites: https://www.undercovercapes.com​​​​ http://www.geekerymagazine.com​​​​ http://www.splinteredpress.com Streamyard is the platform of choice used by Comic Crusaders and The Undercover Capes Podcast Network to stream! Check out their premium plans for this amazing and versatile tool, sign up now: https://bit.ly/ComicCrusadersStreamyard Make sure to pick up your official CC/UCPN merchandise exclusively on RedBubble.com – bit.ly/UCPNMerch


22 Jun 2021

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The Novelist talks with The Marvelists - Fabian Nicieza discusses his new novel, Suburban Dicks

The Marvelists

This week on The Marvelists, we are joined with one-half of Deadpool's co-creators, Fabian Nicieza as we discuss his first foray in the literary world, "Suburban Dicks!" Fabian discusses the differences between writing a novel versus writing comics, the process behind the book, as well as much, much more.Find The Marvelists on social media:http://Facebook.com/TheMarvelists http://Twitter.com/TheMarvelists http://Instagram.com/TheMarvelistsSupport The Marvelists on Patreon and get exclusive and early content!http://Patreon.com/TheMarvelistsBuy a t-shirt!http://belowthecollar.com/TheMarvelists


20 Jun 2021

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Fabian Nicieza on his New Novel, Deadpool Marvel DC and More

Word Balloon Comics Podcast

Suburban Dicks is Fabian's new novel out June 22nd

1hr 37mins

14 Jun 2021

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Creannotators #45: “X-Men Legends” & “Juggernaut” Interview With Author Fabian Nicieza!

Best Comics Ever

This week on Creannotators, I talk with Fabian Nicieza about his recent X-Men books X-Men Legends and Juggernaut, as well as his long and varied career in comics, plus his upcoming novel, Suburban Dicks! On Comic Book Herald’s ‘Creannotators’ I’ll be interviewing some of my favorite creators in comics about specific runs, graphic novels or series, looking for their insights on the inspirations behind the work and ideas or hidden material readers may have missed. Creannotators is an audio annotative guide to enjoying the intricacies and thinking in the art. Thanks for listening, and enjoy the comics! Juggernaut is: Creator: Fabian Nicieza Artist: Ron Garney Colors: Matt Milla Publisher: Marvel Comics ——————————————————————————————————- Music for Best Comics Ever by Anthony Weis. Check out more music at anthonyweis.com. Subscribe on iTunes To learn how you can support Best Comics Ever and receive more exclusive content from Comic Book Herald, check out the Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/comicbookherald For the Comic Book Herald reading club through every year of Marvel Comics, check out mymarvelousyear.com The post Creannotators #45: “X-Men Legends” & “Juggernaut” Interview With Author Fabian Nicieza! appeared first on Comic Book Herald.

1hr 12mins

27 Apr 2021

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Juggernaut, Suburban Dicks, X-Men Legends & More with Fabian Nicieza

The Comic Source Podcast

Jace is joined by the legendary Fabian Nicieza to talk about the recent Juggernaut series that we loved and they also chat about Fabian's return to the 90's to tell the unfinished tale of Adam-X. Plus, Fabian's debut novel is dropping in June of 2021 and there is plenty of talk about the process and differences of writing prose versus comics. So much good information in this one and we hope you enjoy it as much as Jace enjoyed catching up with Fabian. 

1hr 7mins

9 Mar 2021

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Episode 026: Adam Neramani (feat. Fabian Nicieza)


In Episode 26 of CEREBRO, Connor and 90s X-Men scribe Fabian Nicieza get their blood burning with Adam X, the X-Treme! A curiosity of the X-Men franchise, Adam Neramani was intended to be the long-lost brother of Cyclops and Havok, but wound up lost in comics limbo after Nicieza's departure from Marvel. Now, 25 years later, that story will be told in the pages of the anthology series X-Men Legends. The CEREBRO character file on Adam X begins at 54:41. (Content Advisory: Adam's story includes brainwashing. This episode discusses plot points involving rape and enslavement.) Advertising Inquiries: https://redcircle.com/brands

1hr 51mins

3 Mar 2021

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004- Vs Fabian Nicieza

Hypothetical Island Podcast

This week on the podcast Reilly and George are joined by special guest Fabian Nicieza. You might think a creator of his calibre would be exempted from the usual silliness regarding hypothetical Islands and doomed-if-you-do situations, but you'd be wrong. Dead wrong.

1hr 25mins

2 Mar 2021

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Ep 42: X-Men 100 - with special guest Fabian Nicieza!

X-Reads: An X-Men Experience

Writer Fabian Nicieza (X-Men, X-Force, Deadpool) joins us to x-read the milestone issue X-Men 100 to pay tribute to Dave Cockrum and Chris Claremont as the Phoenix Saga kicks off. Plus, Fabian gives us exclusive info about 'X-Men Legends', what to expect with his new novel 'Suburban Dicks', and his confession of loving 'General Hospital'.

1hr 24mins

20 Jan 2021