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7 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Donovan Woods. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Donovan Woods, often where they are interviewed.

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7 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Donovan Woods. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Donovan Woods, often where they are interviewed.

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Episode #129: Donovan Woods

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This week's a shorter interview with Donovan Woods about his new material and what's up next!

Aug 25 2020 · 12mins
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42. Music – Donovan Woods

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Interview and Listening Party – We talk about storytelling, songwriting, and about the joy of creating. And we also talk about how the sound of a voice attracts us.

Jun 27 2019 · 42mins

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Donovan Woods

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Behind the music, songwriting, and willing to fail with Canadian songwriter Donovan Woods. Born and raised in Canada, Donovan was pretty hip to the folk and bluegrass scene. Sighting Emmylou Harris, Fred Eaglesmith, and even east coast rap as inspirations. He knew songwriting was going to be his thing. So with the advice of his sister to pick up girls, he would need to learn the guitar.  Years of honing the songwriting craft and uploading music to Myspace, Donovan was noticed by an indie movies' producers and actors to use his song for the film. Then sometime in the mix, another song was picked up for a national ad. From there it has taken time and dedication to the craft and his music. Woods is known in his songwriting to talk about the feelings that nobody really wants to talk about or even the feelings we don't even notice.  Since flying to Nashville for songwriting sessions, he soon had Tim McGraw cutting "Portland, Maine", Charles Kelley "Leaving Nashville", Billy Currington "Sweet Love", Charlie Worsham "The Beginning of Things", just to name a few.  Woods is also one to not shy away from hot topics and even stating country music was never a genre to follow the status quo. Donovan is on tour and he has a new record out. Be sure to go to  for tour dates and stream Both Ways on your favorite music platform. Then give him a follow @donovanwoods.

Oct 02 2018 · 1hr 15mins
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105: Donovan Woods

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"If you're not sad you're not paying very much attention."

Donovan Woods has a talent for writing songs that feel like “real life”: Funny and sad at the same time, plain spoken and poetic in the same breath, nostalgic and hopeful at once. As he says, "Two opposing ideas can be true at the same time." 

So it’s no surprise that he named his latest album Both Ways.

He says that when he thinks about it, there’s just “so much sadness”. He says that he loves to watch an audience turn to mush, to make them feel comfortable and then slowly deliver the tragic sense of life. He says he does it by using “tricks of language” that feel familiar and colloquial. He says he developed his confessional style of songwriting, which is generally considered to be country or folk, by listening to hip hop as a kid growing up in Sarnia, Ontario.

There’s a lot about Donovan Woods that makes him an outsider to the Nashville singer songwriter circles in which he often travels, but there’s plenty that puts him right at home there. Particularly, a devotion to highly personal, narrative writing.

Despite all the tragedy, I think he’s also one of the funniest writers around. Listening to his music, one is constantly toggling between tears of laughter and tears of sadness. At least I am. And talking to Donovan Woods is similar. He’s very a pleasant guy, easy going, down to earth and funny. Sad funny, sure. Bitter funny. Excruciating funny. But funny all the same. 

Although his songs are custom made to be performed by him (“people say I sound like I’m singing right in their ear”) they have also been recorded by stars like Tim McGraw and Charles Kelley (of Lady Antebellum).

Donovan came to the Third Story headquarters recently during a run of shows and promotion for his new album. Here he talks about writing songs that feel like real life, the big scam of success (“by the time you get the thing you always wanted, you feel like you deserve it”), how to make it in Nashville, and why Wisconsin is the state most like Canada.

This episode features an introduction by me in conversation with my wife, Amanda.

Thanks for listening. If you enjoy it, please leave a review on iTunes and consider supporting the podcast on Patreon!

May 31 2018 · 1hr 9mins

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Show No. 44: The Music of Donovan Woods and Tales of Walkerville with Elaine Weeks

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On today’s show – we celebrate the music of Donovan Woods! And in the spirit of both Halloween and storytelling, later in the show, we dabble into tales of Walkerville and the history of our border city, Windsor, Ontario with Elaine Weeks from Walkerville Publishing. Join us as she sets the tone for her new novel, Time Trespasser.

It’s life, music, talk – all grown up – you’re listening to the Nancy Duffy Show –Click on the show link above to listen now!
Oct 19 2016 ·
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CM Radio - Aug. 31,2016 - Donovan Woods, Polaris Prize Founder Steve Jordan

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Donovan Woods, Polaris Prize Founder Steve Jordan
Aug 31 2016 · 46mins
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Pinball Sessions Podcast #3 - Donovan Woods and Rachel Sermanni

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Pinball Sessions are live, off the floor, pressure free recordings by some of Canada and the World's best artists. Recorded in Guelph, ON at the Pinball Studios, full sessions are released twice a week and can be found on http://pinballsessions.com. The Pinball Sessions Podcast offers up some of our favourite tracks as well as session room banter, interviews and other goodies unavailable on the Pinball Sessions website. For a 'behind the scenes' look at the making of a session, quirky questions asked to artists, and one of a kind moments be sure to keep an eye on the Pinball Sessions Podcast. THIS EPISODE: To help prove our whole 'Canada and the World' statement we travel from Toronto to Scotland with two gifted singer-songwriters: Donovan Woods and Rachel Sermanni. Starting with a story from Donovan (only available here on the podcast) we feature his song 'If There Are Horses' which doesn't appear on any of his albums. Following Donovan is the beautiful Rachel Sermanni with her sweet song 'Waltz' from her album 'Under Mountains. Rachel joined us at Pinball Studios in Guelph and treated us to a great session which you can find in it's entirety on the Pinball Sessions site. Both full sessions can be found at http://pinballsessions.com Donovan Woods: http://pinballsessions.com/2013/08/08/donovan-woods/ Rachel Sermanni: http://pinballsessions.com/2013/07/04/rachel-sermanni/ Donovan Woods Online: Web: http://http://www.bestsongwriterever.com/ Twitter: http://twitter.com/DonovanWoods Facebook: http://facebook.com/DonovanWoodsMusic Rachel Sermanni Online: Web: http://www.rachelsermanni.net/ Twitter: http://twitter.com/rachelsermanni Facebook: http://facebook.com/rachelsermanni Fine Pinball Sessions Online: Web: http://pinballsessions.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/PinballSessions/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pinballsessions Instagram: http://instagram.com/pinballsessions/ Google+: https://plus.google.com/109652065469078482120/posts If you enjoy the Pinball Sessions Podcast we appreciate giving us a review and rating on iTunes. Each time you rate and review us, someone gets a free game on a classic pinball machine! iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/podcast/pinball-sessions-podcast/id678367272?mt=2 - Pinball Sessions acknowledges the financial support of the Government of Canada through the Department of Canadian Heritage (Canada Music Fund) and of Canada's Private Radio Broadcasters.
Aug 08 2013 · 12mins