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Episode 73: Iconic Memories From A Task Rabbit Queen with Sharron Paul

Unemployed with Anna Roisman

This week's episode is such a treat! We have the very funny comedian and writer, Sharron Paul (Cheap Date Comedy, Impractical Jokers.) We discuss with Sharron how she's been employed (dare we say "over-employed") throughout the whole pandemic! Also, she got engaged, so she's killing it right now. She's had some awesome gigs and of course we deep dive into her early jobs at day cares, pet sitting, and task rabbit. The stories about her task rabbit days are too funny because we've now learned that people with money will "literally pay for anything." Also, we of course get into our love of 90s bands like N'Sync and The Spice Girls. This episode is one for the books! Check out Sharron on social (@Sharronica) for more laughs. Also, Anna and Ellen discuss Anna's Peloton, naturally, and Ellen's return to an office which is daunting! Make sure you rate and review and HIRE US because it'd mean a lot! (Check out our Patreon too if you dare!)

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22 Jul 2021

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049 X-Men (Guest: Sharron Paul ) 2000

Does This Still Work?

A mutation comes from a change in DNA. This can happen due to exposure to chemicals, radiation or a writer who runs out of ways to give characters super powers. 'Born that way' sure saves time. Anyway, please enjoy our look back at 2000's X-Men. Links https://fair.org/take-action/media-advisories/why-does-tim-russert-associate-with-don-imus-bigotry/ https://apnews.com/article/f67f507b227cbbcebaf0bb737e3b5a28 IMPRACTICAL JOKERS on TruTV HBOMax https://twitter.com/truTVjokers https://www.trutv.com/shows/impractical-jokers National Film Registry Nomination Links  FOR THE COLOR PURPLE FAQ: https://www.loc.gov/programs/national-film-preservation-board/film-registry/frequently-asked-questions/ Link to the form:  https://www.research.net/r/national-film-registry-2017

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25 Nov 2020

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Doug Can't Dig It + Doug Didn't Do It w/ Sharron Paul

"What Kind of Mayo?"

Comedian Brandon Collins (@americancollins) chats with Sharron Paul about this bonkers episode of "Doug" and openly worries about Doug's inability to handle stressful situations. Sharron also shares some stories about growing up in NYC and gives her theory on Patti's ethnical origins! This episode is available on YouTube to view here. 


1 May 2020

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Natalie Freaks Out About Time with Sharron Paul

Awkward Sex And The City with Natalie Wall

This week Natalie has a small freak out, but don't worry it's just about time and we can't change it so whatever, party. Sharron Paul (@sharronica) is the incredible guest this week who talks with Natalie about her current relationship, watching porn on the family computer, and Natalie's engagement surprise!Follow Awkward Sex (@awkwardsexcity)


4 Mar 2020

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Sharron Paul

Independently Waelti

This week we invite Comedian, Actor and Activist Sharron Paul to talk how Wealti can relate to the dunk tank clowns being phased out in America, his first experience going to the laundromat and how she can help fulfill his dreams of getting pegged.

1hr 3mins

9 Sep 2019

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Episode 98 - Sharron Paul

Between Awesome and Disaster with Will Carey

Comedian Sharron Paul is more New York than you.  She talks to Will about growing up in Brooklyn, loving early 2000s Teen Pop music.  Loving comedy before being encouraged to try Stand Up, performing internationally, and what goes into producing one of the best, longest running Stand Up Shows in Brooklyn Cheap Date Comedy. Sharron on Twitter: @Sharronica Support the Podcast: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/MDBxX0iqT Will on Twitter: @ComicWillCarey The Podcast on Twitter: @AwesomeDPod

1hr 4mins

27 Jun 2019

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Ep. 103: Happy Halloween w/ Sharron Paul

Ghosted Stories

This week on Ghosted Stories, Chelsea (@thechelseawhite) and Erin (@erinleafe) chat with comedian Sharron Paul (@Sharronica) about actual ghosts and of course some ghosted stories including her advice on how to confront a ghost. This is our final episode before our indefinite hiatus! Thank you SO MUCH for listening and being part of our ghosted fam! To keep up with our future projects follow us on our personal accounts above! We love you! BOO!

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31 Oct 2018

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Episode 11: Sharron Paul on The Simpsons, Scandal and Quotable TV

I Love TV More Than You

Sharron Paul is a comedian and actress who has been seen in the background of one of her favorite shows, Law and Order: SVU. Join her and Sue as they discuss this week's latest Hollywood sex scandals, the show Scandal, and Halloween themed TV.  Thanks so much for listening, please review and chat back with us @ILuvTVMoreThanU on Twitter or on Facebook.com/ILoveTVMoreThanYou

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18 Oct 2017

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Future, Breezy, Misogyny & Degrassi (with Sharron Paul)

The Shady Lady Podcast

In this very tangent-heavy episode, comedian/actress Sharron Paul joins me again to discuss Chris Brown, Future, R. Kelly, the misogyny in hip-hop culture and Drake's rise from nice guy Jimmy Brooks to rap superstar Drake. Make sure to check out our previous episode on Glamour if you want more Sharron in your life! And keep your ears out for word on her show Cheap Date! Follow Sharron on Twitter: @Sharronica Consider becoming a patron of the show: Patreon.com/jourdainsearles

1hr 5mins

26 Apr 2017

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Episode 46: Sharron Paul

Kid/Life Crisis

Katie and Raquel welcome Sharron Paul, standup comic, actress and cohost of Katie’s other podcast, to tell us about growing up as part of an extended family (including Team Sameface), emergency nannying, thinking with her uterus, cat fights, bologna, and LendingSnatch.com. (music: www.bensound.com)


20 Apr 2017