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EE 31 - Sean Toomey - Co-Founder Team Human

The Entrepreneur Experiment

Everyone has an idea for a product or how they wish they could perfect their favourite one. In this week's episode, I chat with Sean Toomey who spends his days imaging new ideas and reimagining old ones!  In his Tony Stark style workshop, alongside his co-founder Rob, they design, test and build brand new products, right here in Dublin. Sean breaks down exactly what it took to start his own business and how he helps other entrepreneurs create their dreams every day. 

1hr 4mins

16 Oct 2019

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Ep. 9 with Sean Toomey from First Responder Sleep Recovery

Over a Cup

In this special resource episode of Over a Cup, we have guest Sean Toomey. Sean is a Colorado firefighter who runs First Responder Sleep Recovery along with his wife Jacqueline. We received so many questions from our listeners about how to improve their sleep both at work and at home that we felt it was important to dedicate an entire episode to this topic. Sean tells us “interrupted and poor quality sleep is linked in a substantial way to cancer, to metabolic disorders, to cardiovascular disease…you can make the argument that sleep loss is the #1 cause of firefighter mortality.” Sean talks to us about how losing his friend to suicide in 2016 and feeling the personal impact of interrupted sleep lead him to dedicate his time to helping first responders sleep better. He talks to us about how to change our sleep environment, the positive benefit of dreams, how to calm pre-sleep anxiety, and the small improvements we can make at the station to improve sleep.  To learn more about First Responder Sleep Recovery visit https://www.firstrespondersleeprecovery.com/ Learn more about our product sponsor Nyad Inc. by visiting www.Nyad.com


11 Jul 2019

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Jacqueline And Sean Toomey - Episode 94

Behind The Shield

Jacqueline Toomey is a yoga and medidation teacher. Her husband, Sean is a career firefighter in Colorado. Together, they founded the First Responder Sleep Recovery program. We talk about the effects of sleep deprivation, yoga, meditation, living off the grid and much more.

1hr 2mins

8 May 2018