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Aldrich Family 46-09-26 Mary Has Joe Graham Over

The Aldrich Family

The Aldrich Family, a popular radio teenage situation comedy (July 2, 1939-April 19, 1953), was also presented in films, television and comic books. In the radio series' well-remembered weekly opening exchange, awkward teen Henry's mother called, "Hen-reeeeeeeeeeeee! Hen-ree Al-drich!", and he responded with a breaking adolescent voice, "Com-ing, Mother!" ---------------------------------------------------------------------------Sherlock Holmes Radio Station Live 24/7 Click Here to Listenhttps://live365.com/station/Sherlock-Holmes-Classic-Radio--a91441----------------------------------------------------------------------------


22 Aug 2020

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EP: 12 - Joe Graham on God & Its Relationship To Schi-Fi - The Visceral Human Podcast

The Visceral Human Podcast

Joe Graham is a father and a sales expert with a long history of interpreting minds. Joe and I talked about irrational feels that become real because of children and even examined the amazing concept of Gad and how it relates to Sci-Fi adventures.  "It's just the concept of God. My background is Christianity I grew up in the church. Young... but as I got older I actually questioned what I actually believe because if you can't question what you believe is not really a belief. this was someone else's belief."


19 Aug 2020

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Episode 9: Suicide Ft. Joe Graham

You Can't Laugh At That

Comedian Joe Graham joins David and Steve to talk about suicide jokes and how to make the topic funny. We cover joke placement, punching down, intention, how to be ruthless onstage while still being likable, the power of pauses, we ponder the meaning of existence, and more! Featuring bits by Anthony Jeselnik and Drew Michael, we explore what’s funny, what’s not, why, and how to create a fresh and funny angle that proves you can laugh at that. Music: @producedbyzip. Thanks to Golden Ox Studios

1hr 25mins

23 Mar 2020

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10: Using the Enneagram for Work and Life with Meredith TerHaar and Joe Graham

The Amplify Show

If you want to experience growth through self-awareness then you’ve got to get to know the Enneagram. My guests on this episode are Meredith TerHaar, certified Enneagram coach, Enneagram 3, and Operations Manager for our company, and Joe Graham, certified coach and Enneagram 5.  Meredith and Joe give us a quick overview of what the Enneagram is, then dig in to how you can use it to increase success, connection, and understanding in business and in life. The Enneagram isn’t just another personality quiz, it’s a valuable tool for self-knowledge that can help you move the needle in the workplace and at home.  “The Enneagram is this amazing tool that helps us walk down that road of growth.” -Joe Graham Topics discussed with Meredith TerHaar and Joe Graham on this episode of The Amplify Show include: Meredith’s Enneagram journey and how she experienced growth in every area of life [2:40] What learning your Enneagram number can bring up emotionally [4:30] How to find your number [5:30] Overview and basic characteristics of each of the 9 types [8:45] Why knowing your co-workers’ types is so helpful and important [13:30] How the enneagram has entered in to the workplace for Emily and Meredith [14:45] Building a more cohesive team with the Enneagram [17:45] Self-knowledge and improved social interactions [20:00] The Enneagram and marriage [22:30] Varying conflict styles [25:00] What Enneagram coaching is all about [28:00] Favorite resources for learning about the Enneagram [31:00] Connecting with Meredith and Joe [34:00]   Connect with Meredith TerHaar: Website Instagram Facebook   Connect with Joe Graham: Website Instagram   Connect with me: Website Instagram Facebook This episode was first published at emilyrichett.com/episode-10.


12 Dec 2019

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Joe Graham

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