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Ep 2. Staff Sergeant Kevin Nguyen, Amputee, Olympian, Hero

The Infantry Podcast

Buckle in for this one, folks.  This Olympic athlete, world class shooter, and bona fide hero is a member of the vaunted Army Marksmanship Unit here at Fort Benning, GA.  However, we discuss something much more important than our average podcast.  Kevin is an amputee from the knee down on one leg.  This is a candid, in your face discussion bout what that experience was like and how he dealt with it.  To go from flat on his back in Afghanistan, to losing a leg, to being considered one of, if not THE, greatest .22 caliber air rifle shot in the world is a story worth listening to.  An inspiration for others, he is a hero and someone we can all aspire towards.As always, thanks to our friends at the National Infantry Association for sponsoring.  Visit them at www.infantryassn.com and join up.  It isn't expensive and, after all, it is YOUR voice for the issues which matter to you.Also thank to DH Beatz for giving us permission to use their awesome song, "I Left My Home".  Check out their YouTube page DH Beatz. 

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28 Jul 2022

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Episode 270: Kevin Nguyen: The Telephone Game


Kevin Nguyen was a 25 year old from Fort Wayne, IN. He was a college student and avid gamer. In the early morning of Dec. 9, 2018, Kevin got kicked out of a bar after acting strangely and getting into fights with the bouncers allegedly. Kevin was then seen on video walking in the direction of his house. He was never seen again.Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/groups/1634656216833940https://www.facebook.com/AznPursuationCharley Project:https://charleyproject.org/case/kevin-n-nguyenNAMUS:https://www.namus.gov/MissingPersons/Case#/54509?navYouTube Map Analysis:https://youtu.be/X7nox5rwHeUArticle:https://www.wane.com/top-stories/nearly-2-and-a-half-later-missing-fort-wayne-mans-family-still-seeking-answers/If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Kevin Nguyen, please contact the Fort Wayne Police Department at (260) 427-1201.Unfound supports accounts on Pandora, Audible, Podomatic, iTunes, Spotify, iHeart, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Deezer, and YouTube.--speaking of YouTube, on Wednesday nights at 9pm ET, please join us for the Unfound Live Show. All of you can talk with me and I can answer your questions.--Contribute to Unfound at Patreon.com/unfounpodcast.--You can also contribute at Paypal: paypal.me/unfoundpodcast--I also need to give a shout out to all the people who have monetarily contributed usingSuperChat during the Live Show on Wednesday nights.--thank you for watching and thank you for donating.--the email address: unfoundpodcast@gmail.com.--Merchandise:--The books at Amazon.com in both ebook and print form.--do not forget the reviews.--shirts at unfound-podcast.myshopify.com--or you can track down my assistant Heather in the Facebook Group.--playing cards at makeplayingcards.com/sell/unfoundpodcast--the website: the unfoundpodcast.com--And please mention Unfound at all true crime websites and forums. Thank you Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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1 Oct 2021

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Slice & Dice | Kevin Nguyen: The Birth of Modal Games

Draw Your Dice Podcast

In This EpisodeWe get to hang out with Kevin Thien Vu Long Nguyen and chat about Volley Boys!! We get into: how great Kevin is, making connections over what you care about, and so much more.The GameVolley Boys!!Resources & LinksKevin's Itch.ioKevin's Twitter: @Knit_NackKevin's Website Support this show http://supporter.acast.com/dydpodcast. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

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13 Aug 2021

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Episode 19: New Waves by Kevin Nguyen

Left Shelf

To cut straight to the chase: Kevin Nguyen’s book New Waves is good but it could’ve been so much butter. In his debut book, Kevin Nguyen tackles many issues - racism in the workplace, big tech, the grief from the loss of a friend, interracial dating and the difference between the real and virtual lives. While the book takes on a lot of heavy subjects, it seems to just throw them to the wall and never quite connect the dots. In this episode, the hosts talk about all the interesting parts to this novel - the friendship between Lucas and Margo, the tech world and the role of race while complaining (lovingly) about things they wished had been included. You can read New Waves here.Follow the show on:TwitterFacebookEmail - leftshelfpodcast@gmail.comWebsite InstagramYoutube Become a monthly contributor on Patreon: www.patreon.com/leftshelf.Support the show (https://patreon.com/leftshelf)

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27 Jun 2021

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Learn to Make Money Work For You, and the Importance of Real Estate MindMelt Episode #1 Kevin Nguyen

Mind Melt

In this episode I spoke to Kevin Nguyen about his incredible gym transformation story, the importance of self education, achieving financial freedom and so much more. If you enjoyed this podcast or learned something new make sure to tell your friends and share this link on social media. 


1 Jun 2021

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Interview with Tommy Tjiptadjaja and Kevin Nguyen

Resource Global: Upnext with Tommy Lee

In this episode of Resource Global's UpNext we sit down and talk with Tommy Tjiptadjaja of Greenhope and entrepreneur Kevin Nguyen about leading in different contexts. Tommy shares about best practices in leading in a SE Asian context and Kevin shares about his insights leading in a church context and in an entrepreneurial capacity.


29 Apr 2021

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"It's been three whole months since the first episode of PEPTALKS! Mana kelanjutannya?!"   In this second installment of PEPTALKS, hadir seorang Kevin Nguyen, influencer yang (entah mengapa) milih untuk bikin konten yang bersifat edukatif, dan seringkali, kontroversial! Kevin talks about being an anomaly of society, speaking up against injustice, TikTok, the faults of our pseudo-heroes, death threats, open-mindedness, as well as his heart and vision for Indonesia.   Kevin Nguyen (it's pronunced as 'Win/Wen', not ngu-yen), also known as 'xeronav', is an influencer with over 238,000 followers on TikTok. His content includes social and political, as well as theological discussions made easy for the uneducated mind. A few days prior to the upload of this episode, Kevin graduated from university. Congratulations!! special thanks to @liberentals


11 Mar 2021

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Interview with Kevin Nguyen and DJ Chuang

Entrepreneurial Ministry Leader

In this episode of the Entrepreneurial Ministry Leader, we talk with Kevin Nguyen, pastor, entrepreneur, and professor, and DJ Chuang, strategy consultant, podcast host, and author. We talk with them about their journey to their new VR game, working in the marketplace, and how they use their skills to create innovative approaches to impact the Kingdom.


7 Jan 2021

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203 Love+Live+Life Podcast - Kevin Nguyen - Founder of MediaKab and Director of "A Journey to Hope"

Love+Live+Life Podcast

In this episode, I invited Kevin Nguyen; A founder of Mediakab, a creative company based out of Portland Oregon. A director and a creator of A documentary “A journey to Hope”, covering the stories fo multiples families who’ve migrated to the United states.  To submit your story of migration, or to support this documentary, you can visit www.ajourneytohopedocumentary.movie.blog Follow FB/IG @ajourneytohopedocumentary and @mediakab Enjoyed this Episode? I'd love it if you can subscribe and share this with your friends.  If you have a story that you want to share on this podcast, visit www.yukoislovelivelife.com and send me a message.  I see you, I hear you and I love you.  xoxo Y --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app


15 Oct 2020

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Will You Press The Button? (Ft. Kevin Nguyen) [Explicit]

G00n Pod

WELCOME to the first episode of the G00n Pod reb00t. We would like to introduce the first G00n: Kevin Nguyen, also called Minh-Huy. At the beginning of the COVID-19 quarantine, with all the toilet paper hoarding, Minh asked what I would do if I was in a public restroom with absolutely no toilet paper or paper towels. So, naturally, it would be PERFECT for him to come on and discuss questionable decisions with me.  The chosen game is Will You Press The Button? Which can be played by clicking here. Update for those curious: Heather and I are both working on taking care of ourselves and balancing our current happenings in our personal lives. We did talk more about the direction of this show, deciding it will be left to my discretion. I do not feel that I want this to be a personal pursuit, so I have spoken with a small handful of individuals I am close to, who I feel live up to the g00n name. If anyone wishes to contact us, provide feedback, and inform us of anything that we should look back over or approach differently, by all means, message us through our Instagram (@g00npod). Any suggestions and requests for topics to talk about or include in the podcast are welcome as well! :) The website is up: https://bz-ely.wixsite.com/g00n Feel free to roam the site, answer the random poll, look into voting information, and discover the secret links hidden around. I have no clue who's been listening, but to those of you who have been, thank you. Please treat yourselves well -B--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/appSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/g00n/support


20 Aug 2020