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Building A Center Of Excellence For Business Processes And Workflow Automation — We're Way Beyond Process Improvement | A Nintex Story With Josh Waldo And Maggie Malone Swearingen

ITSPmagazine Podcast

When defined and executed well, a Center of Excellence can be more than a model or process to follow; it can set the bar for the organization by which each part can play a role in making things better. It's not automatic—it requires dedication—and customization.When an organization embarks on its journey to transform how they do business both externally with customers and partners and internally with their employees and contractors, many take off down the road without a clear vision for where they're headed nor what's possible. Some get stuck in the ins-and-outs of "process improvement." In contrast, others find themselves grappling with the never-ending task of "automate everything"—often, simply for the sake of "automate everything."As you'll learn from our discussion with our guests Maggie Malone Swearingen from Protiviti and Josh Waldo from Nintex, a Center of Excellence is a state of mind that goes way beyond process improvement and accomplishes way more than automate everything. This might resonate with you in a moment of "of course, that makes total sense," but you'll hear much more from Maggie and Josh than you might expect.Have a listen to learn about what they hear every day from organizations of all sizes looking to make things better for the business by transforming their business processes with a clear view for what it means to be excellent in how things are built, managed, and executed.Enjoy, and automate!(This contains promotional content: learn more)GuestsJosh Waldo, Chief Customer Officer at Nintex (@Nintex on Twitter)Maggie Malone Swearingen, Associate Director at Protiviti ECM Solutions (@protiviti on Twitter)Be sure to visit Nintex at https://itspm.ag/itspntweb to learn more about their offering.Want more automation stories? Dive deeper into the world of sophisticated process automation & why a center of excellence (COE) approach is critical to sustained success. Watch this webinar on-demand here: https://itspm.ag/nintexf1ovExplore more about this topic on ITSPmagazine at https://itspmagazine.com/their-stories/building-a-center-of-excellence-for-business-processes-and-workflow-automation-a-nintex-story-with-josh-waldo-and-maggie-malone-swearingenAre you interested in telling your story?https://www.itspmagazine.com/telling-your-story


18 Mar 2021

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Prioritizing Mental Health, Empowering Women, and the Power of Sports ft. USA Javelin Olympian Maggie Malone

Women on the Mic

In this episode, Kaavya talks with USA Track and Field Olympian Maggie Malone. They dive deep into her sports journey, what it was like growing up, and her time at the University of Nebraska where she found Javelin. She shares advice and reflections on combatting comparing yourself to others and building mental toughness. They touch upon the triggers of social media as well as the importance of maintaining a healthy mindset. Additionally, they build upon the research and experiences of how sports empowers women and why it is important for young girls to get involved. Listen to this EMPOWERING and INSPIRING episode and cheer Maggie on as she trains for the 2021 Olympics!


12 Sep 2020

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Faith n Field Podcast Episode 4 - Maggie Malone

Faith_n_Field Podcast

Today I had the honor of speaking with 2016 Olympic Javelin participant Maggie Malone.  Listen to journey of a small town girl grinding her way to a college scholarship at Texas A&M to winning the Olympic trials and earning her spot on the USA team.  You will hear Maggie talk about her struggles post the 2016 Olympic games and dealing with the reality of the Olympic hangover.  Hear her journey battling real mental health issues and how God redeemed her passion for life, throwing, and faith!

1hr 16mins

8 Sep 2020

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The Cult of Maggie Malone! - Ep. 7 with Dee Fields

The Very Original A&E Poodcast

DK hosts a VERY ORIGINAL audio podcast looking at current arts and entertainment, with a focus that changes each year.This year's focus is movies! Film! CINEMA! New episodes drop once a month.For the very seventh episode, DK interviews the star of The Cult of Maggie Malone, Dee Fields! Dee tells the story of how she landed the role of the titular character in the DIY movie and talks about some of her favorite movies! DK also talks about the decision to open theaters back up, and talks about watching both Chocolate Factory movies on cable television!


29 Aug 2020

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Out on a Limb - Special education! With Maggie Malone and Cam Aungst

Out on a Limb - Adam Michalesko

Out on a Limb - Special education! With Maggie Malone and Cam Aungst  I wanted to switch things up and talk to two teachers with a passion to help others. These two young teachers are involved with special education. Listen to this as their first full year of classes came to a quick halt because of COVID-19.  Thank you to everyone involved with this. Follow them on Instagram!  Maggie Malone https://www.instagram.com/maggiemalone_/  Cam Aungst https://www.instagram.com/camaungst27/  FOR MUSIC! Nate Ceol https://www.instagram.com/nate.ceol/  I just graduated from Penn State University. Just trying to make my mark on this world with positive vibes/ Seeing where this and everything else I do, can go. I have the world in the palm of my hands and you do too! Go run with it!  Whats good and welcome to Out on a Limb. A podcast that is taking the world by storm... Eventually... Make sure to subscribe, like, comment who you want to see on this podcast. Hit the post bell notification for all the latest content. Buy my merch (even though there is none yet). THIS IS A BRAND!  Follow me on social media @adammichalesko   https://instagram.com/adammichalesko?igshid=8us9z7x87tjgfacebook.com/adam.micheleskohttps://twitter.com/AdamMichalesko  @adammichalesko- Instagram, twitter, facebook  My Main YouTube channel  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7Hmo0kNDSI76fHLoPHMdpw?view_as=subscriber   Follow this postcast social media! https://www.instagram.com/out_on_a_limbooal/https://twitter.com/OOALBPhttps://www.facebook.com/OutonaLimbOOALBP/?view_public_for=101267304878448  Out on a Limb tik tok https://vm.tiktok.com/nxP5CB/  Adam Michalesko's Tik tok https://vm.tiktok.com/nxq38e/  Links for the podcast on the go! All streaming platforms and soon Apple Music! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWJ03N-1RZyPMrHarlonp7ghttps://open.spotify.com/show/3695XkEXOgKQS7J9NcAoRGhttps://www.google.com/podcasts?feed=aHR0cHM6Ly9hbmNob3IuZm0vcy8xYTEzOWQ2Yy9wb2RjYXN0L3Jzcw==  https://www.breaker.audio/lssj  https://radiopublic.com/lssj-GAdVLKhttps://pca.st/6pprmu85https://overcast.fm/itunes1508365532/out-on-a-limb

1hr 7mins

28 Aug 2020

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Talk'n Throws with Maggie Malone 2016 Olympian Rio Games, 2016 US Olympic Trials 1st Place, 2016 NCAA Div. 1 National Champion Javelin, American Collegiate Record Holder Javelin

Talk'n Throws- Texas Style

Maggie Malone 2016 Olympian in the Javelin at the Rio Games, 2016 US Olympic Trials 1st Place, 2016 NCAA Div. 1 National Champion Javelin, American Collegiate Record Holder in the Javelin. Maggie talks about her growing up in Nebraska, attending the University of Nebraska, following in her parents footsteps, to begin and develop her javelin career. She took a leap of faith in following God's path that took her to Texas A&M and to one of the greatest javelin coaches.  That led her to the 2016 Olympics.  She currently is training for the 2021 Olympics and has started the USA Javelin Project.Follow Maggie and the USA Javelin Project@maggietheaggie@usajavelinproject@throwing_thewww.thethrowingfactory.comIncrediPAWN- 817-275-2629


21 Jun 2020

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Episode #23--Christine Witulski & Maggie Malone of The Besser Museum for Northeast Michigan

Hot Take From the Kitchen

GREAT episode this week as we sit down with Christine Witulski and Maggie Malone of The Besser Museum of Northeast Michigan, and learn how lucky we are to have such a great museum right here in Northeast Michigan. We learn a little bit about each of them and then talk about the museum and learn a little more about each of them and their journey to the museum. We then get a little education about how difficult it truly is to not only collect items but maintain them and all the behind the scenes work that goes into a museum. We then close it out by Christine doing a Top 5 Things You Might Not Know About Jesse Besser Museum! Brad and I didn't want to leave our listeners hanging so we did a quick Top 5 Favorite Books of all-time! It's a great pod, jam-packed full of stuff, thanks for giving us a listen!

1hr 40mins

29 Aug 2018