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Sean Sherman’s Cranberry Wojape

Cooking Up a Storm with Al Roker

The cranberry sauce debate: chunky and complex, or sliced straight from the can? James Beard Award-winning chef and Oglala Lakota tribe member, Sean Sherman, shows us how to make wojape -- a Lakota word for a traditional sauce made of berries. On this episode, he shares his recipe for Cranberry Wojape. He’ll teach you just how easy it is to make this homemade version that will not only wow your guests, but also celebrate the original food culture of this land.Cranberry WojapeMakes about 1 quart4 cups water8 ounces fresh cranberries2 ounces rosehips, seeded and dried3 fluid ounces maple syrupAdd all ingredients to a pot and bring to a boil, reduce heat and simmer for 15 minutes.Using an immersion blender, blend until smooth, being very careful of hot liquid.Continue to simmer until sauce coats back of spoon or desired consistency.Cool and serve!Recipe by Sean Sherman, Founder of The Sioux ChefFor this recipe and more, go to: https://www.today.com/podcasts/cooking-up-a-storm.


1 Nov 2021

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Reclaiming Native American Cuisine With Sean Sherman

The Dave Chang Show

Dave and Chris talk to The Sioux Chef's Sean Sherman about the heritage of Indigenous American food and reclaiming its place within the modern-day United States culinary landscape.Hosts: Dave Chang and Chris YingGuest: Sean ShermanProducer: Isaac Lee Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

1hr 8mins

10 Jun 2021

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How learning about indigenous foods can open up your worldview (with Sean Sherman)

How to Be a Better Human

What’s your favorite dish — and what culture originated that recipe? Whether you’re thinking about grilled cheese, burritos, curry, pho… (we would go on but we are getting too hungry) trying something delicious opens you up to new experiences and conversations. Sean Sherman, Oglala Lakota, is a chef and food educator who focuses on revitalizing and reclaiming indigenous food systems in a modern culinary context. In today’s episode, he shares how increasing access to indigenous food practices can liberate more than just your taste buds. Sean, also known as The Sioux Chef, uses Native American recipes as well as farming, harvesting, wild food usage, salt and sugar making, food preservation, and land stewardship techniques to feed and educate communities in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul area. His vision of modern indigenous foods have garnered him many accolades, including the 2018 Bush Foundation Fellowship and the 2018 James Beard Award for Best American Cookbook, and a 2019 James Beard Leadership Award. You can follow Sean at https://sioux-chef.com/ To learn more about "How to Be a Better Human," host Chris Duffy, or find footnotes and additional resources, please visit: go.ted.com/betterhuman


7 Jun 2021

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Just Sustainability, Episode 4: Sean Sherman – Reclaiming Indigenous cultures and foodways

Just Sustainability

On this episode we meet Sean Sherman and learn about the impact of settler colonialism, Indigenous foods and foodways, the reclamation of Indigenous cultures and knowledges, and Indigenous education. Sean Sherman is Oglala Lakota and was born in Pine Ridge, SD. He’s a two-time James Beard Award winning chef, author, educator, and activist. He’s also been awarded a First Peoples Fund Fellowship, Bush Foundation Fellowship, and the National Center’s First American Entrepreneurship Award. He describes his work as: “the revitalization and awareness of indigenous foods systems in a modern culinary context,” and is the founder of The Sioux Chef as well as co-founder of North American Traditional Indigenous Food Systems (NATIFS) and the Indigenous Food Lab. Links: https://sioux-chef.com/ https://www.natifs.org/ https://www.natifs.org/indigenous-food-lab/


30 Apr 2021

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Northern Foraging - Sean Sherman and Mikkel-Lau Mikkelsen

The Great Northern Podcast

Enjoy this conversation with The Sioux Chef’s Sean Sherman and VILD MAD’s Mikkel-Lau Mikkelsen“For Sherman, the revitalization of Indigenous food systems is not only a way to address health and financial disparities within Native American communities and to start healing after centuries of trauma, but it's also a way forward to a healthier, more sustainable world.” —Food & Wine “Foraging is a way to engage with nature to better understand and appreciate it. We’ve created a program dedicated to teaching everyone in Denmark, including school children, to learn about our landscape, understand how to find food in the wild, and how to cook with it. The program simply wants to make everyone a forager.”—chef René Redzepi on VILD MAD, led by Mikkel-Lau MikkelsenDue to travel restrictions, what would have been a live event has been reimagined as a dynamic podcast episode featuring Sean Sherman (The Sioux Chef, Minneapolis) and Mikkel-Lau Mikkelsen (VILD MAD, Copenhagen) on getting outside and connecting with nature through foraging. The talk will include a focus on seasonality/rhythm of foraging in northern climates, similarities/differences between Sherman and Mikkelsen's approaches, what is foragable in winter, climate change's effects on foraging in Minneapolis and Copenhagen, and foraging as a path to sustainability. This event is in association with Meal Magazine Issue 2, featuring two long-form articles commissioned by The Great Northern featuring Sean Sherman, Mikkel Mikkelsen, Yia Vang and Wendy Geniusz. Learn more.


29 Jan 2021

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REFLECT | Sean Sherman: Revitalizing Native American foods and re-identifying North American cuisine

Green Dreamer: Seeding change towards collective healing, sustainability, regeneration

*We need your support to continue the show! If you've listened to more than a few episodes and have learned from our work, please join our Patreon today: www.greendreamer.com/support This replay episode features Sean Sherman, a member of the Oglala Lakota tribe, the award-winning author of The Sioux Chef's Indigenous Kitchen, and the founder and CEO Chef of The Sioux Chef, a team of chefs, ethnobotanists, food preservationists, adventurers, foragers, caterers, event planners, artists, musicians, food truckers and food lovers who are committed to revitalizing Native American foods and re-identifying North American cuisine. Sean's cookbook, The Sioux Chef's Indigenous Kitchen, has received numerous accolades, including the 2018 James Beard Foundation Book Award for Best American Cookbook. You can donate to Sean's nonprofit at NATIFS.org.


26 Nov 2020

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MOT - Sean Sherman & Grandmother's Voice (October 9th, 2020)

Moment of Truth

Sean Sherman (author of The Sioux Chef's Indigenous Kitchen); Jan Longboat (Mohawk knowledge keeper); Jody Harbour, Sherry Saevil, Gail Whitlow & Renée Thomas-Hill (honouring the voice of Indigenous Grandmothers and women)


24 Nov 2020

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Sean Sherman: My life in five dishes

The Food Chain

After decades of racism, persecution and forced assimilation, Native Americans had lost many of their traditional foods and recipes. Award-winning chef Sean Sherman has made it his life’s mission to bring them back from the brink of extinction. He tells Graihagh Jackson about a “feral” childhood spent on a vast reservation in South Dakota, USA, and how his impoverished community was forced to rely on highly processed, government-supplied commodity foods, which he says have had serious and long-term health implications for his people. A successful but highly stressful career running restaurant kitchens pushed him to the point of burnout – he explains how a recuperation mission to Mexico led to an epiphany about his own food heritage and a meticulous effort to revive it and rid it of colonial influences. He’s since written an award-winning cookbook, set up a non-profit to educate others about North America’s native cuisines, plans to open a restaurant next year, and tells us he wants to make his indigenous food movement a global one.(Picture: Sean Sherman. Credit: Heidi Ehalt/BBC)


26 Aug 2020

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Sean Sherman: Reweaving Sacred Relationship Through Food & Right Livelihood [Ep. 174]

Next Economy Now: For the Benefit of All Life

For the show notes (guest bio, summary, resources, etc), go to: www.lifteconomy.com/podcast


19 Oct 2019

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A Conversation with Sean Sherman 'The Sioux Chef' - Episode 07


A conversation with Sean Sherman, The Sioux Chef. We are so excited to share this episode with you all! Many of you are probably already aware of the amazing work Sean is doing in the area of revitalizing and evolving Indigenous food-ways. He is an award-winning chef, cookbook author, social entrepreneur, and much more. In this episode Thosh and Sean talk about the importance of making Indigenous foods a part of our lives again; the critical link between our health and our food-ways, the Indigenous FoodLab, a new project Sean and his team are undertaking through their non-profit organization NATIFS, and so much more. Listen and share! Available now on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.


4 Oct 2019