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Las Vegas Raiders Recruit 'Rock Star' Artist, Michael Godard | Ep. 32

Vegas Revealed

Michael Godard is the a global top selling artist, he also calls Las Vegas home. Godard’s art is instantly recognizable thanks to his wildly popular animated Olive characters that are seen in many of his paintings. Now, the “Rock Star of the Art World” is seeing a lot of Silver and Black with a major collaboration in the world of pro football! Sean and Dayna sit down with Godard at his home to discuss how he's doing during quarantine, the details of his new collaboration with the Raiders and the brand new Allegiant Stadium, plus, he shares stories of his life. Sean and Dayna also fill you in on The Mirage opening on the Las Vegas strip. This also means the dolphin habitat is now open and Siegfried and Roy are honored with a new street name.Support the show (https://www.paypal.com/donate?hosted_button_id=UCMULZYF325PL)


30 Aug 2020

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535: Michael Godard - An Artist's Perspective

The Magic Word Podcast

As creative magicians, we should always look to other creative types outside our art to see what “makes them tick.” I recently traveled to Las Vegas and sat down in the home of the number one leading artist in worldwide sales, Michael Godard. As stated on his website, the decision to become a full-time painter came later in his life, after stints as a mechanical engineer, commercial illustrator, caricature artist and successful entrepreneur. Nothing came easy…he fought his way into an art career, inventing his own one-of-a-kind style. His martini art features olives, grapes and other frisky characters busily expressing Godard's slightly off-kilter point of view. With plenty of talent to challenge the 'serious' artists, Michael Godard took his own path instead, and chose to "learn all the rules, and then break them".During our conversation on The Magic Word Podcast, Michael Godard was a wonderful guest and he gave us a tour of his mansion. View fullsize View fullsize View fullsize View fullsize View fullsize View fullsize View fullsize View fullsize View fullsize View fullsize View fullsize View fullsize “G” as he likes to be called by his friends, has earned this reputation through hard work and an original brand and an incredible eye for marketing. I thought it would be interesting to see what makes an artist “tick” and what spurs his creative juices and see what similarities we as magicians have with our performing art to what he as an illustrative artist does. We had a fun and enlightening conversation that will surely inspire you to be more creative, too. Download this podcast in an MP3 file by Clicking Here and then right click to save the file. You can also subscribe to the RSS feed by Clicking Here. You can download or listen to the podcast through Stitcher by Clicking Here or through FeedPress by Clicking Here or through Tunein.com by Clicking Here or through iHeart Radio by Clicking Here..If you have a Spotify account, then you can also hear us through that app, too. You can also listen through your Amazon Alexa and Google Home devices. Remember, you can download it through the iTunes store, too. See the preview page by Clicking HereOrder a calendar and help the Magic Word Podcast.

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19 Dec 2019

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Rockstar of the Art World! A sit down with musician and painter Michael Godard

Rogues On The Road

We had a great time sitting with artist, dad & philanthropist Michael Godard! "Michael Godard is known as the explosive “Rockstar of the Art World” and global top selling artist!"His world of art invites us to see his lighthearted perspective, surrounding us with animated olives, grapes, and dancing strawberries. His unique portrayal of fun is an exciting combination of imagination and subtle humor, evoking the creative side in “Olive” us. He has redefined art as we know it and, of course, given it a punch line.""His paintings are thought provoking and full of enigmatic illusion. They show pain, love, conflict, and success, making people smile, laugh, reminisce, and exclaim, “Oh My God..ard!”"Godard’s work is highly collected by young and old from all walks of life including movie stars, rock stars and private collectors. “We both love to see people respond to our art and it’s probably why we’ve been given a gift to create and entertain. Get ready to go crazy over the artwork of Michael Godard” -Ozzy Osbourne. Godard’s imaginative world of art is seen by millions of people each month, worldwide through cruise lines, galleries, hotels, television, magazines and countless merchandising kiosks and stores. His paintings even adorn the walls of the Officer’s Lounge in the Pentagon.""Michael Godard has dedicated himself to philanthropic causes through his art. “The funds I help raise save lives and at the end of the day, it’s the most important thing I do,” declares Godard. In 2006, his 16 yr. old daughter passed away after her battle with brain cancer. “All the money in the world can not bring her back, but the funds I help raise for a cure will help save another child,” said Godard.""Godard works very closely with St Jude’s, Make a Wish, Nevada Cancer Institute and The Sharon Osbourne Colon Cancer Foundation “You’re not only buying something that is a work of art but that money is going to save somebody’s life” -Sharon Osbourne.""His continuing effort has driven him far beyond the canvas, bringing him closer to his goal of raising money to help win the war against cancer. Current projects are in the works making this achievement happen. Godard says, “The world is small – you can truly make an impact on everyone you meet.”


23 Jul 2019

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Michael Godard Paints from Rags to Riches

Behind the Artist with Park West Gallery

Before he was the "Rock Star of the Art World," internationally collected artist Michael Godard spent time drawing caricatures in a theme park. In this episode of "Behind The Artist," Godard sits down with Morris Shapiro to discuss this difficult upbringing, what it was like to sell his first paintings, and how he became one of Las Vegas' most famous artists.You can also watch Park West's artists in action at https://m.youtube.com/user/ParkWestGallery

1hr 36mins

20 Jul 2018

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Michael Godard at Fascination St. Fine Art

Fascination St. Fine Art

Worlds best selling artist, Michael Godard at Fascination St. Fine Art Gallery in Denver, Colorado June 7, 2008http://fascinationstart.com


16 Jun 2008