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Jim Newman

The Discarded Compass

Join John as he interviews Jim Newman in this deep dive insighful episode full of great pointers and discussion.Jim Newmans website : http://www.simply-this.comJim Newmans NON-DUALITY meetings share a mystery, a paradox. The paradox is that THIS, this appearance, isn't what it appears to be. It is and it isn't. It's no-thing being something. It's emptiness appearing as everything. It's unified appearing as divided or separated.Within this apparent paradox arises an experience. That experience is, that this appearance is happening to 'me'. That experience is not paradoxical; it feels very real. There's no space, no room, no possibility for the reality, that 'this' isn't happening to ‚me’. That experience of duality is dissatisfying. It's uncomfortable. Out of that experience arises the need to bring about a wholeness, to cover up the feeling that what is, isn't complete, to make the feeling that it's not okay - okay. Out of that arises the need for good and bad and right and wrong. So this appearance then turns into ‚my life‘, and my life is the need to make 'this' better, 'this' good, to find out or to solve the problem of why I don't feel like it's okay, why I feel like something's wrong, why I feel like I need to seek, to find something else.Support this podcast at — https://redcircle.com/thediscardedcompass/donations


7 Jul 2021

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Interview with Jim Newman on Non Duality, by Trey Carland

Question the Orthodox

Jim Newman is a non-duality speaker who has held retreats all over the world and currently hosts monthly online meetings. You can learn more about Jim and his message on his website - www.Simply-This.com. What Jim speaks about is much different than what most non-duality teachers are discussing as it has nothing on offer for the seeker. There is nothing to do because there is already no you to do it. This, what's arising, is complete and whole and perfect as it is and there is no separation, already. As I indicated in the interview, this message found "me" at just the right time for it to resonate on a deep level, and has apparently led to glimpses of what's being pointed to. Much gratitude to Jim for his willingness to share (as if he had a choice).


28 Jun 2021

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09 - Dr. Jim Newman - The Overview Effect

The Trident Room Podcast

Episode 09 - Dr. Jim Newman - The Overview EffectNPS student Joe Novak sits down and has a drink with former astronaut Dr. Jim Newman. They discuss where the future of space is heading and what it is really like to see earth from space.This episode was recorded on June 23, 2020.Segment 1: The Future of Space (00:00:47)Segment 2: The Overview Effect (00:32:02)After graduating from Rice University in 1984, Dr. Newman did an additional year of post-doctoral work at Rice. In 1985, Dr. Newman was appointed as adjunct professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Rice University. That same year he came to work at NASA’s Johnson Space Center, where his duties included responsibility for conducting flight crew and flight control team training for all mission phases in the areas of Orbiter propulsion, guidance, and control. When selected for the astronaut program he was working as a simulation supervisor responsible for a team of instructors conducting flight controller training.In March 2006, Dr. Newman was detailed to the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) in Monterey, California, as a NASA Visiting Professor in the NPS Space Systems Academic Group. Dr. Newman left NASA in July 2008 to accept a position as Professor, Space Systems at NPS to continue his involvement in teaching and research, with an emphasis on using very small satellites in hands-on education and for focused research projects of national interest.NPS Profile: https://nps.edu/faculty-profiles/-/cv/jhnewmanNASA Profile: https://www.nasa.gov/sites/default/files/atoms/files/newman_james.pdfThe Trident Room Podcast is brought to you by the Naval Postgraduate School Alumni Association and the Naval Postgraduate School Foundation. npsfoundation.orgFor comments, suggestions, and critiques, please email us at TridentRoomPodcastHost@nps.edu, and find us online at nps.edu/tridentroompodcast. Thank you!The views expressed in this interview are those of the individuals and do not reflect the official policy or position of the U.S. Government, the Department of Defense, the US Navy, or the Naval Postgraduate School.

13 Oct 2020

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Jen Tarr, Vanessa Bjerreskov, Jim Newman, Brad Pfeifer


Their high school average: 101%. Four time zones converge for conversations on consequences of stress, calculus, and a cabin in the woods.  The music companion to the DIEFENBAKER 25 is accessible via Spotify playlists. 

1hr 26mins

10 Aug 2020

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Jim Newman: Simply This!

Life Without Stress

A talk on nonduality by this fresh teacher

6 Apr 2019

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Interview: Jim Newman of 'Daddyhunt the Serial'

The Randy Report - LGBTQ Politics & Entertainment

Today I’m chatting with actor and singer Jim Newman. In addition to a lengthy Broadway resume (Hands on a Hardbody, Curtains, Minnelli on Minnelli, Steep Pier, Sunset Boulevard, and The Who’s Tommy), Jim is also currently ‘The Cowboy’ in a very iconic 70s/80s disco band you know very well.Jim also works extensively in TV, film and web series. In fact, Jim has been featured in two of my favorite award-winning web series - 'Hustling' and this year’s 'After Forever,' currently on Amazon Video.Another digital series I’ve followed for a couple of years now is 'Daddyhunt the Serial,' which chronicles the story a hunky handsome ‘daddy’ we’d all like to date (played by Jim), and his younger boyfriend, played by BJ Gruber.Since its debut in 2016, 'Daddyhunt the Serial' has become a big hit all around the world.I recently got to chat with Jim about 'Daddyhunt,' his iconic disco band and how social media has become such a big part of being a working actor these days - in both good and bad ways.Hit the play button and take a listen to my chat with this urban cowboy, Jim Newman.Follow Jim on Instagram at www.instagram.com/jimnewmannycAnd check out 'Daddyhunt the Serial' on YouTube here: https://youtu.be/umRT0LSyf_w


7 Nov 2018

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Love is in the air #09 / Jim Newman

Talking with Johannes

I sat down with Jim Newman in a hotel in Helsinki in October 2016. I stumbled upon one of his talks on Facebook and felt inspired, I saw he was heading to Helsinki for a meeting to talk about non duality. So I contacted him and asked if he would be interested to sit down with me and talk about love. I'm happy he had the time to meet. To learn more about Jim and non duality, please have a look at his website http://www.simply-this.com


27 Dec 2016

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Kanonenzeitung Folge 18 Jim Newman - The Anarchy of Love


"The Anarchy of Love" Kanonenzeitung meets Jim Newman for the second time. We are talking about Non-Duality. How meaning, purpose and hope keep fueling the self. And how guilt, shame, fame and approval are its exhaust fumes. Don't expect anything here. It's a load of bollocks! Check http://jim.newman.at Next talks in Vienna June 20th / in Ireland July 24th to 26th Kanonenzeitung tweets @kanonenzeitung and at http://www.facebook.com/kanonenzeitung This and episode 12 are the only episodes in English so far. Youtube video coming up in the coming days.


12 Jun 2015

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Kanonenzeitung Episode 12 Jim Newman


♪ first Canonball Times Episode in English ♫ Jim Newman speaks about this. This is paradise. Nothing has ever happened. Nothing goes wrong. But it is not being said that the I can not do anything it is being said there is no I, there is no me there is no self there is only what appears to be happening. Without anything outside of this to act on it. There is only already wholeness. This is it! Wtihout anyone in it! www.jim.newman.at mail: jim@newman.at

1hr 7mins

3 Nov 2014

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Jim Newman

Flashback Twin Cities

Jim Newman is a former reporter for WCCO, he has recently written a book titled "A Habit of Mind." He's here today to talk about his career and what he's up to now.September 13 2014


22 Sep 2014