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28 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Jo Malone. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Jo Malone, often where they are interviewed.

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28 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Jo Malone. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Jo Malone, often where they are interviewed.

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Jo Malone

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Jo Malone is a fragrance entrepreneur. She launched Jo Malone London in a retail shop in London in 1994. The company was bought by Estee Lauder in 1999.

Jo launched her next company, Jo Loves, in 2011 after a five year hiatus from the fragrance industry. Jo is the author of Jo Malone: My Story.

Jo speaks with Jessica Harris about how she launched her fragrance businesses, from scratch.

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Nov 06 2020 · 31mins
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#15: Diversity’s #BlackLivesMatter Dance On Britain’s Got Talent, Smacking Kids, John Boyega Quitting Jo Malone & Leaving Kids An Inheritance

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The ladies discuss why some people took offence to Diversity’s #BlackLivesMatter inspired performance on Britain’s Got Talent after Ofcom receives almost 2,500 complaints and whether the British public are only interested in Black people for entertainment value, if physical punishment is necessary or acceptable in 2020 and if anyone has the right to tell you how to discipline your child, whether John Boyega’s resignation from his Global Brand Ambassador role at Jo Malone was justified or if the marketing team were doing their job by localising his ad campaign for the Chinese market, and if you should leave your children an inheritance or encourage them to be self-made.

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(Website – Show notes)


(Video – Diversity take to the stage with POWERFUL Black Lives Matter performance | Semi-Finals | BGT 2020 – Britain’s Got Talent YouTube channel)


(Video – Dave - Black (Live at The BRITs 2020) – Santan Dave YouTube channel)


(Video – GOLDEN BUZZER! Sign Along With Us put on the GREATEST show in EMOTIONAL Audition | BGT 2020 – Britain’s Got Talent YouTube channel)


(Video – An important SOS From The Kids: SAVE THE PLANET! | BGT 2020 – Britain’s Got Talent YouTube channel)


(Article – 6 Best Ways To Discipline Your Kids Without Putting Hands on Them, Ranked – Level Editors via Medium.com)


(Article – Smacking children: what are the laws across the UK? – Tara Breathnach for Made for Mums)


(Article – Race, Parenting And Punishment – Ta-Nehisi Coates for The Atlantic)


(Article – What Science Says About Using Physical Force To Punish A Child – Jessica Samakow for Huffington Post)


(Video – John Boyega Jo Malone Ad Compared to Liu Haoran – bobbywrtm YouTube channel)


(Article – 10 Examples of Local Marketing that Worked & Why – Sam Ernest-Jones for GlobalWebIndex)


(Article – 'Like I wasn't there': climate activist Vanessa Nakate on being erased from a movement – Kenya Evelyn for The Guardian)


(Article – We’re not leaving our kids a penny – Sadie Nicholas for Express)


Each week join Anissa, Luanda Yasmin and Sophie Hannah, three smart, curious and opinionated highly-melanated women, as they discuss everything from current affairs to pop culture, and everything in between. No subject is off limits for these ladies, especially when it comes to issues affecting British communities of colour. Get ready to laugh, learn and liberate your mind, because if there’s one thing you can guarantee, it’s that the Ethnically Speaking ladies will be giving it to you straight!


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Sep 25 2020 · 1hr 4mins

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11. Jo Malone: Make lemonade

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Joe Wicks wants to know: What’s the one thing that makes life better?

Joe loves finding ways to boost his mental and physical health, so he’s asking some of his inspiring mates about their secret to physical and mental happiness. Whether it’s a high-intensity cycle, a freezing cold shower or a good long dog-walk, every guest will share the one thing that works for them.

Jo Malone built her perfume empire from very humble beginnings: some big plastic tubs, a kitchen table, and a dream. With no money but buckets of self belief, she managed to build a fragrance brand recognisable around the world. Then tragedy hit, in the form of a terrifying diagnosis of terminal cancer. With only months to live, Jo was forced to stand down from the company she loved, and fight for her life.

Many years later, miraculously cancer free and back to her best, Jo started the whole process again. Back at the kitchen table, surrounded by jars and bottles, Jo founded her second fragrance company, Jo Loves. This is the story of a woman who doesn't give up, and believes in the power of dreams to pull you through the darkest of times. Joe and Jo chat entrepreneurship, parenthood, and learning to be grateful for the small things.

Summer holiday’s been postponed and you’re feeling down? Forget about it. This is sunshine in a podcast. Joe Wicks is here for you, and he won’t stop until you’re fit and happy.

Producer: Emily Knight
Editor: Dimitri Houtart
A BBC Audio Bristol production for Radio 4
Sep 21 2020 · 42mins
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Escape with perfumer Jo Malone CBE

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I'm excited to announce that our very first escape artist for the inaugural episode of the podcast is the 'Queen of Scents', perfumer Jo Malone CBE.

Most of us immortalise our favourite travel moments with a photograph, but my guest today captures the essence of a place... by bottling it as a fragrance.

Jo Malone’s extraordinary sense of smell and passion for perfume made her one of Britain’s most iconic figures in the beauty industry. Her travel stories take us from the jasmine-scented streets in the South of France, to the spice souks of Dubai, the mountains of Montana, and Jordan’s ancient ruins. Jo’s breathtaking fragrances are directly inspired by her aroma-fuelled adventures all over the world.


Next Year in Havana by Chanel Cleeton

An Elephant in my Kitchen by Françoise Malby-Anthony

Gustav Klimt's The Woman in Gold


Elizabeth Street, Belgravia

Peggy Porschen Cakes

Havana, Cuba

Grasse, South of France

International Perfume Museum

La Bastide Saint-Antoine

COMO Parrot Cay, Turks and Caicos

Mountain Sky, Montana

The Neue Galerie, New York

Hotel Danieli, Venice

Dubai, UAE

Thula Thula, South Africa

Amanpuri, Phuket

Jerash, Jordan

The Taj Lake Palace, Udaipur

You can visit the Jo Loves store online.

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See you next week for another episode of The Escape Artist!

Xx Edwina

(Music by the talented Giselle Rosselli)

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Sep 01 2020 · 44mins
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Jo Malone CBE - Founder & Creative Director of Jo Loves

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Be inspired as each month, one trailblazing woman who works in the creative industries shares how she navigates life’s challenges to achieve her career goals, while offering top tips and invaluable wisdom to support you in your career.

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Jul 28 2020 · 1hr 1min
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Episode 12 - A Fireside Chat with Jo Malone (CEO, VetPartners) and Jamie Crittall (Co-Founder/Director, Virtual Recall)

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 Jo Malone (CEO, VetPartners) and Jamie Crittall (Co-Founder/Director, Virtual Recall) chat about how their two different sized business took on the challenges of Covid 19.

Themes discussed include: 
- How each of their businesses adapted to the challenges presented by Covid-19
- Lessons learned from the pandemic
- The future of veterinary care

Jul 09 2020 · 35mins
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Jo Loves: Jo Malone CBE

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As a girl in 1970s London, Jo Malone learned how to make face creams by going to work with her mom at a private skin care clinic. By the time she was in her 20's, Jo was running her own skin care and cosmetics business, which eventually grew to include bath oils, scented candles, and fragrances under the brand Jo Malone London. Jo sold the brand to Estée Lauder in 1999 and then left the business after a life-changing diagnosis. She now has a fragrance company called Jo Loves, where she innovates with new kinds of scents and—in the present crisis—is considering and new ways to present them.
May 18 2020 · 1hr 23mins
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Follow your nose — Jo Malone CBE

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Our guest on today's episode is Jo Malone CBE — the nation’s favourite perfumer. She founded Jo Malone London, her first fragrance brand, when she was just 21 from a tiny flat in London, before selling it just a few years later to Estée Lauder for undisclosed millions. She now runs Jo Loves, a more experimental and personal perfume brand that takes its inspiration from her own life and memories. 

Today, Jo tells us about synesthesia, the incredibly rare neurological condition that gives her a “super powered nose”; how she had to learn to sell as a seven year old to put food on her family’s table; and why setting up her second business was in fact so much harder than the first. 

(We recorded this episode via Zoom, and we were at the mercy of my provincial internet connection, so I hope you don’t mind if I sometimes sound a little muffled. I think Jo’s stories and wit more than make up for it.)

May 14 2020 · 1hr 2mins
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#164 Passion, resilience and creativity with Jo Malone of Jo Loves (special rerelease)

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What does it take to become the person responsible for creating some of the world's most-loved fragrances? Jo Malone, the creator of Jo Loves, shares her origin story and how she came to be called an English scent maverick. Learning to sell as a means of survival, Jo cultivated a passion for her business that has led to the creation of two global brands.

Learn more at retailgetsreal.com.

Apr 06 2020 · 22mins
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Jo Malone CBE - Long Haul

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Jo Malone's superhuman sense of smell took her from life on a council estate, leaving school with no qualifications, and catapulted her into becoming one of the world’s most successful businesswomen, creating two globals brands- first Jo Malone London, and now Jo Loves.

Her name may conjure the smell of lime, basil and mandarin or the citrusy scent of pomelo - but what you might not know is how these scents are in many ways inspired by the travels that Jo has been on, and in this is episode she evokes so vividly the many destinations that have shaped her life. 

Destination recap: 

You can visit the Jo Loves store on Elizabeth Street in Belgravia, or shop online.

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Mar 03 2020 · 51mins