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Episode 92: Share My Story with Bryce Wilson

PTSD and Beyond

“For me to get this far, I’m very proud of myself,” Bryce Wilson Australian Combat Photojournalist and documentary filmmaker, Bryce Wilson, shares his trauma stories of working during wars and humanitarian crises as well as from childhood. Doing the work to overcome the effects of trauma resulted in a growth Bryce says allowed him to be mentally free. Listen to Bryce’s story of freedom from trauma and superpowers of perseverance and resilience! To learn more about Bryce, connect:  Web: Bryce.Photography Twitter: @BryceWilsonAU Instagram: @BryceWilsonAU


26 Jun 2021

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Bryce Wilson - Success On The Road

Aww Shift

Bryce Wilson – Success on the Road In this episode, we have Bryce Wilson with us who is a CEO, Dog Dad, and a world traveler to share his journey with us on success with his company and transitioning amidst the Pandemic that changed how we all think.  [3:21] Why should anybody listen to you?   I Like getting into a little real flow as far as who I am still trying to figure that out. I would say I'm an entrepreneur. I'm a CEO. I'm a partner. I'm a dog dad. I'm a world traveler. I think you should listen to everybody and formulate your own opinions. [4:28] The Aww Shift Moments The grinds of working out and my job was to be fit, healthy, and to be prepared for sports. I did not really ever rationalize or think in my head that there was a life after sports. I was, at that time, in the middle of creating ticket rescue, and had a smooth transition into the next grind. The next thing that I could just wake up and hack away and do.    [7:06] Ticket Rescue Business  This was started in 2017. While I was still playing soccer in college, I realized it was real, I realized there was real potential there but didn't really have the time and energy to put into it. What we do is we purchase tickets from people who can no longer use them.  If you got sick or couldn't go to the show, for one reason or another, instead of just letting the tickets go to waste, you could sell them to us to get some of your money back. [10:00] We landed on helping influencers and personal grant personal brands build their audience, and develop quality leads for their Instagram engagement., What we do is we learn everything we can about someone. We help them to spread their message far and wide through Instagram. [12:17] Building the Team  It's just putting people first. I'm such a firm believer that if your people are well-treated everything else is going to fall in place, the customers will be happy the service will be done. [13:53] Launching an Idea The biggest thing is having good people behind it. I think that constantly optimizing, never being happy with what you're what you currently have. You have to have some way that is going to differentiate you from everybody else. [21:50] Top Three Keys to Living Life Moment First and foremost, putting yourself first. Surround yourself with people who are going to lift you up. Figure out what fulfills you don't let money or things or anything like that be the driver of what you're doing. [24:52] What promise did God make to the world when He created you? I Think the promise would be that I am going to leave it better, much better off than it was when I got here. Keynote [9:00 – 9:15] “I think we were surrounded myself with surrounded by really good people. And I pride myself on not really being good at too many things. But one thing I am good at is finding people that are smarter than me and really good and in areas that are needed” For more information on Bryce Wilson Follow him on Instagram. @Brycethreewilson


2 Jun 2021

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Ep 16: Peace and Love TTW (ft. James Foushee and Bryce Wilson)

AIM Podcast

Doug is joined by Peace and Love TTW founder’s James Foushee and Bryce Wilson. They discussed the origin story of Peace and Love, the motivation they had to start the brand, and where Peace and Love is headed in the Future. Peace and Love TTW is a brand centered around the idea of spreading peace to the world and love to all mankind based in Atlanta, GA.


15 Apr 2021

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Bryce Wilson - Former Buddhist Monk | Inside the mind of [#15]

Inside the mind of

Bryce Wilson began his search for meaning at 19 when he encountered an ascetic monk who walked up the east coast of Australia with nothing more than an alms bowl and robes. Intrigued, Bryce began studying Buddhism before eventually being ordained as an Anagarika in the Theravada tradition. Bryce has undergone retreats and studied in Sri Lanka, Thailand and New Zealand, then returning to Australia where he underwent independent contemplation in isolated caves in the Blue Mountains, NSW. Bryce now provides guidance for people seeking wisdom in one-on-one retreats. He also begins classes in March for people in recovery at St Vincent DePaul by helping them understand pleasure and their desire for it. If you are interested in learning more contact: viragaretreats@gmail.com Follow: @brybryhth https://www.instagram.com/brybryhth Follow: @karlbeetv https://www.instagram.com/karlbeetv KarlBeeTV Socials: https://linktr.ee/karlbeetv Disclaimer: The opinions, beliefs and views expressed by the individuals in this production do not necessarily reflect the opinions, beliefs, and views of KarlBeeTV and/or any associated businesses/groups of the individuals presented. This production is for entertainment purposes and any advice or guidance is general.


1 Mar 2021

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Episode 215: How Buying An RV Changed Bryce Wilson's Life


Connect with Bryce:  Bryce Wilson College athlete turned CEO. I have a Golden Retriever named Banks and am a bandwagon North Carolina Tar Heels Basketball fan. My favorite place in the world is Red Rocks Amphitheater  and I am currently traveling the world full time in an RV. https://trtvirtual.ticketrescue.com/


26 Nov 2020

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The Bryce Wilson Show – 11/12/2020

The KGEZ Good Morning Show

The Bryce Wilson Show from Thursday, November 12, 2020.  (Bryce Wilson is the Flathead High School Vice Principal and Activities Director.) Go Braves and Bravettes!


12 Nov 2020

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The One Where The Title Isn't A Sad Description Of Bryce Wilson

We Aren't Special

We put our heads together to come up with a hot new children’s beverage after discussing a movie that scarred us both.--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/nathaniel-hobbs/support


9 Oct 2020

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38 Bryce Wilson - Living In An R.V. and Pivoting Businesses

F* It!

As I struggled to name this podcast, as we covered so much, I figured I would just name it two of the many things we talked about. Bryce is a self-made millionaire. And not even halfway through his 20’s! Bryce really squashed many of my limiting beliefs around age and also shows everyone what is possible.  We also dived into a topic we both love- biohacking! Tune into hearing all about our routines and things we want to implement in our lives. This was such a fun episode!  Bryce’s social media: https://www.instagram.com/brycethrillson/


8 Sep 2020

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111. How to Stay Creative & Pivot Your Business & Life | with Bryce Wilson

Your Badass Journey

We’ve all been experiencing a lot of change and upheaval in the world due to COVID-19, and today’s guest is an extreme example of that. When it became clear that live events were going to be canceled for the foreseeable future, Bryan Wilson had to pivot his ticket resale business, Ticket Rescue—and decided to pivot his lifestyle as well. Bryce is the 24-year-old CEO and founder of Ticket Rescue and TRT Virtual. He turned Ticket Rescue into a multi-million dollar business over the course of four years... and then all of their product and customers disappeared in a matter of days.  Choosing to take this turn of events and do something positive, he used this opportunity to start TRT Virtual, a company which offers social media engagement services. He ended up generating five figures in sales during its first month of operation. On top of this massive business shift, he purchased an RV to live in full-time, traveling around the country while operating his business virtually. This is a prime example of how you just make your dreams happen, no matter what life throws at you. It is up to you to charter the course of your life — and to enjoy yourself along the way! Take Action: Learn more and find complete show notes for every episode at www.yourbadassjourney.com Follow the podcast on Instagram for more tips, advice, and inspiration: @yourbadassjourneypodcast Get your SLP Mastery Workbook Connect with Bryce: Website: trtvirtual.com Instagram: @brycethrillson Facebook: facebook.com/xfdmfd Twitter: @brycewilson_5 LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/bryce-wilson-1b6726140 Connect with Kareen: Website: kareenwalsh.com Instagram: @kareenzwalsh Facebook: facebook.com/CoachKareenWalsh Twitter: @kareenzwalsh LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/kareenwalsh Your Badass Journey is a production of Crate Media


2 Sep 2020

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Finding Opportunity in ‘Bad Luck’—with Bryce Wilson - EP071

Destined To Be

If the pandemic shut down your multimillion-dollar business, no one would blame you for having a meltdown. But Bryce Wilson allowed himself only two minutes of wallowing before he started looking for the opportunity in his circumstances. Today, Bryce is traveling the country in an RV with his girlfriend and building a second successful business, creating a new reality that is even better than pre-COVID times. Bryce is the 24-year-old Founder and CEO of Ticket Rescue and TRT Virtual, two online startups that are shaking up their respective industries. He started Ticket Rescue as a college junior, and three years later, it had grown into a multimillion-dollar company. When the coronavirus paused that business, Bryce created TRT Virtual to help personal brands generate high-quality leads and grow their following on Instagram. On this episode of Destined to Be, Bryce joins us to share his accidental journey to becoming an entrepreneur and explain what inspired him to build his businesses. He walks us through his thought process when the pandemic shut down the events industry, describing how he made the mindset shift (very quickly!) from pity party to opportunity. Listen in for Bryce’s insight on taking a disciplined but not structured approach to building good habits and learn how you can STOP blaming back luck and START creating a new reality for your life. Key Takeaways Bryce’s journey to entrepreneurship and what he likes about being his own boss The concept behind Ticket Rescue and how it differs from StubHub How TRT Virtual helps influencers spread their message on Instagram What inspired Bryce to travel the country in an RV How Bryce fell into entrepreneurship by identifying a need in the market Bryce’s thought process when COVID-19 shut down the events industry Bryce’s decision to see the pandemic as an opportunity to make his life better Why it’s easier to blame bad luck than it is to take responsibility for what’s happening in our lives Bryce’s disciplined (but not structured) approach to daily habits like meditation, exercise and reading How we attract what we want in our lives with our subconscious thoughts The danger in comparing your beginning to someone else’s middle Connect with Bryce Ticket Rescue TRT Virtual Bryce on Instagram Connect with Jeremiah & Mallory Destined to Be Jeremiah on Instagram Mallory on Instagram REVOLUTION WELLNESS Facebook Group Resources Chris Harder Shameless Tribe of Mentors: Short Life Advice from the Best in the World by Tim Ferriss Tom Bilyeu on Thinkitation Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill Thomas Edison and the Hypnagogic State Gary Vaynerchuk Dr. Joe Dispenza Matt Tamas on Destined to Be EP059 Dean Graziosi Jesse Itzler Jim Fortin


27 Aug 2020