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How to Become a Productive Sales Professional with Barb Giamanco, Ep #170

Sales Reinvented

If you’re ready to move away from destructive habits and become a productive sales professional, where do you start? Are there daily nuisances distracting you and dividing your focus? In this episode of Sales Reinvented, Barb Giamanco joins Paul to help you get down to the root of your struggles and delivers some tips to get you started! Barb Giamanco is the founder and CEO of Social Centered Selling. She’s all about helping salesmen and women find transformation and start reaching sales goals. One of her career goals is to encourage more women to become sales professionals. If you’re looking to jumpstart your sales productivity, listen to this transformative episode! Outline of This Episode [1:05] What is productivity? [1:45] Why is it important? [2:45] Sales Technology: Less is More [6:50] Steps to improve day-to-day productivity [8:45] You NEED to know your numbers [11:50] Top productivity tools [14:45] Top 3 Do’s & Top 3 Don’ts [17:35] Barb’s favorite productivity story When it comes to technology—less is more Barb points out a stunning statistic: Salespeople are only using 15-20% of their time to engage in the sales process. Why? One reason is that companies expect their sales force to be data collectors. But should that really be their job? Probably not. If you’re in a leadership position, Barb advises reducing the administrative duties carried out by your sales staff. She also notes that there is too much focus on a tech stack. Eliminate apps, systems, and tools that don’t integrate well into your CRM. Stop using unnecessary software that makes you constantly shift between platforms. A sales team needs to be allowed to focus on making phone calls, sending emails, and connecting with people on LinkedIn. If something distracts them from that, it’s not worth using.  Knock out what you find most difficult Are you ready to improve day-to-day productivity? According to Barb, it’s all about planning. You must go into every day knowing what you’re going to accomplish. Scheduling time to complete specific tasks is how you drive results. She takes Sunday evenings to plan each day of the upcoming week—and blocks time in her schedule.  She does not let anyone interfere with that time. She advocates protecting your calendar. You need to prioritize your focus on what gets you closest to the cash. One way to do that? Knock out the difficult things first. Stop focusing your time and energy on the easy things that don’t drive results. They can fall into place later—or even be delegated.  You better know your numbers A good salesperson is focused, committed, and carries out the plans they’ve made for their schedule. Because in reality, if things don’t get done, you only have yourself to blame. This is why it’s beyond important to know your metrics. How long does it take you to close a deal? What is the average value of each opportunity? How many opportunities do you need to hit your quota?  Barb has run into many sales professionals who don’t have answers to those questions. There is no excuse!You need to know on average how many calls, appointments, demos, etc. will get you to a sale. Take ownership and learn your numbers. Barb’s top suggestions to be successful Here are Barb’s top tips: Eliminate distractions: Expounding on the “less is more” philosophy, one of Barb’s “Do’s” is eliminating unnecessary distractions. Remove all non-essential apps from your phone. Turn off notifications that drag you away from work you need to be focusing on.  Block similar activities: Do batch work for sales activities. You will be more productive when you aren’t shifting focus from one task to another.  Use Templates for personalized outreach: Take advantage of templates that you create that can be used for personalized outreach. It will take some research, but gives you a handy framework. Being a successful salesperson involves knowing how to solve the problem of your target market and offering them the solution. It takes time and diligence to learn how to do this well. Becoming more productive is one of the best things you can implement to become more effective.  Resources & People Mentioned Barb’s Book: The New Handshake Hubspot Connect with Barb Giamanco Social Centered Selling Barb’s Personal Website LinkedIn Twitter Connect With Paul Watts  LinkedIn Twitter Subscribe to SALES REINVENTED Audio Production and Show notes by PODCAST FAST TRACK https://www.podcastfasttrack.com


27 Nov 2019

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7: Social Selling Is All About Value With Sales Expert Barb Giamanco

Selling With Soul

qqWelcome to the first episode in my new series on social selling. Social selling is such a hot topic these days, from the tools to the methods – it seems like everyone is focused on leveraging social media for revenue generation. Social selling is a powerful tool that can help us cut back on those awkward and pushy sales conversations  - it can decrease stress and allow us to elevate ourselves above the noise that our buyers are constantly surrounded by. In this series we are going to examine the basics of social selling, we are going to talk about how LinkedIn is a powerful tool for those of us with a business offering products and services to other businesses, the power of video in social selling and a whole lot more. It is an honor to have, sales expert Barb Giamanco on the show today. Aside from being a successful female entrepreneur and accomplished sale expert helping more women find success in sales - she knows all about Social Selling – because well she wrote the book on it - literally!   We cover a lot of ground in this value packed episode including:  What social selling really is and more importantly what its NOT Why sales always comes back to building relationships  Why the customer experience matters tremendously and how that starts with your first interaction with them even on social media We even have a beautiful conversation around value – providing it, recognizing our own and having the confidence to negotiate for what we are worth.  Listener shout out of the week! J V Crum  Thank you JV Crum – I love and appreciate all reviews but I especially enjoy the ones that come from my brave males listeners and I applaud the support they show for female business owners.  As of the recording of this episode in early September 2018 we are up to 35 5-star reviews in iTunes and have gotten downloads from 16 contries. The response has been amazing and I couldn’t be more grateful for the positive words, the encouragement and the time that each of you has spent here with me. I know how valuable your time is and I make it my mission to provide you with value and expertise to help you grow your business.  This Episode Is Brought To You By This episode is sponsored by my upcoming FREE webinar workshop, ”How To Sell As An Entrepreneur: A Quick-Start Guide To Increasing You Revenue”. It’s a live interactive session that will provide you with some simple strategies to increase your revenue and impact. It will be taking place the first week in October and has limited seating so youll want to reserve your seat now here.  Links Mentioned In This Episode Free Selling With Soul Facebook Group Free Webinar Workshop - How To Sell As An Entrepreneur Barbara Giamanco Barbara Giamanco on LinkedIn


20 Sep 2018

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#37 – Women In Sales | Barb Giamanco

Millennial Sales

Barb Giamanco is a keynote speaker, best-selling author and sales and social media strategist. She is consistently recognized as a Top 25 Influential Leader in Sales and recognized as one of the world’s Top 65 Women Business Influencers alongside leaders like Arianna Huffington, Sheryl Sandberg, and Melinda Gates.In this episode, we talk about the women in sales movement, her tips for social selling and the mindset that you need to be successful in all areas of life.If you'd like to support the podcast, please give us a share, review and subscribe to our channel. All updated info can be found on tomalaimo.com.Sign up for the weekly Millennial Momentum Newsletter. No BS, All hustle


8 Mar 2018

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Marketing & Sales Alignment Has Arrived with Barb Giamanco

Modern Marketing Engine podcast hosted by Bernie Borges

If you don’t know Barbara Giacomo, she is CEO of Social Centered Selling and globally recognized as a sales leader. She’s the co-author of The New Handshake: Sales Meets Social Media. Barb is a popular keynote speaker, sales and social media strategist and she is also the host of the popular Razor's Edge podcast, which you’ll hear more about it in this episode. Barb is consistently a Top 25 Influential Leader in Sales, a Top 25 Sales Influencer on Twitter, one of the Top Sales World’s Top 50 Sales and Marketing Influencers and she’s recognized as one of the world's Top 65 Women Business Influencers alongside leaders like Arianna Huffington, Sheryl Sandberg, and Melinda Gates. That’s pretty impressive! Join Bernie and Barbara for a great conversation about how to better align marketing and sales within your organization. In sales, if you are not evolving, you are dying. ~ Barbara Giamanco Social media was just starting to develop when Barbara Giamanco retired from Microsoft to start her own business. From that day until today she’s had a passion for people and a passion for technology. Combine that with her love of sales and marketing and you’ll understand why she began experimenting with the early social media tools. At that time they were clunky - Facebook didn’t exist yet and blogs were typically terrible, but the very next year, Barbara joined LinkedIn and began to feel like there would be more transformation of sales and marketing ahead. She’s come to see that with the rapid pace of changing technologies, if you’re not evolving, you’re dying. Barbara is one of those individuals who gets sales and marketing but also gets the technology side of things. This conversation is an amazing look at some of the ways sales and marketing can become better aligned, for the success of individuals, the benefit of customers, and the profitability of companies. Companies that are embracing technology are light years ahead when it comes to marketing and sales alignment. But don’t make the mistake of depending only on the tech In the world we live in today, we have marketing technology at our disposal that enables more potential for alignment between marketing and sales than ever before. Barbara Giamanco says that technology is so much more advanced than it used to be, creating the foundation for a strong sales and marketing strategy. But she’s also aware that sometimes there's an over-reliance on technology to solve the entire problem of misalignment between the sales department and the marketing department. Not all challenges related to sales and marketing, and certainly not everything having to do with the alignment of those two can be solved by technology alone. It's obviously got to be there but there are other things that are important to make the alignment work. In this conversation, Barbara and Bernie discuss how the C-suite can bring about a greater alignment between marketing and sales, and how a more intentional focus on customer experience can turn the tide. Don’t miss it. CEOs and C-suite Leaders: If you are not fully behind the alignment of marketing and sales, your team's efforts will be seriously compromised Oftentimes the sales and marketing departments begin to gain some traction but discover that the CEO or other C-suite leaders have not fully bought into the initiative, they really aren’t driving it as they need to be. In that situation, maybe you'll get somewhere, maybe you won't. But the fact of the matter is this: Sales and marketing alignment starts at the top with a focus on delivering on customer experience. In the end, that means better alignment throughout all the departments not just sales and marketing. If you are C-suite leader in your company, Barbara and Bernie discuss issues directly related to the role you play in not only aligning marketing and sales for greater productivity but also building a healthier, more vibrant culture that will drive the company forward long term. Don’t miss this great conversation. Sponsor: Lithium Technologies helps brands navigate the sometimes overwhelming world of social media marketing and management, social customer service, online communities and social analytics. A leader in the space, they're guiding brands to build trust with their clients while delivering top-notch customer experiences. Dayle leads the charge at Lithium Technologies on all strategic marketing initiatives. Featured on This Episode Social Centered Selling - Barbara’s company Barbara Giamanco - Barbara’s personal website Barbara’s book: The New Handshake: Selling Meets Social Media Barbara on LinkedIn Barbara on Twitter Barbara on Facebook Barbara on Google + The Razor’s Edge Podcast - Barbara’s great show Episode with Gavriella Schuster Episode with Lindsay Zwart Selling with Social Podcast, with Mario Martinez, Jr. Outline of This Episode [0:31] Barbara Giamco, CEO of Social Centered Selling, Bernie’s guest on this show [2:21] How Barbara actively works within the ongoing transformation of sales [10:26] What is the role of the C-suite in enabling marketing and sales to align? [12:09] Content is vital to sales, which is one reason marketing has to be at the table [20:32] How advances in technology provide an opportunity about how to help sales professionals improve their sales skills [26:50] Bernie’s summary of the conversation: Key takeaways [31:30] Barbara’s final advice about how to view the customer experience - and how sales and marketing working together can make it happen Resources & People Mentioned Microsoft www.Vengreso.com Connect With Bernie and Social Business Engine https://www.facebook.com/socialbusinessengine/ https://www.facebook.com/bernie.borges https://twitter.com/bernieborges https://twitter.com/sbengine There are TWO WAYS you can listen to this podcast. You can click the Listen Now button at the top of this page… Or, you can listen from your mobile device’s podcast player through iTunes orStitcher. This episode is sponsored by Lithium Technologies. This episode is sponsored by Lithium Technologies.


17 Jan 2018

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Barb Giamanco | Social Selling Your Way to Half-Million Dollar Deals!

Enterprise Sales Podcast

Barb Giamanco | Social Selling Your Way to Half-Million Dollar Deals! by Enterprise Sales Podcast


11 Jan 2017

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Episode 29: The Limitations of Social Selling and How to Effectively Integrate It Into Your Sales Process w/ Barb Giamanco.

Sales Enablement Podcast with Andy Paul

Barb Giamanco, President of Social Centered Selling, is one of the leading industry experts on social selling. A pioneer in integrating social media into selling, Barb kicks off this information-packed episode by clearly spelling out for you both the value, and the limitations, of social selling. She describes the power of social selling and how you should use it to make connections, develop relationships and open the door to having substantive sales conversations with your prospects. Listen as Barb tells you how to make social a part of your overall sales plan and integrate it into an effective sales process. Social is a powerful tool. But as you’ll learn from Barb in this episode, it’s just one of the sales tools you need to succeed in today’s sales environment. If you want to learn how to most effectively use social selling in your sales efforts, don’t miss this! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


5 Nov 2015