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EP05: Ashley Randall: Conspiracy theories

Freedom Strategies

One of the most educated and controversial women in all of San Diego, Ashley Randall, joined us to talk about conspiracy theories, child trafficking, face masks, among other things. She went through some very interesting points about popular documentaries seen on the web and many of the well known theories on social media. Ashley is a true believer of questioning everything and raising awareness on these sensitive issues. From Black Lives Matter to Bill Gates, we debated on the most important controversies happening in America. Together, we want to raise awareness about these events because there are many things you can do to help stop them; we recommend you watching “Spotlight” on Netflix. She explained her thoughts on how the government is using COVID-19 as an excuse to make way for their political agenda, and had a long discussion with us about porn. It was exciting as it was compelling. You won’t want to miss a second of this episode! Follow us on social media @loshustle @kentclothier @ashleyrandallfit Get Straight To The Value:  Human trafficking [1:14] The world is a crazy place [10:40] Another conspiracy theory [16:51] Black Lives Matter [23:09] Pedophilia [27:43] How to do something about it [31:52] Consumption of porn [36:35] Cartoons and Anime [44:03] This is so fake [45:45] Something positive [47:10] Quotes to Remember:  You have to see it because those are the things that are happening.” (Ashley) “I think it’s important that we just as humans, especially right now, question everything.” (Ashley) Dumb shit actually distracts from the real issue. (Kent) “It’s less about, where do we donate? Where do we talk about it? You have to go to the source.” (Ashley) Next Steps After Listening: We read a great deal of news on the internet that we can’t determine whether or not is true, therefore, it’s hard to know if you can do something about it. But we can certainly do something about those we know for sure are happening. Investigate, donate, and support movements. It’s important to be vocal and generate content to create awareness; but remember, questioning things is always good as long as we are not damaging innocent people’s reputation. So, what can you do to impact and raise awareness? If you got value from today’s episode do us two favors before you go: 1. Subscribe to get notifications on when new episodes are released. 2. Tell us what you thought of the episode and what you want to hear about next by leaving a review.  How To Stay Connected Los Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/LosHustle/ Kent Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/kent.clothier/ Los Instragram - https://www.instagram.com/loshustle/ Kent Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/kentclothier/ Los LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/lossilva/ Kent LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/kentclothier/


2 Nov 2020

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Interview with Ashley Randall, Health and Mindset Coach

HospitaliTV Podcast

Got to sit down with Ashley Randall, Health and Wellness coach, and talk about techniques to stay healthy both mentally and physically in our, or any, industry!! Couldn't be a more important topic right now considering the mental pollution that is in our environment right now.  Please listen and tell us what you think! @hospitalitv @ashleyrandallfit on IG


15 Jul 2020

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Episode 56: An Interview With Ashley Randall

The Time Is Now

Ashley Randall: Personal trainer. Health and fitness expert. Hard times create strong men, or in this case, women. We check in with Kent’s personal trainer, Ashley, for a timely mind and body reset, as she addresses the importance of personal accountability, mindset and structure in these volatile times. You can choose to be at the mercy of current circumstances, or you can push yourself for a full body take-back. 


17 Apr 2020

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Body Take Back with Ashley Randall

Hype Girl Podcast

Ashley Randall first discovered fitness when her mom would bring her to the gym with her before school and she fell in love with the way it made her feel, mentally and physically. She went on to get her degree in Kinesiology and has taught various CrossFit, Olympic Weightlifting, and strength and conditioning classes for almost ten years. She is currently launching Body Take Back, an online program that specializes in balance and accountability. In today's episode, we talk about sustainable versus non-sustainable programs, her background in fitness and the various classes she has taught, why there doesn't have to be such a disconnect with mindset and fitness, how the fitness has changed in the past decade, Body Take Back and the transformations from her clients, AND SO MUCH MORE! Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ashleyrandallfit/


22 Feb 2020

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8: How to Move Past Trauma and Become Your Best Self with Ashley Randall

The Grownup Girl Podcast


1 Aug 2019

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Episode 45: An Interview with Ashley Randall

The Time Is Now

You grind tirelessly to get to the top. You let nothing stand in your way and you never give in. Not because it’s easy or comfortable, but because that’s what it takes to achieve excellence. The only thing that can stop you are your own physical limitations. Without your health, the deal never gets done. Go in hard for some mental gains as Kent welcomes Ashley Randall (@ashleyrandallfit), a health and fitness San Diego pro, personal fitness coach to CEO’s and celebs, and founder of www.myhealthy21.com- as they discuss the parallels between business success and your physical/mental health. Listen to this week's episode on accountability and achieving the mental fortitude required to keep you out of the comfort zone and in the ‘winner's circle’. No excuses.


13 Jun 2019