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Pac-Man 99 Ft. Zach Olsen

Inside Video Games Classic

July and special guest Zach Olsen talk about Pac-Man 99.


12 Jul 2022

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Sonic Origins Ft. Zach Olsen

Inside Video Games Classic

July and special guest Zach Olsen talk about Sonic Origins.


5 Jul 2022

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"Luigi's Mansion" with Zach Olsen


This week we're joined by Zach Olsen of the Baywatch Watch Podcast! We discuss getting stuck in rugs, gross Sonic stuff, and are visited by the famous "Tommy Wiseau".

1hr 9mins

27 Jan 2022

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11:14 (2003) With Charlie Mihelich & Zach Olsen

You've Got Hanks

The co-hosts of Baywatch Watch, Charlie Mihelich (@mihelicopter) & Zach Olsen (@realzacholsen), join me this week to talk about a severely underrated Colin Hanks movie, 11:14. This black comedy of interconnected events has a star-studded cast that includes Clark Gregg, Patrick Swayze, Ben Foster, and Hilary Swank. It truly is a delight and must-watch. I also make Charlie and Zach take a quiz on who they would be in the film, and Zach's got some good puns. No calls this week for our "Call-in Colin" segment, but if you'd like to be a part of the next one, call ‪(805) 622-9667‬ & Hanks for listening! Theme Music by Zach Olsen (@realzacholsen) Artwork by Matt Czap (@mattczap) — SHOW INFORMATIONInstagram: Instagram Twitter: Twitter Subscribe: Apple Podcasts Subscribe: Spotify


16 Jul 2021

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Tiger Cruise (2004) with Zach Olsen

Inside the Disney Vault

We set sail with comedian and musician Zach Olsen (@realzacholsen on Instagram). We're thrilled to have the Tiger King of the Tiger Cruise chat about this tonally wild DCOM, which touches on familial relationships, navy life, and the tragic events of September 11, 2001. This movie stars Bill Pullman and Hayden Panettiere! "That sounds like a bonkers DCOM," you say? You're right! Tell us what you think about being a brat @ITDVPodcast on Twitter! -- SHOW INFORMATION Follow Us On Instagram Follow Us On Twitter Email: InsideTheDisneyVaultPodcast@gmail.com Subscribe: Apple Podcasts Subscribe: Spotify

1hr 11mins

25 Mar 2021

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30. Going Viral On TikTok With Zach Olsen

I Need To Talk TikTok

Comedian, musician, and co-host of Baywatch Watch Zach Olsen (@realzacholsen) joins me this week to talk the latest TikTok trends. But first, I went viral again on TikTok. Yay! Did I discover the secret to getting big on TikTok? Who's sleepwalking with soda cans? And why does Pudgy the dog say "Owa Owa"? We also these questions & more. Plus, I pitch Zach a Tommy Wiseau TikTok idea. I think it could go big. Let me know what you think @ladytomhanks.  — SHOW INFORMATIONInstagram: Instagram Twitter: Twitter Subscribe: Apple Podcasts Follow: Spotify


29 Jan 2021

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Bachelor (2021) E2 | Birthday Queens w/ Charlie Mihelich & Zach Olsen (Baywatch Watch)

Trust the Bachelor Process

We love a week 2 episode where things start getting steamy and the drama is in full swing. Already, Nemacolin is light years ahead of the La Quinta in terms of amenities and charm, and for that, we are grateful. Remote hot tubs, photo shoots in the middle of the woods, and TWO near death experiences?! NOW it feels like the Bachelor. Charlie Mihelich and Zach Olsen from the Baywatch Watch podcast join TTBP this week to discuss new front runners, cringe-worthy moments, and of course, all things Queen Victoria. Check out Baywatch Watch wherever you get your podcasts! @baywatchwatch


13 Jan 2021

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California Bands With Zach Olsen

This Is The Mix

This week, I'm joined by my friend Zach Olsen (@realzacholsen) who put together a high school mix of punk, ska, rap, and British rock music that blends together like a rainbow. We talk about California musicians like Operation Ivy, NOFX, Weezer, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, and Rage Against The Machine. Zach also discovers that "Black Hole Sun" sounds like his name. Let me know what you're listening to @thisisthemix.  Listen to the mix here. — SHOW INFORMATIONInstagram: Instagram Twitter: Twitter Apple Podcasts: Subscribe Spotify: Follow

1hr 11mins

29 Sep 2020

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The Sixth Beatle with Zach Olsen

Lizard People: Comedy and Conspiracy Theories

There are many contenders for fifth Beatle. But there's another Loveable Lad from Liverpool, a shadowy figure whose contributions to the band are unclear. But who is this mysterious German? And could he be behind the Beatles' greatest hits? And what's the deal with 'googoogajoob' like what the eff is that about, seriously why is that part of the song, was it a placeholder for a real lyric, why did they do that? Join us as Zach Olsen, gentle comedian and big Beatles fan, explains who might have really written the Beatles songs.


7 Feb 2020

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Capers with Zach Olsen

Try It, You'll Like It

Comedian, musician and host of Baywatch Watch Zach Olsen joins us this week to see if our hosts can prove the merits of capers to him. For a round of Hot Tastes, Winston wants popcorn to be more ubiquitous in public spaces (though his gas station example is suspect) while David thinks that fancy restaurants should stop pretending like they've discovered cured egg yolks. For the tasting, capers, caperberries, a salad with a lemon caper vinaigrette, chicken piccata and a chocolate cranberry caper cookie are served up.  __ SHOW INFORMATION Facebook Page: @tryitlikeitpod Instagram: @tryitlikeitpod Twitter: @tryitlikeitpod Email: tryitlikeitpod@gmail.com Subscribe: Apple Podcasts Subcribe: Spotify


9 May 2019