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Darren Dworkin, Chief Information Officer at Cedars-Sinai

Becker’s Healthcare Podcast

This episode features Darren Dworkin, Chief Information Officer at Cedars-Sinai. Here, he discusses his top priorities as CIO, technologies he has implemented that the system has benefitted from, and more.


21 Mar 2021

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Telehealth, Data and Innovation with Darren Dworkin of Cedars Sinai

This Week in Health IT

December 4, 2020: At a time like this, health systems need to come together. Two minds are better than one. Does your market have fierce competition? Or is it characterized by collaboration? Darren Dworkin of Cedars-Sinai shares the huge benefits of collaborating with Huntington Hospital. What does the partnership look like and how will he approach it as a CIO? How is the Cedars-Sinai Accelerator transforming quality, efficiency and delivery in healthcare during COVID? What innovation can we see around real time dashboards and predictive analytics? Are telehealth visits for primary care really working? Do they meet the patient’s expectations? What other tools can be used to reduce touch points and minimize unnecessary contact? It’s important to make investments in analytics, particularly around data science.Key Points:COVID set new records for telehealth. It’s no longer at the peak or the low but somewhere in between. How do we unpack what that means? [00:10:00] We need to stay true to ourselves in regards to what technology has done to healthcare IT. Creating new avenues for receiving care can be tricky. [00:12:05] Academic Medical Centers compete seriously but collaborate liberally [00:16:00] We all got a really big scare around our PPE supply chains. The accelerator quickly stood up and mobilized itself as the engine for which gallons of Purell-like substances, masks and shields were being made. [00:19:40] The EMR is quickly becoming the table stakes [00:28:35] Real time dashboards and predictive analytics [00:30:10] Huntington Hospital Signs Definitive Agreement to Join Cedars-Sinai Health SystemCedars-Sinai Accelerator


4 Dec 2020

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Conversation with Darren Dworkin, Chief Information Officer at Cedars-Sinai

Digital Health Leaders Podcast

In this episode, Darren Dworkin shares his career journey; how technology enables others to succeed, Most Wired excellence; and his focus on serving the community and empowering patients. 


29 Sep 2020

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Exploring the Technical Impacts of COVID-19 with Cedars-Sinai CIO, Darren Dworkin

Healthcare is Hard: A Podcast for Insiders

Cedars-Sinai is a nonprofit academic healthcare organization that serves the diverse Los Angeles community through more than 40 locations, 4,500 physicians and nurses, and 1,500 research projects in motion. Darren Dworkin has been Chief Information Officer at Cedars-Sinai since 2006, where he also founded the Cedars-Sinai Accelerator and serves as managing partner of Cedars-Sinai Health Ventures.In this episode of Healthcare is Hard, Darren talks to Keith Figlioli about the impact of COVID-19 through a technical lens, offers advice to innovators and entrepreneurs selling to health systems during this difficult time, and shares broad views into the digital transformation of healthcare. Some of the topics they discuss include:Enabling Remote Work Through COVID. Many healthcare workers have been bravely carrying out their roles within the hospital setting during the pandemic. But the fact that a large portion of healthcare workers have been asked to work remotely – just like in other industries – hasn’t gotten much attention. Darren points out that in only four days, Cedars-Sinai shifted from having 400 people working remotely to having well over 4,000. He talks about how the health system’s technical infrastructure scaled to handle the demand.Lasting Impacts. One of the silver linings Darren sees emerging from the pandemic is how it will advance strategies around helping patients interact with technology in the right ways. While Cedars-Sinai had already been relying on technology for urgent care and primary care visits, he uses the example of post-surgical follow-up as one area where telehealth has, and will likely continue to be very beneficial. As he points out, surgeons prefer to operate, so if they can minimize the time they spend on follow-ups, it’s a win all around.Pulling Versus Pushing Technology. Darren recognizes that his role as CIO is to “help engage end users in the tech that we have.” In other words, push technology on the enterprise. But part of the reason he finds the work of the Cedars-Sinai Accelerator so rewarding is that it’s exactly the opposite. Clinical and operational leaders get to choose which companies should be in the accelerator based on their needs and the solutions that will solve their biggest challenges. As an academic medical center, Darren sees innovation and discovery as core to the overall mission at Cedars-Sinai, and its accelerator is a big part of that.Advice for Entrepreneurs. Darren’s biggest advice for digital health entrepreneurs is to focus on real savings. Just as we’re approaching a day of reckoning for tech IPOs where companies planned to layer on growth without profitability, the environment for digital health startups is similar: adding improvement without adding bottom line ROI may no longer be sufficient. For example, as companies think about expanding their product, Darren suggests thinking about how to broaden into an adjacent space – versus simply of adding more “bells and whistles” – in order to help health systems eliminate vendors and streamline costs and administration.To hear Darren and Keith talk about these topics and more, listen to this episode of Healthcare is Hard: A Podcast for Insiders.


16 Jul 2020

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Field Report: Cedars-Sinai with Darren Dworkin CIO

This Week in Health IT

April 16, 2020: Healthcare systems have always been major targets for cybercriminals but the risk of threats has become more serious than ever since the pandemic. In this field report, we speak with Vugar Zeynalov, CISO of Cleveland Clinic to hear more about what he and his teams are doing to support the rapid increase of virtual communications between patients and providers from a privacy and security perspective. Vugar fills us in on how cybercriminals are exploiting the situation by luring people into payment schemes through texts and emails with fake news content. He talks about how the Cleveland Clinic is combatting this by providing a reliable feed of trustworthy and secure information via Twitter. We also hear about the scaling in telehealth and remote work everybody has been talking so much about, but this time from the perspective of security. Vugar describes all the efforts he and his multidisciplinary teams have been making to keep privacy top of mind even in light of the HHS decision to postpone the enforcement of privacy standards that were in place before the crisis. We wrap things up hearing a few best practice recommendations from Vugar about the new roles security technicians are having to play at present, and he weighs in strongly on the value of collaboration and skill swapping. Tune in for another informative field report, this time on the theme of security and privacy in the crisis.Key Points:Notes on the scope, culture, and current situation at Cleveland Clinic.Vugar’s career-changing experience working at such a high-level caregiving institution.How Vugar is supporting the great staff at Cleveland from a security IT perspective.What Vugar is seeing regarding threat activity during the pandemic.How criminals are using COVID-themed messaging leading people into payment funnels.What the schemes are exploiting: curiosity, tired providers, and changing health systems.The trustworthy information Cleveland is curating on Twitter to put a stop to crimes.Debunking myths that cybercriminals are choosing not to attack health providers.The rapid scaling of virtual visits and how cybersecurity is being woven into that.Perspectives on HHS postponing the enforcement of privacy settings.Cleveland Clinic’s use of a multidisciplinary cybersecurity team.Best practices and recommendations for software and tools for remote work and Telehealth.Integrating communication service providers into the heavily regulated healthcare space.Three security measures that communication providers have to implement.New duties security professionals have since the crisis: securing platforms and collaborating.


17 Apr 2020

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CHIME Darren Dworkin, A Look Back / Forward

This Week in Health IT

The Healthcare CIO Look Back / Look Forward series with Darren Dworkin, Chief Information Officer at Cedars-Sinai


22 Nov 2019

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Darren Dworkin Discusses Bringing People Together to Accelerate Innovation

This Week in Health IT

Darren and I served as CIOs in close proximity to one another.  Our conversations over the years have challenged and inspired me.  When we created This Week in Health IT, these were the conversations that I wanted to capture and share with the next generation of Health IT leaders.  I hope you enjoy.


1 Mar 2019