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Lifting with Leo - The Chatshow

This episode is sponsored by my new art/apparel fusion line @gypsyxcartel Second to last of lockdown podcast ( I promise season 2 will be much better quality ), I talk to Coach B, the LEGEND that he is about his life and how he came to be such an amazing coach. If youre into weightlifting or CrossFit, this one is a must listen. As always, drop by say hi @latslikeleo. Full video interviews on YOUTUBE - Lifting with Leo - The ChatshowSupport the show (https://www.paypal.com/donate?hosted_button_id=Z4DGYRZZ6S7PC)

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23 Sep 2021

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Burgener Strength with Mike Burgener

Apex Training Gym's Podcast

Who is Mike Burgener? Anyone who comes into the sport of weightlifting, or CrossFit realm, will tell you, this phenomenal weightlifting coach is 100% LEGIT, with his programming to progress an average local lifter, into an untouchable champion.The legendary "Coach B" Mike Burgener is a Level 5 Senior International Weightlifting coach for the United States. He is a graduate of Notre Dame and obtained his MS degree in Exercise Physiology from the University of Kentucky. He was a Captain in the United States Marine Corp (USMC 1965-1975). He was an exceptional weightlifter, able to Olympic press 400 pounds, at 21 years of age, back in 1967. There were no such thing as whey protein, and Rehband knee sleeves, along with nutritional timing, back in those days.Look him up with the below links, to have him analyze & coach you to a better total! Go from a mediocre lifter, to an untouchable champion. Burgener Strength website:  https://www.burgenerstrength.com/Burgener Strength Instagram: Coach BurgenerBurgener Strength e-mail:  mikeburgener@mac.comPodcast host contact information/linksYouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2s52Vn4yWG6i6wdOCQFc1wInstagram: https://instagram.com/jackie.mah.apex.trainingTwitter: https://Twitter.com/JackieMahApexFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/apextrainingjackiemahLinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jackie-mah-b8295419aE-mail:Jmah@apextrainingforlife.com


17 Mar 2021

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How to Train Sustainable and with Discipline w/ Mike Burgener

Fit Discipline

In today's podcast, I'm super pumped to say we interview one of the legends in the weight lifting community, Olympic weight lifting coach Mike Burgener.  We talked about the implementation of discipline into your workouts and how to train sustainably.Hope you enjoy.GRIND ON.Check out his website!- https://www.burgenerstrength.com/


2 Feb 2021

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Mike Burgener: Do What You Can, With What You Have, Where You Are

Invictus Mindset

Many know him as Coach B, and the owner of Mike’s Gym - but do you know how he got where he was? Learn where Coach B played and coached football, to joining the Marine Corps, and how he learned about the Olympic lifts to then become one of the most well known and loved Olympic Weightlifting coaches in the industry.Learn more about Invictus and download a full day of sample programming here: https://bit.ly/2USdOQ3

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23 Nov 2020

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132-Coach Mike Burgener and the Quest for Mentors

James Sturtevant Hacking Engagement

When I retired from teaching high school last year, I worried about losing all of the social interaction that I got from teaching 150 students daily. So, I secured an adjunct position teaching aspiring educators at Muskingum University. I also teach refugees how to speak English. These teaching gigs have been a joy, but it’s a different life because I’m only teaching 3 days a week–which is also a joy. My new-found freedom affords me the opportunity to explore, grow, and take risks. I also want to keep expanding my human capital. Relationships make life worth living and I love forging new ones. One area of growth that I’ve been exploring this year is fitness. I have so much more time to workout now and I love it. I researched ways that I could challenge myself physically and grow myself socially. At the end of my exploration, I concluded that I should join a Crossfit gym. Crossfit significantly challenges you physically and promotes community. Crossfit gyms are highly social places. That was exactly what I was looking for. I found an excellent local gym–Crossfit Polaris . Kristi Eramo is the owner and a prominent games athlete. I love her teaching style and was excited to learn from her and the other coaches at Polaris. Unfortunately, the Covid 19 Pandemic short-circuited my plans. After just 3 introductory classes, the gym was forced to close. I was left high and dry. So, I got busy coaching myself. I pulled the workout of the day (WOD) off the Crossfit site and started doing them. I watched training videos and listened to podcasts hoping to improve my olympic lifting form. Lifting is a key part to Crossfit. I decided that I was going to take one of the most challenging olympic lifts–the snatch, and learn how to do it. Here’s a description of a snatch:The snatch can be described as jumping a barbell through a range of motion and receiving it into an overhead squat. And here’s a brief video if you’d like to see a young woman perform one expertly. You have to be strong, mobile, explosive, coordinated, and courageous to perform this lift. I’m starting from ground zero, but I’m determined to learn this lift. When I searched for Olympic lifting techniques on Google, YouTube, and podcasts, one name kept materializing–Mike Burgener. Now all of you who’re inclined to exit this podcast because you’re not interested in learning about performing an olympic snatch, stop yourself. This program is not about lifting, it’s about teaching. And Mike Burgener is one of this nation’s premier educators. Here’s a bit about Coach Burgener:He has a BA from Notre Dame and played on their 1966 National Championship Football Team.He has an MS from the University of Kentucky in Exercise Physiology, where he was also the strength coach.He was a captain in the Marine Corps.He’s a Senior International Weightlifting Coach for the United States.He’s considered the Godfather of Olympic Lifting for Crossfit.And for decades, Coach Burgener was a proud public educator–teaching high school physical education in California.I got to know Coach Burgener because I sent him an email asking a question. The next thing I knew, I was in his Level 1 weightlifting class. This is a special man and he’s going to talk about his mentors and challenge you to not only listen to the ones you already have but to be open to new ones.

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4 May 2020

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Episode 9: Mike Burgener

Success Stories with John Belton

He was a Captain in the United States Marine Corps. Coach Mike Burgener is known globally as the head coach of CrossFit Weightlifiting. He runs Mike's Gym out of his garage, where he regularly works out with his crew of geezers and provides Olympic weightlifting coaching to athletes of all ages.Performance coach and long time friend and CrossFit alum, John Belton digs deep with Coach B, retracing the steps and identifying the vital components that lead to success. Follow: @johnbelton; @no17personaltraining@mikeburgener@collaborative.studiosGet in touch: john@no17pt.com


19 Dec 2019

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138: Coach Mike Burgener: Geezers, CrossFit Weightlifting and Burgener Strength

The Same 24 Hours

The legendary "Coach B" Mike Burgener has been coaching weightlifting for more than 50 years. He has been named “Coach of the Year” by United States Weightlifting and is a Level 5 senior International Weightlifting Coach. It was an unlikely friendship, however, that led Burgener to CrossFit. “Greg Glassman [the founder of CrossFit] calls me up,” recalls Burgener. “He asked if I was the guy holding courses for Olympic weightlifting and I said ‘yes.' He said, ‘I’d like to bring my athletes down at this gym that I have in Santa Cruz, and I’d like for you to get them certified for USA Weightlifting.”This was 2005, the early years of CrossFit, but Olympic lifts were already at the core of the workout’s philosophy. The rest, as we say it, was history. CrossFit Weightlifting exploded.  (Read more here.)He is a graduate of Notre Dame and obtained his MS degree in Exercise Physiology from the University of Kentucky. He was a Captain in the United States Marine Corps. He runs a Regional Training Center for USA Weightlifting from his home in Bonsall, California.  He has coached the Junior World Women's Weightlifting Team (which I was a member of in 1997!).  His son and daughter, Sage and Casey, are also notable lifters.   Photo Image from Site: https://morningchalkup.com/2018/04/12/letter-to-my-younger-self-mike-burgener/Follow Coach Mike Burgener Website:  www.burgenerstrength.com YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2CZcWZFB4GDWg03U3sNqPQ Instagram:  https://instagram.com/mikeburgenerWant to be a Guest?Contact: same24hourspodcast@gmail.comSign up for Podcast Updatehttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2CZcWZFB4GDWg03U3sNqPQs: https://form.jotform.us/70326661605150 Host: Meredith AtwoodProducer: Carl Stover MusicLogo & Design: Moon 40 Marketing Copyright 2019: Meredith Atwood, LLC


13 Sep 2019

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Mike Burgener, the Godfather of American Weightlifting

Chasing Fitness

In this episode we're joined by the godfather of American Olympic Weightlifting, Mike Burgener. Mike, known as coach, is the original coach for the CrossFit SME Olympic Weightlifting course, a member of the Fighting Irish alumni and was recently inducted into the USA Weightlifting Hall of Fame--which he talks about during the episode.  In this episode, we also discuss what discipline means to him, being in the military and how he's developed into the coach he is today. It's one you're not going to want to miss and share with friends and family!

1hr 7mins

28 May 2019

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16. Mike Burgener | Sh*t coach, just tell me to jump

Best Hour of Their Day

Mike Burgener is one of the most well loved and respected Coaches in all of CrossFit and he has quite the resume.  In addition to being a Level 5 Senior International Weightlifting coach, a graduate of Notre Dame with an MS degree from the University of Kentucky, he is also a former Captain in the United States Marine Corps and spent 32 years teaching Physical Education.   Despite all of his credentials, most know Coach B. as the leader of CrossFit weightlifting and the crazy geezer known for yelling, "yay burpees!" In his 70s, he continues to train and coach and in this interview, he discusses some best practices for improving your Olympic lifts as both a coach and athlete.--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/besthouroftheirday/support


13 May 2019

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EP. 65 // Mike Burgener

Froning and Friends

 Mike Burgener (Coach B), head coach of CrossFit Weightlifting joins the show! The usual cast of Rich, Elly, and Jim discusses a vast amount of weightlifting topics.  Mike Burgener is a Level 5 Senior International Weightlifting coach.  He is a graduate of Notre Dame and obtained his MS degree from the University of Kentucky.  He was a Captain in the United States Marine Corps. Froning & Friends visit: www.froningandfriends.com/ Renaissance Periodization: https://renaissanceperiodization.com/ Trifecta Nutrition: https://www.trifectanutrition.com/ Music: Judah & The Lion - Sweet Tennessee

1hr 4mins

10 Apr 2019