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6 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Andre Lodemann. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Andre Lodemann, often where they are interviewed.

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6 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Andre Lodemann. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Andre Lodemann, often where they are interviewed.

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Preview: Atish, Mark Slee - Chameleon (Andre Lodemann Remix)

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Release number fifteen on San Francisco’s @Manjumasi revisits the Atish + Friends EP, with a diverse collection of remixes from a serious roster of producers. Leading the charge is Berlin’s Andre Lodemann, who delivers an interpretation of Atish and Mark Slee’s “Chameleon” in his classic style, combining intricate percussion and steadily building interwoven synth lines. With its deep pulsing bass texture, the result is a complex and heady track with a crescendo of energy. Next up is Nick Warren and Nicolas Rada, a powerhouse production duo whose version of “Chameleon” is a deep and chuggy journey through the track’s landscapes, slightly slowed down to really let the textures shine. The third remix on the package sees Brooklyn-based Brian Cid return to the label with a deep and driving interpretation of Atish and Tim Engelhardt’s “Bullfrog,” employing a hypnotic hang-drum riff to work in unison with the original’s stabby synth lines. Closing out the package are two versions of Atish and Bengal’s “Tortoise.” DoubtingThomas strips the lush track down to its bare elements, letting each element shine in a more minimal version well-suited for the quirky late-night dancefloors or the afterhours. Finally, label A&R rep Naveen G kicks up the energy and turns in a stormer, with hints of progressive energy, an insistent bassline and trippy psychedelic arpeggios.
Oct 22 2018 · 2mins
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Freerange Records Radioshow No.191 - July 2016 Pt1 With Guest Andre Lodemann

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30 Minutes Hosted & Mixed by Matt Masters Artist - Title (Mix) [Label] Atjazz & Zano - Truth Milton Jackson - M.L.A. (Original Mix) [Dark Energy] Jacksonville - Sodium Glow [Future Sessions] Youandewan - Yo Endlos Sam Matters - Your Mind [Freerange] Mano Le Tough - Energy Flow (Dj Koze Splasher Remix) 30 Minutes Mixed by Andre Lodemann Artist - Title (Mix) [Label] Pete Josef - Colour (Fabian Dikof Dub) Hunter Game - Silver (Redshape Mix) Henry Saiz - Not Last Words (Guy J Remix) Andre Lodemann - Last Exit [Freerange] Headless Ghost - Dirtee Groove 20 Years of Freerange 5 x vinyl box set out now
Jul 07 2016 · 1hr 2mins
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Turned On 091: Psychemagik, Ponty Mython, Andre Lodemann, David Durango, Fedde

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Follow Turned On on SoundCloud for more new music Follow the Spotify playlist Shoutouts to Paul Weller – Phoenix (Psychemagik Remix) [Parlophone] Guydee – Forgot (Thorsteinssøn Cover Version) [Lagaffe Tales] Polar Lights feat. Llarion Dyakov – Declaration … Continue reading →

The post Turned On 091: Psychemagik, Ponty Mython, Andre Lodemann, David Durango, Fedde appeared first on Turned On.

Aug 17 2015 · 1hr
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[Suara PodCats 032] Andre Lodemann (Studio Mix)

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This the thirty second episode and for this week we have Andre Lodemann. For this Suara PodCat
he has delivered a 60 minute set full of atmospheric techno cuts and synthetic melodies. I'm sure
that all those emotive sound lovers out there will definetely enjoy this set!

Stereofysh - Yet there (Robag Wruhme) - Pampa
Fabian Dikof - Consequence Master - Best Works Records
Gui Boratto - Joker (Dave DK Mix) - Kompakt
Ian Pooley - Floris - Innervision
Thyladomid - The Real Thing (Stimming Remix) - Diynamic
Sasse, Stelios Vassiloudis - Kwai - Mood
Coyu - Just Nin /Andre Lodemann Remix) - Suara
Christian Prommer - Can It Be Done f. Adriano Prestel (Alex Niggemann Remix) - Compost
YOKTO - Two For Wood - Compost
NAOME - Belly of the Beast f Sutja Gutierrez (Villanova Fretless Remix) - My Favorite Robot
Sep 11 2014 · 1hr
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BSU 005 - Andre Lodemann (Freerange / Best Works)

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For our fifth podcast of our series we have a Deep house & Techno mix from Best Works boss Andre Lodemann. The mix is an hour of soothing deepness, that will most definitely get you in the mood for Andre's Leeds appearance when he comes to play for us in January and make his city debut.


BSU > Hi Andre, how are you?

I am ready for a holiday as I had a lot of work to do both creative and administrative preparing my album "Fragments" on Best Works Records which is to be released in may 2012.

BSU > You have a number of projects constantly on the go, such as running
the Best Works label and producing solo material... how did you first
get involved in the industry?

If I am honest I started my career playing trance records in the early 90ies :) and then moving on to hip hop and finally house...

BSU > What is your most memorable experience of your career so far?

My most memorable moment was 1995 buying records in London. the stores in London had a totally different music selection compared to the stores in Berlin. The day I came back from London I played all the fresh tunes on a party in Frankfurt/Oder and the crowd went mad. The tune of the night was "Everybody be somebody" from Ruffneck.

BSU > What inspires you?

Everything that touches me in my life from bad weather to very personal emotions.

BSU > In your mind, is there one album that you feel everyone should listen
to at some point in their life and what is it?

Kate Bush "Kick Inside", Radiohead "In Rainbows", Massive Attack "Protection", Talk Talk "Laughing Stock", Joni Mitchel "Both Sides Now",...

BSU > Butter Side Up prides itself on its eclectic taste in music, what can
we expect from your set on Friday?

A journey from deephouse to techhouse and back with a touch of disco.

BSU> Who are you looking up to at the moment?

Can you tell us something about you that not many people know?

I like to keep certain things private :)

BSU > What can we expect from you in the future?

As above mentioned my album incl. a double cd and two 12"es and of course a few new eps and remixes.

Thanks Andre, see you on the 13th!

Dec 22 2011 · 56mins
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GS1 : Andre Lodemann Podcast + Interview

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Here at Groovement Soul HQ we are delighted to have the talented Andre Lodemann laying down an exclusive guest mix to kick off our new podcast show.

On Saturday 23rd of April Groovement Soul will be back in the basement of the Twisted Pepper & will be joined by a very special guest and one of the most exciting DJ's/Producers on the House scene at the moment - Mr Andre Lodemann (Best Works - Berlin). Andre's work really caught our attention in 2010 with his absolute classic remix of Omar's - Lay it Down and we've been paying close attention ever since! With his unmistakable trademark Deep Electronic Groove's, it's right up Groovement Souls street and we can not wait for him to bring it to the basement of the Twisted Pepper on April 23rd.

Exclusive GS Interview with Andre
Questions by Colin Leopold and Keith Dalton
Q: You've lived in Berlin for x amount of years, working and having fun. If I had 24 hours in the city, how would you recommend I spend it?
A: A lot of  people who come to Berlin are here to party. Of course Berlin boasts great clubs such as Weekend, Watergate, Berghain, etc. but Berlin also has other great sites to see. I love the canals and parks in Berlin. You can take a boat through the whole city and you can play soccer in the beautiful parks here. I also like to check second hand records stores and look for things that inspire me. For the evenings programming there are great bars and restaurants to visit in different areas in the city such as Friedrichshain, were I live.

Q: With people less willing to pay for music and a lot more people making it, do you think it's harder to make a living from it? What's the worst job you've had to do to support your music career?
A: For me things have been different. I have been djing over 20 years now and always had a regular job as a socialworker taking care of juveniles. It was a fullfilling job that I loved. But due to my passion for music I decided to quit the job 2 years ago to concentrate myself 100% on music production and dejaying. And since I quit I have been very lucky to be able to live from my music. I feel gratefull to have this possibility.

Q: What's your favourite city or club to have played in recently and why?
A: I actually had a great gig in Essen, Germany a few weeks ago. I played over 5 hours and the crowd was to my surprise very open to deep music and the trip I took them on. Clubwise I also really enjoyed Prater Sauna in Vienna and Bob Beaman in Munich. I look forward to playing Trouw in Amsterdam soon as I heard great things about it.

Q: A lot of countries and scenes have put their own spin on house music in the last few years, what do you think makes it such a rich source of inspiration for DJs and producers?
A: House music is open to all kinds of influences. It is a universal language that everyone can speak in their own dialect. 

Q: Do all the records you play when you are djing have to have an element of soul in them.
A: Of course.

Q: What type of house music do you think we will be listening to in 2020?
A: I can’t really tell you what is going to happen . At least my vision and hope would be that house music receives more muscial richness leaving the tool-approach behind.

Q: Who would you love to collaborate with from any scene or genre?
A: I would love to work with Mark Hollis of Talk Talk. And also Pat Metheny and Lyle Mays.

Q: Are you quite an ambitious person - what's your main goal or goals for 2011?
A: I am ambitious but honestly my goal for 2011 is to reduce my work and enjoy daily life more.

Q: Have you been to Dublin before? What are you expecting from Groovement Soul on the night? Any treats in store etc?

From dj friends I hear that Dublin and Ireland love House-Music. I expect a cool crowd. As to treats I just finished a few remixes and new tracks (Freerange, Room with A View) that I intend to play in my set.

Q: Who's going to be big in 2011 apart from you obviously?
A: Steffi.

01. Flowers and Sea Creatures - A.M. (Ewan Pearson Re-Edit) - Buzzin Fly
02. Downtown Party Network - We Are Cats (MarioBasanov and Vidis Redo) - Loudeast Records
03. Studnitzky - Hauke (Atjazz Base Elements Mix) - Best Works Records
04. Vakula - Ring of Night (Andre Lodemann Remix) - Best Works Records
05. Kruse & Nuernberg ft. NathalieClaude - More And More - Kolour
06. Vincenzo - The Clearing - Dessous
07. Prommer and Barck - Everything (Prommer + Barck Remix) - Derwin
08. Creative Swing Alliance - Now (Loving You) - MCDE
09. Norman Nodge - The Happenstance - Ostgut
10. 6th Borough Project - Changin' - Delusions of Grandeur
11. Bassfort - The Street Is My World (Piano Mix) - Freerange

Apr 21 2011 · 59mins