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Episode 248 - “Not Being able to hear is one of the greatest gifts” - Rebecca Alexander

Disability After Dark

In episode 248, I sit down with my new friend Rebecca Alexander who is a psychotherapist out of NYC living with Usher Syndrome.  Rebecca shines a bright light on her experience of going deaf-blind, how she is perceived as a disabled practitioner, the grief and loss of disability for her, why deaf-blind sex is better than hearing sex and so much more.  Enjoy!    You can follow Rebecca on her website: rebalexander.com You can buy new Disability After Dark merch here! Apply now to be on Disability After Dark by e-mailing disabilityafterdark@gmail.com or going to  this link: https://calendly.com/disabilityafterdarkpod/disabilityafterdark You can get 50% off almost any item in store at www.adameve.com and 10 FREE GIFTS by using DARKPOD at check out! You can get 15% off your order at ComeAsYouAre.com by using coupon code AFTERDARK You can get 20% off everything at www.cloneawilly.com including your own DIY molding kit by using promo code DARKPOD at checkout!  Also, support Disability After Dark by pledging to the patreon. www.patreon.com/disabilityafterdark

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26 Jun 2021

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Rebecca Alexander: Face It, Embrace It, You Can Do it

Rebirth With J.R. Martinez

Rebecca Alexander is an Author, Keynote Speaker, Psychotherapist, and Disability Rights Advocate. Rebecca was diagnosed with a rare condition that would leave her blind and deaf over the course of her lifetime. When she had to use a cane to walk for the very first time, she cried. Today, she shares her experiences and how her genetic disorder has not stopped her from being an extreme athlete, jumping out of planes, and so much more.  Key Takeaways Rebecca was diagnosed with Usher Syndrome, Type 3, which is a very rare condition that only about 100 people in the world have. When was the first time Rebecca was labelled as having a disability? When Rebecca was in college, she met someone who advocated for her and made her feel like it was okay to have a disability. RJ met a 12-year-old boy who was losing his vision and he shared with him why his blindness was a blessing. When we think ‘disabled’ we immediately think of what someone can’t do. How did Rebecca become an extreme athlete? Rebecca was in a serious accident where she fell out of a window when she was younger and broke nearly every bone in her body. Humor plays a critical role in feeling alive again. Rebecca has to be physical. Ever since the accident, she lives with chronic pain. By working out, she feels like she’s in control of her body. What does Rebecca’s diet look like? What kind of challenges has Rebecca faced while being so active? Asking for help is not a weakness. People who need a cane, it can take them between 5-15 years to accept that reality and finally use one. The first time Rebecca used a cane, she cried. If you care so much about the way you look or your disability, or how it’s perceived to others, you’ll be wasting so much energy. This is who you are, embrace it. How did Rebecca become a psychotherapist? Rebecca shares her experiences skydiving! How can able-bodied people better show up for someone with a disability? Continue On Your Journey Rebalexander.com Rebecca on Instagram Rebecca on Facebook Rebecca on Twitter JRmartinez.com J.R. on Instagram J.R. on Facebook J.R. on Twitter J.R. Youtube Channel Did you enjoy today’s episode? If so, please head over to iTunes and leave a review. Help others discover the REBIRTH podcast so they, too, can be inspired and motivated by the stories shared in these episodes.

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25 Mar 2021

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Interview with Rebecca Alexander: Disability Rights Activist, Psychotherapist and Fitness Instructor

The Mindfull Vegan

In this episode I talk to my friend Rebecca Alexander, a disability rights activist, Usher Syndrome spokesperson, psychotherapist, fitness instructor and author living in New York City. Rebecca was born with Usher Syndrome III, a progressive disease effecting hearing and sight. Rebecca is a speaker for Usher Syndrome, speaks at conferences and to medical professionals. She wrote a memoir about her life called Not Fade Away: A Memoir of Senses Lost and Found. She is also a licensed clinical social worker.To learn more about Rebecca: https://www.rebalexander.com/To purchase Rebecca's book: https://www.rebalexander.com/contact-2Support the show (https://paypal.me/themindfullvegan)


14 Sep 2020

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ICI Podcast 336 – Meet Sight and Hearing Impaired Instructor (and Author) Rebecca Alexander

Indoor Cycle Instructor Podcast | ICI/PRO Premium Education

The title of the cosmopolitan.com article sent in by an ICI/PRO member hooked me immediately; What It's Like to Teach a Spin® Class When You're Going Deaf and Blind.  What would it be like to be losing both your vision and hearing? Can you even imagine how challenging it would be teach? I just had to know more about Instructor Rebecca Alexander and then share her very inspiring story with you. Rebecca  Continue Reading... The post ICI Podcast 336 – Meet Sight and Hearing Impaired Instructor (and Author) Rebecca Alexander appeared first on Indoor Cycle Instructor Podcast | ICI/PRO Premium Education.

17 Jan 2015

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1794: A 2014 Interview with Rebecca Alexander

Rick Kleffel:Agony Column

"... like your hands are, and their arms are, engaged in this poetic dance..."

30 Sep 2014

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1793: Podcast Update: Time to Read Episode 175: Rebecca Alexander

Rick Kleffel:Agony Column

Not Fade Away: A Memoir of Senses Lost and Found

28 Sep 2014