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What Does It Mean To Thrive with Doctor Jeremy Goldberg

Free Your Energy

I'm partnering with Caleb Campbell and Jeremy Goldberg on a five-day challenge called Born To Thrive. Register at Borntothrivecourse.com

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30 Aug 2021

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E47: Dr. Jeremy Goldberg: The Long Distance Love Bombing Kindness Pirate

Emotional Optimism: Living in The Silver Lining Podcast

Dr. Jeremy Goldberg is a writer, a speaker, coach, podcast host, and spoken word poet. His mission is to make kindness cool, empathy popular, and compassion commonplace. He believes that kindness and empathy are a life hack that allows people to navigate their lives with the least amount of strife, struggle, pain, and then the most amount of acceptance, love, and belonging. In this episode, Jeremy talks about how to cultivate emotional bravery and how to create an authentic space for people to come to. Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: Becoming a man at six years old How to create a space for people to come to His thoughts on emotional bravery The three-step framework to cultivate emotional bravery Discovering and exploring what you truly want Episode Highlights: Becoming a Man at Six When Jeremy was six, his parents got divorced. One day, his dad got down on a knee and told him that he was going to be going away for a while and so he needed Jeremy to be the man of the house. And he asked Jeremy to look after his mom and his sister. And so, at age six, Jeremy became a man. He was partly angry about that because he felt his childhood was stolen from him in a sense. But he took on the responsibility nonetheless. How to Create an Authentic Space for People to Come To It's hard to make big ideas small, and small ideas felt because life is complex and there are so many intricacies to address. And so, it's hard to communicate easily and to convey your message in a way that's short, snappy, memorable, and fits into the Instagram character count limit, but also tackles important issues fundamental to the architecture of life. Thoughts on Emotional Bravery The most vulnerable courageous person is the one that takes their guard down first, or puts their sword down first, and drops the bravado and allows themselves to be seen, felt, and heard. And so, Jeremy thinks of emotional bravery as authenticity or sovereignty. It's about being okay with whatever it is you're feeling. And being brave enough to share that with the world, or with someone, or even with yourself. The Three-Step Framework to Cultivate Emotional Bravery The A-team of emotional bravery is awareness, acceptance, and action. Develop an awareness of what you're feeling. Accept that without trying to judge, shame, change, or negate it. And then take action from that place that is most aligned with your integrity, courageousness, and the most loving, generous, best version of yourself. How much do you love yourself? How much do you like yourself? How much do you accept yourself? These questions are very important to ask yourself. Then know what you want because a lot of people don’t really know what they want. So you have to start from there. Resources Mentioned: www..longdistancelovebombs.com Follow Dr. Jeremy Goldberg on Instagram @longdistancelovebombs


10 Aug 2021

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How to Recognize a Healthy Relationship, Radical Honesty & Making Kindness Cool with Dr Jeremy Goldberg of Long Distance Love Bombs

Room to Grow Podcast with Emily Gough

I am incredibly excited for today’s guest. I had the chance to sit down with Dr. Jeremy Goldberg, founder of Long Distance Love Bombs, whose mission is to make kindness cool, empathy popular, and compassion commonplace. Jeremy wants to make the world better than it was yesterday.  As part of that purpose, he writes articles, sends emails, hosts retreats and workshops, coaches clients, has a podcast, writes books, and makes spoken word poetry videos. Jeremy also gave a TEDx talk called "What if kindness was cool?" and is also active on Facebook and Instagram, leading an online tribe of more than 60,000 badass humans.  This episode is jam packed full of really amazing and various topics of discussion. Just a few of the things you can expect when listening today are; Recognizing a healthy relationship when we don’t know what that feels like Moving through pain and what happens when we get too comfortable in pain and can allow ourselves to stay stuck in despair The radical honesty required to repair disconnection with both ourselves and others How to unpack some of the emotional shit that we bury so deep under the surface And much more… Are you ready? Let’s go... Want to connect with Jeremy online?  You can find him at: https://www.longdistancelovebombs.com On Instagram at: https://www.instagram.com/longdistancelovebombs/# On facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/LongDistanceLoveBombs Watch his TEDx talk here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5mklMPHGLjo Subscribe to his podcast here:  https://anchor.fm/longdistancelovebombs Grab a copy of his book here: https://shopcatalog.com/product/itll-be-okay-and-you-will-be-too/ FIND EMILY ONLINE: @emilygoughcoach info@emilygoughcoaching.com Emily Gough Coaching Room to Grow Podcast Questions?  Comments? Want to connect and chat about this episode? You can email me at info@emilygoughcoaching.com, or DM me over on Instagram @emilygoughcoach or Facebook at Emily Gough Coaching.  I would absolutely love to connect with you and thank you for listening in real life and here any takeaways you had from this or other episodes!.  It makes me day to see you listening to the podcast and fills me up with pure joy. Seriously.  See you on the ‘gram! If Instagram and Facebook aren’t your jam, send me a good old fashioned email!  info@emilygoughcoaching.com BRAND NEW EPISODES EVERY TUESDAY & THURSDAY

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15 Jul 2021

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Making Kindness Cool and Getting Sh*t Done with Dr. Jeremy Goldberg

The Pursuit of Learning

We live in a world where people are so consumed by their traditional, busy lifestyles and don’t prioritize showing kindness and empathy toward one another. Our guest today is someone who has made it their philosophy and mission to make kindness cool, empathy popular, and compassion commonplace. Dr. Jeremy Goldberg, behavioral scientist, author, speaker, and mentor, joins us today to talk about his mission for kindness, empathy, and compassion. Throughout today’s episode, we dive deep into how the traditional definition of men leads to social issues, why we need to have more kindness, empathy, and compassion towards one another, and tips and tricks for getting things done and successfully achieving life goals.Jeremy starts the discussion by sharing his thoughts on what inspires and influences him the most at the moment. We also talk about the book he’s writing, the inspiration behind it, and the main focus of the book. Getting into deeper topics, we talk about how most men don’t prioritize self-love and taking care of themselves. We dive into the social and cultural factors that contribute to this behavior and how to avoid it. Another issue that affects many men is that the traditional definition of manhood does not leave men with much room to express their emotions and vulnerable moments. This can lead to certain emotional issues among men and, in some cases, violence. We dive into why men’s tears should be normalized and how we can guide young boys to adopt a healthy, mature expression of masculinity.Jeremy’s brand, Long Distance Love Bombs, was inspired by a fascinating experience of kindness and empathy. Jeremy talks about that moment from years ago and how it ultimately led him to start his unique movement. Another area we focus on today is getting things done. Many of us come up with new ideas, goals, and other things we want to achieve, but we often struggle to start and get things running. Jermy talks about why it’s hard for many of us to start something new, how we get the kickstart we need by starting small, and how to break a big process down to baby steps in order to prevent ourselves from losing interest. Resources:Connect with Dr. Jeremy:Website: longdistancelovebombs.com / dr-jeremygoldberg.comInstagram: @longdistancelovebombsMentioned in the episode:To Be a Man by Robert Masters: robertmasters.com/book/to-be-a-manFeeling Good: The New Mood Therapy by David D. Burns: goodreads.com/en/book/show/46674.Feeling_Good

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8 Jul 2021

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How To Be a Good Man with Dr. Jeremy Goldberg

How To Be A Human: the Podcast With Leisse Wilcox

Today I am ridiculously giddy to be speaking to Dr. Jeremy Goldberg. Dr. Goldberg founded Long Distance Love Bombs, he is a TEDx speaker trying to make kindness cool, a PhD scholar who spent the past five years studying the science of human behavior, specifically how attitudes affect action and how we can communicate to inspire greater and lasting change. A spoken word poet who rants about love, life, and everything in between. A compassion-cultivating, day-making change agent, a kind heart, someone who believes in you.  His mission is to make kindness cool, empathy popular, and compassion commonplace.  Today we are talking all about; What it means AND what it doesn’t mean to be a good man How to create safe space for men to be fully and completely who they are The importance of men and women coming together collectively to create something special and healing that provides the greatest amount of benefit AND equality of opportunity for everyone. And so much more I loved this conversation & hope you will too. Grab your french press coffee, or some tacos and come join us! Want to connect with Dr. Jeremy Goldberg? You can find him here: Instagram https://www.instagram.com/longdistancelovebombs/ Facebook https://www.facebook.com/LongDistanceLoveBombs/ The Long Distance Love Bombs Podcast https://anchor.fm/longdistancelovebombs TEDx Talks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5mklMPHGLjo Website https://www.longdistancelovebombs.com/ Are you ready to move yourself forward? To unblock your higher self? To release all the limiting beliefs that are holding you back? Head over to https://leissewilcox.com/ and book a speed date with me. I would love to work with you! And catch me over on instagram @leissewilcox


18 Jun 2021

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Jeremy Goldberg on Overcoming Self-Sabotage, Dealing with Sh*t Sandwiches and Everything in Between

The GlowJo Podcast

Today’s guest on The GlowJo Podcast is the wonderfully thought-provoking and giggle-inducing, Jeremy Goldberg. A kindness advocate and author of the book, It’ll Be Okay, And You Will Be Too, and the man who coined the phrase, “Shit Sandwich.” Jeremy has made it his mission in life to cultivate kindness, compassion, and empathy through his poetry, online courses, TEDxTalks, podcast, retreats, and workshops. Jeremy tries his hardest every day to be the best version of himself he can be while guiding thousands of people to do the same.In today’s episode, Jeremy and Leanne talk about self-sabotage, self-awareness, and everything in between. From changing belief systems to deep questions like, what it means to be human, they discuss why we fall into habits that don’t serve us and what we can do to change for the good. They dive deep into the ways being human can be messy and scary - (everyone feels like this, right?) If you need someone to relate to, this episode is for you. Jeremy and Leanne are funny, realistic, relatable, and HUMAN. Feel free to be your messiest self and let go of whatever it is that you’re holding onto.Enjoy! PS. Here’s your definition of the day! Haha Enjoy!SHIT SANDWICH Noun The past includes all your belief systems, who you are, your relationships, etc. You currently are standing at the apex of life, and then you have your future which is unknowing and scary. That is life. Life is the shit sandwich. On the episode, we cover:What is self-sabotage and why do we do it? Understanding our belief systems Grieving change What it means to be humanThere are efficient ways to live an effective lifeHow to distinguish between self-sabotage and intuition Links shared:https://theglowjo.com/https://www.instagram.com/leannekallal/https://www.instagram.com/longdistancelovebombs/ https://www.longdistancelovebombs.com/ https://shopcatalog.com/product/itll-be-okay-and-you-will-be-too/https://www.facebook.com/LongDistanceLoveBombs/ https://createthelove.com/cards/ 

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15 Jun 2021

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Charging What You Are Worth with Dr. Jeremy Goldberg

Get the Hell Out of Debt

If you are a coach, a course creator or an entrepreneur and you are struggling with asking for what you are worth, this is the episode for you! Erin chats with author, coach, (and fancy former scientist) Dr. Jeremy Goldberg about finding your happy price that allows you to charge what you are worth and also reach the people you need to reach. We also discuss how difficult it can be to navigate unconscious money stories about men and their attractiveness when it comes to money and being a provider, and how he resolved a money story that started as a tense avocado standoff and ended in intimacy. With his partner. Not the avocado.  __ Find Jeremy in all these places: Website / Facebook / Book / Newsletter / Instagram / TEDx talk / Podcast Find Kendra at Instagram.com/adachikendra __ Get The Hell Out Of Debt book is in stores now! Purchase your copy HERE. Get The Hell Out Of Debt course is available HERE for just $99 USD. (price subject to change) Visit Erin's website at www.erinskyekelly.com and follow her online @erinskyekelly and @getthehelloutofdebt. 

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22 Apr 2021

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Building Better Men with Dr. Jeremy Goldberg, Long Distance Love Bombs

Brobriety: Sobriety, Mental Health, and Wellness For Men (And Women, and the Men and Women Who Love Them)

“When nothing is certain, anything is possible.”Dr. Jeremy Goldberg grew up in a household with an alcoholic mother and got a crash course in acceptance and personal responsibility. Now, he uses the lessons he learned through those struggles to help build a generation of better men. In this powerful conversation, he discusses: How men can lead with heart and wholeness How the meaning of being a man is evolving The lack of initiation rituals for men in western culture How his mother’s alcoholism shaped him Dr. Jeremy Goldberg is trying to make kindness cool and the world better than it was yesterday. He wrote a book, gave a TEDx talk, coaches clients, leads retreats, hosts a podcast, and shares daily delights with more than 40,000 followers on Instagram. He's worked for governments and universities for over a decade, is an expert in human behavior, and spent years studying how our brains influence our actions and wrote a Ph.D. thesis about it.He's a recovering scientist turned life coach who speaks fluent burrito.  He own a van and a man bun and in my spare time, I collect silver linings.  People pay him to make them cry.Learn more about Jeremy: @longdistancelovebombs

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2 Mar 2021

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010 Doing Hard Shit with Jeremy Goldberg

Everyday Legends

The Art of Authenticity & Overcoming Laziness Dr Jeremy Goldberg is a wonderfully unique and wholly interesting and refreshing human. This episode represented one of many ways a conversation between us could have gone. A self-confessed ‘Recovering Scientist” - Jeremy spent years working on not only preventing Climate Change, but how we actually change people’s behaviours in order for that to happen on large scale. He has an immense love for the planet, and for life. And that is evident even in 5 minutes in his company. In this episode, we start there, on his history in studying behaviour change, and we wander into how this has then impacted his own life in changing some old behaviours, and the beliefs underlying them, that haven't served him so well in the past. We explore his own experience with codependency and how one of his biggest areas of growth has been in relationships and stepping away from trying to fix his partner's feelings because it was the only mode he knew. That and it helped negate his own discomfort in more awkward feelings.  With that part alone there is a lot for you to take away from this episode. We also explore how this then has become one of his core ways of being - doing hard shit. And how even this isn’t about some noble way of being better and winning personal development, but simply because he’s lazy. Just some of the realness that Jeremy brings to literally anything he does. It’s always refreshing and fun to speak with him, and I hope you’ll get that from this conversation too. Be sure to share this with a man you think could benefit from it and enjoy Jeremy take on things. Let me know you’re listening to is - tag me on social media - and if you haven’t yet, please leave us a review on Apple Podcasts - it can take you two minutes but help me massively to get this in front of more men who may just resonate with something that facilitates monumental (or small) change in his life. Mike’s main lessons/takeaways: Jeremy’s zest for life is infectious. I literally think fo his every time I see wildlife (follow him on social media to make more sense of that). He brings his unique, light, engaging, and down to earth style to everything he does, including this episode. Beyond the actual content we cover, I think the takeaway for me is in how Jeremy chooses to relentlessly, and lazily, live his own life. Contact Info for Jeremy Website: http://longdistancelovebombs.com/ ‘Do Hard Shit’ program Instagram: @longdistancelovebombs Podcast: https://anchor.fm/longdistancelovebombs ‘Other Ways To Consume this podcast’  iTunes Spotify YouTube Transcript (coming soon)   Get Involved: Subscribe to podcast on Apple Follow on Spotify Sign up for Mike’s LEGENDAILY Texts to help you with a daily shot of loving straight talk direct to your pocket Explore Mike’s Better Partner Project 4 week Accelerator Course in Relationships for Men

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19 Oct 2020

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50 | Dr Jeremy Goldberg | Creative Integrity And How To Have Hard And Life Changing Conversations | The Amber Hawken Podcast

The Amber Hawken Podcast

Hard conversations lead to radical transformation... Episode number 50 is a heart pounder. Not only is Dr Jeremy Goldberg one of my most favourite people on the planet, what he has to offer on the topic of creative grown, doing hard things, integrity and how to have hard conversations that matter is life-changing.  From Jeremy himself "My mission is to make kindness cool, empathy popular, and compassion commonplace.  As part of that purpose, I write articles, send emails, host retreats and workshops, give TEDx talks, coach clients, host a podcast, write books, and make spoken word poetry videos.  I am also active on Facebook and Instagram, leading an online tribe of more than 35,000 badass humans. If you want to learn more about me, click here for a shortlist of my favourite shit on the planet. My name is Jeremy, I founded Long Distance Love Bombs, and I am fucking stoked to meet you. " We touch on The different stages of creative growth and how to know where you are What causes us to procrastinate and how to overcome it The difference between sharing from our wounds or our scars How expression from a place of pain can be done well How expression from your wounds can also be out of alignment Whether  you need to be 'healed' fully in order to teach another How to overcome the sense of obligation to produce as an entrepreneur Making it easy to have hard conversations that better your relationships and your life

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7 Oct 2020