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Erik Bartell is a Fitness Personality and Entrepreneur

Pillow Talk

Will and Erik talk about the social media dilemma, the value of sports and how Eriks work in the Military guided him to personal fitness and his product - https://drinkechelon.com


22 Aug 2022

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066 Why a True Leader Will Make Himself Replaceable with Erik Bartell

Got Your Six with Tony Nash

6ers, no one can reach the pinnacle of success without putting in significant effort, and there is no magic bullet to make it happen. Every success can be traced back to the initial willingness to begin at the bottom. It's a place where you're willing to feel out of your depth because you have no idea what you're doing and success will only come with time.This week, Tony Nash is joined by Erik Bartell is a US Army combat veteran turned business leader, brand endorser, and community builder. He was the former Executive Director of FitOps Foundation and Vice President for community at Bravo Sierra, the first military-native wellness company. Currently, Erik sits as the Brand Director for Echelon. You will learn being at the bottom means you're laying the groundwork for future success.  Knowing that true success is worth every hour and time you spend building a strong foundation, you take advantage of the fact that few people are willing to start from zero.As a result, this leads you to work hard and associate with positive influences. Getting your hands dirty alongside your squad is a deliberate strategy for honing your leadership abilities and putting your plans into action. So that you can pursue more opportunities and improve as a person, you work hard to ensure that you are replaceable.-----01:06 - Using his own stubbornness to propel himself to his dreams 03:34 - Showing leadership in the trenches 05:30 - Implementing esprit de corps in the civilian world 09:07 - Saying “No” in business as an ROI strategy 11:31 - Why you need to make yourself replaceable at the execution level  13:05 - Surrounding yourself with the right people 14:32 - The mental and physical failure when he experienced a torn meniscus 17:08 - There’s always something to learn and having natural curiosity -----Here is how to connect with Erik Bartell:  LinkedInInstagram TwitterWebsite-----Connect with Got Your Six podcast:WebsiteInstagramDiscordLinkedInTwitterTikTok-----Connect with Tony:WebsiteLinkedInInstagramTwitter


11 Jul 2022

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How Erik Bartell‘s Passion For Fitness Helped Drive His Career

M&F Reps

Erik Bartell is a military veteran, fitness coach, and entrepreneur who has worked with major brands such as Performix, Fit-Ops Foundation, Spartan Race, and most recently, Bravo Sierra.  His journey into the fitness industry wasn't linear, but his drive and talents have ensured he's continued to be successful at every stop. 

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1 Oct 2021

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Episode 125 - How the chip on Erik Bartell's shoulder spurs him to take action for positive change and growth

Fit Dad Fitness Podcast

My guest this week, Erik Bartell, is a husband and new dad, as well as a combat veteran, a personal trainer at one of New York City's most elite gyms, and the Executive Director of a non-profit. Erik's outlook on facing challenges and discomfort head on stem from his upbringing in which he was raised by a single mother in Chicago as they dealt with poverty and homelessness. He used that situation as motivation to eventually go on to college, then the military, to where he is now as the Executive Director of the Fit Ops Foundation (https://fitops.org/), an organization dedicated to helping veterans establish a life post-military as fitness professionals. Buckle up, because Erik brings so much truth and perspective in this episode. Give him a follow on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/erik.bartell/. Be sure to check out this week's spotlight partner of the Fit Dad Fitness Podcast, Lambs, which makes underwear and other clothing accessories for men made from fabric designed to block EMF and radiation to protect your "boys." You can get 15% off your order when you use the code "FITDAD" at https://getlambs.com/. Thanks for listening to the Fit Dad Fitness Podcast. Please share this episode on social media, and if you want to go a step further, leave a review and rating on Apple Podcasts. For all things Fit Dad Fitness, go to FitDadFitness.com.

1hr 11mins

30 Oct 2019

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