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Gabor Mate: Why Are We Addicted to Everything?

Metaphysical Milkshake with Rainn & Reza

Rainn and Reza sit down with world renowned addiction specialist Dr. Gabor Mate to ponder, "Why Are We Addicted To Everything?"  @rainnwilson @rezaaslan Special Thanks to Our Sponsors! Linkedin Talent Solutions Post your job for free at LinkedIn.com/MILKSHAKE Four Sigmatic Just for Metaphysical Milkshake listeners: Get up to 40% off + Free Shipping on Mushroom Coffee bundles. To claim this deal you MUST go to Foursigmatic.com/MILKSHAKE. Better Help Special offer for Metaphysical Milkshake listeners: get 10% off your first month at betterhelp.com/MILKSHAKE. Green Chef Go to GreenChef.com/milkshake100 and use code milkshake100 to get $100 off including free shipping!  See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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17 Aug 2021

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Healing From Trauma wiht Gabor Mate

Rise Today Inspirational Podcast

This is a Rise Today Replay, with one of our most popular episodes, featuring Gabor Mate. We are replaying our episodes in preparation for a return to live broadcasting in September. More details to come. Watch this feed and make sure to follow us on FaceBook and at Risetoday.com/podcast Gabor Mat inspirational author, speaker, addiction expert, and trauma focused healer Gabor Mate. Gabor shares his vision on learning and thriving through trauma, addiction, mental health symptoms, medical issues, and what healing looks like.


5 Aug 2021

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#47 Dr. Gabor Mate joins us for a conversation on trauma, addiction, drug policy & self-care.

The Two Norries Podcast

It was an honour for us to have Dr. Gabor Mate on our podcast. He is a complete gent, soft and humble and met our expectations and more.You can see a list of his books here: https://drgabormate.com/book/Check out his free videos here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsRF06lSFA8zV9L8_x9jzIAIf you would like to help us out consider donating a few €'s here: https://www.patreon.com/thetwonorriesGet in touch with us at : contact@thetwonorriespodcast.com We're on all the social media's too.Thanks for your continued support. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

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14 May 2021

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Dr. Gabor Mate: Healing From Addiction & Trauma

A Life of Greatness

Where does addiction start and how can we prevent it? The answer to these questions will both surprise and enlighten you in this special conversation with NYT bestselling author Dr. Gabor Maté, the co-developer of the therapeutic approach,  compassionate Inquiry, and the recipient of multiple awards for his medical work and research. Joining Sarah Grynberg for an extremely open-hearted and candid conversation, together they explore the true cause of all addiction, the effects of trauma, how we can reprogram ourselves at a cellular level to prevent disease, and the essential condition required to ensure the healthy development of our children. Whether addiction or trauma has touched you or your family, whether you are seeking a major change to your health or simply wish for the brightest future for your children, this is an unmissable episode that will offer you the answers to aid any transformation. Follow Sarah for more wisdom & inspiration: Instagram: instagram.com/sarahgrynberg Website: https://sarahgrynberg.com/ Facebook: facebook.com/sarahgrynberg Twitter: twitter.com/sarahgrynberg YouTube: youtube.com/sarahgrynbergSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


10 May 2021

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E13: Dr. Gabor Mate – The Human Experience

The Trauma & Mental Health Report Podcast

In this episode, Trauma Report writer Eleni Neofytou speaks with renowned speaker and author Dr. Gabor Mate about his new book The Myth of Normal: Illness and Health in an Insane Culture, and his thoughts on the human experience. Dr. Mate explains the importance of looking at the big picture in questions of mental health, including the connection between physiology and relationships, and the effect that our society has on individual well-being.


26 Apr 2021

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Healing from Trauma with Gabor Mate

Rise Today Inspirational Podcast

Today we are honored to have the inspirational author, speaker, addiction expert, and trauma focused healer Gabor Mate. Gabor shares his vision on learning and thriving through trauma, addiction, mental health symptoms, medical issues, and what healing looks like. 


15 Apr 2021

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Gabor Mate on How We Become Who We Are | Conversations with Tom

Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu

Check out our Sponsors Butcher Box: Ground beef for life is back! For a limited time, new members can get 2 pounds of free ground beef in every Butcher Box order by signing up today at ButcherBox.com/impact Athletic Greens: Go to athleticgreens.com/impact and receive a FREE 1 year supply of Vitamin D AND 5 free travel packs with your first purchase! Indeed: Get a FREE $75 CREDIT to upgrade your job post at indeed.com/IMPACT The New Yorker: For a limited time, you can get 12 weeks of The New Yorker for just $6. Go to NewYorker.com/IMPACT As adults we all have some degree of trauma from our childhood to cope with. Maybe it’s falling downhill and being left with a scar, or maybe it’s more severe and involves emotional neglect. For many adults,it’s easy to believe there was never any trauma, life was great and their childhood was filled with happy memories. In this episode, Gabor Mate explains how easily unconscious traumas from childhood can be identified. He shares years of experience and wisdom with Tom in this conversation that explores the depths of truth and meaning in life, and how that fits in with our physical and behavioral manifestations of broken adult expectations and stressors. Gabor Mate, is a deep thinker, childhood development expert, and expert of addiction. He shares his unique insights on how to deal with severe trauma and how to get the most out of life by moving beyond mere survival. SHOW NOTES: Reality | Gabor on how people view reality and the Johnny Cash song, In Your Mind [1:14] Childhood Development | Gabor reveals the shaping window of development for children [3:01] Stress Defined | Gabor explain the terminology of stress and its triggers [5:40] Emotional Work | Ongoing emotional work that takes consciousness and awareness [9:13] Trauma | Gabor discusses severe trauma, how it shows up physically and in behavior [10:12] Being Sensitive | Advantage and disadvantage of being highly sensitive [12:18] Empathetic Support | Gabor talks about empathetic support for persons with trauma [12:43] Beyond Mental | Gabor reveals makes life more profound beyond the mental experience [20:04] Feeling vs. Being | Gabor presents difference between feeling and a state of being [22:11] Self-Isolation | Gabor explores self-isolation and the state of pain versus enlightenment. [22:32] Expectations | Gabor describes the expectations of the nervous system  [24:30] Broken Society | how modern society is dysregulating us and how broken our society is [30:31] Child Development | Gabor reveals what healthy child development  [41:04] Meaning & Purpose | Gabor pushes on Tom’s value for meaning equated with hard work [51:20]  Truth Not Facts | Gabor explains difference between truth and facts [59:54] Life after 70 | Gabor shares what keeps him going in his seventies is just who he is [1:07:58] Palliative Care | Gabor share his experience and perspective with palliative care [1:14:18] Commitment | Gabor and Tom talk about commitment [1:30:42] Marriage | Lessons from 51 years of marriage [1:35:23] Unconscious Trauma | Processing trauma that you’re not consciously aware of [1:41:13] Suffering From Past |Gabor shares a quote to explain how suffering isn’t always labeled [1:43:19] Dissociated from suffering | Gabor explains pain suppressed and misinterpreted  [1:45:54] QUOTES: “When people are just trying to survive it's hard for them to consider transformation, so people that are under economic pressure, or racially oppressed, or under economic threat, political conflict these make it difficult for people because people are just in survival mode.” [11:43] “There’s essence, there’s truth that goes beyond what the mind can comprehend” [20:34] “There’s a way of isolating yourself as a way of committing yourself to enlightenment which means that you’ll stay away from people for the rest of your life it just means you’re going to go deep into yourself and not be distracted by all that the world throws at you  [23:32] “Then there’s another way to isolate yourself which is a defensive one, which is ‘the world is so awful, the heck with them all, I don’t need  anybody,’ that will protect you from some kinds of hurt, cause if you withdraw from relationships you’ll never be betrayed, so that’s true, on the other hand, that itself is a state of pain”  23:49 “Survival and fully being alive and fully living are not the same thing” [25:39] “There’s lots of facts out there, but truth is much larger than facts, it’s integrating the facts in a picture of reality.”  [1:00:05] “A life without truth is not a meaningful life” [1:04:46] “the beauty does not go away. Should your marriage come to 51 years, as mine has, you’ll be looking into your wife’s eyes and you’ll be seeing the same beauty that you saw the first day you met her”   [1:34:02] “when you think of a trigger, it's a very small little thing and what’s much more important is the ammunition and explosive that the trigger sets off. And who’s carrying the explosive and ammunition, you are. So you can focus on the trigger, [...] or you can focus, ‘oh what’s exploding inside of me and how long have I been carrying this?’ [1:37:01] “You have to have the compassion to look at yourself not through the voice that tells you you’re worthless, but to say if I reacted that way it must be a good reason for it. Something in me, there’s something that happened to me that made me react that way at some point” [1:39:35] “There’s all kinds of memory and the body carries memory even if it doesn’t carry recall” [1:41:45] FOLLOW GABOR: Website: https://drgabormate.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/drgabormate Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/drgabormate/?ref=hl Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsRF06lSFA8zV9L8_x9jzIA 

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18 Mar 2021

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Gabor Mate: Brain Development and Addiction (1h5m)

Voluntaryist Voices by Everything-Voluntary.com

Post by Skyler J. Collins (Editor). This episode features a talk by Canadian physician and addiction expert Gabor Mate from 2009. Drugs, alcohol, tobacco, gambling, compulsive work habits, sexual seeking or spending: what is amiss with our lives that we seek such destructive ways to comfort ourselves? And why is it so difficult to stop these habits, even as they threaten our health, jeopardize our relationships and corrode our spirits? Purchase books by Gabor Mate on Amazon here. Listen To This Episode (1h5m, mp3, 64kbps)  Subscribe via RSS here, or in any podcast app by searching for “voluntaryist voices”. Support the podcast at Patreon.com/evc or PayPal.me/everythingvoluntary. Other podcasts: “Everything Voluntary“, “Thinking & Doing” Referral links: Tom Wood’s Liberty Classroom, Ron Paul’s Homeschool Curriculum, Amazon Shopping

29 Dec 2020

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Vücudunuz Hayır Diyorsa - Gabor Mate | Sesli Kitap

101 Konsept Sesli Kitap

Vücudunuz Hayır Diyorsa - Gabor Mate | Sesli Kitap Seslendiren: Rıza Yıldırım Kitabın hepsini değil sadece bir kısmını seslendirdim. Eğer ilginizi çektiyse mutlaka kitabını edinip okumalısınız. Diğer Sesli Kitaplardan haberdar olmak için lütfen kanalıma ücretsiz abone olun: https://bit.ly/2E9OqgQ Diğer sosyal medya linklerim: https://linktr.ee/101konsept--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/101konsept/messageSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/101konsept/support

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28 Dec 2020

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Unified Field Theory of Addiction - Gabor Mate Hungry Ghosts Pt. 2

Recovery in the Middle Ages - Two Middle-Aged Suburban Dads Talk About Recovering From Addiction to Drugs & Alcohol.

RMA-Episode 18 Show Notes: Greetings fellow travellers! This week on RMA we continue our deep dive into Dr. Gabor Mate’s In The Realm of Hungry Ghosts and deconstruct his theory of addiction in excruciating detail. Plus, Mike and Nat get debate an issue of grave importance to our times-real or artificial Christmas tree? Plus, the weekly wrap-up,  a new 5 star review, Recovery in the News and The Week in Weird on a snowy, theoretical, inimical episode of Recovery in the Middle Ages PLEASE leave us a 5 star review on I-Tunes if you’re enjoying the show and SUBSCRIBE to get the latest episodes.  APPLE LINK https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/recovery-in-middle-ages-two-middle-aged-suburban-dads/id1528859864 You can reach us by email at: MikeR@middleagesrecovery.com Natx@middleagesrecovery.com Send comments, complaints, death threats, ideas and requests to be interviewed. We’ll talk to anyone! WE NOW HAVE A WEBSITE! Drop by and check it out: Www.middleagesrecovery.com Visit MiddleAgesRecovery.com where we have a new feature for an upcoming segment on the show, “This is YOUR life!” On the “tell us your story” Form on the website, write your recovery or using story and we will read them on the air! (Anonymity guaranteed). WE ARE NOW ON TWITTER! FOLLOW US!  https://twitter.com/RecoveryAges?s=20 Join the Facebook Page! Exciting things are finally happening there! https://www.facebook.com/Recoveryinthemiddleages We also have a Facebook Group! Request to join the group. It’s a private space for continuing the discussion of what Nat and Mike talk about on the podcast. Hope to see you there. https://www.facebook.com/groups/365987294509662/ If you’re in trouble with substance abuse and need help, reach out. There are thousands of people who have put problems with addiction in their rear-view mirrors and you can be one of them. While we neither endorse nor condemn any particular program, the sheer number of available AA and NA meetings suggest that reaching out to those organizations would be a good first step on the road to recovery.   https://www.aa.org/ https://www.na.org/meetingsearch/ The Realm of Hungry Ghosts Get it on Amazon and support your favorite show~ use this link https://amzn.to/34tGTqi https://drgabormate.com/book/in-the-realm-of-hungry-ghosts/ Gabor Mate’s TED Talk https://youtu.be/-mpbBAQvrKM Recovery in the News: https://www.cincinnati.com/story/opinion/2020/12/16/editorial-punishing-addiction-not-answer-treating/3920663001/ Zodiac Cypher Solved https://www.wired.com/story/zodiac-killers-cipher-finally-cracked-after-51-years/

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18 Dec 2020