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Ways to Diversify Your Revenue Stream with Shayla Copas

Wingnut Social: The Interior Design Marketing and Business Podcast

Does the Coronavirus crisis have you wishing you had a diversified revenue stream coming in? Or are you looking to diversify for more financial security? Shayla Copas has completely mastered the concept of generating multiple income streams. Darla and Natalie pick her brain and learn HOW she made it happen in this episode of the Wingnut Social podcast! Shayla Copas is an award-winning designer, speaker, brand ambassador, event-planner, author, and philanthropist. Shayla’s design aesthetic she has self-professed as “southern glam”. She has two licensing deals in the works—one for furniture and one for fabric—and she manages to balance it all. How does she do it? Listen to this episode to find out!What You’ll Hear On This Episode of Wingnut Social[2:40] Wingnut Social Webinar registration open! [3:45] Shayla Copas introduction and background  [8:10] How COVID has impacted her businesses  [10:55] How did Shayla get into event planning? [13:07] Stop leaving money on the table [15:48] Public speaking and writing a book [20:28] Brand ambassadorships opened the door for licensing [23:20] What contributed to her visibility the most? [24:14] Did Shayla have a grand master plan? [26:09] Shayla’s advice for a newbie designer [27:01] What up Wingnut! Round [29:01] Connect with Shayla [34:22] Blooper Reel!Connect with Shayla CopasShayla Copas Interiors Shayla on Instagram Shayla on PinterestResources & People MentionedBOOK: Four Seasons of Entertaining BOOK: The BlessingShayla’s began diversifying her revenue stream in the ‘90sShayla’s first business was in silk flowers—before there was a Hobby Lobby on every corner. Soon after she moved to Little Rock, AK she launched her design business. Throughout her career, she learned the ins and outs of event planning and design, but It wasn’t until ‘06/’07 that she decided she wanted to start designing events. It didn’t even require expanding her team—they simply hired contractors for the events as-needed. About 6 years ago, Shayla was on her way home from High Point Market when someone called and asked if she could feature Shayla in her upcoming book featuring 20 designers across the US. She ended up not only being a featured designer in the book—but also graced the cover. It was the “aha moment” she needed. She realized she could write and publish her own book. She ended up becoming close friends with the woman who featured her and introduced her to her publisher. Shayla recommends getting involved as an ambassador as a stepping-stone to licensing deals. It helps you gain visibility and opens up relationships that can lead to more. Every company she’s worked with has aligned with her values and she connects with the people within them on a human level. She notes that when things fall together like that you can create magic together.The big question: How DID Shayla diversify her revenue stream?Shayla believes there are two big contributing factors to the visibility she gained: social media and her book. A book is one of THE best marketing tools that can expose your design brand on a different level. Shayla’s book—coupled with her design businesses and ambassadorship—showed that she could commit to projects at a high level. That ability to commit and follow-through is one of the biggest contributing factors to getting licensing deals.  Shayla didn’t have a grand master plan to diversify her revenue stream so significantly. But she does write down her goals each year—and has always done that—to give her something to strive toward. Shayla believes you just need to be open: “When you pray, God is good and he answers prayers. And sometimes it’s not the way that we think it’s going to happen. Sometimes those things are answered in a different way, but we need to have our ears open and our eyes open to see those opportunities.”  To hear more of Shayla’s story, how she diversified her revenue stream, and her advice for newbie designers—listen to the whole episode!Connect With Darla & Wingnut Socialwww.WingnutSocial.com On Facebook On Twitter: @WingnutSocial On Instagram: @WingnutSocial Darla’s Interior Design Website Check out the Wingnut Social Media Lab Facebook Group! 1-877-WINGNUT (connect with us for your social media marketing needs)Wingnut Social Podcast Sponsor  Article Modern Furniture Subscribe to The Wingnut Social Podcast on iTunes, Google Podcasts, or TuneIn Audio Production and Show notes byPODCAST FAST TRACKhttps://www.podcastfasttrack.com


10 Jun 2020

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Shayla Copas expands her influence

SAID - Something About Interior Designers

Designer, tastemaker and author Shayla Copas is now firmly ensconced in the world of product design. A little less than a year in the works, she will introduce The Shayla Copas Collection for Chelsea House to her peers at the High Point Furniture Market in April. Our conversation provides a look into her support team, the daily routine, her process of designing a collection and what makes it all worth it. This episode is co-hosted by Thomas Lester of Home Accents Today. This podcast is sponsored by Houzz. 


5 Mar 2020

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S21 E16 – Prepping for High Point with Jane Dagmi and Talking Polywood with Design Ambassador Shayla Copas

The Chaise Lounge Podcast

Welcome to the road to High Point Market on the Chaise Lounge. This week, Nick hosts two guests: Jane Dagmi, editor-in-chief of Designers Today, and Shayla Copas of Shayla Copas Interiors. Both guests are gearing up for High Point Market, and Nick learns all about their plans for that huge weekend.


29 Mar 2019

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165 – Shayla Copas: From Homeless to Luxury Interior Designer

The Chaise Lounge Podcast

Shayla Copas: From Homeless to Luxury Interior Designer. Today in The Lounge, Nick speaks with Shayla Copas of Shayla Copas Interiors at the Zuo Modern Showroom in High Point, North Carolina. Shayla discusses how she runs her business with only a small group of people and a few interns. Find out how Shayla advertises in a way that people don’t really do anymore and how she became an interior designer withOUT a proper design education. Nick also speaks with Brian Pagel from Emerald Expositions. They chat about The Chaise Lounge’s new partnership with KBIS and what to expect this year from the 2018 Kitchen and Bath Industry Show in January.  Getting to Know ShaylaShayla’s favorite type of music is rap, she loves Tupac and Biggie. Her favorite fashion accessory is her pink Valentino shoes and handbags. Her ideal Saturday night is being at home next to her husband with a glass of wine, watching movies. Shayla’s favorite vacation spot is in Italy on the Amalfi coast. When asked ‘beer, wine or cocktail?’ Shayla picks a Caymus wine...by the case. As a child, Shayla would rearrange the furniture in her house and redo her bedroom at least three to four times a year. Shayla originally went to school for marketing and nursing and had almost graduated when she decided to follow her talents in interior design. Shayla’s marketing experience helps her not only market her own business but her husband’s as well. She met her entrepreneur of a husband in Portland, while out with some friends and now they’ve been married for 20 years. At one point, her husband was the fourth biggest commercial contractor in Arkansas, but he’s only helped out in Shayla's business four times. Shayla was 19 years old when she was kicked out of her home because she was pregnant. She went to a pregancy home where they convinced her to continue school, start a career, and give back. Shayla asked the baby’s father for child support but the father’s parents didn’t want him to help her. Instead, they gave her some silk plants to sell on the street and told her support the baby that way. So, Shayla stood in a pet store parking lot in Vancouver, selling silk plants rain or shine for 8 months. She began to supply silk plants as housewarming gifts for apartments around the nation. Her own apartment was filled to the ceiling with silk plants and trees in order to keep up. The production cost and materials for each plant was only about $10 but she sold them for $25-$125. Shayla was thankful for her source of income but, she was always thinking beyond what she was currently doing and looking for the next business venture.The Business TodayShayla now runs a luxury design business that does both commercial and residential work. She has a small staff from two to ten, depending on the season. Shayla markets, sells, and designs. She has interior designers on retainer and recieves a lot of help from her interns. To market herself, Shayla uses print advertising. She does advertorials with her local magazine and is getting ready to go national. Her advertorials are made from a monthly kit that the magazine supplies her, which helps them not feel like ads. She wants her customers to see her personal touch as a designer while being authentic, organic, and not contrived. Shayla gets some business from her social media platforms as well and uses Instagram to convey her brand. She loves posting stories to bring in more followers, showing off products from her vendors and from her portfolio, unless the images are going to be published. Shayla and Nick tell us that you should redo your website every two to three years because the business is always changing, and you should be as well. Shayla thinks designers should also include their press on their website.Shayla’s favorite part of the business, besides design, are her clients and the relationships she builds with them. While her main focus is in luxury design, she will do small budget projects as well.

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27 Oct 2017

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