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Alan Stein Jr on Breaking it Down with Frank MacKay -Author Of' Sustain Your Game'

Breaking It Down with Frank MacKay

Alan Stein Jr on Breaking it Down with Frank MacKay -Author Of' Sustain Your Game' by Frank MacKay


18 Apr 2022

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Mastering the Basics with Everyday Innovator Alan Stein Jr.

With Tamara Ghandour

The truth is, there are no short cuts in life, no hacks to success, no side steps that get you to your big goals. Our Everyday Innovator, Alan Stein, walks me through how he, and the champions he's worked with, recognize that continuing to sharpen your basics is how you leap forward. Alan Stein is a performance coach that has worked with NBA all-stars like Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant and now speaks and writes about top performance. He also shares how innovation is often about understanding what you can control is your response to the world, not the world itself, why getting rid of the narrative of right and wrong is essential to innovation and success, and how minimizing the outside noise helps him be more focused.  Alan's Everyday Innovator style: Collaborative Instinctual Connect with Alan on LinkedIn Check out Alan's Performance Coaching Check out our sponsor, Howdy Puppy Use code ‘Tamara’ at checkout for discount Discover your Everyday Innovator Style Everyday Innovators Digital Magazine Everyday Innovators Online Facebook Group Innovation is Everybody’s Business Book


18 Apr 2022

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Sustain Your Game (with Alan Stein Jr.)

The Accidental Creative with Todd Henry

It's one thing to perform at your peak ability, but another thing altogeter to sustain that performance over time. How to peak performers continue to produce great work over long periods of time? Today's guest, Alan Stein, Jr., is the author of the new book Sustain Your Game. In this conversation we discuss how top performers think about time and opportunity, and how they develop mental toughness. Please support the show by subscribing to AC Premium. This episode is sponsored by Indeed.This episode is sponsored by Shopify. Mentioned in this episode:Herding Tigers podcastListen to the Herding Tigers podcast wherever you listen to podcasts.


5 Apr 2022

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RHS 137 - Alan Stein Jr. Explains How to Stay on Top

Agency Intelligence

In this episode of The Ryan Hanley Show, Ryan Hanley sits down with Alan Stein, Jr. Alan is an experienced keynote speaker and author. At his core, he’s a performance coach with a passion for helping others change behaviors.He spent 15+ years working with the highest performing basketball players on the planet (including NBA superstars Kevin Durant, Steph Curry, and Kobe Bryant). Through his customized programs, he transfers his unique expertise to maximize both individual and organizational performance. In his latest book, Raise Your Game, Alan explains how high performers who want to learn how to maintain excellence across the short, intermediate, and long term. It assembles invaluable advice and lessons from successful athletes, entrepreneurs, social scientists, journalists, CEOs, motivational speakers, business coaches, and consultants, as well as my own unique personal stories.Don't miss this episode.Episode Highlights: Alan and Ryan talk about the incident that happened at the Oscars involving Will Smith and Chris Rock. (8:34) Alan explains that Will Smith might only have been overwhelmed and it triggered a primal reaction. (20:01) Alan shares that emotional regulation is associated with an individual seeing a certain situation or moment but admitting they are not seeing the whole picture. (26:18) Alan explains that one of the tools of being an active listener is called "list back," meaning listening back to what the other person said, but using the same language. (34:14) Alan shares that he thinks that if there had been any other woman in that audience with a shaved head, Chris would have made the same joke towards them. (37:00) Alan explains that the goal of his book "Raise Your Game" is to give people strategies to achieve optimal performance, and "Sustain Your Game" is about giving people tools to sustain that performance. (39:21) Alan shares that he views stagnation as a kind of treading water that moves but isn't going anywhere. (44:15) Alan explains that a great portion of the things that we should look to tweak is in our daily routine. (49:16) Alan shares an example of stagnating and tweaking in the form of powerlifting. (54:55) Alan talks about how learning to detach from the outcome and learning how to just love the process is a great mindset to have. (59:50) Key Quotes: "We all have the right to express ourselves however we'd like, but we also have the right to face the consequences of whatever that may be." - Alan Stein, Jr. "I'm a huge believer that you'll never improve something you're oblivious to, and you'll never fix something that you're unaware of." - Alan Stein, Jr. "'Our perspective on the world and the way we view ourselves has a lot to do with what we consume, it has a lot to do with what we consume nutritionally." - Alan Stein, Jr. Resources Mentioned: Alan Stein, Jr. LinkedIn Strongerteam Sustain Your Game Raise Your Game Reach out to Ryan Hanley

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31 Mar 2022

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Raise Your Game to Sustain Your Game | Alan Stein Jr - S1 E5

People With A Passion

In this episode Alan Stein Jr delivers strong messages around leadership, culture, being the best and sticking with the basics. Advice to help you Raise Your Game. Alan is a world-renowned coach, speaker and author. For over 15 years he worked with the highest performing basketball players on the planet and now teaches audiences how to utilize the same strategies in business that elite athletes use to perform at a world-class level. Alan shares stories and insights to improve individual and organizational leadership, performance and accountability.  He inspires with high energy and empowers everyone he works with to take immediate action and improve mindset, habits and productivity. Alan Stein Jr Links Web: https://alansteinjr.com/ Speaking: https://www.bigspeak.com/speakers/alan-stein-jr/ Book: https://amzn.to/38QCduN Alan Stein Jr Social Links Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/alansteinjr/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AlanSteinJr/ Podcast: https://spoti.fi/2wzODsw I hope you enjoyed this podcast, if so, make sure you leave a review and rate it and don't forget to follow the podcast to listen to more episodes as they become available. Thanks. People with a Passion Links www.linktr.ee/pwap YOUTUBE CREATOR: Interview, design, full audio and video production by Craig Rowe © 2020. All Rights Reserved. #alansteinjr #motivationalspeaker #author --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/pwap/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/pwap/support

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21 Dec 2021

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Person of Interest - Coach Micheal Burt Performance Coach Alan Stein Jr.

America's Coach Micheal Burt

Person of Interest - Coach Micheal Burt Performance Coach Alan Stein Jr.


20 Aug 2021

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Alan Stein Jr: High-Performance Secrets To Raise Your Game

Everybody Pulls The Tarp

World-renowned performance coach, speaker, and author Alan Stein Jr. has spent his career working with the best of the best. For more than 15 years, Alan worked with some of the best basketball players on the planet, including superstars Kevin Durant, Steph Curry, and the late Kobe Bryant. Today, Alan helps companies, sports teams, and individuals implement the same basic strategies that make world-class athletes successful. In this conversation, Andrew and Alan discuss practical ways to improve your focus, create positive habits, be a better teammate, and maximize your productivity. A few show highlights:1:42 - Why success is achieved during the "unseen hours"2:39 - Improving your preparation and discipline3:43 - A lifelong lesson Alan learned from a Chicago Bulls scout7:29 - Learning to behave like someone is always watching10:38 - "Nothing is someone else's job"12:29 - Coach Mike Jones sweeping floors (former DeMatha Head Coach)13:00 - A lesson from Jay Bilas16:46 - Why focusing on the basics propels your success18:36 - Practice, practice, practice21:00 - Getting productive and actionable feedback from others26:24 - Building more personal discipline and positive habits30:33 - Creating a consistent, sustainable organizational culture30:43 - Staying consistent like Coach K (Duke) and Nick Saban (Alabama)32:43 - NIL and impact on coaching, culture33:31 - How to navigate change and controlling what you can controlBe sure to subscribe & leave a review for the show in your favorite podcast app.Please tell your friends about Everybody Pulls The Tarp on social media and be sure to tag Andrew in your posts @andrewmoses123 (Instagram) and @andrewHmoses (Twitter).Follow Andrew on IG: @AndrewMoses123 and Twitter:@andrewhmosesSign up for e-mails to keep up with the podcast at everybodypullsthetarp.com/newsletter!


19 Aug 2021

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Alan Stein Jr. Shares What NBA Superstars Taught Him About Business and Life

Building While Flying

For this week’s podcast guest, almost every relationship, opportunity, and experience can be tied back to the sport of basketball. He now uses lessons from his own experiences and from some of the all-time greats to teach and lead others to success. Welcome to Building While Flying! This weekly podcast is brought to you by the Sasha Group. We’re the small-to-medium-sized business arm of the VaynerX family of companies. We help ambitious companies build strong brands that flex with the times through strategy, branding, media, and marketing. In ever-changing times, businesses and brands have to shift and adapt. And across all sectors, there is an air of experimentation. Business owners are trying new things out in the wild;  building the plane while flying. Our pilots, Katie Hankinson and Mickey Cloud, will be talking to a diverse range of business leaders and founders. They’ll explore how these guests tackle various challenges while staying resilient and committed to growth. Through these real-life examples of strategies put into practice, we hope to inspire you to experiment and develop your own strategies as we all navigate these uncertain times together.  Alan Stein, Jr. found the intersection between his biggest passions: basketball and helping others be successful. As a basketball performance coach for 15 years, he worked with high-performing athletes to help them reach their highest potential. Now, as a keynote speaker and workshop leader, he applies many of the same principles to the corporate and business world. He teaches proven strategies to improve organizational performance, create effective leadership, increase team cohesion and collaboration, and develop winning mindsets, rituals, and routines. This week, Alan joins Mickey to dive into each step of his career: from his college basketball days at Elon University, to coaching at Kobe Bryant’s academy, to mentoring teams at Fortune 500 companies across the country. Alan shares some of the biggest lessons he’s learned from the biggest names in the NBA: like Kobe’s dedication to the basics, and Steph Curry’s desire for excellence. He also shares how he’s carried experiences from one career to the next, and how his college basketball days shaped his career and life more than he could have imagined. Other in-flight topics: Lessons learned from playing college basketball  Giving yourself grace The importance of preparation Taking skills and lessons from one career to the next Lessons learned from NBA superstars His “speaker’s checklist” ...and more! One last note: if you’ve ever wanted Gary Vaynerchuk’s business advice, now’s your chance. We’d love for you to join us for our next virtual 4Ds on August 19! 4Ds  - also known as Digital Discovery & Deep Dive - is for entrepreneurs, marketers and leaders. We’ll dissect the current state of social and digital marketing and how to harness it to strengthen your career and business. You’ll hear from VaynerX experts and Gary himself as we help you unlock explosive growth for your business. Send us an email to 4ds@vaynermedia.com to learn more and book your seat. Links: Alan's Twitter: https://twitter.com/AlanSteinJr Alan's LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alan-stein-jr/ Alan's Website: https://alansteinjr.com/book/ Raise Your Game book: https://strongerteam.com/raiseyourgame/


29 Jul 2021

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Alan Stein Jr: Detaching Yourself From The Outcome | Speaker, Coach & Former NBA Performance Coach

Sports to Business With Tanvir

Alan Stein Jr. teaches proven strategies to improve organizational performance, create effective leadership, increase team cohesion and collaboration, and develop winning mindsets, rituals, and routines.   A successful business owner and veteran basketball performance coach, he spent 15 years working with the highest-performing athletes on the planet (including NBA superstars Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, and Kobe Bryant).    In this episode, we discuss:           - Alan's upbringing and the key ingredients that built his value system over the years          - How he found a niche in performance coaching and worked with superstars such as Kevin Durant and Steph Curry          - Importance of positive self-talk and advice on dealing with self-doubt          - How we as leaders must separate the results from the process and be objective          - How to deal with failure in your journey          - What you can learn about enabling teams from the sport of basketball 🏈 WEBSITE 🏈 http://tanvirbhangoo.com/ 🎙PODCAST🎙 https://tanvirbhangoo.com/podcast/ Let's Connect: INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/tanvir.bhangoo/ LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tanvirbhangoo/ TWITTER: https://twitter.com/tanvirbhangoo


17 May 2021

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Raise Your Game With Alan Stein Jr. 

The Successful Pitch with John Livesay

The world tends only to see the wins and glorious moments in life. Many overlook the fact that behind all the success is the amount of work behind it, the blood, sweat, and tears shed leading towards that moment. In this episode, John Livesay is joined by the author of Raise Your Game, Alan Stein Jr. to share with us why we should not let outcomes determine our behavior and how the unseen hours we put in when no one's looking determines our success. Having worked with amazing athletes, including Kobe Bryant, he then tells us some of the lessons he learned from the basketball court to the business world, such as preparing to do sales, focusing on being great where we are, and the difference between motivation and discipline. At the end of the day, success is not about the outcome but the preparation put into it. Join Alan in this conversation to find great nuggets of wisdom that will have you rethink the way you see success. Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share! Here’s How » Join The Successful Pitch community today: JohnLivesay.com John Livesay Facebook John Livesay Twitter John Livesay LinkedIn John Livesay YouTube


12 May 2021