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55 Voice Spark Live W/ Daniel Hill

Voice Spark Live

🔊 ⚡  Voice Spark Live APR 28th 9PM EST 🔊 ⚡     Witlingo: https://www.witlingo.com/ Daniel Hill Media: https://danielhillmedia.com/ Coming @U #Voicespark Live Nick(@ASR_Podcast), Julia (@schadenfriendly) AJ (@soundmasteraj) Ben @(benjaminfalvo) and Emily (@EmilyBanzhaf) will be talking about Instagram Stories and everything #voicetech w/ Daniel Hill!  @danielhillmedia #voicetech #alexa #freevoiceevents @PoptaleSocial  ⁎⁎------⁎⁎⁎------⁎⁎⁎------⁎⁎⁎------⁎⁎⁎------⁎⁎⁎------⁎⁎⁎------⁎⁎⁎------⁎⁎⁎------⁎⁎⁎------⁎⁎⁎------⁎⁎⁎------⁎⁎⁎-----                                                                                                                                                    Subscribe to Voice Spark Alexa & More                                                                 https://bit.ly/310VmaH 💚 let’s be friends 💚                                                                         Social Media:     ❏ Facebook : Voice Spark Alexa and More  ❏ Twitter : Nick @ASR_Podcast,  AJ @soundmasteraj, Ben @benjaminfalvo,  Julia @schadenfriendly and Emily @EmilyBanzhaf  ❏ Website: www.voicespark.live   ✉ would you like to collaborate with me, then please feel free to email us at : us@voicespark.live            ⁎⁎⁎------⁎⁎⁎------⁎⁎⁎------⁎⁎⁎------⁎⁎⁎------⁎⁎⁎------⁎⁎------⁎⁎⁎------⁎⁎------⁎⁎⁎------⁎⁎------⁎⁎------⁎⁎⁎---   Want to be a guest or submit a an Alexa Skill for review?    To be a guest fill out this form: https://forms.gle/CQpvKRnbyHm7CyB59    To submit a skill fill out this form: https://forms.gle/rF9bScbwneq98HS57--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/voice-spark-alexa--more/support


29 Apr 2021

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Alberto Daniel Hill | Wrongful Imprisonment, Cryptocurrency, Ethical Hacking | EODR 83

DARKWEB.TODAY - HACKERS & SECURITY - By the first hacker sent to prison in Uruguay for a cybercrime.

Alberto Daniel Hill is a writer, hacker, and cryptocurrency expert who is involved in some serious cryptocurrency projects. He is here today to discuss his imprisonment and the media manipulation surrounding the event. Daniel starts off by riffing a bit with Alberto. We learn a little bit about his spirit, philosophy and his approach. They […]--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/darkwebtoday/message

3hr 12mins

5 Apr 2021

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What Does It Mean to Be Human? - Special Guest: Dr. Daniel Hill

Jude 3 Project

On this episode, Dr. Daniel Hill discussed what it means to be human and what it means to be made in the image of God. Support the mission and vision of Jude 3 Project here: https://www.jude3project.org/donate Take an online course that will help you know what you believe and why here: https://learn.jude3project.org/library/


13 Mar 2021

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3.7.21 Pastor Daniel Hill

River City Community Church

Series: The book of Hebrews Text: Hebrews 7:1-3, Psalm 110:1-4Title: In the order of Melchizedek Summary: In the attempt to demonstrate the significance of Jesus as the ultimate high priest, the writer of Hebrews regularly references the story of Melchizedek. Who is this mysterious character? And what does he teach us about the beauty of Jesu

1hr 2mins

7 Mar 2021

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2.7.21 Pastor Daniel Hill

River City Community Church

Series: The Book of HebrewsText: Hebrews 2:9-18Title: The Incarnation of ChristSummary: The writer of Hebrews desires to shepherd people through times of adversity and suffering. In this passage, the writer reflects on the incarnation of Christ as a spiritual tool for deepening faith in times of difficulty.

1hr 9mins

7 Feb 2021

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Episode Thirty: Daniel Hill (Danji's Designs)

Mega Ran in... Random Encounters

Finally at 30! Been a while, eh… Where have I been?? Well, I’ve been writing a book. That’s right, your boy is a published AUTHOR! You can get a copy of “Dream Master” right now! dreammasterbook.com If the book’s cover art looks familiar, it’s from Daniel Hill, the Liverpool-based designer behind Danji’s Designs. He’s been drawing covers and tour posters for me since 2014, so today we get to talk about his beginnings, motivations and what the most peculiar clients ask for. Don’t be a font snob like me. Get connected with Dan at DanjisDesigns.com and tell him Random Encounters sent ya! Today’s song choice is “My Getaway” by Mega Ran featuring Storyville, which appears on the album “Language Arts, Volume 3.” It’s a free download this month: https://random.bandcamp.com/track/my-getaway-feat-storyville-bonus--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app


26 Jan 2021

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1.3.21 Pastor Daniel Hill Title: God Spoke

River City Community Church

Series: The Book of HebrewsText: Hebrews 1:1-4Title: God SpokeSummary: The primary theme of the book of Hebrews is the revelation of God, as seen in Jesus Christ. In the opening sermon, Pastor Daniel examines the phrase that "God spoke."

1hr 17mins

3 Jan 2021

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Daniel Hill: Exposing and Resisting Racial Systems [EP-120]

Theology Curator with Kurt Willems

Subscribe via iTunes | Spotify | Google | Stitcher Daniel Hill chats with Kurt Willems about his latest book, White Lies: Nine Ways to Expose and Resist the Racial Systems That Divide Us. During a year that did some exposing of racial systems, this book offers wisdom and practical steps to step into the needed work of racial justice and reconciliation.  GIVE THE SHOW SOME LOVE 1) If you would be so kind to hop on iTunes (or your feed of choice) and leave Theology Curator a review there, that would be amazing. The more reviews we can get will lead to greater visibility in iTunes. And I (Kurt) LOVE reading your comments! 2) Also, please consider hitting up Theology Curator’s online tip-jar through Patreon (think Kickstarter for ongoing content creators). For $5 per month, or more, you can make a direct impact on this show. Financial partners like you really do make this all possible! Through Patreon, you make a tangible difference in this show’s sustainability and quality!


17 Nov 2020

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Happy Hour #339: Daniel Hill

The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey

My guest for The Happy Hour #339 is Daniel Hill. Daniel Hill is the author of White Awake, White Lies, and 10:10: Life to the Fullest. Daniel is the Founding and Senior Pastor of River City Community Church, located in the West Humboldt Park neighborhood of Chicago. Friends, I cannot fully put into words how excited I am that Daniel is joining us on the podcast today. I completely devoured his book White Awake earlier this summer and have been wanting to chat with him ever since. In today’s episode, Daniel dives deep into his journey of coming face to face with a culture of white supremacy and realizing how many things in his life he never had to think about as a white male. I really appreciated Daniel’s words when he said “Racism is built on a set of lies, and lies belong to the evil one.” For the full summary and show links, click the link below! Connect with Jamie Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // YouTube GET ALL THE LINKS FROM THE SHOW HERESee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


13 Nov 2020

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Daniel Hill: Who Will Be a Witness?

Inverse Podcast

As a special bonus for our listeners, we have created a series to commemorate Inverse Podcast co-host Dr Drew Hart’s brand new book Who Will Be a Witness: Igniting Activism For God’s Justice, Love and Deliverance. In these additional episodes we will interview friends and co-workers to discuss chapter by chapter Drew’s new book. These conversations were recorded in community with friends from around the world as past of Inverse’s ongoing work to create formation experiences that deepen our witness to God’s justice, love and deliverance. Who Will Be a Witness offers a vision for communities of faith to organize for deliverance and justice in their neighborhoods, states, and nation as an essential part of living out the call of Jesus. Drew provides incisive insights into Scripture and history, along with illuminating personal stories, to help us identify how the witness of the church has become mangled by Christendom, white supremacy, and religious nationalism. He provides a wide range of options for congregations seeking to give witness to Jesus’ ethic of love for and solidarity with the vulnerable. At a time when many feel disillusioned and distressed, Drew calls the church to action, offering a way forward that is deeply rooted in the life and witness of Jesus. Drew’s testimony is powerful, personal, and profound, serving as a compass that points the church to the future and offers us a path toward meaningful social change and a more faithful witness to the way of Jesus. (Buy Drew’s new book here.) This fifth conversation discusses Chapter Five of Who Will Be a Witness with pastor and author Daniel Hill. Daniel Hill writes, “I am a lifelong Chicagoan, a pastor at River City Community Church, and an author who writes a lot about resisting and confronting white supremacy from a faith lens.Our church was founded in January of 2003 in the west Humboldt Park neighborhood of Chicago, and is centered on the core values of worship, reconciliation, and neighborhood development. We long to see increased spiritual renewal as well as social and economic justice in the Humboldt Park neighborhood and entire city, demonstrating compassion and alleviating poverty as tangible expressions of the Kingdom of God. It is also through the gift of this faith community that I have learned to see the profound historical and spiritual impact of the stronghold of white supremacy, and where I have been challenged to broaden and deepen my understanding of discipleship in the hopes of becoming a serious enough Christ follower who is able to meaningfully participate with those who have risen up in defiance of this evil principality. The lessons learned in this journey have been captured in a pair of books on race. The first, White Awake, explores the barriers that white people tend to face – white Christians specifically – when we attempt to awaken to and understand white supremacy through a faith lens. I spend a lot of time here addressing the internal defenses that are bound to go off when this journey is taken seriously, and I chart out a path for developing a resilient spirit that steadfastly moves towards truth, justice, and equity. The second, White Lies, further builds out the path for the white Christian who longs to actively participate in the resistance and confrontation of white supremacy. I spend a lot of time here exploring why it is so hard to tell the truth about race, as well as expose the lies that sustain it, within white, Christian, Bible-believing environments. I then propose nine practices that position us for engaging in this task.” Follow Daniel on [Twitter] (http://https://twitter.com/danielhill1336) and [Instagram] (http://https://www.instagram.com/danielhill1336/) @danielhill1336. Follow Drew Hart on Instagram and Twitter @druhart.Follow Jarrod McKenna on Instagram and Twitter @jarrodmckenna


14 Oct 2020