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XZRS/XZBN: Buddy Thayer - Ocean State Paranormal

The 'X' Zone Radio Show

Buddy Thayer founded Ocean State Paranormal on October 15, 2012 but he had investigated with a now defunct group. However, he did have the benefit of learning from a former member of TAPS. He was not a cast member but had the traveled with the team to Tombstone and worked on the sidelines but learned from Grant and Jason. He was Buddy’s teacher and gave him some of what he needed to start Ocean State Paranormal. Another part of Buddy founding his own paranormal group was a sense that he knew how to occur when in the presence of a spirit. Not that he is saying that he is an empath or a sensitive or medium, it's a very specific physical sensation, it starts as tingles moving from his head to shoulders to abdomen, hairs stand up, he feels suddenly like he’s on stage, like he is being watched and even at times have felt urges to leave immediately or even to cry. These symptoms began when he was a young child but he did not understand nor have any further ghostly experiences that he can remember until later on in life. His father was also a fan of history and took Buddy across the eastern half of the US to many historical sites including Monticello to name one of many, he would have these sensations. The final parts of Buddy founding OSP is that he earned a Bachelor's Degree in History at Rhode Island College, however since then he has worked in Human Services and Mental Health. So the research Buddy does prior to any case allows him to use the education he received at RIC. Also in working for years professionally helping people, a paranormal group, whose soul purposes are to provide answers and realistic solutions (FREE) and so they can help to educate others and advance the science. That is OSP. His professional career involves working with people who suffer from mental illness in a hospital setting. As this is another area of his expertise, he is also a member of the Dominion Ministry as their Mental Health Specialist. The search for answers sometimes lies inside someone's mind and isn't always unexplained. Being a native Rhode Islander Buddy is dedicated to local history and it's preservation as well. He volunteers at the Major General Nathanael Greene Homestead in Coventry, RI and with the Blackstone Valley Historical Society in repairing historic cemeteries in northern RI/nearby MA.


27 Dec 2019

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E3 Buddy Thayer Ocean State Paranormal / Shea's Paranormal Chat

Shea's Paranormal Chat

Join us as we talk to Buddy Thayer from Ocean State Paranormal. We will be discussing his upcoming events, his investigations and thoughts on the paranormal,

1hr 5mins

20 Oct 2018

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Segment 27, Interview w/Buddy Thayer, Ocean State Paranormal

Paranormal Encounters Podcast Series

PARANORMAL ENCOUNTERS: Be Careful What You Wish For. This episode will also run on the Para-X Radio Network (www.para-x.com) on Thursday, April 19, 2018 from 11:00 PM-12:00 Midnight (EST). Educational. Entertaining. Intriguing. This podcast includes one segment: Interview with Mr. Buddy Thayer, who is the founder of Ocean State Paranormal. Mr. Thayer has encountered and documented numerous paranormal situations while on his investigations and in working at a very haunted group home in Rhoda Island. Find his work on Facebook, under Ocean State Paranormal. Maynard and Mildred may now be purchased through Amazon or my website: www.paranormaluniversalpress.com. Voice Talent: Elliot Shulman and John Riddle, United States. Interview - Dr. Kelly Schutz and Mr. Buddy Thayer. Music Composers: Vitaliy Hava (Ukraine), Evgeny Ryabovol (Ukraine), Jonatan Arriaga (Mexico), Elliott McLaughlin (England), Franco Luciano Donatti (Argentina), Phil Michalski (United Kingdom). Music composer biographies can be found in each of my books on Amazon.com as well as in all Kindle versions. Copyrighted. Visit my website at www.paranormaluniversalpress.com to view my current books featured in my Paranormal Encounters Book Series. Go to Amazon.com, Kindle, Barnes & Noble to purchase. PLAY, LIKE, FOLLOW, and SUBSCRIBE to this program to be notified of future episodes. Doing so is FREE.


6 Apr 2018