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Blake Alma | The Ultimate Coin Collector

Get The Bag Life

Blake Alma is the founder of Coin Hub. His brand is all about coin collecting. He has a blog, Tik Tok, and Instagram where he talks about coins and precious metals.We learn how Blake got introduced into coins and how one can make money by collecting silver. There are so many ways to make money, but this method is definitely something very unique.To make things clear, Blake made sure that coin collecting or investing in precious metals is a long-term investment. This is not a get quick rich scheme. He's so passionate about collectibles and coins ever since he was a kid.That is why he is still collecting coins to this day!Check Blake's Coin Hub out on:Tik TokInstagramFacebookBlog


23 Aug 2020

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196F - Engaging with Anti-Hunters with Blake Alma

The Turkey Hunter Podcast with Andy Gagliano | Turkey Hunting Tips, Strategies, and Stories

Engaging with Anti Hunters with Blake Alma This week, I have Blake Alma on the show to chat with us about engaging anti hunters in person and on social media.  Most of the time, hunters are not the ones who are on social media stalking anti hunters. It usually is the other way around.  So, what do you do when an anti hunter finds and comments on that social media post that you've made or confronts you face to face? That is exactly what Blake Alma and I discuss on this week's episode.  Listen in and hear about some of the ways you can deal with anti hunters who verbally attack you.


26 Jul 2018

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Ep 068: Blake Alma - Author, Hunter, Angler, and Conservationist

Outdoor Adventures with Jayson

I get to speak with Blake Alma (www.blakealma.com), he is a fireball of activity creating books, blogs, podcasts, and videos related to the outdoor industry. Blake has a new book coming out called An Outdoorsman’s Heart. You can order it from www.blakealmabook.com where he has information on the new book. Please follow him on Facebook and catch his show on the Hunt Channel(www.huntchannel.tv), using a Roku, or via the free Apple or Andriod app. 


21 Jul 2018

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#6 Interview with Blake Alma

Comfort is a Crutch

This is the 6th episode of the Comfort is a Crutch podcast. I interviewed Blake Alma, he is a very impressive 17 year old who hosts his own television show on the Hunt channel and has his new book coming out on August 1st. You can learn more about him on www.blakealma.com. If you have any thoughts or any motivation you can reach me at comfortisacrutch@gmail.com.

1hr 13mins

15 Jul 2018

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# 434 Hunting Whitetails – Blake Alma

Whitetail Rendezvous

Blake Alma… Once I found out it was real, I freaked out. I accepted their offer and established The Outdoorsman’s Art Media which was my blog, my articles, and my radio show. I named the show after my media group, The Outdoorsman’s Art Radio Show. It was a dream come true. Today, I continue pursuing the wonder of the outdoors; having many opportunities to talk to several outdoor celebrities, writing for magazines, being interviewed often, and just growing my own outdoor work. As of recently, I have been asked to be the Editor-in-Chief at Survivalist Daily and, of course, I accepted the opportunity. Soon, I will also be producing and hosting a daily survival podcast for Survivalist.com. Someone once told me I was lucky, but you know, luck is only when hard work meets opportunity. Simply, anyone could have done what I have done. They would just have to spend the time to do it and get their priorities straight. As a 16-year-old, I have tons of time to waste, but I decided that I would not waste my teenage years playing videos games or scrolling through my social media all day. I knew that if I started young, it would benefit me for the future. I only wish that every child had the same passion and zeal toward the outdoors as I do, but modern technology has stood in the way of the Master’s creation.


11 Oct 2017

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Ep. 015: Special Guest Blake Alma

The Hunting News Podcast

Description: (Special Guest Blake Alma) Stephen and Blake discuss a lot of things happening in hunting community, as well as the work that Blake does with his books and hosting his TV show. Make sure to subscribe to us on Itunes or Stitcher so you never miss an episode. The post Ep. 015: Special Guest Blake Alma appeared first on Whackstar Hunters.


18 Sep 2017

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Take Aim Outdoors - Ep-135 with Blake Alma

Outdoor Podcast Channel

We sit down with this young gun 16yr old Blake Alma how host his own outdoors show and has authored 4 outdoor related books as well.  You can find Blake's show on both Itunes and Sticher and Hunt Channel TV 


30 May 2017

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Episode 320 Pt2 The Hunters War Blake Alma

Whitetail Rendezvous Volume 2

The Hunters War Blake Alma And this is part two and we’re having an interesting conversation with Blake Alma and Eli Gourdin. Pt2 The Hunters War We’re wading into a lot of things that are part of our society, the framework of hunting, and Blake’s coming out with a brand new book so, Blake, jump…


15 Jan 2017

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Episode # 319: PT 1- The Hunters War – Blake Alma

Whitetail Rendezvous Volume 2

The Hunters War Blake Alma I started writing for “Survival Life,” in March. I stopped writing for them in July and I started doing more freelance work. And then, in May, started my own radio show on WRVO Radio. The Hunters War Blake Alma It’s called “The Outdoorsman Art Radio Show.” And I started that…


14 Jan 2017