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Jamey Jasta of Hatebreed on the FMJ RADIO show!

Full Metal Jackie

Interview aired the weekend of 3/12/21


22 Mar 2021

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031 | Jamey Jasta (Hatebreed)

The Electric Theater with Clown

Heavy culture ambassador Jamey Jasta weighs in on projecting positivity, appreciating the simple details of life, and expanding his perspective to include more than just the tunnel vision of work.

1hr 13mins

17 Feb 2021

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Jamey Jasta (Hatebreed) 1-29

KQXR The Morning After Podcast


16 Feb 2021

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Throwback Episode: Jamey Jasta & Chris Santos

Drinks With Johnny

This week we revisit May 28th, 2020 when Hatebreed frontman Jamey Jasta & celebrity chef Chris Santos joined the show to head bang through Happy Hour!Johnny & Jamey take a step back in time to recall their time together on MTV's Headbanger's Ball. Chef Santos & Johnny make a Jägermeister Cold Brew inspired cocktail.Plus Jamey shows off his (broken) Zakk Wylde figure, a dirty pair of shorts, handwritten Hatebreed lyrics, and more as the trio continues to support the Tao Cares Covid Relief Fundraiser. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

1hr 1min

18 Jan 2021

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Jamey Jasta of Hatebreed

Hardcore Humanism with Dr. Mike

What’s up Hardcore Humans! This week on The Hardcore Humanism Podcast we talked with Jamey Jasta, lead vocalist of the Grammy nominated metalcore band Hatebreed and host of The Jasta Show. Hatebreed -- with their blazing combination of extreme metal and hardcore punk -- has been churning blazing music for over 25 years and is considered one of the greatest metalcore bands of all time. Their debut album, Satisfaction is the Death of Desire (1997) is typically rated as one of the best metalcore albums of all time, with Loudwire saying, “Jamey Jasta refused to be held down by anyone, his words giving the music an empowering tough love spin.” And they are about to release their highly anticipated eighth studio album, Weight of the False Self.Which brings us to the topic of the conversation – how we understand the dangers of a false self. The term “False self” was originally developed by David Winnicott and is used to describe a distorted portrayal of one’s thoughts, feelings and behaviors – either to oneself or others – that was thought to interfere with a true authentic connection with one’s identity and emotions. In theory this discrepancy between the false self and true self is maladaptive, as the efforts to suppress one’s true self in order to maintain the façade of the false self is stressful and inherently suppresses authentic thoughts and emotions. One of the consequences of a false self that Jasta discussed during our conversation is emotional suppression, whereby we feel that we have to avoid our negative feelings to present our false self. This can be a pivotal moment for people that leads them away from being authentic. When we feel anger, sadness, loneliness and emptiness, and feel forced by ourselves or others to hide those emotions it can be harmful emotionally and physically. For example, one study of 625 participants aged 14–19 years who were seeking emergency room services were evaluated on measures of adverse life events, coping strategies, and suicidal ideation and attempts. The results indicated that adverse life events were more likely to engage in emotional suppression, which in turn increased risk for suicidal thoughts and attempts. This suggested that emotional suppression in the face of adversity may be harmful, increasing risk of suicidality.When we are connected in with our true self, we are much more likely to be motivated to achieve what we want in life. And even if we don’t achieve everything we want in life, it feels good living in an authentic way. Unfortunately, there are many reasons why we may live in a false way. Maybe we are afraid of how others will react if we live our most authentic life.  Or in some cases, we may live out someone else’s plan for us – whether family, friends, teachers - just because we assume that’s what we were supposed to do. And that false self can be devastating because even if we live that false life well, we’re not going to feel connected to the person we’ve become. If you like the podcast, please subscribe, give us a rating and write a review. And if you’d like to take the next step and make change in your life, check out the Hardcore Humanism therapy and coaching program at HardcoreHumanism.com.

1hr 19mins

23 Nov 2020

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Jamey Jasta (Hatebreed)

Vox&Hops Metal Podcast

A conversation about coping with 2020, no longer drinking, the soundtrack to his youth, 1st time playing Montreal, releasing an album during a pandemic, Podcasting, an interview he wishes he could do again, Live Podcasts & how he keeps his hustle going.Throughout this interview Matt was drinking Brewdog's "Ghost Walker IPA". A Non-Alcoholic IPA that was brewed in collaboration with Lamb Of God. It was slightly sweet, mildly bitter & surprisingly non-alcoholic! It clocks in at 0.5% ABV.This is a Heavy Montreal presents Vox&Hops episode! Heavy Montreal is Montreal's premier metal promoter. They host one of North America's best Metal Festivals & present countless amazing events during the rest of the year. I am truly honored & extremely excited to have them involved in the podcast.Photo Credit:Mihaela PetrescuHatebreed:https://www.hatebreed.com/The Jasta Show:https://gasdigitalnetwork.com/gdn-show-channels/the-jasta-show/Brewdog USA:https://brewdog.com/usa/Heavy Montreal:https://www.heavymontreal.com/enMihaela Petrescu:https://www.facebook.com/mihaontourSound Talent Media:https://soundtalentmedia.com/Support the Vox&Hops Podcast:https://voxandhops.bigcartel.com/ Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


13 Oct 2020

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Folge 98: Jamey Jasta's Faible für Alliteration

Szene Putzen Podcast

Themen: Hope For The Day erhalten Support von Marshmello & Demi Lovato, Hatebreed mit nicht nur neuem Album, Neuankündigungen von Jinjer, Zeal & Ador u.A., Zwischenstand Nandi vs. Dave Grohl, Alarmstufe Rot Demo in Berlin, Bands belästigen sich untereinander, Tom Morello vs Trolls Pt.434323. https://szene-putzen-podcast.de/


13 Sep 2020

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#335: Jamey Jasta (Hatebreed)

The MetalSucks Podcast

Jamey Jasta of Hatebreed is our guest this week. We celebrate 500 episodes of his own podcast, The Jasta Show, the importance of his show's sponsors for its survival, how he gets in trouble for speaking his mind and the lessons he has learned from his peers in podcasting. Turning to his band, he reveals how he thought The Rise of Brutality would never be released, feeling competitive with other bands when Hatebreed were coming up, and the role the Melvins played in him falling in love with live music. We also discuss heavy metal's reputation as an angry old guy on the lawn and his suspicions that he was named after James Taylor. Petar, Brandon, and Sylvia tackle some fan mail on when we think metalheads will be able to attend live shows again and we discuss the coronavirus battle rap between Pete’s offspring. Songs: Hatebreed - “When The Blade Drops," Jasta - “When The Contagion Is You” (featuring Matthew K. Heafy), Local H - “Turn The Bow”

1hr 4mins

28 Apr 2020

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The Hard Times Podcast w/ Jamey Jasta (Hatebreed)

The Hard Times Podcast

Jamey Jasta of Hatebreed and Stillborn Records comes on the show to talk about touring during coronavirus plague, licking sheep eyes and Lemmy fighting Dropkick Murphys.

1hr 27mins

12 Mar 2020

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Guests: Vinnie Paz & Jamey Jasta

The Luke Thomas Show

Luke Thomas begins the episode by talking to Jedi Mind Tricks frontman Vinnie Paz about his newest solo album and the latest boxing news. Then, Luke goes over the best practices for single guys on Valentines Day, Finally Luke talks to Hatebreed frontman Jamey Jasta about their new single and the latest MMA news.


14 Feb 2020