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John Haack & Andy Huang return to KOTL!

King Of The Lifts

GOAT candidate John Haack & Comeback King Andy Huang join KOTL to discuss the American Pro meet (including all the stories leading into the competition and the back stories). Hosted by 6 Pack Lapadat & Arian Messy Khamesi.

1hr 39mins

6 Aug 2022

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Andy Huang: Gods Among Men

Faith, Fitness, and French Toast

Welcome to Season Six! Andy: @that_hugeasian_guy Moses: @bigmopowerlifting / @faith_fitness_podcast

1hr 11mins

16 Oct 2021

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CORNER of the CRCL- SZN 4 EP 11. Andy Huang and John Haack -The Patriot and the Panda

LS McClain

Fresh off of 2 amazing performances at the Showdown meet, Any and John talk about the lead up, aftermath and whats next on the menu. 2 of my faves! How can you not love these guys!

1hr 5mins

15 Oct 2021

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The Showdown Preview of Men's Division w/John Haack and Andy Huang

King Of The Lifts

John Haack and Andy Huang join 6 Pack Lapadat for The Showdown Meet preview show. John and Andy also discuss how their training has gone, and their expectations as competitors.

1hr 19mins

19 Sep 2021

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54. 支持大麻合法化是「孝心」ft. 大麻製藥の孝順代表 Andy Huang

大麻煩不煩 In The Weeds

Andy 哥說:「台灣一定要(大麻)合法化,因為這個是一個孝心。你如果是一個孝子,你一定要支持大麻合法化,不支持的都不孝。」 聽起來有點浮誇,但這集我們要來告訴你,為什麼大麻一定要合法化,以及聰明的台灣人可以在哪些領域進入綠金產業。 大來賓:從事大麻製藥的 Andy Huang 1) 對大麻極度反感的華人社區2) 追蹤與監管的重要性3) 非法大麻黑工的騙局4) 全美國農作物農藥檢測,只有大麻能過關?5) 大麻素的神經保護與還原功能6) 大麻素的攝取方式7) 娛樂用跟醫療用的差別在「稅收」8) 台灣能從大麻產業鍊的外圍進場?9) 龐大的塑料替代市場10) 傳產靠漢麻轉型?11) 大麻素 vs 大麻12) 合法化後,受益最大的族群是 …13) 只是想「正常」生活 最後,台灣是個寶島,種出來的東西都有「靈氣」啊! RESHAPE 成功人士報名傳送門:https://bit.ly/3kh88gh ➖ 👉 Apple Podcast 五星評分+留言+分享:這很重要!可以幫節目排名往上爬~~👉《大麻煩不煩》訂閱集資中,真心喜愛我們的節目,ㄅ拖 💰💰💰:https://bit.ly/ep34_zec ➖ 💡 本節目由 鬼島之音 Ghost Island Media 出品 👉 官網|https://ghostisland.media/👉 Facebook|https://www.facebook.com/ghostislandme/👉 IG|https://www.instagram.com/ghostislandme/ ➖ 💡 製作團隊: 主持 - 李菁琪律師 (有麻煩 Better Call Zoe) 製作人 - 凱西 Cathy Hsu剪接混音 - Dino📩 聽眾信箱|節目合作:web@ghostisland.media ➖ 節目聲明:大麻 🥦 雖有神奇療效,過度使用還是會讓你腦袋壞掉。捐款支持節目: https://www.zeczec.com/projects/ghostislandmeSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


1 Sep 2021

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Ep. 270: Andy Huang That Huge Asian Guy

Massenomics Podcast

Andy Huang joins us for this one.  We already know he's huge, but we try to find out if he is the strongest Asian as well.   We also discuss some heavy thoughts and try to figure out what's in the can! The Strength Co: https://www.thestrength.co/ Fusion Sports Performance: https://www.fusionsp.net/ MASS to save 20% on all FSP supplements Spud Inc: https://www.spud-inc-straps.com/ Texas Power Bars: https://www.texaspowerbars.com/

1hr 32mins

7 Jun 2021

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Andy Huang returns! The Comeback at the Showdown!

King Of The Lifts

Andy Huang returns to discuss his gruesome injury and valiant comeback at the Showdown Meet! We also recap the event, cover the storylines, and talk about him closing his podcast, Brocast with Brandon Allen, and possibly beginning a new one (you'll love his possible co-host). Some behind the scenes with Haack and Yury is told, and other current events in Powerlifting!

2hr 32mins

4 Oct 2020

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Meet Andy Huang, @that_hugeasain_guy, our first EVER sponsored powerlifter.

Herbstrong Podcast

Strongcast #2sawyer sweetman interviews that huge asian guy.have you every been arrested?they go over, the latest news of the Shawn rohden case.how andy got into powerlifting.


14 Aug 2019

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E-17 Andy Huang - Athlete Spotlight

Platform Ready- The official podcast of the USPA

On Episode #17, we put an athlete in the spotlight, Andy Huang that “Huge Asian Guy!” We go deep into the mind of an elite level powerlifter, the impact of social media and having a following. We also go back into history to figure out if he was that huge Asian guy all his life. So sit back and relax!! This is definitely fun to listen!

1hr 8mins

13 May 2019

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Brocast hosts Andy Huang and Brandon Allen join KOTL!

King Of The Lifts

Elite Powerlifters/Brocast hosts Brandon Allen and Andy Huang join 6 Pack Lapadat and Paul Maranzan to discuss the latest Powerlifting news!

1hr 35mins

5 Oct 2018