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Joyous Expansion #58 - Lea Bayles - From Total Immune System Failure To Teaching Others How To Cure Themselves

Joyous Expansion/Church of Awesome

Brett Dupree once again talks about the struggles with his weight and examining himself to see why he is so uncoachable. Something that is holding him back for sure.Then he has a wonderful interview with Lea Bayles who talks about how pushing herself to success caused her body to shut down. Learning how to listen to her body and teaching others to do the same while creating success in their business without burning themselves out.Lea has been called “a secret weapon for life and business success,”  “a voice for healing, empowerment, and love with a capital L” and “a marvelous magician who helps us transform into our most glorious and loving selves.”Transformational speaker, author, holistic life and success coach and radio show host, Lea empowers entrepreneurs, professionals, and creatives to thrive in body, mind, and soul so they can create the lives and the powerful positive impact they love.Recovering from a serious immune system crash in her early 30’s woke Lea up to the extraordinary healing power within each of us. This led to a 20-year career in holistic wellness which included positions as a mind-body therapist at an integrative medical center, employee wellness coordinator for a large hospital system and program director for an international yoga therapy program.She offers 1:1 coaching, retreats, workshops and classes online, around the US, and at her home, Dreaming Forest Farm, in the foothills of the Oregon coast range.Connect with Lea and access her radio show and a wealth of resources to help you enjoy radiant well-being and  success that satisfies y0ur soul: www.LeaBayles.com, lea@leabayles.comLike Lea's Facebook www.facebook.com/leabaylesfan to receive short weekly videos Miracle Maker's Mindset MondaysFREE Gift: The Miracle Maker’s Chi Power Quick Shift Formula: Get out of the Push More- Power Through Mode and Activate Your Chi-Power! $97.00 Value. www.LeaBayles.com the lives and the impact they love.More Episodes at pod.JoyousExpansion.com 


6 Feb 2020

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Lea Bayles -- Miracle Maker's Quick Shift Formula

Living Regret Free

Lea talks about what living a regret free life means and her practical suggestions for doing it. She speaks to making miracles and her Miracle Maker's Quick Shift Formula. She also talks about the perils of positive thinking  She is also the host of the "We Are More" radio show. Her quote is "Say goodbye to pushing and powering through. Get more done and achieve your highest dreams wit pleasure and ease."Free Gift: The Miracle Maker's Chhi Power Quick Shift Formula   Web: leabayles.comTwitter: twitter.com/leabaylesFacebook: facebook.com/leabaylesfan


13 Oct 2019

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The Miracle Makers Pathway with Lea Bayles

Life Transformation Radio

Lea Bayles, M.A., is a dynamic, transformational Speaker, Coach, Host of the We Are More Radio Show and Founder of The Miracle Makers Pathway.  Lea developed this life-changing system as she recovered from serious illness, bounced back from a rock-bottom year, created a successful career in holistic wellness and worked with thousands of clients and students.  Now Lea shares inspiration and practical strategies to help high-achieving, high-caring entrepreneurs, professionals and change-makers thrive in body, mind and soul so they can shine their  unique gifts into the world and create the life and powerful, positive impact they love. https://www.facebook.com/lea.houston1 https://www.linkedin.com/in/leabayles/ http://www.LeaBayles.com


26 Apr 2019

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Align with Your Soul's Purpose with Lea Bayles

The Art of Giving a Damn

Lea Bayles has been called “a voice for healing, empowerment and love with a capital L” and “a marvelous magician who helps us transform into our most glorious and loving selves.”She is a transformational speaker, author and coach, host of the We Are More Radio Show and founder of the The Miracle Maker’s Pathway.Recovering from a serious immune system crash in her early 30’s woke Lea up to the extraordinary healing power within each of us. This led to a 20 year career in holistic wellness which included positions as mind-body therapist, employee wellness coordinator for a large hospital system, program director for an international yoga therapy program and facilitator of group patient visits at Samaritan Internal Medicine.Now Lea uses her expertise in psychology, mind-body healing, energy medicine, yoga, chi kung and joyful living to empower big hearted, high achievers to activate their extraordinary, natural powers to create more joy, impact and soul- satisfying success.FREE Gift: The Miracle Maker’s Chi Power Quick Shift Formula: Get out of the Push More- Power Through Mode and Activate Your Chi-Power! $97.00 Value >> http://www.LeaBayles.com See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


23 Mar 2019

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We Are More Show introducing Lea Bayles

Amazing Women And Men Of Power

Lea Bales, the host of We Are More How challenges call us o become who we are, and how to nurture that while doing the personal work to expand our creativity. Tap into everything you've experienced both challenges and joys to help unleash miracles.. Lea helps you make that leap in discovering We Are More! You can find out more about Lea Bayles at LeaBayles.com By the way if you enjoyed the show please take a moment and give us a (5) star review and leave a comment ,and share us with a friend...we appreciate you taking out time today to listen and would love for you to have this free gift of my Conversations Behind The Mic Book here you go :) https://talkshowmaven.kartra.com/page/GIFT Also ..If you like to book a free breakthrough consolation or be interviewed on our show click here https://bookme.name/ravenbglover


5 Dec 2018

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EP 127: Creating a Soul-big Life with Lea Bayles

Spiritual Entrepreneur

(Septemberfest) In this episode, Devi chats with Lea Bayles about “Creating a Soul-big Life”. Lea Bayles is a holistic wellness expert, leadership mentor, speaker and radio show host. Recovering from an immune system crash woke her up to the extraordinary power of healing within and led her to a 20-year career in holistic wellness. Entrepreneurs, creatives, and change-makers hire Lea when they realize they are playing a too-small game and they want to expand into the creative power, joy, and magic of their true potential. Lea blends a master’s in psychology with extensive experience in education, spirituality, theater, energy medicine, mind-body healing, and expressive arts. She is the host of the We Are More Radio Show and has created numerous meditations, interview series, articles, spoken word performances, and the popular guidebook, Take Back Your Life: Moving from Chronic Pain to Lifelong Healing. Devi and Lea discuss: • Lea’s interesting journey of creating a soul-big life • About waking up and playing with your soul • Realizing and creating the opportunity to listen to your body • Tips on Hearing the internal call of your soul • Paying attention to the inner experience of our lives • Unplugging yourself from the expectations of the outer world • Reconnecting with your sacred source • Creating an intention to guide you • Conversing with the Divine • Cultivating the mind space to open bigger solutions • Having time to spend with your own personal space • Structuring your schedule within your business and personal life • Focusing on your priorities • Having the discipline to get what needs to be done • Surrendering yourself and your situation to the Divine • Experiencing the Divine Intervention • Cultivating "miracle mindset" • Shifting to the positive bias from the negative bias • Remembering who you really are beyond your roles • Realizing that you are a miracle • Remembering that little things over time make a big difference • Tuning in to your vibes and more... Connect with Lea on her website @ leabayles.com On Facebook @ facebook.com/leabaylesfan


25 Sep 2018

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Take Back Your Life from Struggle to Ease with Lea Bayles

Scientific Healing with Dr. Anastasia Chopelas

Lea Bayles, like many people who have felt called to help others recover from the incurable, suffered her own night of the dark soul.  This then woke her up to the extraordinary power of healing within and led her to a 20-year career in holistic wellness.Lea blends a masters in psychology with extensive experience in education, spirituality, theater, energy medicine, mind-body healing, yoga, Chi Kung and expressive arts.   Like many of us in the healing space, she’s mastered a number of highly effective skills.She is so passionate about spreading the word that she hosts the We Are More Radio Show,  and has various other interview series, meditations, wellness curricula, and written articles and the book Take Back Your Life: Moving from Chronic Pain to Lifelong Healing.Lea offers group and vip mentoring and select keynotes to lead those out of pain to thriving.To get her free gift of 7 Steps to Transforming Stress to Soul Satisfying Success, go to http://leabayles.comTo listen in, click below:


6 Sep 2018

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728: Lea Bayles – The Power of Love

The Nice Guys on Business

Lea Bayles is a life coach, speaker, radio show host who empowers entrepreneurs, creatives and change-makers to thrive in body, mind and soul so they can become the leaders they were born to be.  She's got a great show called We Are More having conversations with visionaries and change makers and everyday heroes. Now Nice Guy community, you know I tend to wear my emotions on my sleeve and today, maybe this could be a good thing....you also know I am all about the LOVE. Relationship love, business love, hell any kind of love is good love to me. Let's discuss.    Connect with Lea Bayles: Twitter: @LeaBayles Instagram: lea_bayles Facebook: facebook.com/lea.houston1 facebook.com/leabaylesfan Website: www.LeaBayles.com www.LeaBayles.com/gifts Email: lea@leabayles.com LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/leabayles   Reach The Nice Guys Here: Doug- @DJDoug Strickland- @NiceGuyonBiz     Nice Guys Sponsor: The New Media Summit, is taking place September 11-13 in Austin, TX. www.NewMediaSummit.net Use promo code NICEGUYS at checkout, you'll save $1,000 and can attend for just $1,997! Believe me, it's the best investment you'll make this year.     Nice Guys Links:  Subscribe to the Podcast Niceguysonbusiness.com TurnkeyPodcast.com - You're the expert. Your podcast will prove it. Podcast Production, Concept to Launch   Book Doug and/or Strick as a speaker at your upcoming event. Amazon #1 Best selling book Nice Guys Finish First. Doug's Business Building Bootcamp (10 Module Course)   Survey: Take our short survey so The Nice Guys know what you like.     Partner Links: Dalyn Miller PR will teach you to be a great podcast guest Amazon.com: Click before buying anything. Help support the podcast. Interview Valet:  Get interviewed on top podcasts and share your message. Acuity Scheduling: Stop wasting time going back and forth scheduling appointments Social Quant - Boost your Twitter following the right way. Targeted reach     Promise Statement: To provide an experience that is entertaining and adds value to your life.   Never underestimate the Power of Nice.


24 Aug 2018

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Lea Bayles | Turn On Your Love Power

innerabundantmindset's podcast

Learn what love power is and how to use it.  Discover 3 tips for turning on your love power. When you have your love power on you have heighten states, you are more beautiful, it’s good for your body and you become more abundant. Listen in for more details. Show Highlights: -Do you push, trying to get ahead? Doing more and more? Learn how this effects your body and what to do instead. -#1 principle in mind, body healing is to listen to your body. -Discover 3 tips for turning on your love power -Learn how to treat your body as a beloved friend. -Love is the most creative power. -We can brew up love energy and generate more love that goes out into the world.  -It’s important not to ignore all the bad things that are going on, but to bear witness to the challenges in the world and the things we want to change and come from the place of love. -Allow yourself feel the natural connect and joy with another human being.  This is a way we can fall in love over and over again. See the person for who they are, not judging them, but seeing their inner essence of joy, love and beauty.  -You can also fall in love with the sunset, flowers, babies and puppies. Falling in love is where we have heighten states, we are more beautiful, and it’s good for our body. -When you turn on your love power you become more abundant. -Happy, thank you and more please. Being happy with what you have and feeling the happiness. -Gratitude is a form of love. -Believe that are culture put on us: don’t ask, we have to push to succeed, we can’t listen to our bodies, we can’t rest, you can’t ask for what you want and if you do your greedy or selfish. Lovingly ask yourself, “What are those old beliefs that aren’t serving me?” -Too busy to take care of yourself? Real self-care is remembering who you are. Please subscribe/rate/review this episode and all future interviews and inspiring messages. All you need to check out this latest episode here…  Subscribe & Listen To the Podcast in: iTunes If you don’t have iTunes, listen in: Libsyn Connect with Guest: Lea@leabayles.com Free gift: Unshakeable Self Care Gift Package to Help You Thrive and Shine... Even in Your Toughest times Lea@leabayles.com/gifts Bio Lea Bayles, is a Speaker and Coach, Holistic Wellness Expert and Radio Show Host. Recovering from an immune system crash -woke Lea up to the extraordinary healing power within us. She empowers people to thrive in body, mind and soul while creating the lives and the impact they love. Be sure to download your free MP3 meditation called Money, wealth and abundance at…. www.jolenphilbrook.com/gift.  As you listen to this audio it will unlock your prosperity from the inside out rewiring your mind to success and abundance. For more interesting podcast check out: http://innerabundantmindset.com/podcast/ Have a question about the show or want to be a guest for a future show? Email me at: jolen@jolenphilbrook.com


26 Jun 2018

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0207: Lea Bayles: You Can't Save the World if You're Running On Empty

FIVE Minute Bark Podcast

Click Here to Watch Trailer Stress, struggle and burn-out often seem like a normal part of life in our busy, fast- paced culture. But living this way, everything becomes too hard, you may feel resentful -even of the people and projects you love- and your health, business, relationships and happiness are at risk.


16 Mar 2018