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Ep 38: A Busy Mom’s Guide to Launching a Side Hustle from $0-$100K with Business Coach, Julie Ciardi

The Mom Feed

So, you're a busy mom with a burning desire to do something more. Maybe you're a working mom with a job that you're feeling lukewarm about - or perhaps even despise outright. Or you're a stay-at-home mom with a business idea or a side hustle that you need help getting off the ground. There is just one problem, possibly two. The biggest one? You don't have enough time. And the second problem for some? You know you want to leave your job or do something else, but you just don't know what that is. Whatever the case for you, today's guest, Julie Ciardi, is going to blow you away. A former VP of Marketing for a Fortune 500 company and a mom of three, Julie has made it her life's mission to help busy moms monetize their side hustles from $0-$100K. In today's show, we get into the nuts and bolts of her simple blueprint for success - the one she used to grow her business to $500k - along with tips about social media, marketing, and personal development. Get out your notepads because today's episode could change your life. For full show notes, visit www.themomfeed.com

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15 Apr 2021

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61. Why Being More Than a Mommy Makes You a Better Mom with Julie Ciardi

The Unfiltered Motherhood Podcast

Today we are talking with Julie Ciardi, a certified life and business coach, about how she helps women successfully carry out their passion of starting their own small businesses. In today’s world, women always tend to put their dreams on the back burner, while simultaneously helping everyone else reach their goals. In this episode, we talk about how being more than a mommy can actually make you a better mom. Julie switches our mindset from using motherhood as an excuse to not do something- to a reason why we SHOULD. Listen to today’s episode to learn more! Things We Discussed In The Episode/Episode Highlights:  Building a business Being more than a mommy Finding your purpose Find More on Guest: https://julieciardi.com/ @JulieCiardi Ignite Hustle Podcast Links Mentioned in Episode/Find More on Jaime and The Mac House: Sign up for Podcast Newsletter for Updates Here Subscribe to the Podcast Here to Get Notified when An Episode Releases Sign up for my “Unfrump Yourself” Master Class Here


8 Apr 2021

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"How To Stand Out In A Crowded Online Space", with Special Guest Julie Ciardi

The Cycle Of Success

Julie Ciardi is a business mentor, author, podcast host, and a mother of three amazing children. After finding herself at the top of the corporate ladder as a vice president in a Fortune 500 company, Julie Ciardi realized that she was not fulfilled. In 2017 she decided to face fear and discomfort and make the leap to leave her corporate job to become an entrepreneur. Her first project was a brick & mortar boutique that she took to 6 figures in less than 4 months. But she wasn’t done – she knew that she had a bigger purpose. She is now on the mission to help women all over the world to create freedom in their life. You can connect with Julie and learn more about her work on her Instagram HERE You can also tune in to more content and in-depth trainings on my Facebook HERE, and my Instagram HERE


18 Feb 2021

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The Standout Breakout Formula with Special Guest Julie Ciardi

The Next Level You Podcast

Have you ever gotten stuck staring at your phone knowing you need utilize social media for sales more but all that time and effort in showing up on every platform is exhausting just thinking about it, which means, you probably post nothing at all.  Been there, done that. And I am SO excited for todays guest... Julie is a former Fortune 500 marketing VP turned multi-passionate entrepreneur. She is the podcast host of Ignite Your Side Hustle. She believes that there has never been a better time for women to create an additional income stream that is aligned to her passions and purpose on this planet. Julie is dedicated to helping women create profitable side hustles that give them joy, purpose, and profit with proven, timeless business strategies in today’s online world. Today we're talking about her Standout Breakout that will teach you how to create a simple and repeatable, marketing formula, that allows you to standout from the crowd & in the market with an elevated & ignited personal brand so you can add consistent, recurring revenue to your business. CONNECT WITH JULIE:Web | www.julieciardi.comFB | www.facebook.com/julieciardiIG | Instagram @julieciardi FREE CLASS | www.julieciardi.com/masterclass CONNECT WITH ALISHA:Web | www.alicole.co/moreFB | www.facebook.com/groups/thetribeofdreamersIG | Instagram @alicole.co FREE CLASS | www.alicole.co/masterclass


16 Feb 2021

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Ignite your side hustle with Julie Ciardi

Balance Boldly for Ambitious Women in Business

 In this episode of the Balance Boldly Podcast seating with Naketa Ren Thigpen let us welcome Julie Cairdi, she is A former fortune 500 marketing VP and multi passionate entrepreneur. Julie is the podcast host at Ignite your side hustle, why? Julie is the creator of the Ignite University, a one of a kind program to ignite purpose, passion and profit with proven methodologies and business as well as creating a mastermind space for like-minded women. What you will learn ·         Knowing when to leave corporate. ·         Made your mind about some difficult decisions whether you should stay on your 9 to 5 or go full on your side gig. ·         It is ok to be more than just a mom. ·         Marketing social media tips. ·         How to walk away from your comfort zone and grow. ·         Great tips and techniques to grow your social media  More about Julie Ciardi Julie is dedicated to helping women create profitable side hustles that give them joy, purpose and profit with proven, timeless business strategies in today's online world. Julie believes that there has never been a better time for women to create an additional income stream that is aligned to her passions and purpose on this planet. Contact: Julie Ciardi Website: www.julieciardi.com Email: julie@julieciardi.comIf you are willing and ready, let’s shake the shame and spread healing & hope to women ready to get more of what they want. Order a copy of my survivor memoir and personal transformational story for yourself or a friend. Selfish: Permission to Pause, Live, Love and Laugh Your Way to Joy at Amazon or anywhere books are found. Subscribe, REVIEW, Share & Balance Boldly Recently Rated #8 by Feedspot on The Top 35 Women in Business Podcast to Follow in 2020! On the Balance Boldly Podcast, host Naketa R. Thigpen talks with ambitious women in business (and a few brave men) from a wide array of industries about their pursuit of success, how they face business burnout and what work/life balance looks like for them. Not your conventional self-help podcast, Balance Boldly uncovers real solutions to real problems afflicting real people at home and in the workplace, daily. If you enjoyed this episode, head over to Apple Podcasts, Spotify, iHeart Radio, or Google Play to subscribe to the show and leave your honest review. If you want to dive deeper into topics around work/life (and LOVE), expounding on how to leverage the intimacy advantage in your business join me in our free private group on Facebook: Certified Selfish. Connect with me, Naketa R. Thigpen @asknaketa on IG, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Now Go. Create Your Balance. Create Your Joy. But remember, do it, BOLDLY! Thank you for listening! 


13 Jan 2021

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39: Why So Many People Are Wasting Time and Money and What You Should Be Doing Instead with Julie Ciardi

Free Mama Radio

Are you trying to listen to everyone’s advice and implement all their amazing strategies? Are you struggling to get the results that they all seem to be getting? Maybe you have a little bit of shiny object syndrome and you need to get focused.  Today my special guest and friend, Julie Ciardi is here to break down why so many people are wasting time and money and what they should be doing instead.  Julie is a former Fortune 500 marketing VP turned multi-passionate entrepreneur. She is the podcast host of Ignite Your Side Hustle. She believes that there has never been a better time for women to create an additional income stream that is aligned to her passions and purpose on this planet. Julie is dedicated to helping women create profitable side hustles that give them joy, purpose, and profit with proven, timeless business strategies in today's online world. You will find this episode valuable no matter where you are in your business.  Whether you are just starting out or a seasoned entrepreneur, this episode might be the kick in the rear you need to make 2021 your best one yet!  Don’t forget to join The Free Mama Movement community on Facebook and follow me on Instagram!  Show notes available at www.thefreemama.com/39


11 Jan 2021

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Four Business Basics Every Entrepreneur Should Focus on At All Times (with Julie Ciardi)

Bossy, Brilliant, & Badass

This week, the ladies talk with Julie Ciardi, coach and founder of Ignite Your Side Hustle, about her personal journey, the four core business activities you should be thinking about every day and the importance of taking imperfect action. Also, if you haven't already done so, sign up for our very first questions and cocktails event. Check it out and sign up here. You can find Julie onher website  - https://julieciardi.com/Instagram - @julieciardiThanks for joining us on today’s episode of the Bossy, Brilliant & Badass podcast! We are officially on YouTube, so check out the channel here.  If you enjoyed today’s episode, please head over to iTunes and leave us a rating and review to help us reach even more badass women. Don’t forget to visit us on Facebook  or join us on Instagram or Twitter.


10 Nov 2020

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281 | Investing In Yourself with Julie Ciardi

Mommy Millionaire

"Building that first six figures is the hardest part of all of this; once you crack that, it's like ok, I know how to keep growing now." Listen as Cayla and her guest, Julie Ciardi, discuss showing up and staying the course when making money, investing in yourself, and following your passions, plus much more on this Mommy Millionaire Podcast episode.Julie is a former Fortune 500 Marketing VP turned multi-passionate entrepreneur and the podcast host of IGNITE Your Side Hustle. Julie believes that there has never been a better time for women to create an additional income stream aligned to their passions and purpose on this planet. She also believes that it is the wild wild west out there for these women; they waste so much time and money and not make any money. Julie is dedicated to helping women make profitable side hustles that give them joy, purpose, and profit with proven timeless business strategies in today's online world.Listen, as Julie shares leaving a toxic environment to start her journey to entrepreneurship, the things she invested in for herself, and her husband's response when it took a little longer than she planned to bring in money. Julie says the secret to growing is to start, take that imperfect action, learn, and then refine.Julie says to remember it will take longer than you think it will. She discusses the change in her husband's mindset over the last few months and what they are doing to secure their wealth during this pandemic. Julie shares some last advice and encouragement and lets Cayla know how important she was to giving her the courage to set out on her journey.*Cayla has opened The Mommy Millionaire Mastermind one last time* Cayla has found that by being a part of a mastermind, she got in the right room with the right people who caused her to uplevel. She found that she wanted to create a special group of women because she believes when you get females together, we can learn how to harness our feminine energy to build powerful empires. Head over to www.mommymillionaire.co/mastermind to fill out an application to join today.In This Episode:[03:32] Welcome to the show, Julie![04:21] Julie shares why she left a profitable corporate job to become an entrepreneur.[07:13] Julie speaks about leaving a toxic environment and starting her journey to being an entrepreneur.[10:29] Listen, as Julie discussed her mindset when she decided to invest in herself.[12:55] Julie shares what she would say to people who have excuses for not starting now.[14:22] What do you think you got from things you invested in, even if they didn't give you the results you were looking for?[17:48] Julie shares her husband's response when she wasn't making money as fast as they hoped.[20:58] Start, take that imperfect action, learn, and then refine.[23:17] Cayla says to focus on enjoying the journey.[26:51] Julie shares what she wishes she would have done differently when she first started.[29:51] Julie says to remember it takes longer than you think it will.[31:30] Cayla believes as women, we need to learn the surrender power and go with the flow.[33:02] Julie speaks about how much her husband's mindset on her entrepreneurship changed.[35:34] Listen as Julie shares what she is doing to secure her wealth during the pandemic.[37:42] Cayla believes people should invest so they can pay themselves.[38:28] Julie leaves the listeners with some final words.[41:15] Thank you for being on the show![42:31] Thank you for listening!Find Cayla:Mommy MillionaireMastermindFacebookInstagramPinterestFind Julie:Julie CiardiIGNITE UniversityIGNITE Your Side Hustle podcastInstagram LinkedIn


6 Nov 2020

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87: Betting on Yourself and Going for It with Julie Ciardi (enneagram 7)

Becoming Bulletproof with Tracy O'Malley

No one was immune to thisIn light of current circumstances, many of us have been presented with the fact that we’ve put all of our eggs in one basket. Maybe you thought you were doing your own thing but have really been a prisoner to a company. Or you were going down a path you thought was for you but you’ve come to realize it isn’t working out.The gift we’ve been given A season of silence or everything suddenly coming to a halt can be a huge gift. These times allow for our perspectives and what’s really important to us to change. Whether you decide to jump into network marketing, leave your corporate job, start your own business or be a stay-at-home parent—that perspective change, albeit uncomfortable, can be the greatest gift. Are you ready to take the leap?My friend Julie Ciardi did just this. Julie walked away from her Fortune 500 marketing VP job to become a multi-passionate entrepreneur. She believes that there has never been a better time for women to create an additional income stream that is aligned to her passions and purpose than RIGHT NOW. She also believes that it’s the wild wild west out there for these women; they’re wasting so much time and money and not making money, causing friction with their spouse, affecting their confidence, and robbing them of their dreams.The time to bet on yourself is NOWTo solve this problem, Julie founded IGNITE University. Leveraging proven and timeless business strategies in today’s online world, Julie helps women create profitable side hustles that give them joy, purpose and profit.Quotes:5:07 JulieThat was the universe. That was someone coming in and putting a seed in my head that there was something else.6:18 JulieI kept burying this voice inside of me saying ‘there’s a higher purpose here, you’re supposed to be doing something else.’15:01 JulieYou talk about becoming bulletproof—the work I had to do to stay so clear on my mission ahead despite all the noise and fighting, and the almost feeling like your spouse was disappointed in you.16:38 JulieI actually had a $10,000 launch and I was so flipping proud of myself.18:10 JulieOne of the most incredible parts of this journey post-corporate is knowing I’ll always be ok, I will always find a way. 18:23 Julie Developing belief in myself is as big of a win as developing the business that I’ve been able to build over the last two years 22:33 JulieI really take the time to very clearly write out what I’m working towards.24:57 TracyIf 2020 has taught you nothing else, life can change on a dime.26:36 TracyWhen we help enough people get what they want through whatever your zone of genius is, you will have ridiculous amounts of what you need.29:33 Tracy Good is enemy of great, y’all. When you do actually have a safety net, you have to really mindf*ck yourself into believing you don’t.33:11 TracyUnless it is your name on the wall, you are at the mercy of someone else, and the end of the day in 2020, who are you gonna put your money on?


15 Oct 2020

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SDH 414: Your Very Next Best Step to Start Your Business with Julie Ciardi

She Did It Her Way

Hey friends! Today's podcast episode was previously recorded for my dear friend, Julie Ciardi's Facebook group, and her podcast. It was such an amazing conversation that I wanted to bring it to all of my She Did It Her Way podcast listeners. We're diving into all things mindset, personal development, being able to get out of your own way, and taking your very next best step when starting your business.I hope you enjoy the interview and conversation as much as I did with my dear friend, Julie Ciardi.In this episode, you will...Hear about Amanda's entrepreneurial journeyLearn how She Did It Her Way came aboutFind your internal motivationDiscover how to know when you are in alignmentGet insights on what to do when you are starting upHear about Amanda's Upcoming Summit Insights:"In a world, especially in online space where there are templated approaches on how to do everything you have to first and foremost, make sure that you are doing what it is that is in alignment with you and lights you up.""You have to get light to take flight.""There's never a perfect time. The stars will never align to fit perfectly like life. The world is not waiting for you to be perfect. Like you have to show up, make that decision and course-correct along the way." Resources:She Did It Her Way Summit 2020


12 Oct 2020