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Anissa Holmes - Focus on Service and Success Will Follow (GO LIVE #34)

GO LIVE w/ Joshua Scott

I’m catching up with my good friend Anissa Holmes, CEO at Delivering Wow. Having just moved back to Miami and eager to start a new chapter in life, Anissa has been exploring her lifelong passions, speaking, leading masterminds, and teaching really great key ideas to building successful practices and achieving balanced lives.  Read the Highlights:joshuascott.com/videos/focus-on-service-and-success-will-follow GO LIVE is an interview show hosted by Joshua Scott. Episodes are hosted live every week on Facebook and include some of the dental profession’s top influencers and thought leaders. Learn more about Joshua Scott at www.joshuascott.com. Subscribe to the Podcast:Apple | Google | Stitcher | Spotify


13 Aug 2021

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5. How-To Fill Chairs by Following Up with Unscheduled Patients with Dr. Anissa Holmes

Growth in Dentistry: A Dental Intelligence Podcast

Join Katie and Curtis for a conversation with Dr. Anissa Holmes of Delivering Wow. We’ll discuss the power of process, the importance of analytics, and how the most successful practices (like Dr. Holmes’) build a game plan that gets patients to say yes. For a free copy of Dr. Holmes’ book about filling chairs and building a brand while working less, visit deliveringwowbook.com


5 Aug 2021

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The Power of Coaching with Dr. Anissa Holmes, founder of Delivering Wow

The Dental Diaries

Dr. Anissa Holmes is a practicing dentist, business acceleration coach, social media strategist, podcaster, and best-selling author. I don't think she needs much introduction, but for anyone who is not familiar with Dr. Holmes, she is the founder of Delivering Wow, the number one marketing and practice growth program in the Dental Industry. Based on her success, Dr. Holmes has been featured in top publications, such as Entrepreneur Magazine, Dental Economics, Dentistry IQ, and Dental Products Report, and has been featured as one of the top 25 Women in Dentistry. In addition to coaching and speaking internationally at multiple Dental Events, Dr. Holmes has also been a featured speaker at Social Media Marketing World, the Youpreneur Summit, and Funnel Hacking Live and her Delivering WOW Dental Podcast has listeners in over 125 countries. Dr. Holmes is the Founder of the Platinum Mastermind Marketing & Practice Growth Coaching program for Dentists and Teams which is helping practices grow profits by 35+% annually, as well provides Facebook + Funnel Marketing training and Monthly Marketing content so practices never have to get stuck with what to do for marketing ever again! We talk about pursuing your passions in and out of dentistry, the VALUE of bringing in an expert when you are ready to level up, and MORE! Find her at www.deliveringwow.com and @deliveringwowdental on IG 📲 Whenever you’re ready, here are 3 ways I can help you grow your practice: 1️⃣ - Join the Content Club and get my monthly content bundle with 30 captions, photos & hashtag sets to copy and post to your feed! You'll also get monthly mini video masterclasses and 1:1 help during my monthly office hours! 👉 Join us: https://www.dentalsoireecontentclub.com 2️⃣ - Get daily Instagram Story content sent to your smartphone every weekday morning so you can grow your following and attract new patients! It's just $37/month for completely done-for-you story content! 👉 Sign up: https://www.dentalsoireecontentclub.com/daily-dental-stories 3️⃣ - Join my Facebook Group, Dental Soiree Society! This is where I share ideas, and sometimes have fun challenges exclusively for hard working dental professionals who want to grow through great branding! 👉 Find it: https://www.facebook.com/groups/dentalsoireesociety --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/jessica-emery/message


30 Jun 2020

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Dr. Anissa Holmes - 2 Ways to Step into Leadership (GO LIVE #12)

GO LIVE w/ Joshua Scott

Dr. Anissa Holmes, CEO of Delivering WOW, brings the heat with two practical ways we can be stepping up as leaders in our practices and our communities. Read the Highlights: https://www.joshuascott.com/videos/2-ways-to-step-into-leadership GO LIVE is an interview show hosted by Joshua Scott. Episodes are hosted live every week on Facebook and include some of the dental profession’s top influencers and thought leaders. Learn more about Joshua Scott at joshuascott.com.


8 Apr 2020

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Delivering WOW to Your Audience (with Dr. Anissa Holmes)

The Daily Writer with Kent Sanders

Have you ever wondered how to engage your readers, audience, or clients on a deeper level?  I’m joined on this episode by Dr. Anissa Holmes, a leader in the dental industry. As an author, coach, entrepreneur, and business leader, she has impacted thousands of dentists through her training and content. No matter your industry, you’ll learn how to truly deliver a WOW experience to those you serve. You can find the full show notes here: https://kentsanders.net/143. Need a ghostwriter for your next project? Learn more here:  https://inkwellghostwriting.com. 


14 Feb 2020

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Mom’s Phone, Sandy Lee’s Broken Finger and Delivering Wow with Dr. Anissa Holmes. OYF-063

Off Your Flosser Podcast

This week we speak with the fabulous Dr. Anissa Holmes! We discuss her upcoming Delivering Wow Summit in March. OYF will be attending and Carlos will be performing at the VIP event on Thursday 3/12. We had an awesome time learning how she started and why she developed the Delivering Wow system. So sit back, relax and get your life together while you enjoy the latest episode of OYF. Thank you all for listening.  Love Carlos and Sandy Lee Disc Code: OYFLHRDH  Delivering Wow Summit


4 Jan 2020

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Episode 96: Dr. Anissa Holmes- Delivering Wow Marketing

The Nifty Thrifty Dentists

Dr. Anissa Holmes is the brains behind Delivering Wow. They are now releasing the Delivering Wow marketing content. It began from a difficulty for her own office to come up with ideas and campaigns to help keep content fresh. They have spent the past year developing copy and content in addition to specialty campaigns for 12 different high value services. Each one includes images, social media content, and even blog posts. There are also share funnels for each one. Why was it important to try it in her own practice first? She realizes that if her own office was having the issue, they weren’t the only ones. Google is expensive because Google realizes that people are typing in to find things, so they charge a premium to advertise to those looking for specifics. Social media uses some of the same concepts from old school marketing, just updated to the current climate. The point is to get people talking about your practice. Consistency will be the key. Just copy the image, paste you applied information, and post your campaign. The campaign is about an idea and is aimed to get patients involved and sometimes your team as well. If your worried about getting stuck, there is an active community to share ideas and help you with your campaigns. Project Smile is a great campaign that gives away your own skills in dentistry to someone in need. The campaign only costs about $100. Engagement upwards of 5000 people have been noted, and it is the kind of campaign people will talk about and share. People submit their stories and photos about why they should be the recipient of Project Smile. It is a great way to make a direct impact in their community. The marketing campaigns are usually $297/ month. Nifty deal is $197/ month the first month. Go to https://www.deliveringwowmarketing.com/monthlymarketing paying yearly will save you about $1500. Use the code: niftythrifty The Delivering Wow Summit is March 12-14th 2020 in New Orleans. The VIP day before is specifically for doctor leadership. Excellent speakers on everything for your team and docs, a Whitening Ball set in Mardi Gras World, and great opportunities for personal growth. Go to https://www.deliveringwowsummit.com/ and enter code: Nifty Thrifty for $100 off


1 Jan 2020

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HTFR 43: Hacking - Anissa Holmes of Delivering WOW (Funnels for Dentists) & Speaker at Funnel Hacking Live 2020

Hack That Funnel Radio

Dr. Anissa Holmes, a 2-Comma Club Winner for creating "Delivering WOW" teaching dentists how to run Facebook Ads for Dentist Funnels, is speaking at Funnel Hacking Live 2020! But she's not speaking about "Delivering WOW". Instead, she's showing the funnels that have made hundreds of dental practices free, including her own! Get a sneak peek at how she runs Facebook Ads & Funnels for Dentists, including her own practices in Jamaica!


27 Nov 2019

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How to Achieve Growth and Scale at Your Dental Practice, with Dr. Anissa Holmes

The Progressive Dentist

Dr. Anissa Holmes, a Dentist, Business Acceleration Coach, Social Media Strategist, and Best Selling Author is a leader in the dental industry. Dr. Holmes has coached and advised coaches, million-dollar practice owners, and startup practices. Based on her massive success, Dr. Holmes has been featured in top dental publications, such as Dental Economics, Dentistry IQ, and Dental Products Report, and has been featured as one of the top 25 Women in Dentistry. Dr. Holmes has also been featured in the TOP selling business books The 30-Day Book and Rise of the Youpreneur. She has also been a featured speaker at Social Media Marketing World and her Delivering WOW Dental Podcast has listeners in over 100 countries. Dr. Holmes is the Founder of the Platinum Mastermind, an Online Coaching Community for Dentists and Teams, run Facebook Bootcamps to help practices learn how to effectively use Social Media and Digital Marketing. What You Will Learn: Dr. Anissa Holmes’ story and how she went from struggling practitioner to business coach The proper way to leverage your social media to acquire new patients How coaching and mentorship generated significant revenue for Holmes’ practice Effective marketing tactics for dental practices How to take a holistic approach to grow your practice Different processes that need to be put in place to achieve growth and scale The Platinum Mastermind and what it is How to contact Anissa Holmes Website: www.deliveringwowchallenge.com Twitter: @deliveringwow


4 Sep 2019

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Big Growth in Just 21 Days with Anissa Holmes

The Dental Practice Heroes Podcast

What kind of things can you implement right away that will have a large impact on immediate growth? Dr. Holmes shares some ideas that have worked in her office as well as the offices of clients she has coached.


3 Sep 2019