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Caroline Glick on Israel's New Prime Minister Yair Lapid - From the Archive Feb. 2017

The Pulse of Israel

As of a few days ago, Israel has a new Prime Minister, Yair Lapid. Due to a first-ever complex rotation agreement that was activated because a number of former Prime Minister Naftali Bennett's party members helped bring down the government, Yair Lapid has become Prime Minister of Israel. Lapid is an ex-Israeli TV media star who entered politics and is trying to represent the center-left of the Israeli public. To understand more about who Yair Lapid is as a politician in Israel, watch this discussion I had with Caroline Glick back in 2017.


3 Jul 2022

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With Caroline Glick

Securing America with Frank Gaffney Podcast

CAROLINE GLICK, Columnist, ,Israel Hayom, Author, “The Israeli Solution: A One State Plan for Peace in the Middle East,” Senior Fellow, Center for Security Policy, Host, Caroline Glick’s Mideast News Hour, @CarolineGlick Glick gives an update on the Israeli political situation Increasing violence inflicting the state of Israel The evolving political parties in Israel Various challenges Israel is facing from Iran and their proxies


7 Jun 2022

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Could Paliwood blood libels lead to Israel’s annihilation? | Caroline Glick's Mideast News Hour

The Caroline glick Show

In this week’s Middle East News Hour, Caroline Glick is joined by Amnon Lord, senior columnist at Israel Hayom and one of Israel’s foremost experts on the Israeli left. Caroline and Amnon discuss the Palestinian and international community’s use of blood libels to demonize Israel and legitimize the mass murder of Jews, in the context of the death of Al Jazeera reporter Shireen Abu Akleh in Jenin last week.Next, they move to the Israeli left’s abandonment of Zionism and what it means for Israeli democracy, for the country’s ability to withstand and defeat the political war the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) and its partners are waging against it and for Israel’s survival more generally. And this includes a focus on the state of Israeli politics and its influence on national security.

1hr 33mins

16 May 2022

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Harvard stands with the terrorists. Who do the Jews stand with? | The Caroline Glick Show

The Caroline glick Show

Following the Harvard Crimson’s adoption of the BDS movement and its goal of Israel’s annihilation, and in the face of a new act of barbarous jihad by ax-wielding Palestinian terrorists, in the week’s Mideast News Hour, Caroline Glick talks with professor Avi Bell of Bar-Ilan University and Dan Diker of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs. They discuss the escalation of the political war against Israel, what stands behind it, and what Israel and Diaspora Jewry must do to fight back effectively.

1hr 12mins

10 May 2022

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Sacrifice for the Jewish nation is Rational w/ Prof. Aumann | The Caroline Glick Show

The Caroline glick Show

In this PREMIERE EPISODE of the Caroline Glick Middle East News Show on JNS TV, she hosts renowned mathemetician Prof. Israel Aumann for a riveting discussion. In the context of Israel’s Yom HaZikaron and Yom Haatzmaut, they explore the rationality of Zionism and of sending children to serve in the Israel Defense Forces. From the sublime and existential they move to the strategic and political. Is Israel occupying Judea and Samaria, and if not, what must be done? Are Israel’s children going to be taught their heritage and if not, what will become of the country? And who is responsible for the cleavages on the political right? Former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu or those who hate him?Tune in and take the journey.

1hr 1min

10 May 2022

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Ep. 37: Caroline Glick: ’Biden’s Foreign Policy is Juvenile’

Top Story with Jonathan Tobin

Editor-in-chief Jonathan Tobin discusses the Ukraine crisis and the decline of American influence as well as the connection to appeasement of Iran. He’s then joined by journalist Caroline Glick who discusses the failures of the Biden administration and the current Israeli government and the way she believes they are endangering the West and the Jewish state.

1hr 10mins

17 Feb 2022

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FULL INTERVIEW with Caroline Glick: The Progressives in Israel Have Taken Over and Its Impact on Fighting Growing Global Jew-Hatred

The Pulse of Israel

In this episode of the Caroline Glick and Avi Abelow show, we discuss the new Israeli government's decision to open a front against Poland while seeking to appease the Democrats and what it means for the fight against anti-Semitism and for Israel's diplomatic interests.


28 Jun 2021

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G7 Summit With World Leaders and Caroline Glick Discusses Israel and Future For Former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Sandy Rios in the Morning

Aired Monday 6/14/21 on AFR 7:05AM - 8:00AM CST


14 Jun 2021

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Full Program: Caroline Glick Analyzes the International Criminal Court's Decision to Illegally Try Israel for War Crimes

The Pulse of Israel

Caroline Glick breaks down the recent anti-Israel decision by the International Criminal Court (ICC)  to try Israel for war crimes, even though it is illegal and goes against the ICC own's mandate. Caroline also discusses Biden's moves to empower Iran and kick Israel and the Gulf States to the curb as well as delving into the latest impeachment process of Trump which reflects the cultural revolution in the USA.


14 Feb 2021

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FULL SHOW Caroline Glick: The Passing of Jewish hero Sheldon Adelson and the role that American Jewish groups are playing in demonizing & erasing his policies

The Pulse of Israel

The full show with Caroline Glick about the passing of Jewish hero and visionary leader Sheldon Adelson, and about the role that American Jewish groups are playing in demonizing Trump and erasing his policies.

1hr 5mins

14 Jan 2021