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Jennifer Jordan

Inside Memphis Athletics

Jeff Brightwell sits down with the new Head Coach of Memphis Women's Golf, Jennifer Jordan.See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.


14 Jul 2022

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Closing the Access Gap - Helping Female Founders Scale with Jennifer Jordan

Women Talk Tech

On this week's episode of Women Talk Tech we are joined by Jennifer Jordan. Jennifer is the Managing Director for the Female Founders First program with Barclays and Techstar, a program designed to allow trail-blazing female-led companies with resources to grow, scale, and advance their businesses.Tune in to hear Jennifer discuss what it takes for female-led companies to close the access gap and scale their business.


24 Jun 2021

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Liza Rodman and Jennifer Jordan

Writers' Voices

Writers Voices talks with Jennifer Jordan and Liza Rodman co-authors of -The Babysitter – My summers with a serial killer. A true crime memoir about Liza’s childhood caretaker, serial killer Tony Costa. Liza talks about her writing – ” I wrote my first book when I was ten years old…100 pages. After that I wrote Read More


23 Jun 2021

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KUCI: Get the Funk Out

THE BABYSITTERMY SUMMERS WITH A SERIAL KILLERBy Liza Rodman and Jennifer JordanA chilling true story—part memoir, part crime investigation—reminiscent of Ann Rule’s classic The Stranger Beside Me, about a little girl longing for love and how she found friendship with her charismatic babysitter—who was also a vicious serial killer.

27 May 2021

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Jennifer Jordan

Cocktail Auour

This week we welcome Jennifer Jordan, a professor on leadership and organizational behavior at the Institute for Management Development (IMD) in Lausanne, Switzerland.  Jennifer has focused her research on power and the changing leadership qualities as we move further into the digital world.


20 May 2021

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Data For Good with Jennifer Jordan

The Business Elevation Show with Chris Cooper - Be More. Achieve More

Recently, I had the most fascinating conversation with my guest Jennifer Jordan who opened my eyes as to why data is so important when it comes to improving the world from trust and transparency to Artificial Intelligence. Jennifer, helps entrepreneurs and investors build valuable enterprises. She cold called asset managers and launched the first internet coverage at a Pacific Northwest investment bank, managed investor relations for a publicly traded software company, and invested in early-stage technology companies for the state of Massachusetts. Jennifer serves as a Managing Director at Techstars for Barclays’ New York Accelerator and Female Founders First program. Join us as we discuss how data is being used for a better world, why you should take data seriously and how ventures such as Barclays Techstars are backing causes that improve the world.


30 Apr 2021

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Liza Rodman and Jennifer Jordan discuss #TheBabysitter on #ConversationsLIVE

"Conversations LIVE!" with Cyrus Webb

Host Cyrus Webb welcomes Liza Rodman and Jennifer Jordan to #ConversationsLIVE to discuss the events that led to the writing of THE BABYSITTER---and what it's been like to share the story and experiences with the world.


25 Mar 2021

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CL-071 Jennifer Jordan Hunts for Hops at the Edge of the Driftless

Good Beer Hunting

Beer history has blossomed in recent years, as a new generation of researchers and writers have uncovered fascinating stories from the murky early days of brewing. Some of those discoveries have taken us to exotic locales, while others have illuminated overlooked stories right in our own backyards. And beer history is not just a field for enthusiastic amateurs. Academics and other professionals have been been digging through the archives to tell hitherto unknown tales from the world of beer and brewing. In this episode, I talk to Jennifer Jordan, professor of sociology at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and the author of a recent piece on the historic hop industry in Wisconsin that ran in our “From Barons to Barrels” series. We discuss her research into hop farming in Wisconsin, as well as some the characters who helped create the industry, like Jesse Cottington, originally born in England, who went on to become the leading man of the profitable hop business in Wisconsin’s Sauk County in the 1860s. Professor Jordan’s research has also identified less prominent characters, like Ella Seymour, a young woman who recorded her observations about hop picking and other chores in a diary at the time. If that sounds ephemeral, it is: by the 1880s, the once-massive Wisconsin hop trade disappeared completely. But as we discover in this episode, the evidence for it — in terms of archival evidence, the changed landscape, and even the plants themselves — still exist today… if you know where to look.


18 Mar 2021

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THE BABYSITTER-Liza Rodman and Jennifer Jordan

True Murder: The Most Shocking Killers

Growing up on Cape Cod in the 1960s, Liza Rodman was a lonely little girl. During the summers, while her mother worked days in a local motel and danced most nights in the Provincetown bars, her babysitter—the kind, handsome handyman at the motel where her mother worked—took her and her sister on adventures in his truck. He bought them popsicles and together, they visited his “secret garden” in the Truro woods. To Liza, he was one of the few kind and understanding adults in her life. Everyone thought he was just a “great guy.”But there was one thing she didn’t know; their babysitter was a serial killer.Some of his victims were buried—in pieces—right there, in his garden in the woods. Though Tony Costa’s gruesome case made screaming headlines in 1969 and beyond, Liza never made the connection between her friendly babysitter and the infamous killer of numerous women, including four in Massachusetts, until decades later.Haunted by nightmares and horrified by what she learned, Liza became obsessed with the case. Now, she and cowriter Jennifer Jordan reveal the chilling and unforgettable true story of a charming but brutal psychopath through the eyes of a young girl who once called him her friend. THE BABYSITTER: My Summers with a Serial Killer-Liza Rodman and Jennifer Jordan

1hr 15mins

9 Mar 2021

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2: You Can't Handle the Feedback! with Dr. Jennifer Jordan and Dr. Amy Broemmel

The Teacher Education Podcast

Can preservice teachers handle hard feedback? Dr. Amy Broemmel and Dr. Jennifer Jordan say they can. These two professors from The University of Tennessee at Knoxville explain the roles of hard feedback and autonomy to foster professional development in teacher candidates. 1:37 The Role of Supervisors and Feedback 7:07  Diversity at The University of Tennessee 9:58 The Enrollment Problem 13:54 Teacher Preparation Ten Years in the Future 14:53  The Magic Wand Question 18:13  Lightning Round Read the Full Transcript: https://blog.goreact.com/2020/02/04/preservice-teachers-feedback-podcast Watch the Video: https://youtu.be/bIkvDfDmVqw www.twitter.com/teacheredpod www.facebook.com/teacheredpod www.instagram.com/teacheredpod


4 Feb 2020