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Episode 12 | Dr. Brian Baliwas

Dental Online Training Sharecast

Joining Dennis in the virtual DOT Studio is Dr. Brian Daliwas, a San Francisco based cosmetic dentist and self-proclaimed #sfdentalnerd. Listen in as Dennis and Brian discuss defining and building your own community, $500 paychecks, and marketing yourself in the age of Instagram.   More on Brian from Union Square Dental Group:  Dr. Baliwas is a general and cosmetic dentist located in San  Francisco, California. Dr. Brian Baliwas’ strong focus on dental  education allows he and his patients to formulate treatment strategies  together, providing the opportunity for them to be active participants  in their dental care. His practice philosophy is centered on  conservative, highly esthetic, comprehensive dentistry that utilizes  modern technology and techniques. Dr. Baliwas received his  Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from UC  Davis. He completed post-baccalaureate studies in Human Anatomy and  Physiology at the University of Oregon, and went on to obtain his D.D.S.  degree from the University of the Pacific (UOP) School of Dentistry in  San Francisco, where he graduated with high honors and was elected to  join both Omicron Kappa Upsilon and Tau Kappa Omega dental honor  societies. He also received several awards for his outstanding clinical  work in the areas of esthetic dentistry, oral implantology, restorative  dentistry, and endodontics. As an active member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, the  Academy of General Dentistry, and several study clubs throughout the Bay  Area, Dr. Baliwas continually surrounds himself with some of the best  practitioners in his field. He aspires to continually learn and improve,  traveling down the path of excellence in search for perfection in his  craft. In addition, Dr. Baliwas also teaches part-time at the University  of the Pacific dental school in the Department of Integrated  Reconstructive Dental Sciences, where he inspires his students to  maintain a high level of commitment, passion, and pride in their dental  work.

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18 May 2021

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Dr. Brian Baliwas - Purpose-Filled Passion (GO LIVE #25)

GO LIVE w/ Joshua Scott

After stepping into an associate role and being fast-tracked to take over the private practice, Dr. Brian Baliwas has come far and overcome more than his share of challenges. In his new role at 450 Aesthetic Dental Group in San Francisco, California, he faced temporary shut down due to COVID-19.Brian knows hardship and he knows success, I invited him to sit down with me to get the scoop. Intentional. Inspirational. Innovative. You don’t want to miss out on this one. Read the Highlights: www.joshuascott.com/videos/purpose-filled-passion GO LIVE is an interview show hosted by Joshua Scott. Episodes are hosted live every week on Facebook and include some of the dental profession’s top influencers and thought leaders. Learn more about Joshua Scott at https://www.joshuascott.com.


21 Aug 2020

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JeoPeriody! Episode 5: Hair Doods Edition - Drs. David Attia, Brian Baliwas and Peyman Raissi

The ALL-IN Podcast

We got another episode of JeoPeriody! for ya!  This episode is all about dentistry's most famous hair!  Dr. David Attia, Dr. Brian Baliwas and Dr. Peyman Raissi lead the way in the industry when it comes to stylin' hair doos!  These three guys battle it out for dental hair supremacy.  Find out who comes away as this episodes champion.  If you prefer seeing this episode, go to www.louped.tv where you can watch all the episodes to date of JeoPeriody! Enjoy!


1 Jun 2020

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222 Prepping Your Office and Your Patients for Post-Pandemic Care with Dr. Brian Baliwas SFDentalNerd

A Tale of Two Hygienists Podcast

The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly affected how everyone carries out their business, and that includes dental professionals—especially when you consider how much infection control factors into our work. Andrew and Michelle had the opportunity this week to speak to a dentist whose own office has been impacted. Brian Baliwas, DDS is a cosmetic dentist based out of San Francisco. Known as the SFDentalNerd, Dr. Baliwas works for Union Square Dental Group and specializes in the elective procedures that have been scaled back as the COVID-19 pandemic intensifies and social distancing measures increase. In this episode, Dr. Baliwas discusses how the pandemic has changed how Dr. Baliwas’s team and their patients approach dental procedures, speculate on how the pandemic will change infection control, and confronts the idea that elective procedures are unnecessary. EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS: Interview starts: 17:29  - Dr. Baliwas discusses how COVID has impacted business at his clinic and the difficulty in impressing the seriousness of the virus to some patients. - Why this situation should get us to realize how necessary some elective procedures really are. - How Dr. Baliwas is balancing the importance of dental work while emphasizing why people need to stay at home right now. - Dr. Baliwas explains how social media has played a critical role in reaching out to patients and colleagues alike. - The “Dexter Standard” of infection control and how Dr. Baliwas weighs his options while treating patients during the quarantine. - How will Dr. Baliwas’s approach to infection control and PPE change in the aftermath of COVID. QUOTES: “Now, we’re gonna have to dig ourselves out of this hole and really education our patients again about the urgency of some of this stuff.” “It might just help out with a shelter-in-place or people staying at home if we kept the value of what we were doing up high.” “I’ve built a good practice of people who value my work, who understand it, understand what we’re doing, and they’re invested.” “If you’re not doing the things that most people don’t think is overkill anyway, then you might be held liable for that.” “We gotta see the silver lining here and really push our infection control to be improved.” “Approach it from a place of being helpful rather than being sales-y.” LINKS: Dr.Baliwas’s homepage - https://www.sfdentalnerd.com/ Dr.Baliwas’s email: baliwasdds@gmail.com Dr.Baliwas’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sfdentalnerd/ THIS EPISODE COUNTS FOR CE! - but read the disclaimer below as it might not count for your state. Go here to take the test and get your CE Credit! Zirc Z.O.B.E. - https://www.zirc.com/get-organized/zobe A Tale of Two Hygienists homepage - https://ataleoftwohygienists.com/ AToTH on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/aTaleOfTwoHygienists/ AToTH on Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/ataleoftwohygienists AToTH on LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/company/atoth/?originalSubdomain=ca  

1hr 4mins

8 Apr 2020

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194: Dr. Brian Baliwas | 450 Aesthetics Dental Group & SFDENTALNERD

The Dental Marketer

Guest: Dr. Brian BaliwasBusiness Name: SFDENTALNERD WebsiteCheck out Dr. Brian Baliwas' Social Media: INSTAGRAM‍‍Host: Michael Arias‍Website: The Dental Marketer‍‍Join the podcast's Facebook Group: The Dental Marketer Society ‍Key Points to look out for: Why you probably shouldn't start accepting insurance?When transitioning and acquiring a practice, how tough is it to make changes?Growing your Instagram the RIGHT way!‍‍‍Please don't forget to share with us on Instagram when you are listening to the podcast AND if you are really wanting to show us love, then please leave a 5 star review on iTunes!‍‍‍SPONSORS MENTIONED IN THE EPISODE:‍‍‍‍If you are thinking about getting Call Force , make sure you mention The Dental Marketer Podcast! That way you can get the special DEAL just for you! I really want you to see the potential Call Force can bring to your practice!‍Recall Service:TDM Pricing: $0.00 set up fee and $25 per patient scheduled Original Pricing: $299 set up fee and $30 per patient scheduled ‍Answering Service: TDM Pricing: $0.00 set up fee and $250 of free service. Original: $299 set up. With the answering service you just pay cost per call.‍Website Chats:TDM Pricing: $0.00 set up fee and $149 a month Original: $299 set up fee and $199 a month‍and... as usual, there are no contracts attached to this service!‍Stop missing out on opportunities! New patients are looking for you right now!Go to www.getcallforce.com or call 801.901.8852. ‍‍DON'T FORGET TO:Join The Newsletter here and be a part of The Dental Marketer FamilyClick here to see how you can attract new patients immediately and consistently!Click Here to join the Ground Marketing Facebook Group

20 Feb 2020

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The Dental Influence Avengers - Dr. Brian Baliwas, Dr. Ben Johnson, Dr. Peyman Raissi, Dr. Naif Sinada and Blake McClellan

The ALL-IN Podcast

This very special episode of The ALL-IN Podcast was recorded live in Scottsdale, AZ at the Dental Influence Alliance conference.  Shane McElroy interviews the founders of this amazing conference (Dr. Ben Johnson @pnwoms , Dr. Brian Baliwas @sfdentalnerd , Dr. Naif Sinada @drsinada, Dr. Peyman Riassi @drpeyray and Blake McClellan @implantcompare) to find out what they really think about each other.  This is actually a ridiculous contest to see which founder will take home the coveted Dental Influence Avengers Signed poster that included all the speakers at the conference.  It was a little gift from The ALL-IN Podcast.  This is a really funny episode!


19 Dec 2019

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Dr. Brian Baliwas talks about all things Instagram and the slang behind being a Dental Influencer.

Dental Slang

Never stop learning. No matter what field you work in - never stop learning! For all the dentists listening in out there, this goes beyond staying up-to-date on dental tools and practices. That’s important too, of course, but today’s episode is about learning something new, something modern. That’s right - we’re talking about social media marketing! We invited Dr. Brian Baliwas onto the podcast today to share a little about what he knows about social media and all of its slang. Brian will be discussing how to grow a social media following with a few tactics of his own that include injecting his content with a little dental humor. He also shares why it’s important to build something called a “static page”, slang we go into a little later in today’s episode.  But first we want to make sure you’re not afraid to enter the realm of social media. Instagram and Facebook shouldn’t be intimidating. Social media isn’t something you “suck” at, even though Jodi thinks she does. We know that’s not true! Social media management is just something we need to learn a little bit more about. Today we discuss the first steps to take to get onto Instagram and start building a following. You’ll learn how to use a little heart and a little humor in your social media posts, and Brian shares the ways you can stay engaged with your followers to keep the conversation going. Social media management is like playing the long game. You’re not going to gain thousands of followers overnight, but remaining engaged on a regular basis is key to successfully building a following on Facebook or Instagram. One of the biggest mistakes we make on social media is thinking we have to go “viral”. We spend too much time trying to post content that will get a lot of likes very quickly when we should be focusing on what people are already talking about. Brian recommends joining the conversation that’s already happening by following content you like, whether it has to do with dentistry or not. Following, responding to, and posting content and photos that are actually meaningful to you will help you build a following that is sincere and loyal to your business. Sure, it’s a lot slower than going viral, but good things always come to those who wait. If you want to get hands on and learn more about incorporating social media into your dental practice, check out the upcoming Dental Influencers Alliance Meeting. Brian started the event as a meetup for fellow dentists, but it’s evolved into an overnight conference with speakers, breakout sessions, and plenty of opportunities to see how industry influencers are changing modern dentistry. Social media marketing is just scratching the surface. If you’re interested in learning more, tune into this episode right now to hear Dr. Brian Baliwas explain it in his own words. In This Episode You Will Learn: How humour brings a fresh perspective to social media 5:25 How to take the first step into Instagram 9:10 Brian’s favorite resources for social media management 13:54 How to bring more heart into your social media posts 16:30 How to attend the Dental Influencers Alliance Meeting this December 21:28 Some Questions We Discuss: Why do you think you “suck” at managing social media? 12:15 What is a “static page” and how can it help build your social media following? 19:44 Ever heard of a “lurker” on social media? 22:08 How can we build marketing relationships with social media that really pay off? 27:57 Resources:  Reach Dr. Brian Baliwas on IG @sfdentalnerd Learn more about the Dental Influencers Alliance Meeting Visit our website: www.DentalSlang.com Connect with us on Facebook: Dental Slang


13 Sep 2019

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How I Attracted 1,000+ New Patients in Less Than 3 Years Using Instagram with Dr. Brian Baliwas

The Thriving Dentist Show

Gary invited Dr. Brian Baliwas to share how he attracted 1000+ new patients in less than three years using Instagram. Brian is one of the progressive young Dentists. He shares the story of his unremarkable college experience (2.7GPA) and how he overcame this to get accepted into dental school. He has chosen to practice in an insurance-free model, and he explains the simple math that Brian used to decide not to participate with PPO Plans!


9 Jan 2019

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NDP Episode 26: When good enough is not enough with Dr. Brian Baliwas (@sfdentalnerd)

Noobie Dentist Podcast

Welcome back for another great episode of the Noobie Dentist Podcast. Both this weeks episode and next weeks episode were recorded several months ago before I moved down to Australia and I am very excited about finally getting them published and released for you guys to enjoy. Today’s guest is Dr. Brian Baliwas the man, the legend behind SF Dental Nerd (@sfdentalnerd) on Instagram. Brian is currently practicing in probably one of the trendiest cities in the world thanks to the boom of silicon valley and the golden state warriors in San Francisco. He is a 2014 University of the Pacific grad and a true stud in every sense of the word. He’s a practice owner, he has a thriving Instagram page and above all else he is an excellent clinician who I look up to and respect highly. We had a great chat and I thoroughly enjoyed this interview and I hope you get tons of value from it as I did. We talk about his journey of getting into dental school and how his mindset and approach pushed him to thrive. My biggest take away from this interview was the question of when is “good enough” not enough and how we should push ourselves and take pride in our work to continue to get better and better as clinicians. His sentiment of wanting other dentists, who may see his work in the future to think that’s a nice restoration or the lab to call him and commend him on his prep and margins. I think we should all be aiming for such standards! As always please reach out on Instagram with any feedback, I do love hearing from you guys! The NoobieDentist podcast is now available on Spotify, youtube, noobiedentist.com,   apple podcast app, stitcher and any other podcast apps out there! www.noobiedentist.com @noobiedentist on Instagram https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCu90HU1-gBJK1Pkz61OQaQA Thanks for listening!


19 Jul 2018